Best GPS with Backup Camera – Top 10 reviewed

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What is the best GPS with backup camera input? What is the best wireless backup camera to go with the GPS?

There are actually very few good options available to you. Most GPS manufacturers do not provide the functionality for connecting a backup camera.

However, there is one company that does and its a great one so continue reading to find out.

Additionally, another option available to you is an entertainment system that can access maps. This article also includes the best option in that category.

Lastly, it is worth pointing out that there are a few GPS systems that come with backup cameras but these are generally made by unknown, untrustworthy manufacturers and will likely not last long or provide the best GPS functionality. It’s not worth your money or time to buy and install these.

GPS with backup camera

Garmin GPS systems are pretty much your best option. That being said, it is a really good option. Garmin specializes in GPS systems so you are assured of the quality and reliability.

Below are two great options from Garmin. A premium option and a budget option.

1. Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa

Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa

This is a cutting edge GPS by Garmin who are reputable and known for their GPS systems. It has a large edge to edge display and its looks modern and sleek.

You can also get a version without alexa through the same link below.

Key Features

  • 6.95″ Screen size
  • Pinch zoom and dual orientation
  • Map of North America, with renowned location, spotted
  • Foursquare for spotting locations together
  • Portable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Most efficient navigation engines
  • Lane indication or traffic information
  • Bluetooth connectivity for extra entertainment
  • Slightly smaller than other similar models
  • Excessive information on the screen
  • Time-consuming

1. Garmin Drive 52 and Traffic

This is a cutting edge GPS by Garmin who are reputable and known for their GPS systems.

You can also get a version without Alexa through the same link below.

Key Features

  • 5″ display
  • Pinch zoom and dual orientation
  • Map of North America, with renowned location, spotted
  • Foursquare for spotting locations together
  • Portable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Most efficient navigation engines
  • Lane indication or traffic information
  • Bluetooth connectivity for extra entertainment
  • Slightly smaller than other similar models
  • Excessive information on the screen
  • Time-consuming

GPS backup cam – For Garmin products above

05. Garmin BC Wireless GPS System with HD Camera

When Garmin BC is connected with some GPS navigator which is compatible. This camera does not contain wires and will help the camera to get more focus on other vehicular activities, activities of pedestrians and animals.

When it is connected along with the wire you can also flip the orientation of lights where you can get the maximum use of power, the browser has also been equipped with automatic function.

There is a transmitter that sends signals to the camera for opening the display at the screen of the system. The range of this transmitter can be approximately up to 45 feet.

The installation of this camera is very simple and quick even if you are planning it to do it by yourself. Here, it has the capability to connect with the other 4 cameras to combine in a single system.

This camera also helps in preventing the risk of “blind spot”.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a 240p picture resolution
  • The range of transmitting up to 45 feet
  • The transmission type is 2.4 GHz
  • Also compatible with Nuvi and delz products
  • Can connect to 4 cameras at a time
  • More convenient
  • Wireless connection
  • 240p resolution quality
  • Slow opening performance

Entertainment and navigation, with backup camera

Below are the best entertainment system options that also include navigation and backup camera functionality.

Buying Guide

Below are some of the features you will want to think about before deciding which GPS is best for you.

Traffic alerts

Price range

Screen size


One of its main advantages is that it will allow you to reach a specific address at first, even if you have never gone. You just have to enter the address and the GPS will connect to the satellite.

At this time it will indicate the route you must take to reach your destination without problems. In addition, if for any reason you do not follow the route that you have indicated, the machine will quickly recalculate the route.

That way you can always reach your destination without getting lost. If you are looking for the best GPS with backup camera, this guide will surely help you.

In recent years thousands of people have asked us for information and recommendations on the best rear view mirror dash cams with GPS for cars. At this time we have helped all those people to choose which is the convenient backup camera that suits specific needs is.

Making an impeccable recording, which allows clear evidence of any inconvenience that could occur in the front and inside the car, are some of the functions that car cameras fulfill.

In this case, we talk about the so-called dashcam calls. These mini devices are located on the dashboard or windshield, to record permanently, so it will be a backup if an accident occurs.

How does it work? The best mirror dash cam with GPS tracker has the possibility of recording with a current of 12 volts, so the device can be connected perfectly to the vehicle’s power system.

Recording begins once the car starts. Make videos about old information, so you don’t have to worry about deleting to have more space.

Once you are clear that you need a good GPS for your car, the next step will be to know which one to buy. In the market, there are many options to choose from, but not all of them are the same.

Through this guide, I will give you a series of tips, in order to help you buy the automotive GPS navigator on the market. To start, we recommend you look at the pack includes everything you need to easily install it in your car, without having to buy extra parts.

By this we mean you have the necessary cables, have a Bluetooth connection to be able to connect with the speakers and especially have good support for the GPS.

If you have looked and have all these extras, we invite you to look at the following advice.

The Screen is a Factor to Take into Account

On the market, there are models of all sizes, from 4 inches to more than 7 inches. Depending on your needs and your tastes, you must bet on one model or another.

We personally recommend you buy a 5-inch model if you are looking for something small and that looks good. However, if you are looking for something bigger, then a 7-inch model can be interesting.

Of course, the screen resolution begins to be important to see everything correctly. In this case, whenever possible, try to buy a resolution equal to or greater than HD.

Must be Well Connected

It is important to be clear that the GPS for the car will work connected to the vehicle. If it works through the battery, the installation will be simpler, but in return, you will have problems of duration.

For this reason, I always bet on models that can be plugged into the car directly.

Free Updates

Whenever you can, buy a model that can be updated every little time and for free. It is very important to have it updated, especially if you are going to make long routes, to avoid that the GPS can put us on routes or streets that should not be taken.

Check Out Extras

Once you are clear that the GPS has everything you need to travel without getting lost, it can also be interesting to look at other extras. The most common is usually that they include FM, games, pdf reader, video player or even calculator.

These are extras that depending on the use you are going to give will be useful or not.

Finally, we want to remind you that, to buy the best GPS with a backup camera, the right thing you can do is make the purchase online. Through the internet, not only can you find the model that really interests you, but you can also get it at the resonable price.

In addition, this means you can buy it with the convenience of making the purchase without leaving home. For this reason, it is normal that online sales do not stop growing.

To Choose the Right Camera that Suits Your Needs You Must Take into Account Some Aspects

  • If the camera has GPS, this will allow you to synchronize the video with the location and speed at which you were going.
  • Usually, these devices have a g-sensor, which allows you to protect the recording from impact, to avoid deletion.
  • Record while the vehicle is parked, if one camera is not enough and you have the possibility to install another, do it, so you will have coverage from all angles.
  • If you want the camera to record permanently, you may have to make some adjustments so that the device does not drain the entire battery of the vehicle.
  • If the device has built-in Wi-Fi, you can watch videos like this or if you prefer faster, take out the microSD card to make it faster to view.

How Does GPS Work Actually?

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Here in this section, we will check out these following FAQs those usually come to our mind when we are going to buy the GPS navigator with installed dashboard camera, let’s have a look;

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

As you read the entire post, or the articles that interested you, surely many questions arose, which here we will try to clarify.

Q. What is a GPS navigator? What does it do, what is it for and how does it work?

A. We will not introduce much in the terms and concepts about these devices to not investigate much. Let’s say that it is a device that can show locations showing you the routes to follow a specific destination on your monitor, through the Global Positioning System.

It is the acronym for “GPS” that was developed by the Department of Defense of the United States and then went through several phases and processes in different projects to become what it is today.

It works through the search for location globally thanks to the satellites in the constellation with their proper coordinates, inclination and their proper orbits. The main mathematical method used for this technology is Trilateration.

Q. What are POIs or points of interest?

A. The vast majority of best car mirror cameras and GPS navigators, work or make use of this system, with which, world travelers can indicate somewhere on the planet, or the same platform you work with (example: Google Maps) that indicates information of places.

That can vary information over the years and because of that, it is always advisable to update your device and always be informed of the paths to follow and destinations so that you have a 100% safe trip to what point information refers.

Q. The more features a device has, the better GPS navigator – Is it true?

A. The main function of these devices is to give the correct addresses and in the most precise way, placing you where you are on the road, and indicate information on routes, traffic, alternate routes, etc.

But if these devices bring more functions to save space inside your car and have greater travel experience.

With these devices, mostly you can watch movies, see photos, play, listen to music, synchronize with your phone cell phone, answer with the hands-free mode and not disconnect from the road.

Even some can be coupled with other devices such as cameras for a rear or front view, microphones among others.

Q. Is it an option to buy second-hand portable GPS?

A. You may be thinking to save some money on buying a used GPS. After consulting different blogs and user opinions, we can assure you that this is not a very good option.

Remember that buying used portable GPS will never guarantee the good use that its previous owners gave it, and therefore, the real state in which it is located.

Therefore, it is not worthwhile to save a few euros, you risk losing yourself in the middle of the highway, in the mountains or the sea, putting your safety and that of your family at risk.

Instead of opting for a product of doubtful quality, we recommend you look at the wide variety of portable GPS in the market and analyze the qualities they offer you.

Surely you will get one that suits your needs and your pocket perfectly.

Q. Opinions about portable GPS: are they functional?

A. If after reading all the features offered by the different types and models of portable GPS you still have doubts about their functionality, you can consult the opinions of those who have made these accessories your best ally on trips and walks on foot, by car, bike or boat.

For most users, buying the best car stereo with Bluetooth and GPS and backup camera has been one of the best acquisitions. Since they have ended the trouble and stress of asking for directions.

Losing money on the gas trying to find a place and wasting time on long journeys that could be saved for not knowing the fastest roads or being stuck in traffic.

And if your work requires constant trips where you need to save time and mileage, GPS is the most useful tool to improve your efficiency and performance.

Also for hikers, buying portable GPS has meant safer and more comfortable trips, which translate into more fun and rewarding experiences. So do not hesitate to buy a portable GPS. You will not regret.

We hope we have resolved all your doubts. And you have already decided on the GPS Car Navigator with a camera ideal for you. The one that best suits you depending on the type and tastes, as well as the one that best suits your pocket.

Most relevant aspects of GPS browsers are contemplated in this post and it has been a pleasure to help you inquire and know a little about these incredible machines.


Indeed, this is a very useful tool that will indicate all the steps at all times. And it is that as it connects to the vehicle, you can enjoy its benefits throughout the trip.

We are sure that this guide will surely help you out to find out the best GPS with backup cameras. Today, new cars usually bring GPS installed in their control panels, but some models do not yet include it to save costs.

If your car does not have it, either because you did not buy it with this extra or because it is old and does not have it. You should know that with a car GPS you can enjoy its benefits in exchange for a very cheap price.

We say that the price is very cheap since the investment you must make will be small. That is why more and more people want to enjoy their benefits.

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