Top 10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers Reviews!

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The best dash cam for truckers is the most advanced one and can record the rear, back or front views and some of such products are equipped with the infrared sensors that enable recording in dark too.

By the way, dash cam for truckers is the hidden truck cameras that are placed on the dashboard of a truck and it records continuously almost everything when you are driving the truck.

These cameras can switches on automatically and they start recording as soon as the engine of a truck starts. It saves the recorded data to a dedicated memory card.

Some of the cameras are capable of recording HD videos with great resolution and ensures great video quality. This is a particular technology, which is very interesting to grab for the drivers.

It is now extensively used and popular technology in different countries where insurance and accident fraud are major concerns of the drivers or fleet managers.

10 Best Truckers Dash Cam At a Glance

AppearanceBest Trucker Dash CamsDetails
HD Pro Truckers Dash Cam from Wheel Witness
WIFI X3 High-Quality Dash Cam from Vantrue
Full HD Dashboard Camera from AUKEY
Wheel Witness Dash Cam for Lift Trucks and Semis
Old Shark HD Night Vision Truckers Dash Cam
Puveeo C2 Infrared Night Vision Dash Cam
Homder Multi-purpose Rear and Front Dash Cam
HD Night Vision Dash Cam with Surveillance System from Pyle Mobile
Full HD 1080 Dash Camera for Front Use from D.DA.D
Waterproof & Infrared Night Vision Dash Cam from VSYSTO

Dash cameras are becoming fast a must-have product and an important device like subwoofers in the current driving environment, especially for truckers.

Choosing the best truckers dash cam is not at all easy as there are many brands and products available in the market. You need to pay special attention to each and every detail.

Let’s check a few products that leading the market effortlessly with unmatched quality:

10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers 2020

01. HD Pro Truckers Dash Cam from Wheel Witness

A dashboard camera is always good to have for the trucks or other vehicles as it can record high-quality videos. This is the reason that the HD Pro dash cam of Wheel Witness offers the premium level HD 1296P video which is best is the market, in terms of resolution.

That means, whether you require the dashcam to get the evidence of an accident or just to get a better view, you can enjoy it with the best picture resolution.

This dashcam is unparalleled because it comes with the Super Wide or Extra Wide Angle Lens to ensure that everything is recorded properly. Getting new gadgets for the car is always exciting but we usually avoid those with complicated settings or installation processes.

This is the reason that the manufacturer has designed the installation of HD PRO very simple, in the easy term a simple “plugging and playing” installation.

You just need to install the memory card and need to plug in it to the dedicated outlet of a cigarette lighter, then adjust the camera angle and start recording what you want. This camera comes with the WDR/HDR feature that is best to capture the night video clearly and WDR ensures fully balanced and fine exposure. It can easily cover the dark and light spots of a single frame in a single shot.

Highlighted Features

  • For different vehicles, it comes with 1 suction cup and 2 different sticky mounts, which means 3x mounts
  • It can capture the location, speed, and coordinate of a truck with super-efficient GPS accessories
  • Google map is there to show your exact location while you are driving
  • 170 degree add on camera is designed with extra-wide fine quality angle lens to capture almost everything that you want
  • Effortless loop recording is the key feature of the cam that you can continue with 16 GB micro SD card

02. WIFI X3 High-Quality Dash Cam from Vantrue

Vantrue is surely a big name in the world of technology and the WIFI x3 Dash Cam of the company has no difference. It is capable of maintaining the goodwill and name of the manufacturer with its flawless function.

You set the level of coverage of the dash Cam by selecting the right mode; it has the reliability, gives you high-quality footage, and the feature of WI-FI connectivity.

This camera is upright to keep your required memory safe. Ambrella A12 processor and the high end 4M CMOS sensors of the Cam made it unique and different from others.

These two features have combined brilliantly with the fitted 6 glass lens of the Cam that ensures crystal clear 2.5k quality HD videos. To regulate light at day and night, the 6 glass lens is equipped with F1.8 aperture.

The HDR feature is also there to balance effortlessly the bright and dark spots. This is really easy to have clear videos even in the dark, low light condition.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with great compatibility with WIFI car DV app and Wi-Fi connectivity that helps you to record real-time videos
  • You can even capture pictures with your smartphone
  • This dash camera is can compatible with smart platforms like ios and android
  • It is equipped with the time-lapse and parking mode, motion sensor features
  • G-sensor and the loop recording option are also wise options
  • The loop function is designed to capture small clips and it overwrites the old ones automatically to fit the capacity of the memory card
  • G sensor is best to detect sudden accident and collision and it locks the footage too
  • There is also the optional GPS system

03. Full HD Dashboard Camera from AUKEY

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Dash Cam with pleasant surprise, this is how you can describe the dash Cam. In spite of the low price, it can give you some premium quality videos that can be captured in night and day.

With the optional GPS, you can track the time and location of any incident also. The design of the Dash Cam is not out of the box but quite simple like any other available product but in function, this is much better than any other best truck dash cam.

Futuristic design, two-port cigarette USB lighter adapter, USB cable, you will get almost everything in this camera. This is a low profile but a high-quality stealth camera that you can fit in a hidden mode just behind the rear-view mirror of your truck.

This is the best option to keep track of even a small incident on road. To cover any sudden incident it comes with the in-built gravity sensor and the mode of emergency recording.

Easy installation is another good feature that made the product a popular choice for the truckers; you can install it to the windshield of your car and it can capture each and every unexpected incident of your driving.

Highlighted Features

  • This camera is powered by 12/24 socket through the dual-port high-quality USB charger
  • It also has an internal supercapacitor
  • With the purchase, you will get a USB charger, mini-B power cable, 3M two stickers, Sticker mount, user manual, and six different cable clips
  • To give you full road coverage it offers you 170 degree expanded field view
  • This camera is equipped with the Exmor IMX323 Sony sensors that ensure full HD videos

04. Wheel Witness Dash Cam for Lift Trucks and Semis

HD pro plus dash cam of Wheel Witness is a stunning camera with great features and high resolution.  With new modernized design and excellent features.

Without any doubt, this dash cam has made its own aura in the dashcam industry and has touched a new height of success with great functionality and features. This brand has a great customer base and has given a new meaning of dashcam with a lot of satisfaction.

More specifically, there are 6 high end layered lenses and the new generation CMOS IMX322 sensor ensures unmatched video quality. You are allowed to record continuous videos with the camera.

With a maximum 2306x1296p HD resolution, you will get the best picture quality including each and every tiny detail like the small signs of the street or the number plates.

HDR and WDR features give you the best night and day coverage, balanced exposure and best of recording quality.

Highlighted Features

  • This dash cam is quite simple to install with Plug and play feature
  • As you installed it properly, it will automatically power off and one of your truck
  • To catch up even small details, its camera is equipped with On-the-Fly flawless zoon function
  • Ios and android compatibility allows you to share and transfer the videos easily
  • Can record crispy clear picture and videos even at dark
  • Easy file locking and storing system and fine quality G-Sensor

05. Old Shark HD Night Vision Truckers Dash Cam

If you are looking for a budget Dashcam but best in quality, OldShark is the best night vision dash cam that you should consider before buying one.

At a reasonable price range, this brand offers something unique and premium quality with flawless features. What makes the dash cam different from others is its wide-angle 170-degree lens and great parking mode.

A clear, three-inch LCD screen shows the picture clearly what is happening on the road. You will open up the box and come up with a manual.

Undoubtfully, the in-built 32 GB micro SD card of the camera allows you to record continuously 6.5 hours even before overwriting the older videos.

Moreover, you may capture the videos properly during nighttime and daylight and even where you find a motion near the car. Surely, you will get crystal clear, HD quality videos with the cam.

With the three-inch large display and the fine user-friendly interface. This high tech safety cam can be installed easily and will show what you exactly want to see you.

You will easily get access to the toggle buttons and menu options, switch from the footage of your recording, you can view them on the screen by setting up the right configuration.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to record three, ten or five minutes clips
  • 32 GB memory card to store the recording for further use
  • Eligible to record Ultra HD videos that required especially in the case of an accident
  • Excellent loop recording capacity for continuous recording
  • Auto-detection accident G-sensor and fine emergency button of the lock
  • Extra storage space to store the important recordings

06. Puveeo C2 Infrared Night Vision Dash Cam

This is one of the recent releases in the genre of the dashcam. This is a newly launched dashcam that has impressed the users with its state of art modern design and features.

In fact, this dashcam is equipped with a lot of new, innovative and interesting features and designed with two high quality 1080p cameras. You can surely buy this one to improve convenience and comfort during driving and can ensure a high level of security.

The manufacturer Puveeo has already proved its reliability by maintaining the best of standard and quality. Accurately, the top-notch design of the camera is pure bliss and this is a fine piece of product, designed by the highly experienced engineers.

For the windshield of any car, this one is a good fit. When it comes to the feature, you will get almost every important feature and enough flexibility with the Cam.

Therefore, inside the camera is equipped with 4 different infrared lights and an F1.8 aperture. Sony IMX323 sensor is also there to ensure the best of video quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with highly powerful NT 96660 Novatek CPU
  • Dual cameras to capture the inside and front videos while driving
  • Low profile design allows you to keep the camera hidden but the wide angle is to record it effortlessly
  • Loop recording feature for continuous recording
  • This is very much user-friendly camera and the installation process is much easier
  • Puveeo ensures the sleek, modernized and simple design of the camera
  • Dual cameras of the cam are connected with the same unit

07. Homder Multi-purpose Rear and Front Dash Cam

When it comes to the best dash cam for trucks, choices are more. You can include also this Dash Cam from Homer to your list.

For simultaneous recording and crystal clear picture quality, this one is a trusted product available in the market. It comes with the 1080P full HD lens and the reversing waterproof backup camera and also blessed with the option to switch the display modes.

If you drive mostly at night, a high-quality multifunctional dash cam with an LCD screen is just the correct choice for you. Another specialty of the dash cam is its G Sensor.

And this sensor can save the video automatically as you start the gravity acceleration or an accident occurs. Keep track of your driving with the loop recording option.

The motion detection feature of the cam is the loyal guard for the drivers that can catch up any moving object around the camera, no matter how small it is.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a dual camera that equipped F2.0 lens and the HDR imx 323 sensors
  • It comes with the capability of capturing clear and crisp videos
  • The process of installation is very much easier and easier to use the camera
  • Unique and smart design to impress the new age truckers

08. HD Night Vision Dash Cam with Surveillance System from Pyle Mobile

When it comes to the surveillance system for your truck, it is better to go for a waterproof one. This is not just the best night vision dash cam for your truck but a complete surveillance system.

Likewise, other high configured dash cameras also it is capable of catching the elements and can record the potential elements effortlessly. This camera is designed especially for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks.

Made of the marine grade materials and this is a proven device for fog-resistance and weatherproof. The built-in IR LED system and other improved features of the camera allow it to capture the clearer pictures and videos even at the low light condition.

With an excellent 120 degrees angle, you will get the best visibility with the camera. This clandestine surveillance system is surely gaining more popularity by the day and the demand for the product is increasing by the leaps and bounds.

As well as this is a high-end camera, which is becoming an important part and parcel of everyday life of a trucker. However, by virtue of their best of ability to monitor all important activities and to prevent accidents.

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with the 4 different cameras to capture excellent videos
  • Best for day and night video capturing
  • Large 7-inch display with active-matrix feature
  • Easy and simple installation procedure

09. Full HD 1080 Dash Camera for Front Use from D.DA.D

The front camera for the vehicles is a special type of camera that should be mounted to the front part of a vehicle. When installed, the camera should be slightly pointed downward and it will allow the drivers to get a clearer view of what is going on behind them.

Since the dash-mounted monitor of the camera permits the drivers to view easily the camera transmission. This camera comes from the trusted brand Icar and the brand has a lot of experience in developing the high quality best dash cam for truckers.

Definitely, your reason to choose the camera can be the clearer visibility and the capability of capturing premium quality videos even at night, even at the very low light condition.

Reliability, accurate result, clearer videos, and impeccable quality, these are the main features of the camera. The manufacturer has launched the camera after going through a complete test and in one word- this is a trusted and tested dash cam for the truckers.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with the brilliant looping feature and can record automatically the videos
  • Equipped with the g-force sensors that save the major footage of accidents or other important incidents
  • This is a 1080p dash cam that ensures high-quality nighttime video recording without missing out any tiny details
  • To record brilliantly the break-ins, it comes with the motion sensors

10. Waterproof & Infrared Night Vision Dash Cam from VSYSTO

For the ‘Best dash cam for truckers’, the choice is simple but many. There are few features that give a product “best” title. VYSTO offers premium quality, feature-packed dash cam for the truckers that equipped with unmatched quality and standard.

If you live 24×7 hours on the road and keep driving, you should drive one state to state and faces different weather/road conditions. In such cases having a weatherproof dash, cam in your truck is a wise option for you.

It is equipped with 4 channels of fine quality cameras. This is good for the DVR system and has an easy switching display mode.

When your desire is to join the other people to have a dashcam just to keep the extra proof of your accident, this dashcam is the right choice because it comes with a good quality 7-inch monitor.

Highlighted Features

  • 360-degree recording and surveillance with a loop feature
  • You will get the best night view with the infrared camera
  • G-Sensor for emergency and fast recording
  • Remote control to adjust the features

Why You Need To Purchase Dash Cam- Watch The Details Here: Top 10 Reasons


Difference Between Car and Truck Dash Cam

Indeed, the dash cams are impeccable for the car and truck drivers of today. They are using varied types of dash cams to their dedicated vehicles. Dash cams are almost the same for the trucks and for cars with very little differences.

Mainly, the dashcams for car serves mostly as the eye witness to several driving hazards and accidents by capturing flawless videos. For the truckers, it ensures that the fleets are safe and the drivers will not be blamed if they are not faulty.

While the dashcam for truckers increases the visibility for all the safety-conscious large fleet managers; the car owners use the dash cam to avoid the insurance issues after the accident.

In fact, are the front-facing and dual dash cameras that perfect for the trucks and most of them come with g-sensors to capture the high end, HD, high-resolution videos. It can capture the footage of the road ahead of your truck.

Additionally, there are the dual-facing dash cameras for the cars and trucks that can capture the videos of the road ahead and back. Dash cameras offer wide-angle and high-end lenses that give a clearer view of the outside and inside activities of the car.

Fleet managers can detect quickly dangerous and distract types of driving. The car dash cams and the truck dash cams are also similar in the installing process.

For that reason, you can install them on the windscreen of your car. A truck camera should be more powerful and it should offer clearer videos because heavyweight vehicles like trucks require more high power.

Surveillance dash cams are best for trucks and the rear dash cams are also great for the smaller but high-end cars. A dashcam for truck is different from the regular cameras and it works as a video recorder that performs the multiple functions differently at a time.

It comes with auto-off and auto-on features that mean the camera recording begins and stops automatically. A small size camera with the limited feature is good for the cars but for a heavy-duty vehicle like a truck, you need to use only the big-sized, feature-packed dash cams.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Trucker Dash Cam

When you are ready to buy a dashcam for your truck, you have lots of things to consider. There are a lot of brands and lots of features; one is different from another in regards to its features and specifications.

Let’s check the primary specifications that require before buying the best dash cam for truckers:

  • A dashcam is more like a good quality camera it comes with the image sensor, a processor, camera lens, and other key components.

When you are in the thought of buying a dash cam, it is really essential first to consider the quality of the processor that the camera consists of; this will determine surely the video quality of the camera.

There are varied options available for processors and the image sensor of the camera; they can be superior one to the low end one.

  • Another great feature of a good quality dashcam is loop recording. Loop recording means, your camera will capture videos on different segments continuously, no matter how much memory the camera has.

It can overwrite the older videos to save the new ones automatically. You don’t even need to clear out the memory to save the new videos.

  • It records also the different videos in 1 min, 3 min, or 5-minute segments. This is a great feature and quite good to ensure that if one clip is destroyed or damaged, others will be safe.

You also need to have a good quality memory card and at least 32 GB memory card capacity to store the clippings.

  • Look for the G-sensor, this feature is ideal if your vehicle is ever involved in an accident. The potential footage will be completely locked and safe. You should check if this feature is present in your dashcam.

There are also few add-on features that you can look for and they are handy and convenient for the truckers such as built-in GPS, WIFI, LDWS, FCWS or the Forward Collision Warning System, etc.

Before buying the dashcam, you need to ensure the requirements list first that which features you need to have.

  • When you are buying the dashcam for your truck, first ensure the picture quality of it. A high-end dash cam should provide you with a high definition, high-resolution video quality.

A poor quality video can be useless in your accident or insurance claims and this is the reason that you need to ensure the video quality first.

A dashcam with a 1080P resolution is a decent choice. You can check YouTube videos or the footage from the users to ensure the video quality.

  • Another important point that you need to ensure is the size of the camera. The size of the camera defines the features also.

A small size dash cam is a preferable choice for most of the small car owners because it does not take a lot of space.

No matter you are buying a small or large size camera, check the available features first before buying one.

  • Easy to use the camera is the best one to buy. Before buying one, you need to ensure that the camera can be installed in your car or truck with less effort or complications.

Some of the cameras are designed to install at the windshield but some behind the rear mirror, no matter where the right place is, it should be easy to install.

  • Reliability and longevity are other major factors that ensure the functionality of your dash cam. Before buying one, make sure that the cam is designed and developed by a reliable and experienced company.

Read reviews and ask more people about the reliability and functions of the product.

  • Set your budget and search for the best one according to that. Don’t buy a bad one just because you are getting it at a discount price or it is cheap.

You are buying a dash cam to fulfill a purpose, so the quality should be checked and confirmed.

Common and Must Known FAQ’s about Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Dash cams are necessary and most important today for the truck drivers, fleet managers, truck owners, and even the car owners. There are many people who come with a lot of queries regarding the camera.

Q: What is a dash camera for a truck?

A: The basic but the most function of a dash cam is to record your complete drive. Dash cameras are the unique devices built specifically for different vehicles.

It is more like a surveillance camera for your vehicle. Dash cameras can give you loop recording result by continue capturing each and every detail of your drive

Q: Why do you need to have the best dash cam for truckers?

A:  Dash cameras are the new age choice for truckers or fleet managers. This is the most reliable source to get proof for liability protection of an accident, it can protect your car from theft when you parked it.

Therefore, it can protect your vehicle from the road rage sudden accident. It ensures the security of your fleet; it ensures the security of your family and so on.

Q: What are the major features that you need for a dashcam?

A:  Loop recording feature

  • Impact detection mode or the G-sensor
  • Best of Resolution: at least 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) is good to have
  • Easy Interfaces: there are usually USB, HDMI, and A/V interfaces
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • WI-FI connectivity
  • Time and date stamp on video: it is a very much useful feature if you ever need your video footage as major evidence in the court
  • Auto on/off feature

Q: What is exactly the parking mode of the dash camera?

A:  When the dash camera is allowed to record the videos as the car is off but if there any impact or motion is found, is the parking mode.

Most of the dashcam stores the parking mode videos in a different folder and it makes it easier for the users to find the footage whenever they need it most.

There should be a constant and connected source of power when the parking mode is working.

Q: What is G-sensor?

A:  Another key feature of the dash cams is its g-sensor. The g-sensor serves more as the accelerometer; it can measure effortlessly the forces that play a major role during velocity changes.

G-sensor is a fine program to catch each and every movement of your driving and it keeps the footage secured and safe even when there are sudden changes in movement.

Q: Why do you need wide-angle dual dash cameras?

A:  These types of cameras will give you rear and front coverage at once. You need to ensure also that the camera comes with an excellent sensor and chipset combination to give you complete coverage.

Q: What is the loop recording or cyclic recording feature?

A: Dashcam uses a technique known as “cyclic recording” or loop (continuous) recording. If your memory card is completely full or running out of space they will overwrite automatically the previous footage. Y

ou will never miss any major proof or important feature if your dash cam has the feature.

Q: What is auto back up dashcam?

A:  An auto backup camera is a specially designed, unique type of video camera that can be installed at the rear of a vehicle to assist with proper backing up.

These dash cameras are also known as rearview dash cameras or the reversing dash cameras. A rearview camera can be useful when there is a parallel parking issue or parking in very congested spaces.

It gives a much better view of the driver when backing up between cars or into spaces.  It can help the drivers to determine their distance from any other coming vehicles or curbs.

Q: From where the dash camera gets is power?

A:  You need to connect to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle with a long power cable; it should be at least 12ft.

You can run it around the windshield of the car. You need to plug in the cord then to get the power.

Q: Is using a dashcam in the truck a legal option?

A:  Yes. It is completely legal if you want to keep the public record and until you do not disturb other people’s privacy.

Final Words

For the truckers, dash cams are a wise choice because it offers the fleet managers and truck drivers more control and balance to maintain the safety of their fleet. Thre are capable of reducing the chances of accidents, collision costs and increases visibility.

Since. you have been driving your car or truck for a long time. Being an experienced and good driver, you need to make sure that you never go beyond the specific speed limit. And don’t jump the red lights or zebra crossing, or talk to someone by using your mobile phone while driving.

Let’s face it. All of us have had a close encounter with road accidents while driving or even walking. There are many people who don’t show any concern about other people’s lives and it result in an accident or just a near miss.

If you were a victim of road rage or missed slightly an accident that could have proved to be a fatal one for you, you should go for the dashcam.

Accidents, insurance, and trucks, these puzzled can be solved if you take just a smart move and install a good quality dash cam in your truck.  It will increase your visibility and also can help you get the insurance claim.

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