Best 18650 Battery Charger 2020 - Reviews and Buying Guides

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Looking for the best 18650 battery charger in 2020…

18650 batteries pack a massive punch and these things can actually keep giving you power saving you money in the longrun…

all you need is the best 18650 battery charger to do the job.

and in this post I am going to cover not only some of the best options out there but if you need to be certain, there is also a buying guide to assist your choice!

What are 18650 Batteries?

You may also be wondering what are 18650 Batteries?

Most of the batteries are a form of lithium-ion battery that has become prominent over time. They are often used for vaping ,flashlights, laptops, RC toys, etc.

Furthermore, the strength of 18650 batteries competes against the batteries of smart mobile phones and other good devices. So, if you have a device that uses these kinds of batteries you will need the right 18650 battery charger so that they fit and charge correctly.

However, the charger should be able to do this without generating any problem that is known to arise with the regular battery chargers.

When considering what the best 18650 chargers are, its helpful to understand a bit more about the market surrounding 18650 batteries:

Currently, their market is growing and more and more devices are starting to make use of them. If you are ahead of the curve, you already have devices that are using these types of batteries. If so, you may want to invest in a good charger so that you can secure and prolong the life of your batteries.

Now that we’ve covered the what and the why, let’s dive into some reviews of the best 18650 battery charger.

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Top Rated 12 Best 18650 Battery Charger 2020

Appearance18650 Battery ChargerDetails
01. Kinden Miboxer 18650 Battery Charger
02. Nitecore D4 Smart Battery Charger
03. Nitecore i4 Speedy Universal Battery Charger
04. HTRC Smart 9V Smart Vape Charger
05. WdtPro High Lumens 18650 Flashlight Charger
06. Nitecore New i4 Best Vape Battery Charger
07. EASTSHINE Universal Smart Battery Charger
08. AHOME UV Black Light Universal 18650 Charger
09. ULTRAFIRE Tactical 18650 Flashlight Charger
10. Snado Universal Vape Battery Charger
11. Efest 3213 Multi-functional Best Battery Charger
12. MIKAFEN Led Tactical Flashlight Charger

12 Best 18650 Battery Charger Review In 2020

Now, to the main point of this article, let’s about the best battery chargers out on the market. These include:

01. MiBOXER 18650 Battery Charger

MiBOXER charger can install any channels to charge diverse batteries. Plus, it can also program the charging current. Additionally, it has an increased precision voltage calibration.

Thus, the charger can also automatically stop charging once your battery attains a full charge. Plus, it comes with a reverse battery function, and its circuit protection is short.

The Miboxer battery charger can instantly detect whatever battery you connect to it and show the status of the charge. It can also measure the resistance of batteries and detect the percentage of the power of your battery.

While charging, this charger can measure your battery’s capacity. Another thing is that it backs up a total of eight-channel instant independent charging. And luckily, they do not affect one another.

Moreover, this charger supports the charging of smaller capacity batteries plus the DC12V car charger. Even more, the charger is made from PC retardant instruments.

Hence, it has an ideal heat dissipation structure and good circuit design. Even with all these interesting qualities, this charger is restrained from charging some batteries except Li-ion, ICR LiFePO4, IMR batteries.

The charger should never be exposed to heating devices, flames, and direct sunlight. With a temperature that varies between -10 to 40 degrees centigrade, this is its safe operation, and its storage temperature is easily 20-60 degrees centigrade.

When using this charger, you should avoid critical low temperatures and a sudden surge in the change of temperature. Batteries with signs of leakage, swelling and any form of distortion should not be charged or even discharged.

Key Features

Some of its vital features include;

  • Automatic detection of batteries
  • Display of charging status
  • Battery resistance measurement
  • Detection of the percentage power of batteries
  • It has a battery repair operation
  • It is safe and has the PC+ABS material that prevents fire

02. Nitecore D4 Smart Battery Charger

Definitely, this fascinating charger is rated among the chargers that are capable of detecting Ni-MH, Ni-CD and Li-ion batteries. With the aid of a manual selection, this charger can charge LiFePO4 batteries.

Smart charging circuitry chooses the ideal optimal charging means for a particular battery. It could be a CV, CC, and dV/dt. Every one of the D4’s four micro-computer slots for charging tracks and charges the battery.

Nitecore D4 smart charger has a digital LCD screen that boldly reveals the progress of the charge, current, voltage and even the time. It has a smart instant power-off operation that stops the current once charging is finished.

Actually, this is rated as the world’s most developed completely automatic computerized charger. It is not complex and as easy as inserting, detecting and charging. The charger has four battery slots that basically tracks and charges on its own.

With its side buttons, it enables you to select the particular battery type and parameters for charging. The power status if the battery is noticed easily and picks the ideal charge and voltage mode.

Also, it is compatible with batteries from LiFePO4, smaller capacity batteries. It has an overcharge prevention feature that safeguards batteries. It has a temperature tracking feature used to protect the batteries.

Nitecore D4 battery was made from ABS that is durable, i.e., it can resist flames. It has a reversed polarity protection. For the Nitecore D4, every one of the four battery slots that it charges is being tracked and charged separately.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the Nitecore D4 charger includes;

  • It has an optimized charging structure for the sake of IMR batteries
  • Merged LCD panel
  • It can charge four batteries at once

03. Nitecore i4 Speedy Universal Battery Charger

Obviously,  Nitecore i4 intelligent and the best battery charger is capable of measuring the inner resistance of every cell. It gives you the perfect idea of its health and the ability to deliver power.

However, this particular charger has an amazing display that can tell you how much charge and how much is left to charge within minutes. Its LCD can be easily read and actually comes with a charger for traveling in case it is needed when you are on the road.

It had four slots that work without each other. You can decide on the charge current you want, and you can also charge Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries all at the same time. Since the slots work independently, you can charge completely, discharge and even recharge once again.

Also, its charge current alternatives to select from range from 300mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1000mA. No matter the diverse specifications of the batteries, it can recharge them all.

Therefore, its LCD display aids in tracking the parameters of the battery including the; capacity (mAh), time (h), current (mA), voltage (V) and internal resistance (mR). You will see an END sign when the capacity of the battery is completed.

The sign will flash as the LCD displays its capacity. In this charger, the LCD brightens up once the charger is connected to a power supply. There is a full display if the battery is not placed correctly, damaged or not inserted at all.

Key Features

Some of its vital features include;

  • It has an overheat protection
  • The charger has a short circuit protection
  • Four slots work without each other
  • It easily identifies bad batteries
  • Over-discharge and overcharge protection

04. HTRC Smart 9V Smart Vape Charger

When we have to talk about a durable smart 18650 battery charger, we mention this HTRC Smart 9V battery charger. Which is highly compatible with diverse cylindrical rechargeable batteries that are lithium.

Superb charging speed is about 1000mA with just a distinct slot increases the compactness. The 18650 battery charger has an increased precision voltage source and instantly stops charging once the battery is fully charged.

It has reverse polarity protection plus short circuit prevention. Also, it instantly detects the status of the battery and shows the charging procedure. Every one of the battery slots basically charges independently from one another.

More obviously, the charger backs the charging of smaller capacity batteries. It supports lithium battery repair operations and highly compatible with the DC Type-C. The design of the HTRC smart 9V charger is via optimal heat dissipation.

Additionally, the charger has an ideal circuit structure. As for its LCD panel, it visibly reveals the parameters of charging and procedures such as; the current, mode, battery type, charging time, voltage, the capacity of the battery data and it basically allows you to be aware of the charging status of the battery.

If not in use, the backlight of the LCD turns off completely after two minutes. You can connect a side of your cable to this charger and connect the other side to a DC 5V 2A charger also.

In cases whereby the power of the charger is turned on, the backlight of the LCD panel will brighten up and then; it will instantly and easily detect the battery’s power condition.

With the smart charging feature, the charger can detect diverse rechargeable batteries and intelligently allocate the bolt and current of each battery in a good fashion.

Key Features

Interesting yet vital features of HTRC smart 9V charger includes;

  • HTRC charger has a huge LCD display
  • It charges smartly
  • This charger is completely safe

05. WdtPro High Lumens 18650 Flashlight Charger

This flashlight comprises of a tac light or a led flashlight. It is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy of 6061T. All this makes the flashlight to be solid and highly durable. It can be used for a long period.

In fact. it has an increasingly powered LED plus a long life span of about 100000 hours if not more than that. You will not have to consider buying a new cap for the flashlight’s entire lifetime.

Although it is said that the WdtPro High lumens charger is water-resistant, you are however advised not to put this flashlight in water. It has five different modes which range from high, low, medium and two more modes.

Basically, the size of the flashlight is 130mm in body and 38mm head plus a 26mm tail. Meanwhile, its net weight comprises of 150g. The flashlight comes in black alone and changing the battery is not needed when using this flashlight.

This extremely handy and tactical flashlight comes with two rechargeable batteries and one battery charger that has overcharge protection. Additionally, the flashlight also comes with a crafty case for protection which will help you to transport it easily.

Hence the flashlight has an in-built LED bulb with 1000 lumens. The flashlight is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy materials plus hard finished techniques with quality bulbs.

It is waterproof and has an antibiotic abrasive structure that basically makes it the ideal flashlight for situations that are tactical such as; hiking, camping, power outages and also it can be used as a flashlight for emergencies.

Moreover, It can be zoomed in and used as a spotlight and zoomed out to be used as a floodlight. It can be simply operated by pressing on the sturdy and convenient switch.

Key Features

The vital features of the WdtPro flashlight include;

  • It is highly durable
  • It is rated as having the brightest flashlight
  • With its five modes, it can be zoomed
  • Its quality is high

06. Nitecore New i4 Best Vape Battery Charger

Highly configured Nitecore i4 battery charger is capable of charging two times as many different types of batteries like its older model. This charger has an automatic current choice optimal that is strictly based on the capacity of the battery.

It can set the charging voltage of each and every bay individually. Its ACD; Active current distribution innovation makes sure of an optimal dispersal of charging current among the batteries that have been installed

The Nitecore charger swiftly detects batteries that are non-rechargeable and does well to alert the user of the battery. Due to its overcharge protection, it instantly stops charging roughly twenty hours later to curb issues of overheating.

It has reverse polarity protection that helps prevent damages to not just the batteries but also the charger. It has a unique charging program specifically for IMR batteries.

Basically, the Nitecore i4 battery charger is made from the prominent durable ABS. It enables the use of rechargeable AA batteries even in D battery equipment.

Key Features

The major features of the Nitecore i4 charger include;

  • This Nitecore battery charger is flame resistant
  • It is highly prominent
  • The charger has an AC and 12V cords
  • It can charge about four different batteries at once

07. EASTSHINE Universal Smart Battery Charger

This charger like so many other prominent chargers making the buzz currently can charge roughly four batteries all at once. In addition to this, the four battery slots track and charge on their own.

Also, it has an optimized charging structure specifically for IMR batteries. Added to it is the in-built LCD panel that boldly shows the parameters of charging and progress.

In fact, the charger has four comfortable buttons situated at the side. They are labeled, button A, B, C, D which enables the simple selection of certain battery types and current charges.

Moreover, the East Shine charger instantly detects the power status of the battery which also demands being selected manually. The charger swiftly stops charging whenever charging is finished.

It has overcharge prevention to protect the batteries from damage. This vape battery charger also has an interesting temperature tracking to avoid issues of overheating.

Generally, this charger detects the different battery types before it finally enters the instant charge mode.

Key Features

Some of its vital features include;

  • It has a fast power battery charging feature
  • This vape charger comes with a short circuit
  • Among its features is the overcharge

08. AHOME UV Black Light Universal 18650 Charger

This UV blacklight flashlight is practically a house cleaning partner that everyone should be advised to have in their homes. This flashlight can help you detect bed bugs in your home. You can use the flashlight to examine and inspect the rooms at a hotel for cleanliness.

An example of what can be inspected at the hotel with this flashlight is human fluids. It easily detects oil stains that are in your kitchen and also, stains in your bathroom that you did not notice before.

The flashlight is made using a high-quality aluminum alloy that is solid and highly durable for you to use for a long period. Its brightness is about a hundred lumens. Its lifespan is a whopping 100000 hours.

To out this flashlight on, it works with just a simple click and the switch is located at the tail cap. The color of the light is purple.

Using this flashlight, you can easily sight scorpions, identify and validate fake currencies, detect the cracks in glasses and also detect fluid leaks. The AHOME flashlight can reveal dried urine and the stain of dogs, cats and every other animal on clothes, rugs, etc.

The flashlight is ideal for outdoor uses. The flashlight makes use of a 18650 battery.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the AHOME flashlight includes;

  • It can be zoomed
  • The charger can be used to find minerals
  • Scanning of floors to find stains within seconds
  • The charger is completely water-resistant

09. ULTRAFIRE Tactical 18650 Flashlight Charger

This is a crucially strong and high operating searchlight that is held in the hands. It has a solid uni-body build that ensures that heat is given fairly and swiftly with its anti-scratch finish.

For the first time you purchase this flashlight, you should charge the battery completely until it gets to full charge before making use of it.

Basically, the battery should not be charged for a long period to avoid damages. Also, before you make use of the flashlight, you should dispose of the transparent plastic that has been used to wrap the battery.

Obviously, the flashlight comprises of just one mode; this mode is high also.

The flashlight has a great output plus its increased efficiency. In heavy rain, it is water-resistant, and its shock-resistant makes the flashlight design dependable and complex.

Therefore, this flashlight is the perfect choice for hunting, camping, outdoor, trekking, hiking, and any other activity.

Key Features

The key features of the flashlight include;

  • The charger is water-resistant
  • It is very bright
  • This 18650 charger makes use of one battery and has a spare
  • The charger is completely shock resistant

10. Snado Universal Vape Battery Charger

Snado intelligent is a smart charger that has a function for the adjustment of temperature. It has four diverse independent charging slots and can practically charge about four lithium batteries all at once.

You can choose the diverse charge current that will satisfy your needs of either a slow or a fast charge. While the rechargeable battery is charging, the charger will show the position or status of each battery.

It has a unique charge, and it also discharges the circuit management. With diverse security protection settings, the charge can efficiently curb short circuit, reverse, over-discharge, overcharge and even an overcurrent damage to the battery.

With this, anyone can make use of the charger without any complaints of safety. The charger is widely compatible and basically strong. It can charge various types of DX 3.7V lithium batteries.

By pressing the current switch button situated at the right side of the charger, you are switching 0.5A/1A/2A current modes to satisfy the needs for diverse Specifications of 3.7V lithium batteries.

Anytime the charger is either charging or on standby mode; the charger protection function will commence if the positive and negative anodes of the battery transform into a short circuit, cross short circuit and now battery short circuit.

Better still, if the oath of the negative and positive anodes reverses, the charger will not be damaged. In standby status, place the decreased voltage battery to the current channel.

Whenever the battery charges fully, the charger begins overcharging its protection and quit charging instantly.

Meanwhile, if the battery is not removed after charging, this charger will take up a specific amount of battery power. In cases whereby the battery voltage is much lower than a 4.0V, the charger instantly restarts its charging function.

Key Features

Some of its vital features include;

  • It has a fast power battery charging feature
  • It comes with a short circuit
  • Among its features is the overcharge
  • Digital LCD display

11. Efest 3213 Multi-functional Best Battery Charger

Whenever your rechargeable batteries run out of power, you will need the best battery chargers. A good choice is the DF micro li-ion charger. This charger can power about two packets of 18500, 26650, 14500, 18650 lithium batteries.

It has an LCD screen, and it shows the percentage of the charger and shows the charging status. Without a doubt, this charger is capable of telling you the volt in which it is charging at plus the percentage it is.

The charger takes note of the number of times it has been charging batteries and also reveals the percentage in distinct increments. Automatically, it will stop charging when it is full or trying to detect the wrong usage.

Basically, it backs a USB charging that aids travelers and capable of charging lithium-ion batteries wherever you are and at any place. Even in cases where you do not have many outlets, you can easily plug it into your laptop or any other device.

So, this charger is used to charge 3.7V lithium rechargeable batteries alone.

Key Features

Its key features include;

  • A micro USB output charging
  • Smartly detects input power
  • A smart power management system
  • It uses reverse polarity protection
  • Picks charging current based on the capacity of the battery

12. MIKAFEN Led Tactical Flashlight Charger

This flashlight comes with a 18650 rechargeable battery, and so you do not need to purchase batteries to save your money.

As it has an in-built PCB that is protective and used to avoid short circuits, over-discharge, overcharge, and so on.

The flashlight has a USB charger that is portable. It enables the flashlight to be recharged with a power adapter. It has a focus that is highly adjustable and zooms out 500-700 lumen.

Moreover, the flashlight has five switch modes which are low, medium, high, strobe and SOS.

It has an on/off button that is simple to operate.

Key Features

Some of the key features include;

  • Its light has a complete brightness
  • Attached is a 18650 battery
  • It has a protective PCB

Tips & tricks of the best 18650 batteries

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best 18650 Charger

The rate in which lithium-ion batteries are trending in the market cannot be overemphasized. They are now much more prominent than they were in earlier years. These batteries are utilized in power vapes and flashlights.

Currently, there are so many devices that can make use of them now.  Meanwhile, the minute you start using any of these batteries, you will need to invest in a charger quickly.

Over time, you will realize that the battery chargers are actually not the same when you want to select a charger for the 18650 battery you own. Some things to look out for before purchasing a charger for your 18650 battery includes;

  • Safety

This is a vital feature that entails the ability of the charger to shut down whenever the battery is completely charged. When lithium batteries were first introduced, this was the major focus.

This is due to the fact that an overcharge can result in a fire. So, when buying a charger, you should look out for the one that can determine and notify you when the battery is fully charged.

  • Fast Charging

Chargers with high amps will charge your battery quickly. Most chargers have the .5A or 1.0A rating which is actually great. The speed is fine. Meanwhile, the higher this rating, the better the charger will be to a large extent.

When picking a charger, you should look out for one with a high rating. In cases whereby the charger starts getting hot, you should know that it is bad for your battery. It is advisable to buy from well-known brands.

  • Charging Indicators

You should look out for chargers with charging indicators. This is an additional feature that allows you to use the charger conveniently. They include the diverse modes that aid in prolonging battery lifespan and battery charge indicators.

So many people have no knowledge of the various modes. While they make the charging speed slow, they, however, help your battery last for a longer period of time.

  • Charging Ports

You should consider the amount of charging ports made available on the charger. Individuals with loads of battery activities will likely prefer numerous charging ports while those who make use of their batteries once in a while will not see several charging ports as useful.

Some other features to consider include;

  • The highest charging current
  • Charging different batteries all at once
  • Alternative charging of some other batteries and not only those of 18650

There are some vital concepts to put in mind when using 18650 chargers even though the usage of these chargers are simple. The first thing that you should do is that you should always place the batteries in the correct position as the chargers are always directional.

If the batteries are placed in the wrong position, they will likely discharge and in some cases lead to a fire outbreak.

These mostly occur when you purchase highly cheap chargers from brands that are not known. You should always pick chargers with high quality to prevent such accidents.  While lithium batteries are not deadly, you just need to do the ideal things.

There are some things to look out for in a battery charger. Choosing the ideal charger for the battery of your device is essential as it will aid in maintaining the life span of your battery and protect it from any form of damage while charging.

Some of the things to look out for include;

  • Temperature Controlling Facility

Chargers that come with microprocessors can actually control the charging temperature. This helps in providing batteries with the ideal amount of charging that they require. Look out for chargers that instantly cut off the battery once it is fully charged.

With such chargers, you can let your battery charge all through the night without any fear or worry. Majority of the battery chargers come with an LCD screen that reveals the minutes or percentages the battery needs to get full

  • Various Battery Charger

This entails the various types of batteries you can charge all at once while utilizing the battery charger. Before you make your big purchase, try finding out if the charger can charge various types of batteries such as Ni-MH, Li-ion, Ni-Cd, etc.

However, the versatility of your battery charger will save you from purchasing different chargers for every battery type you buy. A multi-battery type charger will meet all your needs.

  • LCD Screen

When selecting a charger to purchase, an LCD or even an LED screen has its vitality. A detailed, huge and easy to read screen should always be your number one choice. After this, the next thing to look out for is the information it shows.

Some of these screens reveal just half the information and other screens reveal the full information according to the battery type, the time it will use in charging the battery and the temperature of your battery.

  • Damage Battery Repairs

Depending on you, you can purchase battery chargers that can actually fix your batteries. Batteries that have not been utilized for a while usually get discharged and from there, they are not useful.

However, if your battery charger is strong and has this amazing quality, you just need to connect the battery to the charger and it will give it the needed charge.

Crucial FAQs Of Best 18650 Battery Chargers

  • What really is the best 18650 chargers all about?

The best 18650 battery chargers for the rechargeable batteries are referred to as chargers that can charge devices with heavy batteries. It can be utilized in charging rechargeable batteries through the provision of current to them with the aid of the battery charger.

Diverse battery chargers are created differently to offer a needed charge to batteries. While some of these batteries can actually be charged continually due to their increased tolerance for overcharging, some of them do not have the luxury of an automatic switch off.

Instead, they are put off manually.

  • What can I use a 18650 battery charger for?

Using the best vape battery charger, you can charge your 18650 power batteries. With the best 18650 chargers, you can select the ideal battery you desire.

If you have a battery charger that is highly portable, you do not need to depend on sockets on the wall to charge your battery. You can choose to attach the battery charger to your car or take it with you whenever you travel.

  • Exactly what type of battery can be charged using this charger?

With the 18650 battery, you can charge diverse types of batteries such as Ni-MH, Li-ion and Ni-Cd. The majority of the chargers are used in charging lithium batteries. Some of these chargers actually charge batteries with low or high capacity.

  • Is it compulsory to own an LCD screen?

Not in all cases. Some of the battery chargers actually come with light and blinks whenever the battery is being charged. Also, the color of the light transforms when the battery is fully charged.

Although there are some battery chargers with good LCD screen and adequate information about the battery and charging time, it is not a must to have the component.

  • Will chargers with more than two slots charge batteries at slow speed?

No. Chargers with more than two available slots are not slower than those with just one. Chargers with up to four slots can charge all four diverse batteries at once. This implies that it would save time since you can charge simultaneously.

  • Can I carry my battery charger when traveling?

Yes. A major purpose of the battery charger is to be carried anywhere at any point in time. You can use it when you are not at home or when you are traveling.

  • Where can I buy the best vape battery charger?

While this article contains some of the best vape battery chargers to purchase, you can take a stroll to the market to purchase them, or you can opt for buying them online.

The charger will be delivered to you from the comfort of your home. All that is needed is to know the quality of the charger you want to buy and to trust the seller also.

  • Will using the 18650 battery charger for a long while reduce my battery life?

If your 18650 battery charger is not authentic, it can damage the batteries after a while. So, it is vital that you purchase batteries that are licensed and buy battery chargers from well-known and dependable sources.

Once you are sure of the battery charger, no harm will come to the way of your battery. Using the charger in the correct manner will result in boosting the life span of the battery.

  • What are the best-selling battery chargers I can purchase?

There are diverse ideal brands you can get in the market today. Some of them include; Zanflare, Basen BO4, Nitecore, Miboxer, and several other good brands. These are some of the best brands to purchase from.

  • 10. How to charge 18650 battery by this smart charger?

It’s simple! You just need to connect the charger with the battery through the charging port.


For those that will be making use of the lithium battery all the time, it is a good idea to spend money on purchasing the best 18650 battery charger that is affordable to you instead of toying around with models that are not up-to-date.

To get the best battery charger, you will have to go through diverse factors such as accuracy, safety and the number of batteries that the charger can support. High quality and safe battery chargers are vital if you want to stay safe.

The first thing in mind should be your safety. There are diverse chargers in the market up till this very moment, while some are costly, others are quite economical. You can find more tips needed online that will fit your desire.

Buying a good quality universal battery charger is a one-time yet long term investment, and so it is highly advisable that you research very well. This is the charger that will be powering your batteries for a long time coming, and so it will need to be handled carefully.

Also, make sure to keep the charger covered in the periods before and after its usage for the charger not to gather dirt on its entire surface. Always keep the battery charger in the adequate room temperature i.e. normal room temperature.

Additionally, it should not be exposed to crucial coldness or hotness. Taking care of the charger will allow it last for a long period.

Meanwhile, if any issue should come up, be sure to inform the company you purchased the item from so that they will change the battery charger or possibly solve the issue.

While selecting the best 18650 chargers to purchase may seem hard, however, carrying out adequate research, looking out for known brands and skimming through buyer’s review online will help you in making the right choice.

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