10 Best Glasspack Muffler Review: Choose the Best One!

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What is the best glasspack muffler

This article aims to provide the answer, a detailed buying guide and provides further insight into different brands and types of glasspack Mufflers so stay tuned!

About Glasspack Mufflers

High-quality glass pack muffler have a design structure that is referred to as “straight-through”. These are the most basic type of muffler that can be found on vehicles that are performance-optimized.

Moreover, there is a perforated exhaust tube in the middle of a glass pack muffler. Undoubtedly, the best muffler for trucks, cars or jeeps that make use of an angled tube is a more noiseless option, whereas the versions that have a straight tube are the ones producing loud sounds.

Most of the mufflers have a unique design and perfect mechanical structure that does not have lots of restrictions, which makes them capable of increasing horsepower and producing deep tones from the exhaust.

When compared to turbo mufflers, these are perceptibly louder. The extent of the muffler volume ranges from above-average to deafening in loudness.

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Best Muffler for Trucks, Jeeps and Cars at a glance:

AppearanceTop Rated Glasspack MufflerCheck Details
01. Cherry Bomb 87522
02. Thrush 24214 Red Coated Muffler
03. Cherry Bomb 87529CB
04. AUTOSAVER88 Inside Inlet Exhaust Muffler
05. AUTOSAVE88 Inlet Stainless Glasspack
06. Flowtech 50250FLT Red Host Exhaust Muffler
07. Cherry Bomb 87524 Exhaust Muffler
08. AP Exhaust Product 351211S Exhaust Muffler
09. Upower Inlet Exhaust Muffler
10. ESPEEDER Universal Glasspact Muffler

Top-rated glass pack mufflers come with plenty of benefits, which make it worthwhile to set them up. These yield a prominently aggressive sound which seems to be amazing during performance rides.

If you have decided to set up a glass pack in your car, here are some glass pack mufflers that are worth choosing from. If you are considering your exhaust option also check out the Best Exhaust Systems.

Best Glasspack Muffler – Top 10 Reviews

01. Cherry Bomb 87522- Heavy Duty

The glass pack muffler has the distinctive mellow and deep sound of the Cherry Bomb, which revolutionized the automobile muffler industry in 1968. This particular muffler is 12 inches long and the diameter outlet and inlet sizes measure 2.5 inches.

An aluminized steel muffler is powder-coated with a red coating that keeps it safe and also makes it look nice in appearance. However, its short size makes it too aggressive.

But if you are looking for a raw sound from your vehicle, this is an option you should look at. It is capable of supplying the optimal horsepower and lower back pressure due to the straight-through design.

High in performance, it has universal header styles and fit. If you are in search of a muffler that produces loud enough sound to command respect on the roads, this is a piece that is worth buying.

You will fall in love with its growl, which has been winning hearts for over half a century.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminized steel material
  • 5” exhaust fit
  • 8” muffler body
  • The red coating on the surface
  • Highly durable and well-constructed
  • Extremely compact in size
  • Easily installable on 2.5” exhaust systems
  • Iconic mellow and deep sound
  • Loud sound on large engines
  • Length too short for effectiveness

02. Thrush 24214 Red Coated Muffler- Universal

Thrush glasspack muffler in an ideal for those people who need a mellow sound that is not unpleasant to the ears. this durable glass pack muffler growls nicely and does not annoy neighbors. It has a throaty rumble and the straight-through design has a nice effect on the sounds produced.

We can say without any doubt, this amazing exhaust muffler is one of the best performance muffler units on the market at present for its high performance and compatibility.

Average bulk and dimensions make the muffler a perfect fit for vehicles. It is slightly short in size, but the build is more appealing than the square and ugly ones that can be found out there. You can easily set it up in your vehicle.

Actually, an ideal car muffler produces a decent sound that does not cause annoyance to others and this super performer exhaust muffler isn’t different. If you live in a close neighborhood, you can choose this high configured muffler.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 5.5 pounds in weight
  • Measures 29.2 x 6 x 5.5” in dimensions
  • Low and comfortable sound
  • It has a decent size
  • It can be installed easily
  • Nice inlet and outlet
  • The sound is not too high

03. Cherry Bomb 87529CB- Highly Configured

You can get a loud, deep tone with this glass pack muffler. Since 1968, the Cherry Bomb has been the real high performance glass pack muffler. It has the classic mellow but deep sound that one has come to expect from Cherry Bomb mufflers.

These exhaust kits are containing optimal horsepower and lowered back pressure owing to the straight-through design. The rumble is quite audible, which is neither too soft nor too loud.

Keep in mind that the longer the size of the muffler, the lower the sound that is produced. That means, the shorter the muffler that you buy, the louder the sound that can be expected.

No matter what size your vehicle’s exhaust is, you can fit this muffler. It has a universal fit and can go with almost any type of car out there. You will have no problems setting it up.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 23” long
  • It weighs 5 pounds
  • It measures 30 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches
  • Universal fit and header styles
  • Old school sound is a turn-on
  • Gives you some more horsepower
  • Installation is a breeze
  • The sound is slightly choppy at times

04. AUTOSAVER88 Inside Inlet Exhaust Muffler- Sturdy & Convenient

Since you are looking for the best glasspack muffler, it is worth a try! This one is small enough but has quite a beefy sound. The AUTOSAVER88 exhaust muffler has good noise controlling capabilities but not as loud as a Cherry Bomb or Thrush model.

It is a rumbly and loud sound of decent quality. The muffler has a great and heavy finish, and the welding is butter-smooth. Although small in size, it packs in a good performance.

The AUTOSAVER88 muffler is better than similar versions in many ways, given that there is great sound reduction and the starting up – while throatier, is a little more muffled. This is a solid resonator cum muffler and makes a major difference to the overall driving experience.

The entire unit has a nice finish and it can fit about any type of vehicle. This is a well-constructed muffler obviously, that stands out with its design and makes. When it comes to construction, you will hardly have any reason for complaint although it might not appear to be a well-made unit.

It has the most appropriate level of drone out and can exactly offer what you are looking for in terms of clearance. This muffler may elevate the outlet and makes the exhaustless susceptible to damages.

Highlighted Features

  • 5” inlet and outlet
  • Overall 12 inches long
  • Intense droning is fully eliminated
  • Almost perfect finish and fit
  • Well made and durable
  • Looks cheap in construction

05. AUTOSAVER88 Inlet Stainless Glasspack- Single Chember Muffler

This is a unique chrome-colored glass pack muffler that has a powerful exhaust tone. The most interesting thing about this muffler is its price, it cheaper than many of the Flowtech or Thrush mufflers.

Outstanding mechanical engineering structure makes it light in weight and is made out of gauge metal. It produces a throaty sound that is not very loud to the ears.

For the price it comes, this is a muffler of pretty decent quality. It has a nice fit and comes with superior polish. This precious one has a slightly raspy sound and can be used on vehicles pretty well. Once you buy it, you will like to go for it again when you need another muffler.

Obviously, a lightweight muffler can be set up with ease, although the black paint from its surface can easily get scratched at the time of setup. This AUTOSAVER88 works decently for a V8 conversion and it comes with short enough size to fit along with the changed suspension. The muffler is also great in looks.

Highlighted Features

  • It weighs 3.75 pounds
  • It measures 13.7 x 5.3 x 11.2 inches
  • Has a polished exterior
  • Round straight-cut tip
  • Universal fit
  • Weld-on connection type
  • Easy to install
  • Throaty and nice sound
  • Comes at a budget price
  • The polish is good
  • Little too noisy or raspy
  • Too small sized for a muffler

Cherry Bomb Glasspack vs. Straight Exhaust Pipe

06. Flowtech 50250FLT Red Host Exhaust Muffler- Well Build

This glasspack muffler comes from the renowned brand Flowtech and is very loud in sound. It comes at a budget price and takes the snap from the exhaust, although the sound is amazing.

The chic red finish makes it stylish in form, and it is possibly one of the best sounding muffler for v6 available on the market at the best possible price.

This extremely powerful muffler is wrapped by Ceramic-Glass packing that can survive high temperatures. It has a powerful sound controlling capability. If you are looking for a great muffler that can impress people with an arresting sound, you will like to go for this option.

The muffler has been well-constructed and can last for a long time, negating the need for buying another unit very soon. Its size is almost perfect, and the unit is powerful.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a rich red finish
  • It weighs 5.8 pounds
  • It is 25 x 4 x 4 inches in dimensions
  • Comes in 2”, 2.25” and 2.5” outlet diameters
  • It has a classic design
  • It has durable construction
  • High heat, thick Ceramic-Glass packing
  • Boosts the horsepower
  • Paint is cheap.

07. Cherry Bomb 87524 Exhaust Muffler- Durable

It is superior in quality and works just as billed and makes the exhaust more noiseless and gets rid of most of the rasp. The Cherry Bomb exhaust muffler produces good sound and is not very loud which is also high quality.

Since 1968, it is the original high-performance muffler. It has the classic muscle and has an amazing sound. It has a nice finish; has a great fit. It is louder as compared to any standard muffler. This is not a quiet muffler if you are in search of one.

You can get a very impressive tone that might annoy some people but can actually be enticing for those who like to have a loud vroom from their exhaust. If you have always loved the “Fast and the Furious” flicks and wanted to start up and set off in style, this can be a good muffler to go for.

Highlighted Features

  • It is 4.3 pounds in weight
  • It measures 13.9 x 6.3 x 6.1 inch
  • Produces mellow and iconic sound
  • Back pressure reduced by straight-thru design
  • It has the optimal horsepower
  • Universal header and fit styles
  • Too loud for some.

08. AP Exhaust Product 351211S Exhaust Muffler- Strong & Universal Fittings

This best deep sounding muffler comes with the promise of superior flow. It has a fully welded design that ensures higher durability. This sturdy exhaust muffler is made of aluminized steel and can last for the entire life. There is a straight-through design that helps lower pressure and never impedes the exhaust flow.

Unnecessary interior resonance is absorbed by the constant roving glass pack technology. You can use it as a resonator, and the sound is muffled quite well and the inner sound reduces by about 30- 40%.

In addition, this particular muffler comes at an unbeatable price. It has superior fit and quality, and you can expect a notable difference, fantastic tone, and free flow. There are good muscle tone, free-flowing exhaust and deep tone with this product.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% welded design
  • Durable in form
  • Made of aluminized steel
  • Constant roving glasspack technology
  • Absorbs unnecessary interior resonance.
  • Non-reversible, directional flow
  • Straight-through flow path
  • Rich, low-pitched sound
  • Helps reduce pressure
  • No restriction of exhaust flow
  • Sound might be less for some

09. Upower Inlet Exhaust Muffler Universal- 3-Inch Glass Pack

This glass pack muffler has been designed in particular for professional installers. The unit weighs 4.7 pounds in overall weight and measures 3.4 x 3.9 x 18.2 inches.

It can easily open the exhaust up on small engines. This best sounding glasspack is small and compact in size, and can easily do its work. You can set it up with ease in a vehicle. The unit comes in a wide variety of designs and fits.

While you may paint it, there is no absolute need to do so, given that it will outlast the remaining part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. If you are looking for a brand new muffler to replace your existing one, this can be a good enough choice.

With high flow, it can muffle noise easily. It is quite basic and has a nice fit.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminized wrapper, heads, and shell
  • Expandable necks for convenient setup
  • Comes in 21 universal fit designs
  • Uses the patented Single Cartridge Muffler Design
  • Can be sized with ease
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Covers many original equipment applications
  • Need for minimal use of inventory
  • Too loud for some

10. ESPEEDER Universal Glasspact Muffler- With Exhaust Kit

This great exhaust muffler comes with the brand value of ESPEEDER and boasts of fantastic horsepower and exhaust flow. You can get matchless performance as well as lower backpressure, with no compromise on the quality of sound that is produced.

The easy installation procedures with no need for welding makes it user-friendly. Ensure that all the bolts are tight, to ensure that there is no movement and there is no rattling of the muffler. A good seal can be expected with the two muffler band clamps offered with the package.

This 2-inch ESPEEDER muffler has a universal fit and you can use it for 2-inch OD Exhaust Pipe System. It has been constructed out of stainless steel 201, which can ensure very superior corrosion resistance and make the product last for a long time to come.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a straight-through design
  • Convenient clamp-on installation
  • It has a 2-inch outlet and inlet diameters
  • 100% Welded 201-Stainless Steel
  • High level of performance
  • Superior exhaust flow efficiency
  • Durable in form
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Lacks some features
  • Complicated to weld around pipes

Best Muffler for Trucks – Installation:

User Buying Consider on Best Sounding Muffler

You have to know some of the basics of glass pack mufflers in order to arrive at an informed decision and choose the best deep sounding muffler. Know about a few of the most vital aspects that you need to take into consideration:

Size of the best muffler for trucks

First of all, you have to consider the size. Although the pipes are more or less adjustable, the muffler size has to be in your car. It should neither be too large nor too small when compared to the engine in your vehicle.

A too big difference can create issues for you. In case it is too large, it will not fit. In case it is too small, it will go on hitting against walls. The size of your car exhaust will also have a big role to play when it comes to the size of the muffler that you should go for.

Sound reducing compatibilities

Think about the type of sound that you need. In case you wish to muffle the noise as much as you want, a longer muffler is what you have to get. With longer mufflers, sounds tend to get dampened even more.

This is because these have more fiberglass, which can consequently draw in more sound.

The best muffler brands that are shorter in size tend to absorb less of sound and can be your sole choice in case you lack a lot of space. If you want to get a louder sound, a shorter muffler is what you should go for.

Conversely, if a loud sound can be annoying to your neighbors and if you live in a crowded neighborhood, it is a good idea that you settle for a muffler that is longer in size.

The materials of the best sounding muffler for v6Best Glasspack Muffler

Mufflers have two main materials. The first one happens to be the material that the glass muffler is constructed out of, and you will mainly find stainless steel and aluminized steel constructions.

Generally, aluminized steel mufflers are cheaper to buy.

The inner sides of older glass pack mufflers have metals shavings surrounding the inner diameter, so as to lower the noise. Newer mufflers, however, make use of fiberglass for the purpose.

Using the suitable sound-absorbing material has a big effect on the loudness of a vehicle, and can also help determine how long the muffler would last before it begins to go waste and produce a horrible sound.

Build-in materials are one major factor that will determine the durability of your muffler. The sturdier the material is, the more time it is going to be with you.

Moreover, you have to buy a muffler that is composed of insulating material in case you stay in a warmer area. This is because you will not like to have your muffler heating up the engine even more. However, you may also go for metallic mufflers in case you stay in an area with colder weather.

Solid finishing means long-lasting durability

After the material, the durability of the best sounding muffler for v6 will be determined by the finishing. In case you buy a muffler with polished and clean finishing, it will not get easily corroded and rusty over a period of time.

But if the muffler does not have any finishing, it will suffer corrosion within the engine. The components around the muffler will also get impacted. In case your muffler lacks sufficient finishing, ensure that you paint it prior to making it a part of your own engine.

Perfect fittings are required

To take this into account, given that you have to purchase a muffler that fits the exhaust system of your vehicle for a seamless installation. Otherwise, you might encounter problems with the installation.

it’s important to consider the outlet and inlet size of the muffler, and then compare the same with the exhaust system of your vehicle. It is also essential to consider whether you need a dual or a single muffler.

You should also consider the appropriate length of the muffler given that it should fit exactly into the space provided by your vehicle.

The design makes things stronger & attractive

The alignment of the inner pipe with the other materials is another thing that has an impact on the sound of the glass pack muffler. It also decides the length of time the muffler will operate before it begins to produce bad sounds.

In any glass pack muffler, there is an inner pipe and an outer pipe and a sound-absorbing material between these two pipes. Surely, the size of the holes of the interior pipe combines with the absorbent material in order to produce the unique sound of the mufflers.

Glass pack mufflers are effective when exhaust gases flow through the inner pipe holes and the absorbent material causes distortions. Hursh noise is cut down further when the muffler is longer.

Best performance muffler brands

A number of companies are into the production of glass pack mufflers. While Cherry Bomb happens to be the original glass pack muffler manufacturer since 1968, there are many other companies that are producing great mufflers, such as Thrush, Flowtech and AP Exhaust.

Actually, the brand name matters a lot when you are looking for a glass packed muffler, given that a good brand assures better construction and durability. In this modern technological world, it’s not so easy achieving fame without serving better performance. Therefore it matters while we talking reliability.

Ease of installation

The superfast easy installation process will have an impact on how well the space in your vehicle will fit the muffler. So it is essential that you inspect your car and know what will fit in best before you purchase any specific muffler.

Different Types of Best Performance Muffler

Do you plan to install a glasspack muffler in your car? If yes, here are a few of the market’s best glasspack mufflers for you.

Cherry Bomb’s Mellow & Deep muffler

When Cherry Bomb launched its first muffler in the 1960s, it was ready to change the world. This glasspack muffler had impressive features. The muffler offered a one of a kind mellow but deep sound.

This muffler was made of excellent, top-rated materials. It measures 12 inches in length, 2.5 inches in diameter, and the body is 8-inches big. The outlet size is 2.5 inches too.

What makes the Cherry Bomb special would be its aluminized steel body. The construction is exceptionally famous for its bright red coating. This layer ensures that the muffler appears sound and is well-protected.

The only issue with this type of glasspack mufflers would be its size. Though this is one of the best glasspack mufflers in the industry, it is short.

Who is it for?

The mellow and deep sound of this muffler is for those who want something raw. At times, the sound can be aggressive.

The Benefits

There are many perks in buying this muffler. One, it is a compact product. Two, the build of this glasspack muffler is extremely strong and durable. Three, Cherry Bomb is a legendary brand in producing mufflers.

Finally, this glasspack muffler can be installed easily. You can fix it onto any exhaust system that is 2.5 inches long.

The Drawbacks

As mentioned previously, this muffler is too loud on big engines. And, its length makes it a less capable device.

Flowtech’s Red Hot Sound Glasspack Muffler

Boys who want a mean, rumbling sound find this muffler impressive. The glass pack muffler fits perfectly in 2.5, 2.25, and 2 inches. It is made of sturdy steel and is extremely durable.

This glass pack muffler will ensure that all heads turn when your car passes by. It is a sound that can disturb anyone on the road. The muffler has a lengthy design that produces a unique sound.

The brand identifies this sound as red and smoking hot. Undeniably, this is one of the finest glass pack mufflers in the industry. Those who want a less intense sound will not find this muffler useful. That is because the muffler produces a prominent rumbling sound (some find the sound too much).

On the whole, the muffler is 24 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width. It can handle three different outlet and inlet sizes.

Who is it for?

Are you looking for a roar from your vehicle? If yes, pick this glass pack muffler. You will be delighted to hear its aggressiveness.

The Benefits

This is one of the very few glass pack mufflers in three different sizes. The muffler is sold in a stunning shade of red. And, it almost 24 feet in length. Thus, it generates a perfect sound.

The Drawbacks

There are two issues with this glass pack muffler. One, the rumbling sound can be aggressive for a few users. Two, you should be very careful with the size. The size can smoothly go wrong.

Extra Long Thrush 24205

This is one of the longest glass pack mufflers in the market. With an overall length of 31 inches, this muffler is meant to growl on the roads. It offers the deepest growl possible. If you are driving a super-large vehicle, this muffler will be useful.

Of course, you can install the muffler in smaller cars too. The outlet and inlet come in multiple sizes: 3, 2.5, 2.25, 2, and 1.75 inches. You cannot find this extra-long glass pack muffler in any other size.

Maybe, it’s size would be its major drawback too! It can be too long for some cars. Before you invest in this equipment, ensure that your vehicle has sufficient space to handle it.

Who is it for?

If you have a large vehicle, which requires a prominent sound, this product is for you! Its deep sound will turn heads on the road.

The Benefits

“Length” is its unique selling point. The muffler is long, stylish, and powerful. It comes in two different finishes: red powder and stainless steel. Also, you have a variety of inlet and outlet sizes to pick from. What steals the deal would be its attractive price.

The Drawbacks

Unfortunately, the muffler is considerably heavy. When compared to other models in the market, this one is long and heavy.

Comparing Cherry Bomb on Chevy Silverado

Essential FAQs of Best Glasspack Muffler

Question: Does the glass pack muffler hinder performance?

Answer: Well, glass pack mufflers are designed for performance riders. The sound generated by the engine is carefully absorbed by the muffler and released. When you choose a glass pack muffler, less sound goes through.

Question: Does the glass pack muffler offer better fuel mileage?

Answer: Certainly yes! The glass pack mufflers are known for their excellent sound capacity. They generate a high-quality tone and always maintain low pressure. This is how the muffler ensures improved fuel mileage.

Question: How to choose the best glass pack muffler?

Answer: When you pick a glass pack muffler, ensure that it is of the right diameter and fit. Always inspect your vehicle’s exhaust unit. The muffler should fit in the exhaust perfectly.

Two, the style of the muffler matters. There are so many variants in glass pack mufflers alone! These units are designed to offer maximum flow and horsepower. Three, you should keep an eye on the construction.

The muffler should be able to handle high pressure easily. Choose stainless steel mufflers if you want better durability and corrosion resistance.

Question: How do you install the glass pack muffler?

Answer: It is vital to check on vehicle clearance. Always pick mufflers of the right length for perfect clamping and quicker installation. If you want the muffler to fit correctly, you must be aware of the shape and size of the casing.

Question: Are there any disadvantages to installing the muffler?

Answer: Yes, you cannot use a single muffler on all vehicles. Also, the muffler incurs wear and tear issues. With time, the muffler will start to make terrible noises.

Final Words

When it comes to generating a loud growl, you can easily see how there are so many glass pack mufflers to pick from. The presence of so many options actually makes it tough to know whether you are making the best choice.

Generally, sounds produced vary across the mufflers listed here, and you have to choose the best performance muffler that produces just the amount of sound that you would need from your exhaust.

However, all the best flowing mufflers that have been listed here are amazing and can promise the best performance. You should make a proper choice and pick a glass pack muffler that actually suits your requirements so that you are prepared to go.

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