The 10 Best Portable Tool Box Reviews & Buying Guides!!!

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The best portable tool box will become the best coworker for you if you drive regularly and have numerous automotive equipment for fixing the vehicle. If you want to keep all your automotive tools tidy and ready to use like lift jacks, leveling kits and much more, there is nothing helpful like one of these toolboxes.

Without a suitable toolbox it’s completely impossible to organize them properly, although you can’t find the right one when you need it in particular support. In any trade, workshop, industry, in your home and even in the trunk of your car, they are essential equipment.

From the simplest and smallest to the most sophisticated and large, they are a very useful resource for storing, organizing and transporting your tools, both manual and electric, as well as nails, nuts, screws, and any accessory.

In this article, we will explain how to buy the best portable toolbox on the market. Also, we have shortlisted some of the best products for you. So you can easily buy the best one.

Best Portable Rolling Toolbox Reviews at a Glance

PreviewTop Portable Tool BoxCheck Details
01. Dewalt DWST17806 Deep Tool Box
02. Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox
03. Best Choice Products Top Chest Toolbox
04.BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Toolbox
05. Stalwart Heavy-duty Rolling Toolbox
06. Waterloo Portable Series Toolbox
07. Contico 3725–37 Inch Portable Tool Box
08. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Tool-box
09. VonHaus Utility Portable Tool Storage Box
10. Montezuma SM200B Portable Toolbox
The Most Important Facts:
The weight and size of a toolbox are important factors to ensure ease of use, especially if you plan to move it. On the other hand, the size will influence the amount and type of tools you can save

In the market there are different types of toolboxes, they are usually divided by the material they are made of. But also by the way of the internal organization they use. Choose one that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Portable Tool Box Review 2019


01. Dewalt DWST17806 Deep Tool Box


The Dewalt VI Deep Box has a traditional and solid design. It is a good size box, ideal for transport and storage anywhere. Easily measurable this tool box is 17.6×11.75×11.7 inches and has an upper tray and case.

Obviously the build-in materials are highly inspectable for its longevity and better performance. In this manner, this car toolbox is quite decent for its high strength plastic and has metal finishes on the fasteners and outer trays for screws. This toolbox provides easy storage toll and the best transport solution.

The DEWALT toolbox has parts that are interlocked at the bottom and top. Also, it is resistant to moisture and corrosion that makes it ideal for protecting your tools. The inner plastic tray has covered compartments with insulated closures and handle, perfect for keeping smaller parts and accessories organized like nails or fuses.

Therefore, the versatility of this toolbox will delight any professional and also home DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Flexible platform
  • Removable tray
  • Heavy-duty hinges and latches
  • Its flexible platform that allows diverse combinations
  • Units can be stacked easily on the top and connected with sturdy side latches
  • Including removable inner tray
  • 44 pounds of weight capacity


  • Model: DWST17806
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Weight: 44 Pounds
  • Flexible
  • Lid design locks
  • The heavy-duty
  • Made from plastic and not metal
  • Easy to break into


02. Ketar 241008 Portable Rolling Toolbox


Ketar company has over 60 years of experience in the field of the toolbox. This brand is one of the most recognized brands when we talk about the tools. Also, this brand has won an export award of Israel for a long contribution to excellence and quality.

So if you are in search of the high and best rolling tool box that remains with you for a longer period, this Ketar Portable Rolling Toolbox is the perfect product for you. This high-quality Ketar 241008 toolbox has a modular design mounted on wheels. Each module is removable and can be used separately with full functionality.

This ideal toolbox offers excellent storage capacity thanks to its large compartments and has comfortable 7-inch wheels perfect for carrying everywhere. It has many great features that will surely be helpful to you.

It is made of heavy-duty plastic which is resistant to corrosion and moisture. The rolling toolbox is made of resistant plastics. It has an upper handle to transport it without difficulties. Moreover, the accurate measure in the dimension of this toolbox is 14.88 x 24.25 x 16.34. And, of course, the central module is wider, perfect for hand tools.

Key Features:

  • Central lock mechanism
  • Easy to roll
  • Extendable handle
  • Easy to organize tools


  • Band: Ketar
  • Dimension: 14.88 in x 24.25 in x 16.34 in
  • Color: Black
  • Compartmentalized sections
  • Central auto-locking
  • Easy to roll
  • Easy to carry
  • A lock is not durable


03. Best Choice Products Top Chest Toolbox


Whether you are looking for another great toolbox by Best Choice Products and also budget friendly. Then, we will recommend this top chest tool box for its outstanding performance; this least-cost toolbox has a unique and modular design, wheels and carrying handle.

Especially, we require huge amount of storage and organization space which helps to organize tool kits. The box is functional as a whole and separately. This great toolbox has multiple storage sections for different types of tools which come with different size and shapes.

In total, the complete dimensions are 23.5 in x 13 in x 42.5 in. The wheels are silent, rubber-coated, and the metal axle. Your tools deserve the best in storage and that is the reason why you should buy this product. It is durable and made of robust steel construction which suitable for increasing longevity.

Individual 10 storage compartments offer the best solution to messy garages. You can easily find your tool without hassle. The total weight of this toolbox is 295 pounds. The exact weight of each drawer is only 30 pounds. And the combined weight is 57.5 pounds. It comes in an attractive red color and made of steel.

Key Features:

  • Multiple storages
  • Large size drawers
  • Safe and secure
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy-rolling


  • Dimension: 23.5 in x 13 in x 42.5 in
  • Weight of the product: 295 pounds
  • Easy to carry
  • Many different types of tools can be stored
  • Solid construction
  • Safe and secure
  • Dents issues by some customers
  • Only one single color


04.BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Toolbox


The BOSTITCH BTST19802 toolbox is made of premium heavyweight plastic. It is a deep bag with a flat lid and very resistant. The accurate dimensions are 13.06 in x 30.6 in x 19.2 inches that means the best measurement.

This best portable rolling tool box has plastic support on the base so you can leave it on the floor, without opening or deforming, and protect it from dirt. This toolbox has large soft and easy opening drawers. It incorporates a comfortable cloth handle to hang it and be able to transport it without problems wherever you want.

The BOSTITCH BTST19802 is designed with several drawers, which allow you to easily organize your tools and accessories, and offers separate compartments. If you are looking for the best portable toolbox which is easy to carry and easy to roll, we recommend going with the BOSTITCH BTST19802 toolbox.

Therefore, using this box you can easily store all your tools. You’re all tool-related to messy issues that can be resolved with this toolbox. It will be your worthy investment.

Key Features:

  • 70 pounds load capacity
  • No battery requirement
  • 7-inch sturdy wheels


  • Dimensions: 13.06 in x 30.6 in x 19.2 in
  • Product weight: 18.85 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Easy to carry
  • Very durable
  • 7 in high duty rubber wheels
  • Suitable for all environment
  • Huge load capacity up to 70 pounds
  • Drawers might stick
  • The handles are not quite long enough vertically
  • Not durable plastic body


05. Stalwart Heavy-duty Rolling Toolbox


Bring your tool arsenal for any task with the mobile stacking toolbox by unconditional. Easy balancing wheels and secure pop-up lock allow you to take your tools where you need them.

The mobility of this toolbox is matched by its ample storage space. Use this amazing toolbox combination to set stacked together or as two individual pieces for additional versatility. This best rolling tool box comes with the removable hand organizers in the lid for easy opening when your hands are full.

Also, the organizers are clear to facilitate access just what you need. If you have many tools and looking for the best rolling tool box or best portable toolbox so that you can keep all your tools easily and safely, we recommend you to go with this box. It is made of high-duty material.

Also, it offers a removable cubby drawer on the front side for your drill bits, washers, screws and more. So you can easily access them.

Key Features:

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Removable top storage
  • Interlocking toolboxes are detachable or stackable
  • Ensure blocking pop-up handle
  • 24 total small parts compartment clear with plastic lid
  • Carrying handle
  • Easy Rolling Wheels


  • Dimension: 17.5 in x 10 in x 24.5 in
  • 4.2-inch wheels
  • 11.05 pounds product weight
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • 3 separate units to easy access
  • Good in size
  • Very well built
  • Sturdy enough wheels
  • Not easy to carry on the stairs
  • No built-in latch

Portable Tool Box Organization Ideas: Exclusive Ideas

06. Waterloo Portable Series Toolbox


This lightweight toolbox by Waterloo is designed with large storage space with an additional compartment under the lid. 100% extendable drawer with automatic locking when closed.

Actually, a toolbox needs to be a solid and safe box, with handle and metal bolts. If you are looking for the best and durable toolbox with superior strength, this industrial toolbox is the right product for you.

The most excellent thing about this toolbox is easy to carry anywhere as it is lightweight. It is designed, assembled, and engineered in the USA, the toolbox has a comfort grip to handle. Also, it is made of high-impact polypropylene that offers crack resist even at extreme temperatures.

One of the best parts of this toolbox is that it is fully lockable so you can easily keep all your tools safely without any problems. Also, this toolbox is included with a handy removable tray.

Key Features

  • Full-width piano hinge pins
  • rouble-free closing and opening product
  • Easy to carry with one hand
  • Removable plastic tote


  • Dimension: 10.2 in x 20.7 in x 9.8 in
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester / Polypropylene
  • Size: 20”
  • Versatile
  • Fully lockable
  • High impact
  • Wide enough
  • Includes a plastic tote tray
  • Box lid does not fit properly


07. Contico 3725–37 Inch Portable Tool Box


Whether private or commercial workshop, the main component of the facility is tools. To keep them close at hand and well-protected, well-thought-out tool storage is indispensable. There are many different usages of the best portable toolbox.

Contico 3725 – 37 inch is another great toolbox which you can buy for your needs. With this model, Contico has conquered the heart of every DIY enthusiast with this tool case, which was originally intended for the professional user.

This portable toolbox content, you can do pretty much all work in the private sector and, thanks to the sophisticated composition of the socket set, you can do a lot of work on your bike or car. The high-quality tool case with its special reinforcement offers not only the extensive toolset but also enough space for additional tools.

It is made with structural foam so offers rustproof and the product is included with lock keys. Overall this toolbox is great if you are looking for a simple yet stylish and durable toolbox.

Key Features

  • Made of structural foam
  • Item weight is 31 pounds
  • Easy to carry


  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: Matte finishing
  • Depth: 21 in
  • Product weight: 31 pounds
  • Brand: Contico
  • Very easy to carry
  • Portable
  • Attractive look matte finish
  • Includes lock keys
  • Thin material


08. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Tool-box


The CRAFTSMAN 3-drawer tool portable chest is the perfect toolbox in which you can keep all your tools safely and securely. It is made from the robust steel chest. It can be easily moved to your workplace. It is designed with 3-shallow drawers.

In addition, it has a deep storage area so you can store so many tools in a single toolbox. Its hardwearing steel construction offers a robust box. The lock and the staple of the padlock allow locking the chest. 2 metal latches can easily protect the lid.

This toolbox has a metal hinge with the full-width so pins can be connected to the chest. Also, this lightweight tool kit box has an upper grip handle that helps to lift the chests. The overall dimension of this toolbox is 20.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches deep x 12 inches high.

Additionally, this universal is manufactured in the United State of America. If you are very demanding this toolbox will not leave you indifferent, because you will not find other toolboxes with maximum value for money, if we add that it is one of the most complete, it is an opportunity that you should not miss.

Key Features

  • Robust plastic handle material
  • Lockable
  • Easy tool access


  • Dimension: 9 in x 20.6 in x 13 in
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight 19.35 pounds
  • Asin: B00167XE90
  • Heavy-duty drawers
  • Comfortable top handles
  • Easy tool access
  • Full-extension compound
  • Built tough
  • Drawers do not stay closed many times


09. VonHaus Utility Portable Tool Storage Box


VonHaus is a brand of professional tools of the highest quality. The first impression when seeing the box is of robustness and finishes, as it does not fit otherwise, worthy of the highest industrial requirements.

These tools can be found throughout the industrial sector around the world, it is a brand recognized for its performance, durability, and design. This professional toolbox has fairly broad tool content, yet it has several power accessories that will be appreciated by all those professionals who are part of the electricity sector.

It consists of a total of 4 drawers. This very well designed toolbox by VonHaus gives its scalability and adaptability that add up to many points since we can expand the toolkits according to our professional needs.

Overall, this toolbox is especially suitable for those who love DIY or for the professional. You can find it at a very content price that will undoubtedly give this toolbox an advantage over its competition. It is certainly a wise choice that we would make with our eyes closed and we are sure that you would recommend it yourself.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • 2 in 1 versatile toolbox
  • 4 drawers
  • Made up with strong plastic


  • Dimensions: 10.9 in x 10.1 in x 6.9 in
  • Drawer size: 9 in x 5 in x 1 in
  • Total 13 compartments
  • Versatile
  • Easy to access pull out drawers
  • Durable
  • Locking clips
  • Can store small parts easily
  • Drawers are customizable only in one direction


10. Montezuma SM200B-22.5 inch Portable Weather-Resistant Toolbox


In any comparison, you cannot miss this great toolbox by Montezuma. It is a brand of global recognition for its work well done in the manufacture of professional tools.

The detail and delicacy seem to accompany all its products designed for maximum performance, using state-of-the-art materials in its manufacture, this ensures that your tools will have a long life.

They generally develop this complete kit of tools in cars or panels adapted to his clients, so we want to draw your attention to the jewel we have in hand and to convince you, we will go into details.

Montezuma makes all our senses come true with its SM200B toolbox, perfectly shaped tools in durable storage chest with visual management of each one of them.

Key Features

  • Durable
  • Keeps tool well organized
  • Heavy-duty steel


  • Dimension: 22.5 in x 13 in x 14.12 in
  • Color: Black
  • Total weight of the product: 45 pounds
  • Model: SM200B
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Lock and latching system
  • Gas spring for easy access
  • Weather-resistant
  • The door is very flimsy
  • Does not lock properly

Facts You Need To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Portable ToolBox

best portable tool box

The best portable tool box has all the important accessories that cannot be missing at home or in your workshop. Here in the following, we will explain the buying consideration you should keep in mind before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Look carefully before choosing and you will not fail:

  • Portability
  • Types
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Organization
  • Size and capacity


Portability is a fundamental feature of toolboxes. Whether you plan to leave it in your workshop, in the garage or at home, you should choose one that meets the functions you need. For a workshop or a professional environment, you can opt for a large model with wheels that allows you to move it.

If you are looking for a box to store your tools in the garage, choose a large model, even if you cannot move it. For home, the best are those of normal size, with a handle to transport them, do not fill them much or you will have the added problem of weight.

If it is for a car or a motorcycle, choose a fabric model, smaller and easier to carry.


The type of toolbox most suitable for you will depend largely on the use you intend to give it and your needs. What kind of toolbox have you been using so far? How many tools do you have at home or in the workshop? Are you going to need to buy more tools in the future?

Usually, a carpenter doesn’t have the same needs as a mechanic, and a DIY enthusiast doesn’t either. If you only need a toolbox for your home, there is no need to spend a large amount of money buying the largest toolbox on the market; It will be better a small and practical, easy to store.


The toolboxes, once filled, end up weighing a lot. If you add the tools to the weight of the box, you can end up with a mobility problem, as we have explained in the first segment of this section. Think very well about what you are going to do with it and, depending on the use, choose your toolbox.

If you are an electrician or fiber installer and you are going to carry your tools all day in tow, we do not recommend that you choose a plastic or metal toolbox, on the contrary, the best thing for you will be a cloth type bag or even a belt tool holders.

If it is for a workshop, you can choose a heavy model with wheels.


In the market, you will find toolboxes of many materials. The most common are reinforced plastic and incorporate some type of metal security closure. These boxes are lighter than metal ones but less resistant.

The problem with the metal ones, in addition to the weight, is that they usually end up oxidizing and you will have to change them. Nowadays, bag-type toolboxes are becoming very popular.

They are very comfortable, spacious and light. They usually have handles for hanging, so they are perfect to take with you everywhere. If you like the classic, or you are looking for something different that fulfills an aesthetic function, you can look for a wooden box.


Make sure that the toolbox you choose meets your needs. That is, make sure you have all the compartments you will need. If you work in a workshop and have many accessories and hardware, you should look for a box with storage space for these small parts, if possible closed and secure.

As always, knowing your needs is a decisive factor when making a good purchase. If you are clear about what type of tool and how many of them you are going to save, it will be much easier to find the ideal toolbox for you.

There is no need to overpay. The important thing is to find one that is good and economical.

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Important FAQ’s about Best Portable Rolling Tool Box

Question: What sizes and capacities do the toolboxes have?

Answer: Portable Tool Box is manufactured in different sizes and capacities. Manufacturers differentiate the different capacities of toolboxes by inches. In this way, we can find boxes of 12 ”, 16”, 20 ”, 24” and 28 ”, in addition to other even greater options.

You should keep in mind that the larger the box can contain more tools, so it will also become heavier and stop being so portable. This is an element that we usually forget when buying and that we should not, since it will end up affecting the use that we will give it.

Question: What types of toolboxes exist?

Answer: In addition to the different materials available in the market, we have to think about the type of toolbox we need. In this regard, it is essential to know if you are going to work with her outside your workplace.

If you have to take it with you or if, on the contrary, you just want to organize the tools of a workshop and you will never move it.

Question: How many tools should I have in my box?

Answer: As for the ideal number of tools for your box, there is no correct answer. For example, a basic toolbox for your home should contain about 15 pieces, including screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, universal pliers, handsaw or saw, cutter, tape measure, level and other accessories such as screws and nails.

Of course, if your box is for a workshop you will need many more tools and, therefore, a larger box. As we have already explained, in these cases it is best to buy a modular or a car with trays.

However, if what you want is a box for your car, you will not need more than 10 or 12 tools and, therefore, you can choose a small model.

Question: How do I use my toolbox?

Answer: Keeping your tools tidy is a complicated task. However, thanks to the toolboxes it can become something simple and even fun. Not only will you prevent tools from taking up more space than they need, but you can also have them located and organized.

Question: What are the best brands of toolboxes?

Answer: Today there are many manufacturers of toolboxes. However, in recent years there are a couple of brands that stand out for the quality and versatility of their boxes. Among the largest distributors of toolboxes, we always recommend Dewalt or Craftsman since its products are of the best quality.

Among the most popular brands of briefcases, belts and tool bags we highlight Bostitch and Keter. These all brands have years of experience, manufacture high-quality tools and have a wide network of distribution stores.

Different Types Of Tool Boxes: Varies In Size, Shapes, and Requirments

Below, we explain the different types of toolboxes that exist so you can get an idea of ​​which one best meets your needs.

Mobile carts: these are heavier cabinets for storing tools. They are available in different sizes and carry wheels. They are ideal for a garage or a professional workshop. They have deep drawers for large tools and include several trays.

Toolbox: these are the traditional models. It is shaped like a small trunk with a carrying handle. They usually incorporate an upper tray with space to organize small accessories. They can be easily transported and are resistant.

Tool Cases: An option similar to the boxes, although somewhat smaller. They are usually used as a complement for larger boxes. They do not allow storing large tools. Many manufacturers market briefcases with a built-in tool selection.

Tool Belts: Designed to carry the tools with you. They are comfortable and widely used by electricians and mechanics. They are made of leather or waterproof textile materials.

Tool Bags: Another alternative to traditional toolboxes. They allow you to store larger tools such as a saw or a drill with internal pockets for organization. Some incorporate wheels and telescopic handles.

Vertical Organizers: Ideal for workshops or garages. You can place your tools vertically on the mural. They have supports for bits, screwdrivers and other tools.

Organizer Drawers: This option is designed to organize small accessories such as nails, screws, washers or spikes. They are usually plastic and have storage drawers.

Next, we explain step by step how to use and organize a toolbox:

Take full advantage of its capacity: If the box is spacious, you can save the largest tools. If, on the other hand, it is small, save only the tools you usually use.

Classify the tools: Before saving, classify them. Organize on a cardboard tool by their type: wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers or screws.

Keep only tools in good condition: Once classified, make sure you get rid of everything that does not work or is in poor condition. It is worth taking the time to review your tools. Don’t let old or broken tools take up space.

Locate your box strategically: Try to think about the order of use of your tools. This way you can first locate the ones you use at the beginning of a repair and follow a specific order. In this way, you will avoid wasting time opening and closing compartments.

Use each compartment properly: Consider the specific spaces for each piece. If your box has a space for a specific tool, use it.

Keep the box in order: Always keep the tools in order and, if you can, clean them before storing them.

Place the box in an accessible place: A common mistake is to store the box in places that we later forget. It is not a decorative object, but it must be in an accessible place.

Final Words:

Sooner or later the time comes in adult life when it becomes indispensable to have our toolbox. Ask the hammer every two for three to the neighbor or have a multitool for everything is no longer useful. The time has come to know buy the best portable tool box.

The first thing you should know is what types of boxes exist. We offered you this guide so you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. In the world of toolboxes is as wide as the infinite uses that can be given to them. We can find basic boxes for domestic use, specific boxes for different vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, bicycles, etc, boxes for model building and modeling.

Also, each type can be subdivided as complete as the collection of tools, depending on the material of the box, according to the quality of the tools and a long etcetera. Without any doubt, the best portable rolling toolbox is an indispensable accessory for storing and keeping all your tools organized, either in your workshop or at home.

These products offer the necessary space to keep all our things in order, which will allow you to save a lot of time every time you face a job. Regardless of the size and type, the toolboxes that you can find currently on the market are made of some of the materials we have mentioned above and some more.

Although the most common and economical are still plastic, you have many other options. If you are interested in purchasing one of these practical and useful accessories, in this article we have explained everything you need to know about them.

Now it is your turn to decide, based on our information, and choose the model that best suits your needs, whether they are professional or domestic.

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