Atoto A6 Review and Buying Guide

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Do you need a stereo system that gives you directions, plays music and more? You’ve come across Atoto’s products and you may be wondering if they are any good…this Atoto a6 review sheds light.

Modern car stereos allow you to connect to multiple sources for music, calls, navigation, and much more. If you are looking for better sound quality, better connectivity, expandability, and security, you need to replace your old system with a new receiver.

The Atoto A6 definitely meets the above requirements but is it right for you?

Well, This Atoto a6 review aim to make your decision easier.

In this article, the Atoto A6 is thoroughly reviewed and discussed, breaking down its features, benefits and potential shortcomings. This will give you the insight you need to make a decision as well as what to look out for in a new car stereo.

Atoto A6 Review

I love music and sometimes the music from my Android gets bland. So, I yearn for more variety to keep me intrigued and focused. This is why I need an advanced stereo in my car.

It seems I am not alone in this. According to a survey published in the Journal of Psychology of Music, more than two-thirds of car owners listen to music to stay focused on the road.

Atoto A6 helps you listen to music, but it also offers navigation with some exclusive features. This Atoto A6 review explores the features of the navigation car stereo.

Introduction to the Atoto A6 and Atoto A6 Pro

If you have ever used an Android smartphone or tablet, the interface of the Atoto A6 is the same. The system is built on the Android platform. That being said, you can still download apps from Google PlayStore, and they will run as they would on any other device.

It connects with your phone within two seconds, allowing you to start enjoying your music, get directions and more…

If you need more advanced features, Atoto introduced the A6 Pro, which offers an online and offline map to keep you on the right track. It also comes with a radio tuner for those of us who love radio. The gesture control is the most hyped feature, and it works great.

Who is the Atoto A6 For?

Atoto A6 Pro and A6 are a great upgrade for most drivers. It is a more budget friendly stereo system for those looking to get advanced features at a good price.

If you love listening to music from a pre-recorded playlist or your smartphone, listening to audiobooks, require GPS directions or watching movies, this device will serve you perfectly.

A6 Pro is more advanced, offering you gesture controls that provide easy navigation. For instance, you can make a simple rotation on the screen to control the volume of the music.

Below is a breakdown of the features of the Atoto A6 and Atoto A6 Pro:

2-Second Access

One of the things I like about the A6 is the fast access. You will be listening to music 2 seconds after connecting, which is an improvement as other systems can take up to 25 seconds.

If you park your car for seven hours, the system switches off automatically to save power.

Wi-Fi and Hotspot Tethering

Do you want to enjoy more from your car stereo? The A6 and A6 Pro offer dual band Wi-Fi for 2G and 5G, allowing you to access the internet for direction or anything else. It also offers wireless hotspot tethering.

With these two features, you can stream music online, read emails before driving from home, and view maps from your phone.

Dual Bluetooth Connectivity

Each unit comes with dual Bluetooth chips. The first chip allows hands-free calls, while the second chip enhances the quality of the wireless sound so that you enjoy your music better. This Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 works perfectly for listening to music via your phones Bluetooth connection.

Besides enhancing the quality of music played through Bluetooth tethering, Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect a Bluetooth Game Pad for children seated in the rear seats.

Furthermore it provides TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics, which monitor the performance of your car).

You can also connect up to three devices.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Integration

The device is Android-based, but you can download apps from the Apple Store or Google Playstore. Better yet, the system offers Google Assistance, Siri, and Alexa voice assistants, offering you more ways to operate your device.

If the voice assistant doesn’t work in your device, you need to update the system firmware, and you’ll be ready to give voice commands.

Toshiba’s Pre-Amplifier

The Ultra-Powerful Pre-Amplifier from Toshiba is a performance-based unit that balances bass, treble, and audio to ensure you have great audio clarity. With this feature, you get a more natural feel of the music as long as you have high quality speakers.

If you are looking for better quality aftermarket speakers check the former link as well.

Full Touchscreen IPS Display

The A6 and A6 Pro feature a 7-inch display with a 1024 x 600 resolution. This screen offers a 178-degree viewing angle so that you have a great view any time of the day. It also offers impressive color contrast, with great sensitivity, for easy operation.

Gesture Control

This feature is only in the A6 Pro. I like the feature as it enhances safety when I am driving on a busy highway. I am not the only one as 75 percent of drivers prefer a car with safe controls, according to the former study.

There are seven hand gesture controls for you, including adjusting volume and skipping songs. You can customize a further 23 actions with simple gestures, while staying focused on the road.

Quick Charge

Playing music and tethering your smartphone to your Atoto can drain its battery fast. Therefore, the A6 is equipped with a USB charging port that offers a maximum of 2 Amperes fast charge.

An external cable is required but this option is a great bonus.

Overall Sound Quality

The Pre-amplifier offers enhanced sound quality. It drives a 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm door speaker, and sports RMS of 4x29W. For those not in the know, RMS means Root Mean Square. It is a measure of the continuous power that a speaker can handle.

The high RMS power out in the Atoto A6 offers non-distorted sound quality for every day listening.

The unit also offers preset 9-band equalizer, allowing you to adjust for 12 frequency settings. The Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX allows better sound quality as well.

See the block below for a summarized Atoto A6 review which also weighs the pros and cons.

1. ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo

Great Value for Money


Fast booting times, only 2 seconds
Integrates with both Android and iOS devices OS
Offers fast-charge for external devices
Advanced A6 Pro allows up to 23 programmed actions for hand gesture
Wi-Fi and Hotspot internet connectivity


Does not offer steering controls
The Wi-Fi adapter feels weak
Some customers have had issues with the speed of the device


The features have been thoroughly covered above but this will provide a summary of the information in one easily digestible chunk.

Key features:

  • Android Operating System (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)
  • Dash Cam Input
  • Continued Firmware Update
  • Backup Cam Input
  • Steering Wheel Control Compatible
  • Quick Charge
  • System Language – German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and Russian
  • Preset 9-Band Equalizer
  • 7-Inch High Definition Display
  • Supports Android 8.0 Or Lower and iOS 11.3 or Lower Devices
  • 7 Hand Gestures with 23 Programmable Actions (Only in the pro version)
  • 3 USB Interfaces
  • Micro-SD Slot
  • 5 Front Panel Sizes to Fit Different Vehicles

Aftermarket Car Stereo Buying Guide

Types of Car Stereos

Car stereos are either single DIN or double DIN with the main difference being their sizes.

The former measures 7 x 2 inches while the latter measures 7 x 4 inches. A single DIN unit fits on most vehicles. Besides the two sizes, car stereos appear in categories based on the features available. DIN (Deutch Industri Normen) is basically the opening/space that the car’s stereo fits into.


These are aftermarket car stereo systems with a CD or DVD player. They are great for watching movies and playing music. These are only available as double DIN touchscreen receivers as they need a display large enough for DVD playback.

Digital Media Player

This is a more advanced player that allows connectivity through Bluetooth, Android and iPhone connectivity, and Wi-Fi or Hotspot connectivity. These stereos allow audio playback, video playback, Siri or Google Assistant control, and Pandora app control.

They are also compatible with MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. If you need to play music from your smartphone, or stream online, this is the car stereo you need. In this Atoto A6 review, I introduced a stereo that offers all the above features and adds navigation.

Navigation Receiver

An in-dash GPS receiver gives you direction. These receivers feature GPS antenna and the needed GPS software to enable you to navigate from one area to the next. Most stereo manufacturers have partnered with GPS providers for better navigation.

Garmin is one of the GPS technology providers that allow car stereos to have up to date map information. A navigation receiver can be single or double DIN with the latter being better as its large display shows the maps better.

What to Look for when Buying a Navigation Receiver

While speed, accuracy, and ease of use matter, they are not the only features that make up a good navigation receiver. Other factors I considered in this Atoto A6 review inlcude:

Navigation features

Navigation features make it better for you to navigate from one area to the next. These are the main features you need:

Real Time Traffic Data: Advanced systems can receive real-time information on traffic jams, speed of traffic, and construction works on the route you take. However, these are only available for driving in metropolitan areas. You might also need to subscribe monthly.

Points of Interest: Here, the system offers you the locations of businesses you might need in an unfamiliar town, such as restaurants, ATMs, and gas stations. Some systems allow you to program stops along the road, and they continue showing you Point of Interest.

Map Updates: Map updates ensure that you have the latest map data in the built-in memory of the of the navigation receiver. Updating the maps once or twice a year will suffice. Charges for updates are dependent on the manufacturer of the device.

Lane Assistance: If you are driving on a new road in an unfamiliar area, you might be confused even with spoken directions. You will find it easier to navigate with lane assistance, which tells you which lane to be in and to prepare for the turns and exits.

Advanced units offer replicas of roads and street signs that allow you to navigate with more ease. With these units, you only need to look at the screen and you are sure of the route you follow.

Smartphone integration

Navigation receiver systems have a display similar to a smartphone or tablet. This way, you can access most of the features you need with ease. Most systems today come with app mode so that you can select apps with so much ease.

There are systems that offer two-way control between the smartphone and the receiver. This way, you can select your music and perform a host of other functions. Here are three ways to connect your phone:

  • Bluetooth: allows you to access your smartphone music and other features. You can also receive or make calls through Bluetooth connection.
  • USB Cable: You can also use to connect your smartphone to your car stereo.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available on select receivers: These features allow you to connect your Android or iOS devices for a car-optimized smartphone interface. Here, you will have services such as Google Assistant or Siri for better control.

An input with fast charging abilities is a great addition because playing music from your phone can depletes your battery quickly.


You need to consider a stereo that integrates with your dash cam and backup cam. This allows you to see the front and rear of the vehicle. Most cameras connect to your stereo display through a USB cable.

Your stereo display should also allow the video playback.


The size of the screen matters when you are looking at the map. Screens range between 6 and 9 inches, with bigger screens showing maps better. Besides size, you need to compare the resolution of the screen with higher resolutions offering sharper images.

LED lights make the screen easier to use in broad daylight. Again, ensure the display is highly responsive for ease of use.

Media Support

Can the stereo system you pick connect to the internet? If it can, it will allow you access to services and media such as Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube among others.

More than 50 percent of all car owners with stereo system listen to radio, according to research. You, therefore, need to ensure you have radio in your car stereo.

Modern systems come with built-in apps through which you can access live satellite radio, Sirius XM, Pandora, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. You can listen to music and give voice commands to the system.

Atoto A6 Review FAQ’s

Does Atoto make double-din dash kits for my car?
Yes, you can choose between single and double DIN units. The latter is better for a large map display.

What is the difference between Atoto A6 Pro vs Premium A6?
These two systems have a lot of features in common. The A6 pro has more features as seen in this Atoto A6 review, including hand gestures and better Wi-Fi connectivity, for better navigation.

How often do I need to update my stereo?
I would recommend updating it soon after a firmware update is released. These often contain valuable bug fixes and functionality upgrades so it is in your best interest to update immediately.

Can I program my own hand gestures?
A6 Pro allows you to program up to 23 actions for ease of use. This is on top of the 7 pre-programmed hand gestures. The A6 does not have this functionality.

How many system languages does Atoto offer?
It offers nine languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.

Who makes Atoto?
Atoto is part of Aotule Car Electronics, which is a car entertainment and accessories company.

Does Atoto A6 pro work with iPhone?
Yes. The unit allows iPhone connection via Apple CarPlay.


If you are looking at upgrading your caR stereo, the Atoto A6 is a great budget option.

This Atoto A6 Review has highlighted the many great features is has to offer. It has all the functionality of a high-end system but it comes at an affordable price.

From navigation features, car and smartphone integration, large display and media support, the Atoto A6 is packed with what you want from a car stereo.

Not only are the basics covered but this Atoto A6 review has shown that the Atoto A6 also comes with advanced features to meet all your driving needs.

Check out the Standard A6 and the A6 Pro here.

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