Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck - Top 10

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Are you looking for the best subwoofer for a single cab truck?

If you’re like me…

you want the best music quality for your truck and you need good bass to meet that need!

But there are a lot of options out there and decision paralysis is real…

Thats why I’ve compiled this list of the 10 best subwoofers/speaker box’s for for your single cab truck to make your decision easier and give you the bass and music quality you want.

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10 Best Subwoofer For Truck At A Glance

AppearanceSubwoofer For Single Cab TruckSizePerfectly FitsDetails
Audiobahn Slim Loaded Box10-inch Single 4-Ohm Shallow Mount SubwooferChevy Silverado, GMC, Ford
Sound Storm LOPRO10 Subwoofer8-inch & 10 Inch SubwooferAll Types of Single Cab Trucks
Rockford Fosgate 10-Inch Subwoofer10-inch Sealed Carpeted SubwooferChevrolet, GMC Silverado, Sierra Extended Cab Trucks A201-10CP Single 10" Subwoofer10-inch Sealed Carpeted Subwoofer EnclosureDodge Ram Quad Cab
Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer12-Inch Single Subwoofer EnclosureGMC Trucks, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram
ASC 12" Kicker Regular Subwoofer12-inch Single Truck Subwoofer EnclosureFord, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado Cab
Kicker Thin Mount Loaded Subwoofer10-inch Thin Mount Loaded SubwooferFits All Pickup-Truck Cab Perfectly
ASC Dual Vented Subwoofer12-inch Vented Port Subwoofer EnclosureFits All Types Of Pickup-Trucks
Pioneer GM-D8601 Subwoofer10-inch SubwooferAll Types Of Single Cab Trucks
Kicker Single Cab Subwoofer 10-inch Single Cab EnclosureAlmost Every Single Cab Trucks

Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck - Reviews

1. Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12-Inch Sealed Enclosure Subwoofer with Built-in Amplifier

It is sleekly designed and can be accommodated in most types of automobiles. There is a special type of bonding sealer that is used for making an air-tight seal that can boost BASS reflex and joint strength. Vibration is reduced due to the MDF wood build. You can obviously expect to get a much better quality of sound when vibration is minimized as much as possible due to the build quality.

It has a 12-inch flat subwoofer consisting of an enclosure that has been designed to match small spaces. The subwoofer can be set up facing downwards, which can make the efficiency and bass response much superior. Even when the bass notes are robust, the spun aluminum cone remains rigid.

Even if you have a car with smaller space, you would like to have it set up inside and that is easily possible – given that the sub has been designed to fit into spaces that are compact. This is among the top-rated subwoofer for single cab truck units.

Highlighted Features
  • The subwoofer includes 350 watts RMS power and 1,300 watts peak power
  • There is one of the best shallow mount subwoofer 4-Ohm, 12-inch solitary subwoofer system
  • It is made of long-lasting MDF wood, which reduces vibration
  • Frequency response varies 20 to 125 and the Sensitivity: 114dB

2. Sound Storm LOPRO10 Subwoofer- Max Power, Low Profile, 10 Inch & Remote Subwoofer

This best subwoofer under 200 is actually an amplified, low profile subwoofer. You can hook this up with almost any type of stereo in-dashboard. It is just 3 inches high and serves as the best solution for people who suffer from space issues in their automobiles. You can fit it easily beneath most types of vehicles out there.

There is a wired remote that helps you control the level of subwoofer easily, for superior sound and custom output. If your car has a compact space, and your existing subwoofer has recently broken down, you would like to get this 10-inch sub for your vehicle.

Its sound can be customized with Remote Subwoofer Control, Phase Control, Subsonic Filter and Variable Low Pass Crossover. It is a blend of subwoofer and amplifier, which makes it perfect for vehicles with minimal internal space. The in-built amplifier with MOSFET power supply helps you to enjoy better speed in switching, higher performance with reduced driver power etc.

Highlighted Features
  • There is optimal power of 1200 watts
  • You can get the in-built amplifier with 10-inch woofer
  • There are low as well as high level inputs
  • It is protected with short protection
  • Overload and thermal protection circuits included

3. Audiobahn 10″ 1200W Car / Truck Shallow Mount Subwoofer Enclosure

This is a fantastic Subwoofer Enclosure that has been designed to be used in Dodge Ram Crew and Quad Cabs. There is Polyfill set up inside the box, which allows the woofer to produce more volume. There are spacers in the box, which can be mounted on the box surface to keep woofers safe from the material that hangs from beneath seat bottom. Thus, you will be spared the worries about your sub getting damaged when you drive your vehicle.

When you find that the seat is touching the speakers’ top, you are suggested to set up a low-line grill – which can save the speaker. The best 10 inch subwoofer enclosures are composed of MDF of superior quality, consisting of braced and glued assembly.

The engineer’s design vehicle specific enclosures with an almost factory-finish. Most enclosures can be found with a lasting bed-liner Tough Guard finish or a Premium Carpeted finish. You can expect these to last for a long time, given that these are durable in form and strong in construction.

Highlighted Features
  • These can help maximize the space inside vehicles
  • The subwoofer enclosure offers the best in terms of performance
  • The presence of Polyfill ensures higher woofer volume

4. Rockford Fosgate 10-Inch Shallow Subwoofer Enclosure - Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra Extended Cab

This Rockford Fosgate product has been created and made with the most high-quality materials. Its enclosures undergo strict testing to make sure there are supreme accuracy and audio quality. This best 10 inch subwoofer has been built of buttressed and glued hardwood MDF.

The construction quality is superior as well as cost-effective. It has been particularly designed to fit almost every types of single cab trucks, specially GMC Sierra Extended Cab Trucks and 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado. This subwoofer can only be accommodated in 2007 Classic style of body.

It has particular enclosures that are designed to be accommodated in particular vehicular applications, which can reduce the amount of space needed. The subwoofer enclosure can integrate cleanly into your automobile without being conspicuous.

The product has been made with the help of the most effective manufacturing and engineering processes. It can be set up beneath the rear seat on the driver’s side, with the Subwoofer pointing downwards.

Highlighted Features
  • Built of Hardwood MDF.
  • High flow and low noise special port design
  • High-quality carpeted finish.
  • It has rounded edges.
  • It has Braced and Glued construction.
  • The product has one 10-inch Subwoofer Enclosure, 7.25-inch Subwoofer mounting depth and 3/4-inch Mounting Baffle.

5. Rockford Fosgate Shallow Prime Single 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure

This is a truck-style, sealed enclosure and has a 12-inch Prime subwoofer and truck-style enclosure. There is a heavy-duty carpet covering on fiberboard. It has been designed to be durable, and the strong construction ensures that you can keep using the enclosure for as long as you want.

The subwoofer is very cool and appealing in design and the appearance ensures that it is the best choice for vehicles with a modern concept design. You can fit it easily into your trucks, given that the 12-inch compact sub has been created to be accommodated even in little areas.

Highlighted Features
  • The enclosure offers low-noise, high-flow port design
  • It has 5/8 inch MDF construction
  • The music kit has equipped eleven AWG input terminals

6. ASC 12″ Kicker Sub Box Regular Cab Truck Subwoofer Enclosure

The Kicker C12 is a Subwoofer Enclosure that offers the loudest and most superior quality bass that money can get you. It has injection molded, very rigid cone that has 360-degree back bracing.

There are useful spring-loaded terminals. The yellow colored, dual-stitching on the surround is tough. The vented pole piece allows easy dissipation of heat. You can be assured that the coils will not be heated up easily, and the device will not get damaged when you use it for a long time inside your vehicle.

There are long-lasting spiraled tinsel leads. At high excursion, there is superior strength to the sounds due to the ribbed surround. You can get high-temp coil wire, and the steel basket is strong with the option for venting at the perimeter – which allows easier cooling of the coils. The audio is intense, and if you are fastidious about the quality of sound in your car you are going to like using this subwoofer.

Highlighted Features
  • The Subwoofer Enclosure comes in one 12-inch Truck Sub Box
  • It is designed to be accommodated rear to the seat in most types of trucks out there
  • This outstanding subwoofer is made of superior MDF
  • It has superior gray carpet
  • There is a binding terminal cup of high quality

7. Kicker 10-Inch 600W Thin Mount Loaded Subwoofer

The subwoofer has an amazing bold appearance and boasts of a box construction with a proven design. Every enclosure has very loud bass, which ensures the most bang for the bucks spends on it. The bass is loud and fantastic in sound quality, which makes it ready to be set up in a vehicle. If you are concerned about the bass quality from subs and looking for the best alternative for your existing sub, you can go for this woofer.

The enclosures are vented and factory-tuned. These refuse to stop, whether these are dual-sub or single-sub enclosures. The enclosures are wrapped in charcoal gray, rich covering with yellow colored branding. Volume is optimum, with the help of slot vents.

The subwoofers are developed on tried and tested engineering, constructed on the successful original Competition Series of Kicker from 1986. You can be assured of the quality that it comes with, and the fact that it can last and serve you for long.

Highlighted Features
  • This is a Subwoofer with Box that has ready made Kicker bass and can set up in a few minutes
  • There is an RMS power of 300 watts and the optimal power of 600 watts
  • The CompS enclosures and subwoofers are superior in value and are factory-tuned

8. ASC Dual 12″ Kicker Vented Port Subwoofer Enclosure

The ASC Package consists of 12″ Subwoofers and two 12″ Subwoofer box. It has a vented enclosure, which ensures that there is proper cooling of the interior space. There is an optimal output due to the vented design. This design also ensures that there is proper cooling of the coils, and the device can last for a long time to come.

Heat dissipation is one of the major issues with subwoofers, but you are unlikely to experience this problem with this particular subwoofer system.

It is built with the most superior MDF, and it can be expected that the device will hold up well for long. There is a superior gray carpet. The Kicker Port Subwoofer offers 150-watt RMS power and 300-watt peak power. There is yellow, tough covering on the surround. This is a powerful device that offers quality performance and intense audio, which can be enjoyed by car owners.

Highlighted Features
  • It has spring-loaded terminals, spiraled long-lasting tinsel leads and high-temp coil wire
  • There is double-stitching of tough grade and yellow color, on the surround
  • The dissipation of heat is allowed due to the vented pole piece
  • You can get the loudest and best bass for the money that you spend on it

9. Pioneer GM-D8601 1600W Monoblock Class-D  Subwoofer

This is a small sized enclosure that offers hard bass. It can fit in various types of truck and car trunks without hogging much space and offers superior performance.

The music enclosure has a dual-spider design that can assist in making the cone stable. It can ensure better linear movement, which is required for pumping out more volume. The overall performance is stable and secure, and even if you have a vehicle that is compact in size, you would like to have this amplifier inside your automobile.

There are angled push terminals that can let the connection wires stay straight instead of being bent to accommodate vertical or horizontal terminals. It can handle a load of 1-ohm quite easily.

Highlighted Features
  • Offers very effective Class D technology that makes the amp robust
  • Subwoofer ensures a compact sized chassis that can fit in many spaces that are out of the way
  • It can be installed easily within a couple of minutes
  • Save space and can lower stress over the wires

10. Kicker 10-Inch Thin Profile Single Cab Subwoofer 

This Kicker 10-inch thin profile subwoofer is one of the high-quality subwoofers for single cab truck models, which is great in design and can be fit easily beneath the rear seat on passengers’ side. Small spaces inside cars make it difficult for people to fit subwoofers inside the cabin, but this Kicker Subwoofer Enclosure can be conveniently affixed inside.

The installation is convenient, and there is a need to take the storage tray out. The factory jack has to be retained. Obviously, the best shallow mount subwoofer might be needed, and you can get these from a local hardware store.

It is a good idea to take the seller in confidence, and ask for suggestions from him or her about the sort of shallow mount that would support your subwoofer sub speaker box in the best possible way.

Highlighted Features
  • It is fully green
  • Made completely in the US
  • It has been designed to be used in the Nissan Frontier 2005-2015 Crew Cab Truck
  • Prefer RMS 300 watts
  • Compatible power up to 600 watts

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Buying Considerations Of Best Subwoofer For Truck

With the right subwoofer, you can get bass notes that are clean and free of distortions. This can actually improve your music quality, and offer you the smoothest possible beats to enjoy.

So, instead of jumping in half-cocked, you should consider the following factors before you buy:

Sound Quality

If you wish to be assured of a subwoofer’s audio quality, you have to test it out. You need to try a bit and attach it with an audio system, play varied tracks and carefully listen to the sound. Find out how well low sounds are reproduced by the speaker in each genre of the short and sharp bass drum that hits fuzzy and too long bass notes that are created electronically. Listen to evaluate the accuracy, and note each change that occurs. Check how long the sub takes to retort once a note ends. Do you find the reproduced sounds to be clear, or is there anything wrong with it?


The best subwoofers are those that are compatible with any device or gadget. Ensure that you buy only a speaker that can be used along with your car system, even if it does not play on other devices – like audio systems of TV, Apple gadgets such as iPhones, PC or more.

Performance / Specs

The best brands of the subwoofer may be determined via the performance and specs of a particular product. If you want performance assessment, assess the subwoofer’s ability to power production. You may measure the power in various ways, such as dynamic peak power, frequency response, RMS continuous power and more.

The determining of dynamic peak power is done as the optimum number of watts that can be handled by the woofer for a little time. The continuous RMS power is the optimum number of watts that can be held by a sub for a longer duration. The frequency response happens to be the sub’s speed of response to the input signals.

The level of sound pressure is one of the factors that measure how much a subwoofer is able to transform wattage into audio.

Positive Reviews

The review sites can let you find out the best types of subwoofers that you need. But before you consult online review sites, ensure that you check only trustable sites that offer only updated and reliable info and comprise of actual reviews offered by actual people.

Go through the reviews to know about the guidelines and know from others’ experiences in picking the best and most appropriate brand of the subwoofer for your own system.

Style and Design

When anyone talks about the aesthetics of a subwoofer, the style and design are among the first things that they actually have in mind. Everyone likes attractive and lovely things. The same holds true for woofer appearance. People tend to look for the best designs that are rated well.

There are thousands of styles, designs, and brands that you can find available on the market. Thus, you have to pick the most appropriate designs that you like. However, you should not get allured only by subwoofers of the most amazing designs.

Type of Music

Picking the audio of the subwoofer is associated with the kind of music that you like to listen to within your vehicle. Keep in mind that a lower frequency is produced by the larger subwoofers. In case you like to listen to heavy bass music, you need to opt for a robust system of the subwoofer for your vehicle.

There is no need for you to get a more robust woofer, in case the bass sound of your music is of lower quality. To play heavy and classical metal music, you only require a single subwoofer. For techno, rap or hip-hop, you require 2 or more types of woofer so that you can enjoy the richest quality of sound.


In case your budget is low, you might like to do various studies in the market in order to get the best quality subwoofer at the best price. It is possible to find many subs at affordable rates as well as in top quality. When you research the various kinds of subwoofer audio, you can easily get a budget sub for your vehicle at the most competitive prices. In this article, we have tried to bring the best subwoofer under 500 for you which is quite budget-friendly.

Some Common FAQ About Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck

  • Which is the loudest and best subwoofer for my single cab truck?

If you want a sub to offer the loudest sound, you will have to consider the available power, type of enclosure and sensitivity.

Begin with a subwoofer having high sensitivity or higher efficiency rating, and enclosed in a bandpass or ported box. Power the woofer with an amplifier having a power output in the recommended range of power of your sub, or a bit higher. You can get the slam that you want. It can also be useful to get an amplifier having a “bass boost” control.

You can also consider setting up multiple subwoofer systems. It will need more power but can play audio louder.

  • How much power do I need for the best quality?

The amount of power actually depends on the subwoofer of your choice. You can get a recommended range of power, in RMS or continuous watts, as listed in the subwoofer specifications on websites or manuals.

A lower number happens to be the bare minimum wattage amount that you need for getting satisfactory results. Usually, it is better to have more power given that bass notes demand a lot of power. Thus, if you need real performance from your subwoofer, it is suggested that you pick an amp that is rated in the upper 3rd of the optimal RMS power range of your woofer.

The RMS output of your amp may also surpass the optimal RMS rating of your woofer if you are mindful of its audio quality.

  • Which type of enclosure should I get?

There are various types of boxes that you can get – bandpass, sealed and ported. Your choice of the enclosure will be based on your preferences in bass and music sounds.

  • Can polyester fibre stuffing affect the sound of my subwoofer?

You are possibly aware of the Dacron polyester fibre-fill, which is used as stuffing inside pillows. This type of stuffing can also boost your bass. When you have your enclosure stuffed with enough polyester fibre, your box can sound louder. Based on the amount of stuffing that is used inside, the perceived box volume may vary by up to 30%.

If might also be stuffed in case there is a lack of space in your car for a bigger box that is necessary for your sub. With polyester fiber stuffing added to an enclosure, your bass can be cleaned and unnecessary resonances can be minimized affordably.

  • How many subs do I need?

The more the number of subs, the greater the cone surface area is and the more is the movement of air. You can get a bigger bass. You have to balance the number with the space inside your vehicle.

  • Should I Go for Traditional Round Subs or Triangular or Square Subs?

You can get accurate sounds with traditional round woofers. If your cargo space is small, triangular woofers can be an easier and wiser option – given that these can fit in where regular boxes cannot. Triangular and square subwoofers look more imaginative in appearance and might be a better option at least in the style department.

Final Word

Subwoofers are almost as essential as any other type of speaker that you may have inside your vehicle, in case you wish to enjoy an entire audio spectrum. Regardless of the kind of size your car has, you can benefit from a subwoofer in your vehicle. The enclosure is important for a sub to work to optimal abilities. You can find plenty of subwoofer packages that have run of the mill generic subwoofer boxes. Although it is not actually a problem, it can reduce the sub performance in a-way.

It is essential that you buy a car audio system only after you carry out some amount of investigation. If you are on the lookout for a low-quality subwoofer, you might do a few online research or directly purchase the unit from the closest store.

The units that have been mentioned here are from popular brands and are durable and functional in design as well as cool in appearance. It is important that you consider the various features and functionalities of each vehicle subwoofer listed here, and also take your budget into consideration, so that you are able to choose the premier quality subwoofer for a single cab truck that you have.

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