P0456 Jeep Error Code - Should You Worry?

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The P0456 Jeep error code shows up whenever there is a leak in your vehicle’s evaporative emission control system. If you are driving a Jeep and get the P0456 Jeep error code, you might be concerned about your vehicle’s health.

Do you really need to worry? Is it dangerous to keep driving with this error?

This article will help you understand, diagnose and repair the issue so keep reading…

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Potential Causes Of P0456 Jeep Error Code

The P0456 Jeep error code specifies a small leak has been detected. Unfortunately, there are multiple potential causes of this issue in your vehicle. While you will need to get this repaired, and in most cases, it is a relatively minor issue.

The following are some of the most common causes of error code.

Missing Fuel Cap

If you recently refueled your vehicle and forgot to replace the cap on its fuel tank, you will likely see one of these error codes.

This is because the lid to your fuel tank is an essential component of your jeeps EVAP system.

Loose Fuel Cap

Sometimes you may think that you replaced the lid on your fuel tank correctly, but it was not securely fitted.

If the fuel tank has a loose lid, then you may get one of these error codes.

Incorrect Fuel

If you accidentally fill your vehicle with the wrong type of fuel, you may make it one of these error codes.

Always ensure that when you fill your car up, you only use the type of fuel recommended for it.

Debris Inside Of Fuel Cap

Sometimes there may be something inside of the fuel That is preventing it from creating a seal.

Check and make sure that there is no debris blocking the fuel cap.

Fuel Leaks

One of the most common causes of these recursions is leaks in your vehicle’s fuel system.

These leaks can occur in many places, and if this is the cost, you will likely need to have a mechanic take a look at your vehicle.

Faulty Purge Valve

If your vehicle’s purge valve is broken, you will get one of these error codes.

Hose Leaks

The hoses inside of your vehicle are one of the most common sources of these error codes.

P0456 Jeep Error Code Symptoms

Okay, so now that you know what the potential causes are, let’s get into what symptoms to look out for.

Check out this graphic for a quick look and get more detail below:

P0456 Jeep symptoms

A Strong Scent of Fuel Inside and Outside Of Your Vehicle

Since this code means that there is a leak that has been detected in your vehicle’s evaporative emission control system, one of the most significant ways that you can tell if there is an issue with it is to smell the air.

If you can smell the strong gasoline scent, whether you are inside or outside of your vehicle, then it is a very high likelihood that your vehicle is suffering from this area.

The Check Engine Light Turns On

The most common way people can detect this error code is whenever they noticed the check engine light of their vehicle turns on.

When this light turns on, you can use the OBD II port and read the codes to see if this is the given error code.

Engine Performance Suffers

Since this error code means that there is a leak in your vehicle’s fuel system, you may notice a decrease in your engine’s performance.

However, the decrease may be relatively mild with this specific error code because it is the error code for small leaks in the fuel system.

Fuel Economy Drops

If you suddenly find yourself filling up your vehicle far more often than usual, you may have this issue.

If there is a leak in your vehicle’s fuel system, it will lose fuel regardless of whether it is being driven or not.

How to Diagnose and Solve P0456 Jeep Error Code

The following steps will precisely describe what needs to be done to diagnose this error code in your Jeep. Furthermore, potential solutions are provided as well.

Follow these 6 steps to correctly diagnose and treat P0456 Jeep error code:

Scan Your Jeep To Make Sure Error Code P0456 Is The Only Error:

The very first thing that you should do if you suspect that this is the error code that has caused the check engine light in your Jeep is to use the OBD II port and scan your vehicle for all of the error codes.

If there is more than just this error code, you will need to look into those as well. However, if you notice that this is the only error code, you can move on to the next step.

Check your Fuel Cap for Damage:

The most common area with issues you get this error code is the fuel tank lid. Sometimes it could be damaged, and it does not fit any longer on the fuel tank.

Other times you may simply have forgotten to replace it the last time you refueled your vehicle.

Solution: Replace the Gas Cap of Your Vehicle:

This will be the least expensive repair option, and hopefully, it is the issue. If you replace the fuel tank lid and it does not eliminate the error code, you can move onto the next step.

Check Hoses/Fuel Lines for Cracks, Damage or Debris:

The fuel lines in your vehicle can be damaged from several sources, but if any damage is sustained, they will always create a leak in your Jeep’s evaporative emission control system.

Solution 1: Replace The Fuel Lines Of Your Vehicle:

If the damage is too extensive to your vehicle’s fuel lines, you will need to have the entire system replaced.

This is one of the most costly options for repair, and you will certainly need to use the assistance of a licensed technician.

Solution 2: Clear Out Any Debris From Your Fuel Lines:

If there is any debris in your fuel lines, you will need to clear this to remove or prevent further blockage.

This is something that should be done with the assistance of a licensed technician.

Check the Vapor Purge Valve System:

The vapor purge valve system is an essential part of your Jeep’s evaporative control system.

If you’ve looked through all of the previous steps without finding the source, then you should check the vapor purge bowel system. You should look specifically at the valve for damage.

Solution: Replace The Broken Purge Vent Valve:

The next most common cause is always the purge vent valve.

If you noticed that it was damaged whenever you checked on it, you should go and replace it. You may need to have a mechanic assist you with this step.

Check for any Debris that Blocks the Valve:

As you are checking the vapor purge valve system, you should also look to see if there is any debris obstructing any part of the evaporative emission control system Jeep.

Often debris that is caught inside of this part of your vehicle will cause this error code.

Solution: Clear out the debris

Perform A Smoke Leakage Test:

One of the easiest ways to determine whether your transmission mount failed is checking for oxidized If you have gone through all of the previous steps and are unable to determine the exact source of the error code, the easiest way for you to do so is to use a smoke leakage test.

This test will pump smoke through your vehicle’s fuel system, and wherever there are leaks, you will be able to see them, but because of the smoke rising from them.

Find out more in this video.

Video Guide on P0456 Jeep error code:

After following the steps and watching this video, if you are still unable to solve, we recommend contacting a licensed mechanic in your area.

Your vehicle is essential to you, and if you wanted to last for as long as possible, you should always use a licensed mechanic to work on it when you need it to be serviced.

A licensed Jeep mechanic will always be the best source of help with your vehicle.

Final Notes about P0456 Jeep Error Code

If you notice that your Jeep has this error code, there is not necessarily any reason for you to be concerned.

In most cases, it merely means that you forgot to replace the fuel tank lid whenever you last refilled your vehicle. However, if you determine a more serious issue, you may need to go to the mechanic.

This error code does not mean that your vehicle is unsafe to drive but if there is an EVAP leak, you will be emitting fumes that are damaging to damage the environment. (Read more about this in our guide: Is it safe to drive with an EVAP leak.)

Furthermore, you will also consistently lose fuel regardless of whether it is being driven or not. Luckily, this issue usually is relatively straightforward to solve. A licensed Jeep mechanic will be able to help you.

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