10 Best Brake Line Flaring Tools Review & Buying Guides!

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As a Vehicle owner, do you have any idea, what is the best brake line flaring tool? A brake flaring tool offers timely servicing support and protects from unanticipated brake failures. Photo Credits: Nick Ares.

Good Brake line flaring tools are useful for varied purposes, such as including transmission lines, fitting brakes, fuel, cooling, and other automotive purposes.

A Quick View of Best Flaring Tools: Double & Bubble Flares

PreviewBrake Line Flaring ToolsView Details
Mastercool 71475
KTI 70081
OTC 4503 Stinger
Neiko 20656A
Cal-Van 165
Titan Tools 51535
OTC 6502 Master
ABN Auto
Shankly Flare
ATD Tools 5478

Looking for the best double flare tool or best bubble flare tool, it need not be a tedious process. Besides, there is no need for you to project prowess in using the tool as it is already efficient. A brake line flaring tool makes work simpler is the function.

Thus, it is enough to know the top flaring tools feature and to see it matches your needs and preferences. Flaring tools are of use in non-automotive industries, as well.

Finding the right tool fitting your budget is not easy, scroll down to find a few reviews based on experiences of real-life.

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10 Best Brake Line Flaring Tools Review

01. Mastercool 71475- PRC Universal Hydraulic– A Universal Toolset


Mastercool 71475- PRC is the best brake flaring tool. This product offers the exact benefit of its price. Mastercool 71475 is an incredible product that is impressive, offering excellent quality, besides proper value.

Mastercool flaring tool allows you to do particular transmission, metric, fuel, quick-connect lines, and above all, the power steering flares suit different vehicles. Using this tool does not need you to be an expert.

You can use different flares and anvils using the tool. The learning curve is short, yet consider doing a bit of testing before handling the final flare.

Highlighted Features

  • One-hand operation
  • Creates flares every time perfectly, thereby rules out the leakage possibility
  • Smooth hydraulic operation
  • High-quality tools

Mastercool 71475- PRC offers a mechanical advantage. The flaring tool of Mastercool is perfect for following the leaflet instructions. You will be pleased to know you can operate it with ease.

The Mastercool flare tools are durable that you may confidently have them available readily as an accompanying toolbox. These instruments feature the flexibility of built-in that tightening your car components or building something is done with ease.

A few pumps are enough to get the best bubble flare tool that is a double fare couple.


  • Ease of operation
  • Perfect flaring tool
  • Universal toolset


  • A bit expensive

02. KTI 70081 Best Double Flare Tool– A Bit Expensive


KTI- 70081 is now a flaring tool that is regarded as a professional tool kit. Its design forms flares for single, double, as well as the best bubble flare tool in 45-degree.

With KTI-70081, you can be confident of handling all types of plumbing jobs, right from the transmission fuel lines, more cooling lines, and brake lines.

The design of KTI- 70081 is in turret-style that it permits making in minimal time the precision flares. Besides, there is the advantage that the dies are mounted on the turret, thereby eliminating the worries of missing dies.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to form single, 45-degree double, and bubble flares
  • Screw clamp in T-handle holds securely in place
  • Brake-flaring dies are mounted on the turret
  • Blow-molded case

KTI- 70081 is a flaring tool paying for itself and offers peace of mind as the brake flares of the best OE- precision safety and quality. The vise is mounted such that it provides the ease of tubing, forming single and bubble flares and 45-degree double.

Thus, it means there is no reason to fumble with handling small parts or to worry about the dies that may be not available. KTI- 70081 flaring tool is a huge consideration as it also comes in neutral patterns and color.


  • Vise-mounted
  • Generates beautiful flares
  • Zero leaks


  • Not Inexpensive

03. OTC 4503 Stinger- Designed as Best Double Flaring Tool


OTC-4503-Stinger is a double flaring kit permitting single and double cutting. Both, the yoke and swivel are high-quality tools assuring durability as they are in heat-treated steel. The yoke fits brake line perfectly and splits into halves when it is together screwed with wing nuts.

This OTC stinger kit offers a perfect fit is an advantage, but it presents an excellent finish is the beauty. This kit is placed in a plastic case that it facilitates the ease of storage and portability.

OTC-4503 -Stinger is suitable for any car as it flares the soft steel copper aluminium brake lines.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional flaring tools
  • Bits are sturdy
  • Pipes are clamped firmly with the press
  • Faster performance

OTC -4503 is designed as a double flaring kit that it is useful as single or double flares in aluminium, copper, and brass tubing as brake line soft steel tubing.

LIterally, the chrome-plated steel reduces friction and ascertains an even flare. The storage case is molded plastic keeps the tools intact and organized that you get it ready to use.

The OTC flare tool is the best as it solves problems faster and is a special tool that increases the shop profits and technician’s productivity.


  • Leak-free finished product
  • Durability and performance assured
  • Better value


  • Need to convert the measurements from metric to inch fractions

04. Neiko 20656A Double Brake Flaring Tool- Heavy-duty


Are you looking for a kit to use with different materials as single or double flare? Neiko- 20656A- flaring is the ideal choice. Using the Neiko-20656A kit pieces for heavy-duty applications is possible as it is in durable steel.

The design was as per request that it handles friction as it has a chrome plate and alloy steel finish.

Neiko- 20656A-flaring tool storage case is in hard-plastic that it keeps the tools organized. Besides, the storage case is convenient for transportation t. Neiko tool 20656A allows steel brake line custom made to fit the car, and the bubble flares are easy to form.

Highlighted Features

  • Makes the bubble type perfect flares
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • The storage case comes in hard plastic
  • Convenient to transport

Neiko 20656A is the preferred choice as it grips the brake line with its clamp when held as a bench vise. The design of this brake line tool presents a careful technique that it creates centred flares such that it is shape suitably.

The design of this brake line flaring tool has an anvil cone to observe each turn that you are tightening, and this ensures it is aligned and straight, though the clamp of the brake line is compressing.


  • Clear written instructions
  • Parts are easy to use
  • Leak-proof tubing


  • Fails to work with 3/16 line

05. The Cal-Van 165 Best Bubble Flare Tool- Professional Flare Kit


Cal-Van Tools manufacture presenting their experience of over 60 years. The Cal-Van tools are top-quality products that serve the best for mechanics — the apparatus of the Cal-Van 165 Master flaring kit promise single and double flares using the braking tools.

The Cal-Van tool is a professional and complete tool kit for flaring. The design of the Cal-Van machine presents the state-of-the-art technology, and the design of the tool ensures the purpose is served rightly.

Therefore, the overall life of the clamp increases on using the Cal-Van tools kit as it does not wear down from inside.

Highlighted Features

  • The tool flaring allows double, single, and bubble flaring
  • Makes perfect flares owing to its unique design
  • The direct pressure on the tube by the set screws and clamp
  • Allows making flares even in tight spaces

The Cal-Van tools flares are achieved along with the frame areas or rails in the engine, thereby saving the time of the user in removing components or making repairs to complete lines.

These brake flare tools are made using high-quality materials such that they serve for years to come. Thus, it meets the needs and also delivers at an affordable cost of high quality.


  • Variety of flares
  • Unique design
  • No risk of adapters breaking


  • Works better with larger files

06. Titan Tools 51535 Doubble Flare kit- User Friendly


Titan Tools 51535 double flaring is a tool for the brake line. It is indispensable for vehicles as repairing brake lines is a must. It has a design that is user-friendly and features a detailed instruction to help you in creating perfect double flares.

The flare tool construction is compact, that it is ideal for an automotive. This tool is comfortable that you need not remove from your vehicle the brake line to repair. You can do the required repair even when it is in place.

This is because the Titan Tools 51535 kit has a die lubricant, a positioning bolt, a flaring tool, and an op1/op2 double-ended punch. However, this flaring tool cannot be useful to stainless steel tubing.

Highlighted Features

  • Creates a 45-degree inverted with 3/16” double flare nickel and steel tubing
  • Set contains positioning bolt, Die lubricant container
  • Double flaring tool 3/16 inch with removable handle, double-ended punch OP1/OP2
  • You can remove the handle choosing a bench-vise
  • Compact design that can be useful even under tight car spaces

Titan Tools 51535 is a must as a 3/16-Inch Double Flaring Tool. It has a user-friendly design, and it also comes with detailed instructions creating inverted double flares 45-Degree.

The construction is compact, enabling the use of the vehicle, even while the repairs are going on.


  • Removable handle
  • Ideal for all vehicles
  • Creates 45-degree perfect double flare


  • Slightly expensive

07. OTC 6502 Master Brake Flare- Single, Double & Bubble Flare Tool


Replacing brake lines is certainly comfortable using the OTC-6502 Master Brake flaring kit. It is because this kit has a single, bubble, and double types of flares.

It will offer the much-required perfect finish as it includes other tools such as arbour press, flaring bar, adapters, tube cutter, and deburring tool. OTC 6502 Master Brake features a hard case as enclosure and ensures it is durable.

It is an excellent addition to tools and can go in coordination with aesthetics.

Highlighted Features

  • The flares look much cleaner as it is produced using a cutting tool.
  • Offers a perfect finish with other tools in association
  • Covers different flares
  • Matches aesthetics easily

OTC-6502 Master Brake kit comes in a robust hard case and weighs only 4 pounds. It adds to tools collection as a perfect inclusion. The package is of higher quality giving a competitive edge for the price.

It is durable as there are flares available as per need, and you can go for the right one to last for years. Choosing the double flare kit is a prudent choice as it can be used for double and single flaring.


  • Ideal for DIY projects
  • Finer treads
  • Tube cutters cut squares easily


  • The debarring tool can wring nickel and copper lines if used with much pressure.

08. ABN Auto Best Double Flare Tool Kit – Premium service


A critical point of brake tubing and brake lines working is not to end buying the damaged and wrong tools, as it worsens things. ABN (Auto Body New) is offering the ABN Double flaring-copper-Aluminium brake line in soft steel and tool kit brass tubing for a better experience.

It provides premium automobile service. This is a kit suitable for double and single flares. It is the auto line tools set that is trustworthy as ABN flaring tool kit assures zero leaks are making perfect flares.

Highlighted Features

  • Single and double flaring options available
  • Strength and durability assured as it has steel yoke heat treated
  • Using this tool, the brake line pines made from copper, brass, aluminium, soft steel, and magnesium can be flared
  • Chrome-plated swivel and the quality alloy steel reduces friction

ABN Double flaring tools have adjustable adapters ranging from 3/16 to ½”. Using this kit is easy on any of your vehicle lines. The design of this kit is basically for line tubing and replacement jobs.

The yoke is forged that it offers better performance. The kits speciality is that the case is lightweight, ensuring safer portability of the tools. It is versatile that it can be used on different fabrics.


  • Ensures security as it comes in a blow-molded case
  • Easy for transportation
  • Adjustable adapters


  • No tube cutter

09. Shankly Best Brake Flaring Tool Set- Produces High-quality Flares


Shankly flaring toolset is the right choice for people not interested in shifting to the double flaring tool. This is the right set as it has all the tools required to do the flaring jobs such as standard swage fittings, professional tubing cutter, varying sizes flare adapters, a yoke with self-centring, and more.

These materials are in steel, appearing reliable and sturdy. It has a chrome finish that it looks as you wish and operates with high precision and accuracy that it is suitable for different applications. This kit has ten pieces that it can produce flares of high-quality.

Highlighted Features

  • The tubing cutter features an extra cutting wheel.
  • Has all the required as inclusive
  • Affordable price range
  • Comes in a handy plastic case

The best thing about Shankly flaring toolset is it is precise and convertible and precise. It has sturdy steel materials that have swaging adapters and flaring cones ensuring smooth operation.

It has useful tubes and fittings of five swage, creating a rugged and long-lasting flaring kit. It also has a self-centering yoke in steel, forming professional and quality swages and flares. It is one of the best brake line flaring tool choices for professionals.


  • Has self-centering yoke
  • All-inclusive kit
  • Has a range of flare adapters


  • Not a double flaring tool

10. ATD Tools 5478 Best Bubble Flare Tool- Easy to Use


ATD Tools 5478- Master flaring is a simple and super easy tool to use. Working with it on transmission, steel brake, and copper and fuel lines, brass and aluminium tubing is possible. Even bubble flaring can be done as single and double flaring.

ATD Tools 5478 features tubing bender in roller-style that it can reach the tight bends easily. It also decreases the collapsing of the tube and is efficient for tight areas on using the mini cutter tube.

Using this flaring tool, making tubes to SAE45˚ in “3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″, is possible.

Highlighted Features

  • Makes bubble flares in 4.75mm, 6/8/10mm tubes that are found on Asian, European, and may other domestic vehicles
  • Mini tubing cutter facilitating to use in tight areas
  • Bends efficiently and correctly for essential purposes
  • Includes bending, cutting, and flaring tools

ATD tools are the perfect tools for beginners as it facilitates simple and easy flaring. There is an incredible tubing, bending, and flaring that it is useful for light to everyday purposes.

This flaring set has universal tool yoke, five flaring tool adapters, toolbar assembly, mini tubing cutter, metric flaring assembly, tubing bender featuring 2 adapter wheels, adapter wrench, and four ISO tool adapter bubble flaring tool.


  • Makes double and single 45- degree flares
  • All-purpose usage
  • Bubble flaring is efficient


  • Not for long-term and advanced use.

Types of Best Brake Line Flare Tool in the Market

Are you running an automobile repair shop or are a mechanic, or is it that you like fixing your car during car brake? If you already are ready to buy a kit, there is no reason to wait for a longer time.

However, you should know the brake line flaring tool types and features before settling for the best brake line flaring tool kit.

In short, there are three types of flares, and this encompasses the single, double, and bubble flares as regular lines. It is a must to familiarize themselves with these three as encountering them is certain.

Single Flare:

The unique flare is not for automotive components and steel brake lines as it cannot handle brake systems with high-pressure found in cars. It is flared only once, and there is a need to be careful in using this flare type as it is in a conical shape and is prone to leaks and cracks.

Double Flare:

The best double flare tool kit is universal and is also referred to as the 45-degree or inverted flare. It is manufactured as a single standard but is capable of handling variations.

It appears as a tiny funnel entering the tubing and is referred to as 45-degree flare as its back-side angle is at 45-degree. This is ideal for automotive systems, making the double flare stronger and acceptable for brake systems with high-pressure.

Bubble Flare:

Bubble flare is easy to recognize as the tubing end appears like a button. It is not similar to the double flare as the angle of the backside is at 90 degrees.

It is common among vehicles, and there are similarities with the best bubble flare tool and double flare that it cannot be interchanged with the earlier flare type.

How to Flare Brake Lines with Brake Flaring Tool Kits

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Flaring Tools

Buying a brake line flaring tool for the first time may be exciting, but it is a must to give significant time. Comprehend the flaring set features meeting your needs. Here are a few things that should be considered before buying a brake flaring tool.

01. Leak-Proof

A leak-proof brake line flaring tool is a must. Ensure the used material to make the flaring has no leakages. Thus, buy a flaring tool that is made of solid fittings and is durable to ensure the corrosive materials do not leak.

02.Brake System

The most crucial part of any vehicle is the brake system, and the brake line flaring tool is used in the brake system. Before using, ascertain, you are up-to-date with the pipes, fittings, and brake system parts to know how it works.

This will make it easy to get the appropriate brake flaring tool. You can inspect the brake system to get the size of cuts to be made as a foresight.

03. Application

The brake line flaring toolset meeting your needs is significant, and it means the flaring tool needs to be highly efficient. Using in the car applications means there is a need to ensure the brake line flaring tool is compatible with your car and particularly the brake parts.

04. Flaring Tools Adapters

The flaring tool kits come in different styles with several adapters. These adapters are useful as they help to assist a piece together through the tricky piping sections.

It is prudent to buy along with the adapters with the flaring tool than considering an individual purchase. It prevents buying wrong adapters that are not compatible with the flaring tool.

05. Efficiency

The tools of double flaring have made the fitting pipes process straightforward and efficient. The flaring tool key components include a crew, a metal piece, and a metal bar.

These three components must be present in a brake line flaring tool so that it assures maximum efficiency. The efficient flaring tool forms tight fittings that should be considered during the process of purchase.

06. Durable Material

Buying the best brake line flaring tool is essential such that it should be manufactured using long-lasting materials. It needs to be sustainable is necessary, but that does not mean it has to be massive.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce durable materials as portable and light. The elements in metal steel make waves creating a demand.

07. Cost

The flaring tools are cheaper than the double flare sets. Using a flare kit for heavy-duty applications means, it is essential to invest in a long-lasting tool kit.

However, to buy a tool kit fitting your budget, you should not consider compromising the quality for its price.


Most searched FAQ’s of Best Brake Flaring Tools

best brake line flaring tool
Photo Credits: Nick Ares


Q: How can the best bubble flare tools a brake line?

A: Bubble flaring a brake line means you must have a bubble flaring kit. This kit should be capable of making single flare, bubble flare, and double flare. The package must have adapters with the flaring bar, yoke, and pipe cutter.

You can set the tube to the pipe cutter as required. It should be rotated to tighten the knob externally and repeat the same until the tubing is cut. The brake line fittings should be inserted precisely in the flaring bar.

The tubing opening should face up towards the flaring bar flat part. Now, check the tubing size with the flaring bar hole and insert.  Tighten the flaring bar so that the tube does not move.

Place the button of the flaring into the tubing open part. Put the yoke to the bar and ascertain the attachment is straight. This is because if it is a bit crooked, even the bubble flare will be crooked and result in causing a brake line leak.

Tighten using the flaring yoke going the flaring button downwards, but remember not to overtighten. Once you are assured that it is tight, you need not squeeze it further. Instead, take out the flaring yoke and the button. Thereby loosen the flaring bar to get the bubble flare.

Q: Is it mandatory to have double fared brake lines?

A: The best double flare tool is the popular flares in most vehicles. It is done by forming the line twice at the end and folding the single flare lip. The double flare is not much different from the unique flare but is stronger and widely accepted for its high pressure.

For the brake lines, single fares are not recommended as they leak and crack easily. Thus, double flares are recommended as the best in brake lines to be used.

Q: Is the compression fittings of brake lines safe?

A: The compression fittings are regarded to be safe and reliable than the threaded fittings. The compression fittings are not vibration resistant as the soldered or welded fittings.

Repeatedly, bending the fittings may make it lose to have a grip on the tube.

Q: What is the pressure required in a Brake line?

A: The brake lines burst at 15,000 psi, while the metal brake lines withstand 5000 psi tests. The brake systems operating pressures as full lock in the OEM conventional style is around 900 to 100 psi with manual brakes 69 bar.

Thus, the power-assisted brakes 96 bar goes beyond 1400 psi.

Q: How to seal the best brake flaring tool fittings?

A: Sealing the flare fittings means adding oil on the threads so that the friction is lesser on the threads. The threads are tightened with the nuts and not sealed.

The oil makes it easier for the nuts so that the threads turn quickly, and sealing the flare is simpler.

Q: Common brake line size?

A: It is a must to know the brake line size as it is based on the tools and the other pieces you use. Though it is in different sizes, cars use one or two dimensions. 3/16 and ¼” are the standard brake lines.

The simple brake line sizes used is a 3/16” tubing. Even 7/16-24 is used while using a brake tubing with ¼ inch. With 3/16” tubing, an inverted flare nut measuring 3/8-24 is used.

However, both sizes are used in trucks and cars. Thus, ¼” brake line is used in the ABS pump and the master cylinder. Most car models use ¼,” but some have moved to the smaller brake line.

In case you are not aware of the brake line diameter, getting the measurement is not a tricky process, it is straightforward.

Having a calliper is essential to measure, and if not, you can step through visual inspection of fittings or by trying the wrenches size you know for the lines.

Q: What are the materials used to make brake lines?

A: Different materials are used to make brake lines. As it is a hydraulic brake system part, using flexible and durable materials is essential to ascertain damages, cracks, and leaks are minimal.

Most cars have brake lines in rubber. These are resilient and durable, besides lasting for years. As it is not hard, it flexes under heavy pressure.

Bonus Tips about Best Flaring Tools

Maintaining this brake line type is easy as it is not prone to damage. There are Teflon, stainless steel, and Kevlar brake lines.

The difference between rubber and these materials is that rubber flexes and expands, while these materials do not. This makes them offer better braking response. They have a long life and helps a tight budget; besides, it is firm in its pedal functionality.

People choose stainless to rubber. Rubber brake lines are for people knowing to perform brake systems. However, stainless steel is also the right choice for people aware of technicalities.

Rubber brake lines get spongy with extreme pressure, losing control over the entire system. While, stainless steel brake lines give more precision and accuracy, but needs regular maintenance.

Final Verdict

Considering the best brake line flaring tool need not be a tedious process. Nowadays, choosing a double flare kit is regarded to be helpful and convenient with automotive systems. Select materials suitable to the flare’s application.

For cars brake lines, choose stainless steel, but you have to give your time for its maintenance work that has to be done regularly. A flaring tool kit is a must-have if you are dealing with automotive projects.

Make sure to understand using them and study the product reviews carefully to comprehend the best kit suitable for your preferences and needs.

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