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Perfect, High-Quality Flares with the Best Brake Line Flaring Tool!

There is something just exceptionally satisfying about creating a perfect brake line flare…However, this is often a difficult task and the reason you’re looking for the best brake line flaring tool.

Luckily, for you, Shaun Bloodworth has your back!

Whether you require professional level flaring or just have a few lines to flare every now and then, there is a kit for you below.

Read until the end if you want to know the Shaun Bloodworth Top pick!

Best Brake Line Flaring Tool – Overview

Have a look at the best at a glance or scroll further for the details!

ImageFlaring KitDescriptionCheck Price
This image has an empty alt attribute Mastercool 71475-PRC Hydraulic flaring kitProfessional-level
Premium Pick
This image has an empty alt attribute KTI Brake Line Flaring ToolMid-range
This image has an empty alt attribute OTC 4503 Stinger Tool KitAdequate, budget pick
This image has an empty alt attribute Neiko 20656A Double Brake Flaring Tool Adequate, budget pick
This image has an empty alt attribute Cal-Van Tools 165 Master Inline Flaring Kit Professional-level
Top Pick
Titan Tools 51535 Double Flare kitBest double-flare-only pick

Best Brake Flare Tool – Detailed Reviews

1. Mastercool 71475-PRC Hydraulic flaring kit

Mastercool 71475-PRC Hydraulic flaring kit


Mastercool is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 35 years. They are dedicated to manufacturing quality automotive tools.

This particular kit contains all the bells and whistles. It includes fittings for 4 different types of flares in various line sizes/diameters. You can also purchase dies separately if your needs change in the future. Furthermore, this kit includes flaring dies for both Push Connect and GM fuel line flares which are less common.

Additionally, the handheld tool uses hydraulic technology to make the flaring process easy without any laborious twisting.

This kit will allow you to create professional-level flares…and it comes with a free tube cutter. What more could you want.


  • 4x flare types
  • Professional-level flaring
  • Includes less common Push Connect and GM fuel line flare options
  • Compatible dies can be purchased seperately


  • High price tag

2. KTI Brake Line Flaring Tool

KTI Brake Line Flaring Tool


KTI has been distributing professional mechanical tools since 1984. They believe in quality tools at a reasonable price. These are values we all should believe in, so this tool is worth having a look at.

It can create 45-degree single, double, and bubble flares. The dies are built-in and you are able to rotate them according to your requirements. This makes it easy to use but it does limit your options as you cannot purchase different dies separately.

The handle is nice and long making it slightly easier to handle when creating the flare.

Overall, this is a good basic tool that will get the job done and its design makes it easy for anyone to pick up and use.


  • Can be mounted on a vice
  • 3 flare types


  • Generic design
  • Limited to build in dies

3. OTC 4503 Stinger Tool Kit

OTC 4503 Stinger Flaring Tool Kit


OTC is owned by Bosch who you are likely already familiar with as a company. OTC was acquired in 2012 and this kind of acquisition speaks to the quality of OTC products.

This is a simple kit without a huge amount of flaring options. However, the simplicity is beneficial in this case as you get a sturdy product that should adequately suit your immediate needs.

This product can produce single and double flares for copper, aluminum, brass and soft steel brake line tubing. If you require a kit that also included bubble flaring capabilities have a look at the OTC 6502 Master brake flare tool.

It is made from heat-treated steel and steel alloys and the swivel is chrome-plated to reduce friction when creating a flare. Overall, this product is well priced and will give you a great double flare for your brake lines.

This is a great option if you are not doing vast quantities of flaring as it will withstand multiple uses and is in a lower price bracket.


  • Durable materials
  • Affordable price


  • Only double-flare option for brake lines
  • Won’t hold up against professional use

4. Neiko 20656A Double Brake Flaring Tool

Neiko 20656A Double Brake Flaring Tool


This is another simple and affordable option. This will give you great double flares on your brake line with a compact and durable kit.

You can create single and double flares so it will be able to suit the vast majority of brake lines. Like the OTC, the parts are created from treated steel, steel Alloys, and chrome plating on the swivel so that overall, you get a robust tool that works smoothly.

This brake line flaring tool is built to handle multiple uses and is a great option to consider at the lower end of the bracket.


  • Robust design and materials
  • Affordable price point


  • Single and Double flares only
  • Won’t withstand professional use

5. Cal-Van Tools 165 Master Inline Flaring Kit

Cal-Van Tools 165 Master Inline Flaring Kit


Cal-Van has been creating automotive tools for almost 100 years. They are experienced and have kept pace with technological advancements in the industry so that their products and service are cutting edge.

This kit is a professional-level kit so it will withstand a lot of consistent use. It will allow you to create single, double, and bubble flares so it will certainly cover the most common brake line flare types.

When compared to options like the OTC or Neiko, this design makes creating a flare less clunky and the overall flare quality will be better. However, the trade-off for quality can be a longer overall time to create a flare and with this kit, you will also require your own Allen keys and spanners.

On another good note, this kit comes with a tube-cutting tool as well as a reaming tool so that you can cut and clean up your brake lines. This is helpful as you will have to buy these separately with some of the other kits. However, it has to be said that the tube-cutting tools that come with these kinds of kits will not compare to the quality you can get by buying them separately.

This is a great kit if you need to create a higher volume of flares and already have a workshop containing the other tools you need. With this kit, it should be easier to create high-quality flares and it should last much longer than a cheaper kit.


  • Double and Bubble brake line flares
  • Profession-level quality materials and flares
  • No risk of adapters breaking


  • Requires extra tools
  • Can be a bit slower process overall

6. Titan Tools 51535 Double Flare kit

Titan Tools 51535 Double Flare kit


This flaring kit by Titan Tools is made specifically to do just one thing…create a double flare for a 3/16-Inch brake line.

The device is simply designed the structure is sturdy and solid. This means that process of creating a flare is simplified and harder to mess up. You will be able to create a high-quality flare with this tool without much experience or trial and error. It is almost full-proof when it comes to creating a flare if you follow the instructions and use it right!

It does one job but it does that one job really well. Furthermore, the compact design should allow you to create a flare without removing the brake line first in a lot of cases.

This is a great option to consider if you only require 3/16-Inch double flares.


  • Simple Robust design
  • Easily create high-quality flares


  • 3/16-Inch double flares only

Brake line flaring kit – Buying Considerations

Before you get ahead of yourself and purchase the first kit you see, it is always a good idea to give consideration to a few things. Some of these considerations are listed below:

Brake line thickness

The most common brake line thickness is 3/16 inches. However, there are other thickness that you may be working with and if that is the case, be sure your kit has the compatible size. Options like the kit from Titan tool can only create flares with 3/16 inch brake lines so it may not be right for you if you will likely encounter other sized lines.

Brake line material

Common brake line materials include:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel-copper alloy

So, it’s a good idea to note which materials you will be working with because you may have a hard time flaring hard steel with a cheaper kit.

Flare type

The most common flare types of Single, double, and bubble flares. However, single flares are not used for brake lines and therefore, do not apply to this conversation. Each flare type looks slightly different and if you do not create the right flare for your brake line it is likely going to leak. Have a look at the diagram below to see exactly what each type looks like:

Common Flare Types

How much are you going to use it

This is an important question…

If you are going to use it a lot or require a kit for professional use, steer clear of the cheaper options.

On the other hand, if you are just going to create the odd flare here and there, you can definitely get by with the cheaper options.

Common FAQ’s

There are some common questions that come when it comes to brake line flares. These are answered below:

Do brake lines need to be double flared?

The most common flare type is a double flare. So, if your vehicle uses a double flare, you have to create a double flare for it…any other type could cause leaking.

How do I use a brake line flaring tool?

This will actually depend on which tool you have but to get a general sense of the process with some of the options listed above, here are some helpful videos:

What angle flare is used on brake lines?

The most common is 45 degrees.

Is it OK to single flare brake line?

No. If you use a single flare you are likely to get leaks.

Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing a brake line flaring kit it really comes down to how much you are going to use it, your budget, and the versatility you require.

The above list contains options for professional use as well as options if you are only going to use the kit now and then and do not have a massive budget.

The Shaun Bloodworth top pick is going to be the Cal-Van Tools brake line kit! The reason being, that this kit is of a professional quality, produces excellent flares of multiple types, and comes at an affordable price.

Here’s to creating satisfying, high-quality flares…Happy flaring!

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