07 Exclusive Cold Air Intake Benefits: Upgrade Your Chevy Truck!

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In the automotive world “Cold Air Intake” is a very common word, anyone cannot ignore the truth of cold air intake benefits. When Going by theory or practice, the fact is based on the cold air intakes. How it helps in-car performance, especially to pass someone on a highway. Photo Credit: Matt Clare

The good news is cold air intakes claim an increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency, which means improved car performance.

AppearanceCold Air Intake For Chevy SilveradoDetails
K&N Performance Air Intake 63-3082 Kit
Spectre Performance Red Filter Cold Air Intake
K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Cold Air Intake
Million Parts Air Intake With Filter
K&N 57-3058 Lifetime Filter Performance Air Intake
Volant 161536 PowerCore Cold Intake
K&N Performance 57-3050 Cool Air Intake
Volant PowerCore 152536 Air Intake
S&B 75-5116 Cold Air Intake With Filters
Intake KAI Blue Diesel Heatshield Air Intake

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What is Cold Air Intake?

We have been passed several hours to search for the exact definition of “What is Cold Air Intake and What does it do actually”, believe us; we didn’t find any meaningful information.

From that intention, at very first in this article, we are describing ‘what is a cold air intake stands for’!

A cold air intake works like a wonderful treatment allowing your engine to breath finally. The main purpose is to deliver air into the engine in the right amount.

During cold air intake, the density is relatively higher and it brings more oxygen and produces more power.”

The cold air intake process involves transporting the air outside from the engine compartment such that cooler air is hauled for combustion into the engine.

Thus, the cooler air brings more power and oxygen into the combustion chamber.

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7 Outstanding Cold Air Intake Benefits

The cold air intake advantages are not restricted to mpg and performance-enhancing. In fact, now even expert mechanics recommend installing the intake of cold air.

The result is that now brand new vehicles are coming equipped with the latest models benefitting from intakes of cold air. The major benefits include:

No 1: For Getting Better Gas Mileage & Increase Air Volume

Having a larger filter implies more air is taken inside and with larger filter breathing, the engine operates efficiently.

The tiny tube offering the airbox limited air is now replaced with more air and there is no need to add fuel for combustion as overcompensation.

It reveals direct cold air intake revealing more efficiency less fuel.

No 2: Improve Gas Mileage to the Extream Level

With engines featuring internal combustion, they burn fuel to produce power and there is a need for pumping oxygen for the right amount through the engine. The lack of oxygen in such engines results in more fuel consumption.

On the other hand, cold air intake engines are designed to provide optimum air to the ratio of fuel so that it provides improvement of fuel economy and horsepower gains.

The cold air intake and the increase in mpg are unified. Thereby, the cold air intake advantages in decreasing the gas expenses.

No 3: Increase Acceleration and Performance

Each time you feel the benefits of cold air intake is when you push the pedal of the accelerator. The cold air intake increases the responsiveness of the vehicles.

This is apparent as the vehicle is able to acquire the desired speed and the cold air is delivered in a larger amount to the engine.

No 4: Less Expenditure on Filters

The intake systems are equipped typically with paper air filters that need to be replaced every 15,000 miles. Instead, the cold air intakes filters need cleaning only after 30 to 40,000 miles.

Besides, it is simple to clean air filters using soap and cold water. There is no need for special skills or tools.

No 5: Decreased Particles

Replacing air filter indicates the dirt it has. The air filters standard is really good, but having upgraded filters are the best.

The engines receiving fewer particles serves better and also last longer, which is possible with cold air intake filters.

No 6: Helps to Achive More Horsepower

The air used in the combustion cycle determines the output of the engine. Cold air permits the fuel to burn efficiently than the hot air. Installing cold air intake assures increased horsepower.

This may reach from 5 to 12Hp increase, relying on the vehicle configuration. The ratio of air to fuel passing the gas lines is a lot better with the cold air intake system.

This produces a mixture of better mileage and it runs efficiently.

No 7: Obviously, Overall Better Performance

The intake stock-air system circulates hot air and this results in cracking of the rubber hoses. There are many more things that may be damaged owing to warm air.

The system of cold air intake cools the engines internal components by delivering cold air. Thus, the internal components experience less stress and ensure a longer life.

Important FAQs about Cold Air Intake

Q. Is there an increase in MPG with cold air intake?

A: Definitely. The cold air intake is connected with gas mileage and efficiency. The engine receives more air and so the fuel is less used. This cold air intake benefit with fuel economy is apparent.

Q. What is the HP a cold air intake can add?

A: This depends on the vehicle type. The cold air intake varies between 5 to 12 hp.

Q. Do cold air intakes valuable?

A: Yes. The driving styles and goals are different for each driver. There may be HP gain and better fuel economy enjoyed with durable air filters and this makes cold air intake valuable.

Q. What fuel economy improvement can be expected?

A: Generally, a 1-2mpg improvement is certain on installing an air intake system. This is due to the efficient fuel burning. With this, the driving style will also change.

In fact, drivers enjoy the fuel economy as it offers some relief from the unending soaring gas prices.

Q. Maintenance required for air filter?

A: The air filter coming with an air intake system is sure to last longer and give a performance for a longer time. You can clean the filter after 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

The filter may be cleaned once it accumulates dirt. In fact, the cleaning is simple to be done with soapy water. Allow it to dry after cleaning and it can be re-oiled before use.

Q: Is cold air intakes legal?

A: They are legal in most states. Of course, in California, it is inspected by the CARB (California Air Resources Board). However, not all the manufacturers comply with the CARB regarding intakes.

Final Statements

Considering a cold air intake system offers the best experience. It is right to get from a reliable manufacturer. Installing cool air intake has its advantages in performance and gas mileage.

Cold air intakes are specially designed to meet high-quality standards as it features wear-resistant durable materials. It is best you research; learn about the innovations than focusing on the price factor alone.

Ensure the efficiency and longevity of a cool air intake system. Any air filtration system upgrade is good. The filters work the best. Stop, it is time to give a fresh lease on life to your vehicle’s engine by fitting an innovative cold air filtration system.

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