Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generator - Review & Buying Guides!

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Do you like camping, having an RV or own home, you need the best dual fuel generator around. Having generators around assures no power cut worries. You also can enjoy your favorite devices anytime. Photo Credits Quiet Hut

Nowadays, our world is entirely dependent on electricity for everything. If there is a power outage, it means everything must come to a full stop due to a lack of power. Fortunately, handy dual fuel generators are helping out these dark situations. These generators are the saviors.

There are single and double fuel generators. The dual-fuel generators are effective as they are durable, value packs, easy to use, and convenient. They save your electricity costs and eliminate the need to store fuel.

Best Propane Generators 2020

AppearanceBest Dual Fuel GeneratorDetails
01. Westinghouse WGen7500F
02. Westinghouse WGen 3600DF
03. Champion 3800 watt
04. Champion 3400 watt
05. DuroMax XP12000 EH
06. DuroMax XP4850EH
07. Sportsman Gen4000DF
08. Rainier R4400DF
09. Pulsar Portable Generator
10. All Power America APGG10000

However, like buying anything else, you must consider different factors as you are looking for this generator type. The generator’s power output is based on the type of fuel.

Thus, you must know its running time, tank size, how much fuel it holds and how long it can run. Finally, do not miss the noise it produces and the engine type as it helps in deciding the application types that will be useful for the generator.

Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generator 2020: Best Propane Generators

01. Westinghouse WGen7500F – An Excellent Performer


Westinghouse WGen7500 F is the best propane generator. This is a reliable generator offering excellent performance. It permits using the remote control or the electric start switch.

Fortunately, the best part of this dual-fuel generator is that starting it is a breeze. Of course, ensure the charging of batteries to full as you cannot do it manually.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to switch from gas to propane
  • Added portability
  • Functional convenience
  • Cold and electric start
  • 10W-30 oil featuring low oil automatic shut off

WGen7500 F is regarded as appropriate at home, office, or outdoors. This dual-fuel generator features a wheel kit. Above all the best point that cannot be overlooked is the high power, on both propane and gas.

Normally, with propane, it is time-consuming to create power, but with WGen7500 F, there is no drawback.

WGen7500 F offers run time on gas up to 8 hours with non-stop 7500 watts and with propane it is 5.5 hours running time with 8400 watts. The engine of this generator is highly powerful, but it is well-built gen with a reliable volt guard.

It features rust-free, tough steel assuring long-time lasting. It allows monitoring the generator process that you can track the runtime, hertz, voltage levels, and output of power.


  • Large fuel tank
  • High wattage
  • Long runtime electric
  • Remote start
  • More outlets


  • Loud

02. Westinghouse WGen 3600DF- Ease of Functioning


Westinghouse is prominent in producing efficient tough generators. The quality is exceptional and the price is affordable. It is highly versatile and merely pushing a button is enough to get the generator functioning.

Its simplicity proves the number of years of experience that Westinghouse has invested in generator production.

Highlighted Features

  • A cast-iron engine sleeve
  • Three power outlets
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Direct plug to start
  • Foldable wheels and handles.

The best point is the battery recharge outlet that allows recharging easily. Likewise, the outlet of the generator is plug-in and power style ensuring safe power.

The switching of gas to propane is done effortlessly with the switch mechanism. This prevents complications. There are bars providing grip and the wheel kit makes transportation easier. There are rubber feet and so noise and vibration get eliminated.

Electric or remote start, anything is possible in a button touch. On gas, 3600 watts are created continuously and with propane, it is 3240 watts. It offers the convenience of taking it on the go as the wheels and handles are foldable, making it convenient to store and carry.

It features a four-stroke engine that features robust cast iron sleeves and over-head valves. The box comes with the kit almost as a complete set. You have to attach the wheels kit.


  • Easy to setup
  • No special kit required
  • No adaptors needed
  • Simple switch mechanism


  • Very heavy machine

03. Champion 3800 watt- Assures Electrical Safety


Champion 3800-watt generator has great quality features, but the power is relatively lesser to the 7500W Champion. The Champion 3800 watts generator has a built-in ‘volt guard surge protector’ assuring safety from spikes or surges.

Highlighted Features

  • Run time of 9 and 10.5 hours
  • Touch start and cold-start for cold weather
  • Runs on propane and gas
  • Four secure outlet
  • A power surge and a volt guard

The generator features an OHV engine 224cc single-cylinder, electric touch starting button and also cold start technology. There is the advantage of enjoying a lighter generator that is slightly more than 100 pounds, but that does not hamper its performance.

It offers a goo long runtime. Even as it is running, you may connect to an outlet to add energy.

The biggest plus point is its auto-shutoff function that trips off as soon as the oil is low. There is also an alert informing you about the maintenance of power output. Champion is prominent for its generators and it assures peace of mind.

There is a 30A RV outlet allowing running home electrical appliances such as a fridge, computer, fan, air conditioner or charging of smartphones.

Anything and everything connected to the Champion 3800 watt generator assures safety and full power. It is convenient to use and the built-in surge protector and volt guard are some of the best.


  • Electric button start
  • RV-ready
  • Affordable
  • CARB compliant


  • Fewer outlets

04. Champion 3400 watt – Noiseless


Champion 3400-watt dual-fuel generators are silent machines in comparison to other dual-fuel generators that are noisy. This generator from the umbrella of Champion has astonished users with its quiet and fuel-efficient generator.

It offers a safe system proving with EPA certification.

Highlighted Features

  • Dual USB adapter
  • Produces clean power
  • Electric start and touch panel
  • High wattage production
  • Easy to transport

This inverter technology has an economy mode that controls efficiently the electrical load applied. The inverters are quieter that it is an ideal choice to carry while camping.

It is lightweight that moving to places with this generator helps to use away from home. It offers a longer runtime, easy to start, and for an electric start, you must ensure the battery is charged.

Basically, this dual-fuel from Champion uses less fuel but does not decrease engine life. It has a parallel kit optional featuring a clip-on connection that allows accelerating wattage.

The best features also include enhanced portability as it comes with a foldaway handle and a furnished frame that storing is easy.

Choosing gasoline offers a runtime of 7.5 hours with 3100 running watts with a load of 25%. With propane having 3060 watts continues for 14.5 hours with 2790 watts in the same load of 25%.

This reveals that the runtime is the best with minimal load time as well.


  • Very quiet
  • Convenient to start
  • Lightweight
  • EPA certified


  • Short gas run time

05. DuroMax XP12000 EH- Exemplary Performance


DuroMax XP12000 EH is the most preferred backup generator. The model offers lots of power that all the essentials in the home can be handled without interruption.

It offers maximum power output that it is considered to be the right choice for any home needs to run appliances. This is an unstoppable generator that has affordable fuels that perform to prove it is the best dual fuel generator.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful engine
  • Heavy-duty, rugged frame
  • Low engine noise
  • Twin fuel machinery
  • Isolated four motor mounts

DuroMax XP 12000 EH is a standby unit suitable for outdoor events, offices, and homes. It generates 12000 watts using a 457cc lucrative engine. This dual-fuel generator has loaded panel and its designed engine allows pulling maximum power.

This generator offers long runtime with gas and with propane it goes down. The power output is stunning with gasoline running. The feature of portability cannot be supported as expected and this is because the wheels are flimsy.

It is better to be settled always on paved surfaces. It cannot manage the tough terrain.

Same as all other generators, the DuroMax XP 12000 also is simple to start that during an emergency it is very helpful. The electric start is done with a battery and there is a plus point that even if the battery is not charged, it runs using the recoil cord.


  • Large fuel tank
  • Easy to start
  • High power output
  • Gas runtime is longer


  • Power level fluctuates owing to flimsy wheels

06. DuroMax XP4850EH – A Typical Workhorse


The XP4850EH is a user-friendly, powerful unit that is designed to provide a power of 4850 watts. It is useful for liquid propane or gas. It is ideal to offer power to your job site and also to run household appliances.

The dual-fuel generator is a typical workhorse that offers power at work, home, and at play.

Highlighted Features

  • Handling features for portability
  • Powerful engine 7HP with OHV cooling system
  • EPA certification
  • Convenient start switch
  • Oil warning light and shutoff button

XP4850EH offers plenty of power and this generator can handle lights and refrigerator to high power tools and home air conditioners. The dual-fuel technology offers the flexibility of fuel choice and the liberty to run on propane or gasoline.

The OHV engine provides sufficient power that it is possible to manage high voltage appliances from multiple jobs and equally the heavy-duty tools running on power.

Investing in this generator assures complete protection as it shuts off the generator if it senses low oil.

The power panel has many outlets offering compatibility. This is the reason it can be used for household outlets and also with a twist-lock outlet. This generator features charging posts 12V DC and a voltmeter to charge batteries.


  • Handles and wheels facilitating transport
  • Auto-shutoff if low oil
  • CARB compliant
  • Double-fuel switch


  • Tires less efficient

07. Sportsman Gen4000DF- Affordable Price Tag


Sportsman Gen4000DF is a dual-fuel generator and is for a small budget. This has a reasonable price tag, but the features are important. This is a good generator coming at a budget price that runs on gas and propane. It is well-built offering the required capacity.

Highlighted Features

  • Regulator hose kit is given
  • EPA approved
  • Battery not required
  • Good runtime
  • Low price tag

The Sportsman Gen4000DF has a well organized front panel, circuit breakers, a voltage meter, six outlets, and an on-off switch. This is the lightest generators in 90 pounds that are dual-fuel and portable.

It lacks wheels and so the 90 pounds appears heavy when it has to be transported to a different place.

This is a quiet generator that you can stand close to and continue your conversation. It is also an ideal choice for tailgating and camping. The panel design is simple and there is no confusion in operating the machine. The on-off button is laid out neatly.

Switching is easily done on Gen4000DF. You just need to turn the valve off of the fuel that is alive and choose the one that is required. Adjusting the chock is recommended once you disconnect the valve that is turned on.


  • Shutoff when low oil
  • CARB compliant
  • Inexpensively priced
  • Relatively quiet


  • No wheels and electric start

08. Rainier R4400DF- Reliable Power Source


Rainier R4400DF offers a convenient electric start. This is a generator that is ready to move or can be transported to places when there is a need or an emergency.

The Rainier R4400DF is useful for camping and is an ideal option if the power supply goes off and you have arranged some outdoor activities, or gatherings.

Highlighted Features

  • Effortless start
  • Versatile choice of fuel
  • Incorporate fuel gauge
  • Overload protection safeguard
  • Automatic shutdown with low oil

Rainier R4400DF is of immense use during a power outage. It ensures you stay calm and maintain peace of mind when you are at home. Everything will run and stay functional with this dual-fuel generator.

It will stay up and ensure everything is running and will not let you down. You will notice the stove, garage door opener, refrigerator to the good pump, everything stays functional.

Apart from home needs, it is a great choice for adventure. It is good for outdoor events, festivals, and concerts. You need not fear or feel embarrassed anymore with the Rainier R4400DF dual-fuel generators availability that allows using coffee maker, toaster, countertop electric grill, hairdryer, and lots more.

In the workplace without electricity, you are not stuck as you have Rainier R4400DF that offers you to function as a DIY project. The hand drills work, the ventilation hood, fans circulate, soda fountain and angle grinder keep working.


  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • More runtime
  • Wheel kit inclusive
  • Folding handles


  • No huge machinery can be used

09. Pulsar Portable Generator- More Power


Pulsar portable generator PG10000B16 is a portable device. This is the best 10000-watt generator that supplies superb power as 10000 watts is its peak capacity and 8000 watts as the running capacity.

The power is good proves as it can run for 12 hours even when it is only half-loaded. You may carry it and move anywhere as it has a very comfortable handle to use or have a grip and the wheels are perfect.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile and affordable
  • Lots of power
  • Battery included
  • Electric push start
  • Ideal for vacations or camping

The Pulsar PG10000B16 10000-watt is a versatile generator offering good power backup. This is an option that comes to real use as the lights go off. People look for this option due to various reasons.

The advantage of this dual-fuel generator is that you can carry it to your camping and enjoy its technological comforts even in a vacation that is rough.

This generator is quieter and choosing this model is helpful as you can use the power anywhere required. You can bring power appliances such as a fridge or air conditioner without any fear as this generator will handle it effortlessly.

The generator is silent is mentioned as during your camping you need not destroy the peacefulness of nature by initiating a noisy generator. The power of this generator is best with gasoline and can fluctuate a little with propane.


  • Easy to start
  • Quiet
  • Easy to move
  • Plenty of outlets


  • Instructions hard to follow

10. All Power America APGG10000– High Power Performance


All Power America APGG10000GL can be found in the market. Like all others, it is available as a dual-fuel generator. However, you may look for an efficient or cleaner burn.

This best 10000 watts generator with gasoline and 8500 watts is the rate. The propane peak is 8000 watts and the running watts are 7000.

Highlighted Features

  • Runs in half-load to 11 hours’
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Electric start button
  • EPA certified
  • Wheel kit inclusive

The All Power America does not need you to shut down if you want to switch from gas to propane or vice versa. This is an advantage and the fuel tank runs nearly eleven hours with a load of 50%. The generator produces a good sound rating at 78 decibels.

The All Power America generator is a portable one and it is lightweight offering undeniable power and durability. Using this generator for camping or even in your mobile home or house as a backup power serves the real purpose.

You are allowed to use any appliance that you desire with power outage as the All Power America generator handles with ease.

The added advantage is the hour meter that informs the time left on the propane or gas tank. There are safety features included such as shut off valve and low oil sensor.

The generator gets shut off automatically and thus there is no damage or breakage issue.


  • Runs on both fuels
  • Durable built
  • EPA certified
  • Oil sensors


  • Non- C.A.R.B. Compliant

Dual Fuel Generator Initial Set Up & Run: Gas and Propane Generators

User Buying Considerations of Best Portable Propane Generator 2019

Buying the best portable propane generator is a promising idea. It offers the anticipated versatility and exceeds your expectations. It allows you to use propane or gas. There is the added advantage that propane is cheaper, but the wattage output is lesser.

The dual fuel generator can be chosen based on your necessity. Using for an RV or going camping means you need less power and so use propane. However, when your home electricity is down, use the gas to keep everything running. Propane can be stored and proves to be an emergency fuel.

There is a high need for the dual-fuel generators and today there are many available readily in the market. You can also buy online. The main fact is to choose the right one meeting your needs at all times and thus it may be a challenging task.

You will find something confusing always and if it should not be a hindrance, it is best you should consider these points and factors so that your buying process is simplified.


Considering the size of a dual-fuel generator is important. However, you must also know the quality, the space available and the power you want the generator to generate.

This is based on the reasons that you want the generator to be put into use. However, space is a big factor that has to be taken into consideration, whether it is for your office or home, consider the right size to power the appliances that you believe it as a must-have.

Noise level

Normally, the generators by default make a loud noise, particularly the gasoline ones. Fortunately, there are now generators that are dual-fuel and allow using both the fuels as required.

You must look for generators producing less noise so that it can be under control. This is important if you are a person who gets irritated or annoyed with noise.

Power needs

There is a need to know how much power is required that you are looking for a dual-fuel generator. Knowing the power requirement helps in looking for a machine that fulfills your requirements.

In the office, there may be types of equipment requiring more power output as offices have machinery. On the other hand, your home types of equipment do not look for high power output.


Stretching your budget is not the aim. Make sure of your budget, how much you wish to spend in buying a generator. The modern generators are not all expensive; you can find cost-effective and reasonably priced generators.


Nowadays, portability is a feature that has become a basic aspect. People look for portability features in everything and this is because it comes handy. If your plan includes using the generator for outdoor events, look for a portable generator.

It is not mandatory to have this feature if your necessity is for office use or home. Even then, do not miss the portable feature.

Though they are the main features to consider while buying or even considering a purchasing decision, there are more features to be considered as they are equally important. The other features to be considered ensure you buy the best dual fuel generator fulfilling your needs.

  • Automatic Start: The generator should start the moment the power is not there and this should be done without any effort, not even lifting a finger. This feature of automatic starting is of immense use if you are working far from your residence or if you are a travel person, as you cannot reach to start during an emergency.
  • Fuel gauge: This is very important as it helps you see and know at one glance the fuel available in the generator. This is helpful during blackouts. Knowing the fuel allows you to stay prepared with another light source.
  • Electric start: There are models featuring push-button in many models. These are comfortable as it does not ask you to start the engine by pulling. The electric start is not very expensive. At the most, it may cost $50 in case the battery is exclusive. However, the models that are stationary feature automatic starting.
  • Low oil shutoff: This is another excellent feature in a generator that should not be missed. When the oil reaches below the minimum levels, the feature of low oil shutoff and the generator shuts down. This is a standard feature found on most stationary generators and with the increase in demand, it is found to be a feature appearing on portables as well.
  • Alternative Fuel Capacity: The gasoline run generator models facilitate portable models. Conversely, some generators are equipped for the natural-gas line and are good on a propane tank.
  • Removable console: The console that comes as removable allows plugging appliances in without any risk and so no outdoor extension cords keep hanging around.

Important FAQ’s about Best Dual Fuel Generators

Q: Is there a need to buy only the best portable propane generator?

A: There is a need now to opt for a dual-fuel generator though there are single-fuel generators. This is because the dual-fuel generators offer gasoline and propane so that your generator is powered significantly.

Apart from the dual-fuel facility it also offers you the liberty of fuel choosing based on the price that fluctuates. However, both the fuels have individual strengths and so it is not possible to compare them.

Gasoline is available in the gas stations and it is useful for an RV, a generator or even for any other portable setup. There is the advantage of using gasoline that it is highly efficient, besides it works better than propane in lower temperatures.

While propane offers the advantage of staying stored for a longer time in comparison to gasoline. Thus, propane can stay for a longer time than it can arise as an emergency backup fuel. This can be stored around a year or more.

Q: Is propane better to use as it is less expensive? How to use the generator effectively?

A: Using the generator depends on what you are looking for as specifications so that it can be used effectively. Using a generator when your house power goes off means you will find the propane to be a better choice.

This is because home appliances do not consume high power. Propane is less expensive than gasoline and propane can be stored for a longer time.

The power to be used while using a generator is based basically on the output wattage and the run time you want it functional, regardless of whether you wish to use it in a campsite or to power an RV.

There is a need to reassess your intended applications as to where you will use and the number of hours you will be using the generator. You must also consider, whether you will use the generator continuously and if so what will be the power required.

Q: How to know how much power is required?

A: The power needs must be calculated to know approximately how much power may be required. If you have plans to power the entire house during an electricity shutdown, you need a high-powered generator. This is required such that it should produce 5000 watts at least.

This requirement exceeds if you want a heating system or a water pump to run using a generator. A smaller generator is enough with 2000 watts when you wish to use it to power a campsite or an RV. These should have portable features.

Q: What to use propane or gasoline for a home?

A: If you already know what to use gasoline or propane, you must consider the power that the generator outputs and how both fuels can arrive at a balance. This depends on calculating the run time based on the applications you wish to use.

Powering your house and have a desire to normally run almost all the appliances means you must look for a generator that will provide 10-12 hours run time at half power.

Q: What about the setup of wiring?

A: The dual-fuel generators provide the option of transfer as there is a switch along with the sub-panel offering seamless power transfer even for your sensitive loads. This will cost extra as the electrical fees. If not, you have to manage with long power cords and power strips.

Q: Which fuel type is budget-friendly and efficient?

A: The two fuel types are useful in different ways. Yet the fact stays that proper is more efficient and is truly a budget-friendly choice. It is because propane can be stored and there will be no drop even after storing it for a longer time.

Q: Is it possible to change a dual-fuel generator to use natural gas?

A: Changing is possible in some generators such that you can modify the theme to use natural gas. However, there is a need to ascertain the model so that can transform this conversion.

Nevertheless, there are chances that you may not find one such model to modify if so you must consider buying a conversion kit so that you can change or modify safely as you wish.

Q: Is the automatic transfer switch helpful?

A: An ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is helpful. This is because it senses interruption of power on the line and immediately turns the engine panel signals to start.

The ATS gets power from the utility as a standard source and it is helpful during an emergency when the regular source fails. As the regular source gets restored, once again the ATS gets transferred back to its source and the generator gets shut down.

The ATS is used in sensitive environments such as manufacturing plans, telecommunication networks, data centers, and so on.

Final Statements

Are you planning to buy one of the best dual fuel generators? You must go through the above- mentioned models. Each one is special in a unique way. Look for generators that are easy to start as it offers the convenience to use.

The generators offering plenty of power are of great help as it runs long and nice causing no hindrance. You may choose the fuel type of your choice based on your needs. The dual-fuel generators should be used keeping safety in mind. Though, the factor of safety may imply considering an expensive generator.

The portability consideration is also important and so check for its wheels. Ensure the wheels are sturdy with the frame and the wheels should be oversized so that it has a balance and allows moving with ease.

Even the generators that feature portability should be powerful and less noisy so that you can use plenty of appliances without much effort.

There are many inverter generators available now and the noise is not much. The power may not be provided in tons, but they are appropriate for smaller applications. All the generators are well known as they help to save a lot of time, money, and energy.

Besides, when the electricity is down, your work goes on and nothing has to be stopped abruptly.

Thus the dual-fuel generators make an ideal investment as power backup that it is a good choice for business or household. It serves for a longer time when used meticulously. You may make a wise choice considering the buying guide and reviewing the models.

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