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Unleash the Beast with the Best Glasspack Muffler!

What is the best glasspack muffler?

A good glasspack muffler can provide better sound and an improvement in overall horsepower!

However, it is important to do the necessary research before modifying your vehicle with aftermarket parts…

Luckily for you, good ol’ Shaun Bloodworth has done half the work by compiling a list of products and brands you’re going to want to take a look. Not only that, he’s compiled a detailed buying guide as well.

If you are looking for more information and the answers to common questions, see below the reviews for all the extra, juicy details!

Best Sounding Glasspack Mufflers – Overview

The below products have been selected for their sound improvements, performance improvements, and brand reputability. Below is an overview before getting into the finer details:

ImageGlasspack MufflerCheck Price
This image has an empty alt attribute Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler
This image has an empty alt attribute Cherry Bomb 87529CB Glasspack Muffler
This image has an empty alt attribute Thrush 24214 Muffler
This image has an empty alt attribute Flowtech 50250FLT Red Hot Exhaust Muffler
This image has an empty alt attribute Upower 3″ Inlet/Outlet Glasspack Muffler
 JEGS Glasspack Muffler JEGS Glasspack Muffler
This image has an empty alt attribute MagnaFlow Glasspack Performance Muffler Exhaust

Cherry bomb/glasspack Muffler Reviews

Below are detailed reviews of the best glasspack mufflers on the market and will certainly point you in the right direction when it comes to brands and product considerations.

1. Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler

Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack Muffler


Cherry Bomb is the flagship brand for glasspack mufflers and they have been operating since 1968. They are the reason that glasspack mufflers are also referred to as ‘Cherry Bombs’.

Cherry Bomb is known for its performance exhausts and you may not want to look any further than their products. This article will cover two common sizes but you may have to look further for one that fits your vehicle.

Their mufflers (like all good glasspack mufflers) feature a straight-through design allowing for less engine back-pressure and improved performance as a result. They are crafted from their signature red powder-coated aluminized steel which is welded together.

Cherry Bomb Mufflers are known for their “distinctive Mellow and deep” sound. Its prominent growl has been winning hearts for over half a century… So, if better sound and performance are what you are after this may be the muffler for you!


  • Aluminized steel material
  • Red Powder coating
  • 12″ overall length
  • 8” muffler body length
  • 3.5″ body diameter
  • 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameter

2. Cherry Bomb 87529CB Glasspack Muffler

Cherry Bomb 87529CB Glasspack Muffler


This is another variation by Cherry Bomb which should give you an indication of the wide variety they offer. Opposed to the one above, this muffler is much longer but it has the same body diameter.

Therefore, with this muffler, you will get better overall muffling so it will be less loud than the above variation. Essentially, the longer the muffler the lower the sound so you can use this guideline when choosing the muffler for you.

If you believe Cherry Bomb is the brand for you, finding the one that fits your vehicle and your needs should be easy. You need to look at the below features to make sure it will fit onto your existing exhaust pipe and that you have enough space in your vehicle to accommodate the body length and diameter.

If the two options listed do not fit, there will definitely be one that does!


  • Aluminized steel material
  • Red Powder coating
  • 23″ overall length
  • 18” muffler body length
  • 3.5″ body diameter
  • 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameter

3. Thrush 24214 Muffler

Thrush 24214 Muffler


Thrush is another well recognized brand when it comes to glasspack mufflers. They have been in operation since 1966 so they know a thing or two when it comes to exhausts!

Their mufflers are all on the longer side so they will provide more sound dampening. However, this does not mean they lack in the sound department.

Their mufflers are still loud and distinct. These mufflers are ideal for a vintage sound in your muscle car, truck, or other classic vehicles. You will definitely get the rumbling roar you expect from a glasspack.

Furthermore, they are made from heavy gauge stainless steel which is finished in a high-gloss powder coat for durability and longevity.


  • Aluminized steel material
  • Red high-gloss powder coat
  • 28″ overall length
  • 23” muffler body length
  • 4″ body diameter
  • 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameter

4. Flowtech 50250FLT Red Hot Exhaust Muffler

Flowtech 50250FLT Red Hot Exhaust Muffler


Flowtech is a subsidiary of Holley Performance Products. Holley owns a massive list of automotive enterprises and many of them are of the highest caliber and they are well known in the automotive community.

Flowtech is known for its high-quality products and excellent performance. So, they are well worth looking into as a brand.

The above glasspack is well priced without sacrificing sound or performance. It is loud and beastly! Furthermore, it also finished in that sleek red gloss finish that is common in glasspacks.

They offer variations with outlet diameters of  2″, 2.250″, and 2.5″. You may have to look at the other options if you have a wider tailpipe.


  • Rich red finish
  • 25″ overall length
  • ~20” muffler body length
  • 4″ body diameter
  • 2″ inlet and outlet diameter

5. Upower 3″ Inlet/Outlet Glasspack Muffler

Upower 3" Inlet/Outlet Glasspack Muffler


Upower specializes in exhausts so you can be sure they are creating a product they understand. This helps with both quality and performance of a product so they are worth checking out.

This particular glasspack is strong and rugged. It is made from stainless steel with solid welding.

So, while it is not as nice to look at, when compared to some of our above options, it will certainly do the job of increasing sound and horsepower. It may even beat some of the others in terms of longevity and durability.


  • Stainless steel material
  • Welded construction
  • 22″ overall length
  • 18” muffler body length
  • 3.5″ body diameter
  • 3″ inlet and outlet diameter

6. JEGS Glasspack Muffler

JEGS Glasspack Muffler


Jegs automotive started in 1960 and has become a trusted name in high-performance automotive parts. Their company has remained family-owned and passed down through generations. You can depend on their quality and performance!

This muffler has been manufactured to a high standard from 16-gauge steel which makes is durable and long-lasting. Additionally, it has been painted in the classic red color which can withstand up to 600°F.

You will get everything you want with this product from increased horsepower to great classic sound! If you know the Jegs brand and trust their expertise, this may be the one for you!


  • 16-Gauge steel
  • 600°F heat protection from paint coating
  • 26″ overall length
  • ~21” muffler body length
  • 3.5″ body diameter
  • 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameter

7. MagnaFlow Glasspack Performance Muffler Exhaust

MagnaFlow Glasspack Performance Muffler Exhaust


Magnaflow is a well known performance exhaust company. They have become a market leader with over 35 years experience in the field. Their slogan is “Quality, Power, Sound” which aligns really well with what you want out of a glasspack muffler.

Magnaflow mufflers are known for their smooth, deep tone and with this muffler you will get the volume and roar you are looking for! The plain metal finish, while a departure from the norm, looks great as well!

They have a few different length and specs available but this particular muffler is on the longer side with an overall length of 30″.

Magnaflow is a relatively new competitor compared to some of the seasoned brands on this list but they are worth your consideration!


  • Aluminized stainless steel construction
  • 30″ overall length
  • 26” muffler body length
  • 4″ body diameter
  • 2.5″ inlet and outlet diameter

About Glasspack Mufflers

Glasspack mufflers are designed specifically to increase performance and produce better sound.

They are essentially a better solution to a straight-through tailpipe. This is because they are essentialy straight through pipes that will not pop your ear drums…

…while a straight-through pipe provides the benefits of increased performance because it reduces backpressure, they are excessively loud… and not in a good way.

A glasspack muffler solves this problem by creating a straight-through pipe with holes in it. This is encased in a second layer of metal and padded with fiberglass in between. This simple diagram should explain it better:

Glasspack muffler anatomy

The construction with the holes and fiberglass allow for a certain amount of muffling while still allowing the exhaust gasses to flow through it rapidly. The result is increased performance and a much more refined, rich sound.

Most vehicles these days are installed with mufflers that radically reduce volume. Therefore, some people like to replace these with glasspack mufflers to make their vehicle louder and increase its performance.

Buying Considerations – What you need to know!

Don’t skip this section as there is some critical information you may not know!


When it comes to installation there are a few things to take into account:


it is generally advised to get a professional to install your muffler so if you do it yourself take stock of your experience and expertise.

Hangers and Clamps

Generally speaking, these are not included when buying a glasspack muffler so you will need to purchase these seperately.

Remember to get the right sizes for you muffler and exhaust pipe when buying these.

Check the links below for some good options:


You may also be required to do some welding (or more) to fit your glasspack muffler. This is worth noting.


It is very important that you check how much space you have for your new glasspack muffler. This may inform the length of muffler you choose. While you generally have a lot of room to work with it is a good idea to take a look before you buy.

The critical size you are going to want to look at is the inlet/outlet size of the muffler as this will need to fit your current tailpipe.

Installation video:

Have a look at this video below to get a sense of the installation and what may be required:

Noise restrictions – Is is legal?

Keep in mind before buying a glasspack muffler that they are illegal in some states. Be sure to check the legality in your area or be prepared to pay some hefty fines.

Other Helpful Videos

The following videos should also help in understanding glasspack mufflers and if they are right for you:

Pros and Cons of Glasspack Mufflers

Before you buy a glasspack muffler it may be worthwhile to consider the pros and cons in case there is something you haven’t considered:

Increased horsepowerSound bad when too old
Louder and more refined soundRequire regular maintenance
Affordable price tagNoise legality issues

As you can see there is a fairly equal list of pros and cons so you need to evaluate things based on your requirements or needs.

FAQ’s (Freqeuently Asked Questions)

Are glasspack mufflers loud?

Yes, they are loud. This is one of the reasons people buy them. They can be as loud as straight-pipes but the sound is smoother and more refined…Still beastly though!

Is a glasspack legal?

This can be a bit of a grey area. The law will differ based on your location so be sure to look it up in your area. Some areas simply state that all vehicles require a working muffler but glasspacks can be an issue because they don’t significantly muffle the sound.

Furthermore, if you live in a neighborhood that is likely to complain about the noise you will likely run into problems.

You can rack up some serious fines with a glasspack so make sure to check the legality of your area or only use it on the track.

Are shorter or longer glasspacks louder?

A longer glasspack equals a lower volume and a shorter glasspack equals a higher volume. They are inversely proportional.

How much horsepower does a muffler add?

Generally speaking, you are looking at about a 10% increase in horsepower.

Final Words

If you are looking for increased sound and sound quality as well as performance, a glasspack muffler may be exactly what you need. Glasspack mufflers are designed with the above qualities in mind.

This article has provided a list of the key brands you’ll want to look at if you are in the market for a glasspack muffler. We have done thorough research to narrow down the list so you don’t have to.

From here, I hope you found what you are looking for and you are ready to unleash your vehicle’s hidden beast!

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