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Best GPS with Backup Camera – Ultimate Guide

What is the best GPS with backup camera input? What is the best wireless backup camera to go with the GPS?

There are actually very few good options available to you (despite other reviewers claiming a whole list of different brands). Most GPS manufacturers do not provide the functionality for connecting a backup camera.

However, there is one company that does and it’s a great one so continue reading to find out.

Additionally, another option available to you is an entertainment system that can access maps. This article also includes the best option in that category.

Lastly, it is worth pointing out that there are a few GPS systems that come with backup cameras but these are generally made by unknown, untrustworthy manufacturers and will likely not last long or provide the best GPS functionality. It’s not worth your money or time to buy and install these.

GPS with backup camera

Garmin GPS systems are pretty much your best option. That being said, they are a really good option. Garmin is a market leader when it comes GPS systems so you can be assured of the quality and reliability.

Below are two great options from Garmin. A premium option and a budget option.

Underneath the Garmin GPS blocks, you will find the compatible backup cameras.

1. Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa

Garmin DriveSmart 65 with Amazon Alexa


  • Includes Amazon Alexa functionality
  • large screen
  • Lifetime map updates


  • Higher price point


This is a cutting edge GPS by Garmin who are reputable and known for their GPS systems.

It has a large edge-to-edge display and its looks modern and sleek. Additionally, you have multi-touch functionality allowing for more control and navigation of the device.

If you can’t be bothered to use your hands, this device has built-in Garmin voice control, allowing you to start navigation, end navigation, find a place, city, or intersections, and more, just by asking. Furthermore, this one comes with Amazon Alexa so you have all the power to check your calendar, make to-do lists, control synced smart home devices, check the weather, and more.

On top of that, Garmins GPS navigation is full of useful features. This includes things like TripAdvisor ratings, using landmarks for guidance, traffic updates, speed limit indicator, 3D building and terrain, and more.

If you thought we were finished with the features list, you would be wrong. This device also includes driver awareness alerts. The device will make a tone and display a notification when you exceed the speed limit, changes to the speed limit, red light and speed camera warnings (illegal in some locations though), and more.

Furthermore, you can connect the device to your phone for hands-free calling and smartphone notifications delivered to your GPS interface.

As you can tell there are more features than we can list with Garmins GPS systems and they really have everything you could want in a navigation system.

Lastly, if you do not require Amazon Alexa, you can get the same device just without that additional service below.

Key features:

  • 6.95″ Screen size
  • Garmin Voice control
  • Wifi updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity and calling
  • Live Traffic and weather updates
  • Driver awarenes features
  • 3D building and terrain

2. Garmin Drive 52 with Live Traffic

Garmin Drive 52 with Live Traffic


  • Lower price point
  • Lifetime map updates


  • No Voice control (or Alexa)
  • No hands-free phone calling or smartphone notifications


This is a more affordable alternative to the above Garmin but is still packed with all the necessary features.

You still get all the same navigational/map features we talked about above, the driver awareness alerts, weather and traffic updates, and touch screen.

The things you won’t get are Bluetooth calling or notifications from your phone to your GPS. You also won’t get built-in Garmin voice control, Amazon Alexa, or a sleek edge-to-edge screen.

However, you may not want or need these features and without them, this GPS still has all the necessary functions. Plus, you can pick it up at a lower price.

Key features:

  • 5″ Screen size
  • Garmin Voice control
  • Wifi updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity and calling
  • Live Traffic and weather updates
  • Driver awarenes features

GPS backup cam – For Garmin products

Now let’s get into the backup cameras that function with the above Garmin GPS’s. These are both wireless backup cameras and between the two you will find the best option for your above Garmin device.

1. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera


  • Connect up to 4 cameras together
  • Can be hardwired for constant power


  • Lots of cable and external wifi module
  • Low video resolution


This is the first backup camera option, offered by Garmin. It has wifi capabilities so you can connect it to your GPS from a distance without the use of cable. You can also connect up to four of these cameras for added camera angles.

You can connect this device to your lighter ports auxiliary power source or you can hardwire it if you have some technical ability. If you hardwire, you are able to switch between GPS and camera more easily.

It is recommended that you get this device installed by a professional but you may have the technical expertise and know-how to do it yourself. If you want to have a look at how to hardwire the camera here are the installation instructions.

If you have a longer vehicle and need to extend the wireless range, you can grab an extension cable here.

Lastly, the BC 30 will also fit a lot of the older Garmins GPS models if that’s what you are looking for.

Key features:

  • 240p Video Resolution
  • Wireless range of 10 meters
  • 140° Field of view
  • Rugged and weatherproof

2. Garmin BC 40 Wireless Backup Camera


  • Easy installation
  • Voice control compatibility
  • Better quality camera overall


  • Not compatible with the Garmin 52
  • Cannot be hardwired


This is the second backup camera option available to you. However, this one is not compatible with the Garmin 52. It is only suitable for the 65, 55, and 51 models.

This backup camera is made for the newer GPS models as it responds to voice commands made directly to your GPS. This allows you to switch between GPS and backup camera view with a voice command.

The installation of this device is also much more simple than the above option as it is battery powered and requires literally, no wiring. The downside to this is that you will need to replace the batteries. Although, they claim batteries will last up to 3 months.

It is most definitely an upgrade from the former with a modern design, wider field of view, better wireless range, and higher resolution video.

Key features:

  • Activate rear-view with voice command
  • Up to 720p Video Resolution
  • Wireless range of 13 meters
  • 150° Field of view
  • Rugged and weatherproof

Entertainment Systems with navigation and backup camera

Below are the best entertainment system options that also include navigation and backup camera functionality.

1. BOSS Audio Systems GPS with backup Camera

BOSS Audio Systems GPS with backup camera


  • Built in GPS
  • Comes with Backup camera
  • All the features of an entertainment system


  • GPS and maps service is not at the Garmin Level
  • Rear camera requires more technical installation


As mentioned, this is more of an entertainment system. However, it does include a built-in GPS navigation system and it comes with a rear-view camera.

So, it definitely fits the definition of a GPS with a backup camera. However, you are not going to get a GPS on the level of a Garmin. This product is created by BOSS and GPS systems are not their forte.

However, this may be suitable for you.

Assuming it is suitable, with this entertainment system you get much more functionality than you would with a Garmin. With this device, you can play all sorts of media and load that media in a variety of different ways such as SD card, Bluetooth, DVD, aux, etc. Furthermore, you can use it for hands-free calling, steering wheel controls, etc.

The last thing to consider with this option is that you will need to drill a hole in your rear bumper to install the camera. This is quite an invasive and technical operation.

However, you could rather opt for a rear camera that fits into your license plate (linked below) and then get the entertainment system without the rear cam included (the option to buy without the rear cam is available through the same link).

Key features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice calling
  • Play music and videos
  • Music streaming from connected device
  • Touchscreen

2. ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo

ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo review


  • Can fit almost any wireable backup camera
  • Built in google maps
  • Ability to download navigation app from external service


  • Require seperate purchase for backup camera
  • Installation of backup camera requires some expertise


This is the second entertainment system option you may want to consider. It has a backup camera input so you could purchase any wired backup camera for installation. However, Atoto manufactures its own backup camera which we will list below for your convenience.

For GPS navigation, it comes with google maps installed. However, nothing is stopping you from purchase the mobile version of a top GPS map provider like TomTom, etc.

Again, this is an entertainment system and a very good one at that. It is packed with features. Some of the key features are below but if you are looking for more detail we have a very thorough Atoto A6 Review at this link.

Key features:

  • Fuly functional enterainment systme
  • Android Operating System
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Multiple ports for connecting devices
  • stream music
  • Voice calling
  • Gesture control and touchscreen

Buying Guide

Below are some of the features you will want to think about before deciding which GPS and backup camera options are best for you.


The first thing you’ll want to consider is installation. Especially, when it comes to the effort you are willing to put in and your technical expertise.

The GPS systems from Garmin will be simple to install with the included mounts. However, your choice of backup camera for the GPS will determine the installation difficulty.

You have to decide between hardwiring for power (BC 30), auxiliary power (BC 30), or battery power only (BC 40). Hardwiring will be a very technical installation, auxiliary power will also require a bit more effort and the BC 4 will definitely be the easiest.

If you opt for an entertainment system with a backup camera you will have the most involved and technical installation. You will need to remove your previous stereo, wire in the new one, and install and wire up the backup camera by routing the wire from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

However, you can certainly outsource this installation after purchasing the items you need.

Traffic and Awareness alerts

These are alerts regarding changes in traffic, speed limits, etc. and you will get the best experience from reputable GPS brands if these are important to you.

The built-in entertainment system GPS’s will likely not perform at close to the level of the Garmin in these cases. However, you always have the option of a 3rd party mobile app with an entertainment system.

Thus, you need to consider your needs to inform your decision.

Hand free calling

This may be an important and useful feature to you. However, not all GPS’s include this functionality. The Garmin 52 above will not allow you to make calls but the 55, 65, and the entertainment systems will allow for this.

Screen size

This refers to the GPS and entertainments systems. You have 5″ to 7″ (up to 10″ with the largest Atoto stereo) screen size options but for GPS navigation 5″ is certainly enough. You’ll want to consider the space you have inside your vehicle and the distance between you and your setup.

Video Resolution

We are talking about a backup camera here, so you don’t need to go very high with the quality of the camera. However, in my opinion, the higher the better. It can help to have a higher resolution as you will get much better detail.

The Garmin BC 30 is by far the lowest resolution at only 240P compared to the BC 40 which is up to 720P (depending on the linked GPS).

Voice Control (or Amazon Alexa)

You will not get voice control with every option but it can be a useful feature. The same goes for Amazon Alexa.

If you find these kinds of services useful or you use them in your home already, this may be a feature that will greatly add to your experience.

Map Updates

With Garmin, you will be able to update your maps for the lifetime of your product. Garmin also specializes in GPS services and so they update their maps regularly.

The same cannot be said though of the BOSS entertainments system which will likely not update their maps often and you may have spots on the map which are not mapped at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few common questions regarding GPS navigation and backup camera. Below are questions and answers you may find helpful:

How Does GPS Work?

This is a common question and this video will shed some light:

Does Garmin Make a GPS with a backup camera?

Technically, these are two separate purchases. However, Garmin is the only leading GPS brand that has included backup camera functionality in its GPS devices. Furthermore, they have created their own Backup cameras to work with their GPS devices.

So, broadly speaking, they do make a GPS with a backup camera and they are pretty much alone in this.

What are POIs or points of interest?

This refers to data about a specific location. Points of interest, as alluded to in the name are locations in whatever area you are in that you may find useful or interesting.

This could include places like restaurants, gas stations, stores, etc, and if you have a good GPS it will point these out to you.

Does Garmin DriveSmart 65 have lifetime maps?

Yes, it has lifetime map updates so as long as your device remains functional you can keep installing the latest maps.

Do you have to pay monthly for GPS?

No, once you have purchase maps, you generally get updates for life. However, you can often get map addons like maps for another country for example, which you will have to pay for. This is a once-off fee though.


It makes a lot of sense that when buying a GPS, which adds another screen to your vehicle’s dashboard, that you would want one that comes with a backup camera. Especially, if you don’t already have a backup camera.

Backup cameras are an extremely useful safety feature however, there is only one leading GPS company that allows you to connect a backup camera. That is Garmin!

If you want GPS Navigation and a backup camera, your only other option besides Garmins products is stereo entertainment systems.

If you want to know what our top pick is, it is Garmin for sure.

The Garmin 65 (with or without Alexa) is at the cutting edge technologically speaking and the navigation features cannot be matched by an entertainment system’s built-in GPS. When it comes to the best compatible backup camera, the latest BC40 backup camera also takes the top spot due to its ease of installation and quality. These two products were made for each other!

Furthermore, the installation of the Garmin GPS and backup camera combo will be much easier than upgrading your whole stereo system.

Also, if price is a factor, a more budget-friendly option is the Garmin 52 which still provides excellent navigation without the frills.

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