Top 10 Best LED Truck Bed Lights Review 2020

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Buying the best LED truck bed lights may be seen as a small deal to some people, but it is actually a big deal to lots of people around the world. The truck bed LED lights are not only vital, but they are also highly beneficial in diverse ways.

Due to their operational purpose, you can legally drive your trucks of which without them, it is not legal to drive the truck. Meanwhile, they are also decorative. With the ideal flashy lights, they give your truck a stunning look. Without the right colors, the beauty of your truck will not be achieved.

However, for the majority who see LED lights their trucks as a big deal, this article will assist you in selecting the best truck bed lights you can find. Additionally, you will find the essential features to look out before the big purchase.

Best Truck Bed Lights 2020

LED Truck Bed LightsColor & TypeFeatures & ProsDetails
The Nilight TR-05 Waterproof LED LightWhite & 2PCS Light Strip Include 180PCS 5050-SMD LED chipsQuick Installation, 5X Strength For Strong Sticking, Inline Blade Fuse
Mictuning White LED Cargo LightWhite & 2PCS LED Cargo Truck Bed Light StripStep Bar LED Lighting, On-Off Switch and Blade Fuse, IP67 Sealed Housing, Up to 30,000 Hours Lifetime
LEDGlow 8pc Universal Truck Bed LightWhite & Universal SMD LED Truck Bed Lighting PodsSuper Bright White SMD LEDs, Completely Waterproof, On/Off Switch,
Xprite RGB LED Truck Bed LightsMulti-color & 8 PSC Decorative Lighting Pods with 4 LED'sPortable Bed Light, Faster On/Off, Wireless Remote Controlling, Lightweight
Partsam Waterproof LED Truck Bed LightWhite & LED Truck Bed Light Strips with 8 Pods 6-5050 SMDSmart On-Off Switch, Nearly 30,000 hrs Lifespan, Easy to Insall
Excoup Super Bright SMDs Waterproof LED LightsWhite & Super Bright 48 PSC SMD LEDsEXCOUP Truck Bed lights, IP67 Waterproof Protections, Easy On/Off Switch
OPT7 Aura Multi-color Truck Bed LightMulti-color & 8 PSC Truck Bed LED Lighting KitWireless Remote Controlling, OE-Style Rocker Switch, AMP IT UP with SOUNDSYNC
Autuneer 60-Inches LED Truck Bed LightsWhite & 60-Inch LED 2 PCS Truck Bed LED Strip LightsMulti-purpose, Easy On-Off Switch, Mounted with 12V Power Source, Up to 30,000 hrs Lifetime
Megulla IP67 Waterproof Truck LED LightWhite & LED Truck Bed Light StripsIP67 Waterproof, Super Bright LED Lights, Simple On/Off Switch and Fuse, 30,000 hr Lifetime.
RangerRider Flexible 60-Inch LED Truck LightsWhite & 60-Inch LED Truck Bed Lights StripSuper Bright LED Lights, Waterproof, Completely Safe, Easy Installation & On/Off

In every setting, the ideal set of lights can actually act as the only difference between a conducive environment and one that is dangerous. It could also be the difference between a regular working light and one that causes issues and ultimately danger.

In the same vein, this article will be introducing some of the best lights you can find in the market. Be sure to sit back, relax and read through. More reviews: Best Light Bars for Car & Best Automotive Test Lights.

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Best LED Truck Bed Lights Reviews: Top 10

Some of the best truck bed lights include but not limited to the lights that will be mentioned below. In no particular order, they include;

01. The Nilight TR-05 Waterproof LED Light


With the Nilight TR-05, each piece of your truck’s bed light strip will generate highly bright and incredible white lights. These lights come with roughly 90PCS 5050-SMD LED chips while the LED lumen is about 20-22LM for each LED.

Nilight has the IP67 closed housing that highly secures led strips from not just raindrops but also the snow. They are powerfully durable and super flexible.

Nilight is packaged to come with extension cables that can guarantee the individual making use of them of a really long wire length. The working voltage of the Nilight LED light is roughly 12V DC.

When you purchase this LED light for your truck, you will first of all strip off the 3M to be positioned behind the light strips and gently stick the light strips on both sides of the truck bed.

Next, you can make use of the additional mounting hardware to easily fix the light strip and utilize the zip tie to actually tie and at the same time clean the wire as well.

To connect your two-way splitter, you can search for the two way splitters on the wire bundle on the light strip plus the off/on switchblade fuse then connect all of them. To connect your extension cable, search for the yellow and red wire positioned on the on/off switchblade plus the wire bundle of the extension.

Link the red to the red and the yellow to the yellow with the aid of the crimp cap terminals To connect easily to a power source, link the red and yellow wire in the extension bundle to your power source. Place the red to the positive and the yellow to the negative.

The Nilight has a 30000 hours life span and can be vastly utilized for not just your truck bed light but also your side door light, step bar LED light, and the RV awning light.

Key Features

Some of the fantastic features of the Nilight LED light includes but not limited to;

  • Highly impressive brightness
  • It is easily installed
  • Highly durable and flexible

02. Mictuning White LED Cargo Bed Light


Firstly, Mictuning products can be referred to as products that are better than every other product. This is because the company focuses on trading highly superior products and offering the most ideal customer service you can find.

The light strips from Mictuning are built with LED chipsets that have IP67 waterproof hosing. This gives them incredible protection against things like dirt, sand, powerful wind, rain, plus snow.

These LED lights are highly durable and have a running time of roughly 30000hours. Added to the package are a bonus two-way splitter wire and additional ties that of course, lots of sellers do not have.

Asides from using them for your truck bed lights, they can be used for your RV awning, your SUV, cargo, they can act as camper lighting or better still, you can utilize them for your home or party decorations.

You should note that these lights can actually he side-mounted on any location that makes use of 12V power source. Also, the additional ties and 3M adhesive can aid in fixing the strips.

It comes with an on/off switch plus a blade fuse. The switch and fuse assist in efficiently controlling the lights and keeping your truck functioning safely without danger.

With the on/off switch plus blade fuse component, you are guaranteed of safe driving. The dependable 3M adhesive can be easily stripped off and stuck on any available smooth surface within seconds. Keeping your wires safe and in order is the additional ties that come with it.

Key Features

Some of the top features of the Mictuning LED cargo light includes but not limited to;

  • Highly durable and flexible
  • It is conveniently installed without issues
  • Can be mounted anywhere with a 12V voltage

03. LEDGlow 8pc Universal Truck Bed Light


Asides coming with eight pieces of LED lights, the lights illuminate the whole bed of your amiable truck. This illumination is achieved with just the flip of one switch.

This enables the user to conveniently work when it is dark without the stress of holding a Torchlight r plugging a portable light for work.

The lighting system of this truck bed light entails; two distinct strands of about four light pods plus six LEDs for each pod. In total, this is eight pods and about forty-eight ultra-bright SMD LEDs that are white.

Every other 1.4-inch quarrel bed lighting pod is a hundred percent waterproof. Its thickness is about .20inches, and this makes them tremendously simple to hide.

The LEDGlow universal light rival light makes use of a bigger pod that may as well hang right below the handrails. Each of the bed lights comprises of two feet of wire positioned between the pods, and it features about twenty-one feet of power wire.

No need to worry about the length as all these give the user extensive lengths when it comes down to operating the power wires into a car plus the on/off switch.

Every one of the pods is seamlessly mounted underneath the bed rail with the aid of the additional 3M tape or with screws. The LEDGlow universal light entails all hardware for mounting and instructions for installation.

This LEDGlow light comes with all the installation and mountain hardware one needs. The pods are 1.4×1.4inches, and their thickness is 0.20.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the LEDGlow universal light includes but not limited to;

  • The pods are totally waterproof
  • It houses an overall total of 48 ultra-bright white LED
  • Simple to use them off and on the switch

04. Xprite RGB LED Truck Bed Lights


The Xprite LED lighting system consists of two distinct strands of four light pods with about four LED per every pod. This gives users an overall total of eight pods and roughly thirty-two ultra-bright SMD white LEDs.

Each and every of the rectangle truck lighting pod is a hundred percent waterproof and has a thickness of .25. This alone makes them highly easy to hide.

Xprite’s rivals or competition rather makes use of bigger pods that are likely to hang below the positioned bed rails. Moreover, each of the truck light strands consists of two feet of wire placed between every one of the pods.

Also, it features about twenty-one feet of power wire. Ultimately, this gives the user a lot of lengths when it comes down to operating the power wires into your car. Basically, it includes an off/on the switch.

Every one of the pods can be seamlessly mounted underneath your bed rails with the aid of the additional screws or 3M tape. It has a swift on-and-off response, and the brightness of the light can be easily adjusted as it is simpler to operate. The remote works at a range of over 100ft.

Incredibly, its lighting kits consist of eight preset static colors. They include; four lighting effects which are two preset jump and two preset fading patterns, and four sound-dominant modes.

Also, the LEDs transform according to sound, and it has a pre-applied adhesive tape. It can be used for both exterior and interior applications. This consists of foot Wells, truck beds, and rock lights and also ideal for some of the pickups like Chevrolet, SUVs, boats, jeeps, Ford, etc.

Key Features

There are vital features of the Xprite that will make you love them, they include but not limited to;

  • Its design is highly innovative
  • It is easily installed
  • Controlled using a remote

05. Partsam Waterproof LED Truck Bed Light


The Partsam Company started far back in the year 2013 intending to create the most ideal auto parts. The company was practically established to build a much better way of doing things and not only forging auto parts.

It works together with its users to create amazing, meaningful things. Currently, Partsam has increased massively to transform into one of the leading companies of e-commerce in the auto parts organization or industry.

The warehouse of Partsam is situated in Milpitas, California. Partsam products are advertised on diverse platforms and with highly rated healthy traders’ accounts, it keeps its consumers drawn to their products.

For its truck bed light, it entails four pods on each of its strands, and each of the pods has six LEDs. It is ideal and great for lighting up your entire truck bed with just the flip of a switch.

Meanwhile, you can purchase these lights in diverse colors that you can choose from. They include; white, blue, red and green. You are free to select whichever color you love the most. It makes use of the IP67 waterproof silicone build.

This will help in preventing the light from water, dirt, dust, snow and even sand. It is a hundred percent waterproof.

It can be used anywhere from the truck beds of your cargo, down to pick up, then trucks, up to your garage lights and not forgetting RV awning light and LED taillights.

Additionally, you can make use of it for your household or party decorations. Users can easily control the pods due to the on/off button function. Your truck can be lit with just the flipping of a switch. As mentioned earlier, it is a hundred percent waterproof and highly flexible.

It has a life span of 30000 hours. It makes use of eight pods, and each has six LEDs and about forty eight amazingly bright SMD white LEDs overall. It is dependable 3M adhesive can be easily stripped off and stuck to any available smooth surface within seconds.

Also, it comes with additional screws that assist in reinforcing the installation of the lights. Also, it is a brass end is kit ground, with the middle end being 12-volt power source while its third end is the power for switch.

Key Features

Vital features of the Partsam LED truck light includes but not limited to;

  • It is highly durable
  • Keeps you safe when driving
  • Installation is easy
  • With 12V voltage, it can be mounted anywhere

06. Excoup Super Bright SMDs Waterproof LED Lights


Basically, Excoup is deeply devoted to offering users with the best and highest quality bed lights for their trucks. Its LED lights enable users to operate and carry out their works in the dark conveniently without the need of holding a flashlight over their heads or plugging a portable light for work.

While the light pods entail six LED SMD that are amazingly bright, it has an increased wire width that is much safer and highly durable.

As for the light pods or its competition, its wires are of poor quality, and this puts them on high-security risks. The LED lights of Excoup are waterproof as they make use of the IP67 housing.

This protects the LED pods from rain, dirt, bad weather and also snow. Its lifespan is roughly 30000hours. With a power source of 12 voltage, the LED lights can be mounted anywhere the user wants.

It has an easy off/on the switch that merely controls the lights and a real 3M adhesive pad situated on the backside of each pod. Additionally, it comes with extra screws that assist in reinforcing the installation.

Along with its increased width is a more solid and durable wire. The pods’ thickness is simply 0.2 inches. Every of the bed light strand consists of roughly 23 inches of wire positioned between each of the pods.

With IP67, your LED light is sure to work no matter the condition of the weather. Be it snowy, rainy or any weather.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the Excoup LED lights include but not limited to;

  • Enhanced LED lights
  • LED lights are waterproof
  • Easily installed and simple to use

07. OPT7 Aura Multi-color Truck Bed Light


To make an exciting addition to your incredible truck, you can make use of the premium LED accent lighting. Aura LED lights will inadvertently make your truck the admirable center of attention it deserves.

It makes use of eight LED pods that can fill up your entire truck or pick up with incredible white lights. This LED light also entails sixteen premia led colors that entail a dimming as well as a flashing light show alternative.

The opt7 also entails a sound sync light show, as well as a remote that is wireless, a tailgate switch, and a pleasing interior, LED switch. It is IP67 waterproof enclosed and highly dependable.

It has a long life span of 30000hours plus a 3M auto tape. This lighting kit provides individuals with smart multi-color lighting that easily blends into the side panels of their trucks.

You will have sixteen accent colors that will provide your truck with an amazingly unique look. This battery-powered LED lights with remote can be used in controlling the lights, brightness, flash pattern, and color.

The sound sync is a sophisticated innovation that will allow the LED lights to move according to the beat of your music. The IP67 protects it against sand, water, snow, and dirt. Also, it has an easy and dependable mounting plus 25kg highly rated 3M tape.

Everything you can dream of can be found in the Opt7 LED light.

Key Features

Some of the essential features of the Opt7 LED light includes but not limited to;

  • Makes use or sound sync technology
  • It has a wireless remote
  • Built with IP67 waterproof silicone.

08. Autuneer 60-Inches LED Truck Bed Lights


The LED lights consist of two PCs of white truck bed strip lights. It is ideally used for not just the truck bed light but also step bar LED lighting, RV awning light, pickup bed light kit as well as side door LED lamp. It comes with the prominent off/on button plus the blade fuse.

You are enabled with the liberty to control the strips and make sure your electricity is safe for driving. With 12 voltage, you can mount the LED lights anywhere you, please. It can be used for your household or event decoration.

It makes use of the notable IP67 that makes it waterproof and prevents it from rain, snow, dirt, sand and any bad weather.

Moreover, it has a life span of 30000 hours. To install, you can easily peel off the dependable 3M and stick it on a smooth surface within seconds. Also, additional ties are added to aid in keeping the wires in proper order.

Key Features

The basic features to note about the Autuneer 60 inches LED truck lights includes but not limited to;

  • It can be mounted anywhere you like
  • Highly durable and flexible
  • Installation is carried out easily

09. Megulla IP67 Waterproof Truck LED Light


Also known as the MeguaMG-TBL100 LED truck light, it can be installed not only swiftly but efficiently without any issues. All that is needed to do is to peel off and stick the LED lights wherever you want to place them.

The LED light strip has a super-powerful 3M adhesive attached to it, and it can simply attach it to any power source of 12 voltage plus just two wires are needed to produce an energy effect yet bright light.

It has an in-built on and off switch that enables the LED lights to be switched off and switched back on whenever you decided to make use of the truck bed light.

However, Megulla is a company that decided to debut technological products with the perfect balance of quality attached to them. Feedback is gained from consumers, and the reviews are read every day to make sure the company offers customer products with extra high quality.

Also, changes are made based on receiving feedback. Basically, Megulla strives to satisfy all its customers and refurbish their outdoor experience easily without friction.

With roughly 180 LEDs and an overall total of 2400lm output, your truck is given loads of amazing white lights with Megulla. With such brightness, there will be no need for a flashlight in the dark.

Through the flip of a switch, your light comes on. It can be used in boats, SUVs, campers, fish houses and anywhere of your choice that makes use of a power source of 12 voltage. It can be used with every model of pickups.

No selections. You can make use of the additional mounting hardware to secure the installation or easily strip then stick the 20kg genuine 3M adhesive to ensure a steady installation underneath your truck’s bedrail.

Asides from the IP67 waterproof silicone, it comes with a highly powerful SMD-5050 LED chipsets that make sure it lasts for roughly 30000hours. Your truck is protected from short circuits plus overload.

Key Features

The major features of the Megulla truck LED lights to include, but not limited to;

  • It is powerfully bright
  • Installation is easy
  • Highly durable
  • It is waterproof
  • Your safety is assured

10. RangerRider Flexible 60-Inch LED Truck Lights


With the aid of its powerful softness, LED lights are enabled to be used in places that are rugged. At first opening, the package includes; a distinct two-way splitter cable, two truck bed light strips, a distinct on/off switch, a distinct set ties and one user manual.

Installing is easy as all it entails include; cleaning the dirt or dust off the device to make sure the survey is dust-free.

This is done so that the installation does not fall off. The next step comprises of sticking the truck’s bed light strips in the selected place and attaching your power bank or any other 12 voltage device to the red positive and the black negative.

Nonetheless, it makes use of the IP67 waterproof silicone housing alongside an inline fuse for short circuit safety.

Also, it does not matter if the weather is rainy, snowy or just about any type; the lights will work perfectly. It makes use of a simple no-drill mounting design. It comes with additional ties to store your wires in the right order.

Key Features

Some of the important features of the RangerRider 60” truck LED light includes but not limited to;

  • It is cold resistant
  • Brightness is high
  • Simple to install using the powerful tapes
  • Plugs are waterproof

How to Light Up the Truck Bed- Full Installation Procedures

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best LED Truck Bed Lights

With the knowledge of some of the best LED truck bed lights available in the market today, it is also vital to know the ideal model that will work perfectly for you. There are diverse factors to consider before making your big purchase. Basically, LED lights have been in existence for roughly fifty years even though countless people are of the belief that it is a relatively recent innovation in the world.

Nonetheless, people see it as a new technology because of its much more current developments in white LEDs that have moved on to displace the legacy lighting system.

These developments have turned out to be highly prominent in our automotive industry as truck manufacturers, as well as owners, are capable of taking advantage of its brightness, power-saving feature, and the long-lasting component of the modern LED lights and the color variability.

No matter the cost of the LED lights, it should never be seen in isolation as it basically pays for itself over the long lifespan of your truck. They last for quite a long time, and they can practically add to the resale worth of your truck or vehicle.

Moreover, LEDs can be easily installed as genuinely operational lighting on a truck like the headlights or used in supplementing the cargo lights placed in the bed.

Additionally, they can be utilized for decorative functions in not only the interior cab but also the exterior bodywork like underneath the rail, underneath the main truck and even in the bed.

Majority of the kits that are available to be purchased online practically tend to come with seals that are water-resistant and casings that actually protect and safeguards them against high impact situations and issues of road vibration.

Subsequently, these are only a few reasons why LED lights are highly prominent with individuals who are interested in modifying and customizing their trucks. While the trucks with withstand or undergo a lot of punishment, in the end, they will look great and go further in lasting for a long time.

Meanwhile, your new truck may come with pre-installed LED lighting. These pre-installed lightings may come in diverse colors that actually take on the role of distinct, varied functions.

With LEDs that are installed straight from the factory, truck owners will have absolute peace of mind that the truck manufacturers will have greatly adhered to and followed suit according to the law in whichever country they reside in.

However, if the purchase is DIY or an after-market truck bed cargo light, truck owners are not assured of anything. It is highly vital that you are aware of the legitimate implications of placing your very own kits and selecting the ideal products.

In choosing the best LED truck bed lighting system to suit perfectly with your vehicle, you will have to make sure you carry out adequate research first of all and also have the necessary knowledge and awareness of LED innovation.

This is because you may actually need to carry out some wiring on your own. Furthermore, here are some of the top factors you will need to consider before purchasing the best battery-powered LED light strips for your truck. Some of these vital factors you should consider include but not limited to;

  • Compatibility

Before going ahead to consider the brightness of the LED light, its build, and colors you will need to select, you should, first of all, ensure that the exact model you are selecting for purchase fits adequately with your truck.

To execute this, you should focus your aim on the exact length of the cord. Reading through this guide, you will notice that the products listed all comprise of excess wiring.

This implies that if you own a huge truck, the lights mentioned above will adequately suit your desired needs.

  • Voltage

Another factor to highly consider is the voltage of the light you are buying. While a majority of the LED truck bed lights, if not all, actually have a voltage of 12 that practically matches the voltage of the battery of your truck, it will cost nothing to carry out a double check on the exact stats.

  • Durability

An important factor to highly consider is the durability of the LED light you want to purchase. When you are searching for a model that will last for a considerable number of years, you should endeavor to look out for things like the lighting pods.

Have it in mind that the pods are actually the protective cover that protects as well as safeguards LED lights. For this reason alone, you should be going for a model that comprises a closed housing that is not just waterproof but shockproof as well.

This will help in extending the lifespan of your lights. No one wants to spend a lot on a product that will not last a long time.

  • Size And Shape

Like the models that have been listed and written about in this article, you will notice that they are all available in varying shapes and sizes and not one distinct shape or size.

This is basically nice as it provides you and other interested customers with the alternative of customizing your truck in accordance with whichever need that you have in mind.

Note that, you should always purchase or seek out models that provide you with not just a classic but simple design as well.

  • Color

With LED lights, you have the option of selecting whichever color you need. LED lights come in diverse colors that range from white, green, red and even pink. Amazing right.

There are also other models available that come with diverse colors as well. These type of models practically have a brightness that is adjustable and flashing modes attached to them.

The color selection depends strictly on your preference. Now, you are not limited to just white or red. You have so many to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Battery Powered LED Light Strips

Best LED Truck Bed Lights

Some of the questions so many people have asked with regards to the LED truck bed lights include but are not limited to;

  • What is the LED light exactly?

As stated earlier, LED lights have been in existence for a long time, however, in much more recent years, they have begun displacing lighting operations in a vast variety of applications such as external lighting, TV, house lighting and even in the automotive sector.

Meanwhile, in simpler terms, the lights work by utilizing a light-emitting diode which is LED. LEDs are semiconductor chips situated in a reflector, and the power runs up to the chip which inadvertently lights it all up.

Unlike standard lights, LED lights do not heat up, but, they practically generate photons that shine amazingly bright and actually last for a long time.

When compared with the regular lighting formats like the prominent halogen lamps, LED lights simply make use of about twenty-five percent of the same power but lasts for roughly five or more times longer.

  • What kind of vehicle can I use my LED lights for?

Since they are much brighter than the popular halogen lights, LED lights are incredible for trucks. This is due to the fact that trucks are driven in hazardous conditions.

Also, lots of emergency service vehicles make use of LED lights as their standard lights. Added to the mix are SUVs and pickups.

  • Are LED truck bed lights legal?

While they are not illegal, there are specific restrictions one needs to know of before acquiring them. The major-specific restrictions have to do with their colors. Should your lights flashing yellow, blue or red, they could actually be mixed up with either ambulance vehicles, fire or even the police.

A person might get pulled over for colors like that. Moreover, the laws all vary from one state to another different state. For those who are not sure of the laws of their region, they can contact the local transport authority of that region.

  • Will my LED truck kits work with my Tonneau cover?

Of course, they will work. This is because the majority of the adhesive that supports the LED truck kit simply stick to the fiberglass and all other materials. Also, they come with the prominent IP67 waterproof silicone housing.

  • Are my LED lights waterproof plus water-resistant?

It is vital to read through the description of each product carefully to understand if the lights are water-resistant or not.

Been water-resistant and waterproof are based on different things. To be more than sure that your LEDs will not die destroyed, users can make use of the RTV silicone in case of any unforeseen exposure to soldering and copper.

However, it is not really necessary in some cases except if you have created your very own DIY lighting bar or strip.

  • In what colors can I have my LED lights?

With LED lights, you are not limited to either a red light or a white light. There are several options to select from. You can go with the blue, yellow, pink, white, red or even green option.

It solely depends on you and the color you love most that will bring out the beauty of your truck.

  • Where can I get the best LED lights for my truck?

There are so many LED lights that have been analyzed in this article. You can either go for Partsam, Megulla, Opt7 or any other product of your choice. This article has basically helped to streamline your search;

However, if you want others outside this circle, do well to make adequate research before your big purchase.

Bottom Line

It does not matter if you are simply searching for the best LED truck bed lights to brighten up your truck or trying to make an exclusive statement; the aforementioned LED lights are incredibly ideal for your truck. Nonetheless, be sure to go through the important factors listed above before making your big purchase.

It will significantly help in providing the ideal model that satisfies and meets your needs. Whenever it comes down to buying, ensure that the lights are highly compatible with the truck you use before moving on to focus on the durability, design, light colors, and any other necessary features.

Basically, LED lights are making major moves in truck history, and they have positioned themselves to outshine and practically outlast the era of neon and halogen lights. LED truck bed lights provide much clearer visibility as their colors are crisp and highly preferable for duties such as driving. They help vehicles to save fuel and also last for a more extended period compared to the regular halogens and neon lights.

Thus the LED lights are highly interested in the sort of personality truck lighting has to offer will basically enjoy a vast range of patterns and colors. Before purchasing these lights, be aware of the transportation laws.

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