Top 10 Best High Lift Jack- Farm Jacks Review & Buying Guides!

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Obviously, selecting the off-road tools like best high lift jack is the best way to jack off for those who have intensely high urges for driving off the road, there are times you may likely run into some terrains that are not as smooth as you had in mind. Photo Credits: SCJeepr

With roads, you may never know what is up ahead or what you will face at the closest bend. Sometimes our cars are stuck in the mud, a rut, and sand or even high centered.

Basically, roads are bumpy while others add a little bit of being muddy. The majority of the times a driver heads out on his or her four-wheel-drive vehicles, one can drive into muddy tracks that get the car stuck or might bash into some rocks.

However, be it a rescue or an off-road recovery, one thing that is sure to help drivers out in the High Lift Jack.

The Best Farm Jack 2020

High Lift JacksDetails
Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack
Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton Bottle Jack
Maasdam 1130-10 Heavy-duty Farm Jack
Hi-lift HL485 Red All Cast Jack
Smittybilt 2722 Universal Lift Jack
Torin Ratcheting Utility Farm Jack
Hi-lift XT485 X-treme Lift Jack
Powerbuilt 620470 Sturdy Unijack
Strongway Lift Jack -3 1/2- Ton Capacity
Neiko 48” Universal Farmer Jack

Meanwhile, even if you manage to purchase some of the best farm Jacks that are available in the market space, there are some accessories that are actually necessary as well.

With this article, you will not only find a detailed list of some of the top-rated high lift jacks, factors to consider before making your big purchase will also be analyzed to help you with the choices you make.

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10 Best High Lift Jacks AKA Best Farm Jacks Review for Lifting 4-Wheelers

Some of the top-rated high lift jacks are available in the market today include but not limited to the following. They are;

01. Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack


The notable Hi-Lift Jack HL484 black cast and steel Jack has been built with a combination of not only cast components but also four highly powerful yet stamped steel components.

As expected, the operation characteristics and capacity in the weight of the hi-lift Jack always stay the same. Hi-lift jacks have been in existence for more than a hundred years.

The product is not just rugged; it is an increasingly versatile Jack that puts the owner in charge of any situation that demands either pulling, winching, pushing, clamping and lifting as well.

However, have it in mind that they are actually light in weight and very simple to maneuver. Hi-lift jacks provide a capacity load of about 4660 pounds, i.e. 2114kg. It also has a load capacity that has been tested, and it is about 7000 pounds, i.e. 3175kg.

For those interested in this jack, after all these capacity loads, you are guaranteed of a safety factor of about 150%. Hi-lift jacks have been structured to aid you in surviving the most critical and hectic situations.

Should your car happen to be stuck in the Welsh mountains or even the Moan desert canyons, Hi-lift jack HL484 will be there to save the day.

Also, HL484 has a full yet vast range of specially structured accessories that makes it be practically the most versatile equipment for all off-roading trips. Due to its shear bolt, HL484 Hi-lift jack cannot be used on the sort of loads that are bigger than 7000 pounds.

It has a top winch connector clamp and a finish that is coated in powder plus a zinc-based plated hardware. If you have to buy a tool for heavy-duty situations, think hi Lift.

Highlighted Features

Some of the key features of the Hi-Lift Jack HL484 include but not limited to;

  • Equipped with a shear bolt
  • It is highly reliable and durable
  • Heavy-duty
  • Its operation type is mechanical

02. Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton Bottle Jack


Basically, the two-ton all in one bottle Unijack has been structured not just to lift but also hold vehicles using low points that are as low as 8-5/8”. With the Alltrade 640912, you do not need a Jack stand.

This is because this Unijack two-ton Jack is a mixture of a Bottle Jack and a jack stand and that makes it the best bottle jack. Two in one. It will securely lift and hold a Uni-body and also a regular body on frame sedan, CUVs and SUVs as well.

It is important to note that they are light in weight, highly affordable and quite smaller than the normal floor jack you know. Its load capacity is 4000 pounds, and it has a lift height of 18-5/8”.

All trade 640912 is ideal for anywhere you go as you can easily make use of its bottle Jack or the jack stand. Furthermore, this best bottle Jack consists of everything you will need to carry out any of your heavy lifting operations.

Alltrade 640912 bottle jack is ideal for owners of cars and also to be used in car shops. Its lifting capacity ranges up to roughly three tons. This gives it a highly powerful versatility.

This jack can be used for off-roading vehicles, framing, floor work, and every other construction jobs.  Its powerful performance and versatility basically make it be rated among the best units available in the market.

Alltrade Unijack is structured for different applications no matter how demanding the job is. This jack practically exceeds the standards that have been set by ANSI, and this means that drivers do not have to be disturbed about its functionality.

Additionally. this jack consists of a safety lock that locks the tools bar at your desired height. This, in turn, prevents the jack from any issue of slipping off in the process of lifting the vehicle.

Highlighted Features

The major features of the Alltrade 640912 include but not limited to;

  • Performs powerfully
  • 100% safe to use
  • Its base that is made of steel provides more stability
  • Can be used for diverse jobs and vehicles

03. Maasdam 1130-10 Heavy-duty Farm Jack


With a ton capacity of 8000 and 48” inches, the Maasdam 1130-10 was constructed with a safety link that is patented. It has a bigger base that gives it adequate yet powerful stability.

Additionally, its safety link acts as a mechanism that aids in preventing misuse, abuse and practically makes every operation to be much safer. It was built according to the recent standards of ANSI as well as ASME specifications.

As a 48” inches product, the four-ton Jack-all Jack was manufactured in China. It is coated in powder all through. This helps to promote stronger resistance to corrosion and to decrease every issue of stretching.

Furthermore, it has handle locks made from steel positioned against beams and helps for convenient storage.

Highlighted Features

Some of the vital features attached to the Maasdam 1130-10 Jack-all Jack includes but not limited to;

  • The kit is simple and easy to utilize
  • It has great stability
  • Each operation with the tool is actually safe

04. Hi-lift HL485 Red All Cast Jack


With its cast-iron components, the hi-lift Jack HL485 has powerful strength, and it is highly durable. It is a 48 inches all cast Jack, and it is among the only ones being manufactured in the entire globe.

For more than a hundred years of producing quality products, hi-lift Jack is highly rugged, increasingly versatile and puts the car owner in full control of every situation.

These situations entail pushing, pulling, clamping, winching, and lifting. As it is simple to maneuver, it is also light in weight and not heavy at all.

Therefore, this handy tool provides users with a rated load capacity of 2114kg, i.e. 4660 pounds plus an already tested capacity of 3175kg, i.e. 7000 pounds. With these capacity loads and all, it guarantees users of a safety factor running into 150%.

Hi-lift jacks have been structured to aid you in surviving the most critical and hectic situations. When you purchase the Hi-Lift jack HL485, you will not have to worry about been lost and stuck in the deep jungles of the Amazon.

This is because HL485 is a sure bet that will get you out of any rut. It is regarded as one of the most versatile tools for all off-roading adventures due to its accessories that are uniquely made.

Moreover, the jack is safe from being loaded with things larger than 7000 pounds due to its shear bolt. It makes use of hardware that has been built from zinc and also makes use of a top winch connector clamp.

If you have to buy a tool for heavy-duty situations, think hi Lift.

Highlighted Features

Some of the key features of the Hi-Lift Jack HL484 include;

  • Perfectly equipped with a shear bolt
  • Long lasting and sturdy materials
  • Its operation type is completely mechanical

05. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Lift Jack


famous brands that can actually be compared to the notable legacy of Smittybilt are very few. For roughly fifty years, Smittybilt has managed to remain the ideal brand consumers, and clients alike trust wholeheartedly.

Car owners trust the products to practically outfit their Jeeps with dependable and operational accessories. Products of Smittybilt have all been developed through off-road enthusiasts who easily notice the need and demand for something much more better than what was formerly available to consumers.

The extremely deep heritage of advancement continues until this very moment. Smittybilt has more than two thousand special products for not just Jeeps but SUVs and trucks also.

In the same vein, similar to vastly copied equipment such as the sure step, the Smittybilt brand has practically been known mostly for its highly distinctive armors and bumpers.

Meanwhile, the expansive lines we have today majorly go beyond the needed accessories for vehicles like Jeeps and goes on to include trail equipment, soft goods, winches and so much more.

Also, It is supported by great customer service. With Smittybilt, you are assured of original products. Meanwhile, Smittybilt’s waterproof winches line has much-enjoyed peace of mind just as customers enjoy the liberty of off-roading without worries of the equipment being fragile.

Basically, the Smittybilt universal trail Jack has been engineered to meet up with every high standard practically set up by the industry. The universal Jack is greatly durable and also matches OE form, functions and fits perfectly.

You should note that various tests have been carried out with this equipment. It undergoes crucial and irregular conditions to make sure it is of good quality and high dependability.

Highlighted Features

The vital features of the Smittybilt 2772 universal Jack consist of but not limited to the following. They include;

  • Every hardware is plated in zinc
  • Has a connector clamp that is adjustable
  • It comes in Gray and black

06. Torin Ratcheting Utility Farm Jack


With a lightweight and multipurpose function, the Torin big red is suitable and ideal for rough environments, applications that are connected to the farm and act as a great tool for fire as well as rescue operations.

In addition, this utility farm Jack can be utilized for every terrain vehicles, for pulling down fence posts, for farm tools, and winching items that are extremely hard to take off.

The equipment has a three-ton capacity of 6000 pounds plus a lifting range that runs into 5.12” to 40”. The tool is the perfect choice for every operation centered on pulling, winching, clamping, spreading and lifting. Are you concerned about where it is made from?

It is actually manufactured from increased yield and tensile power forged iron castings. This simply makes it the most durable structure available for consumers in the market currently.

Hence, its top clamp clevis that is adjustable can be shifted to about any position on the upright steel standard for purposes that revolves around clamping.

Integral elements, as well as the handle socket, are built from another highest grade forged steel for severe and hardened abuse and the environment. The handle of the Torin big red plus socket enables users to have additional durability and reliability too.

The grip of the handle is rubberized for the sake of comfort and also a better hold. For the base, it is greatly ribbed for the sake of strength. This includes the strap point location for additional stability in a very complex situation.

Basically, this unique high lifting jack is built using the exact high standards that each of Torin’s products makes use of. The standards are set to meet up with not just quality but also durability.

All these have been managed to be passed and maintained for roughly sixty years. It actually carries out safety and reliability tests that end up meeting the standards of ASME B30.1 standard. In terms of fire and rescue equipment, it acts as an ideal tool that is built for emergencies.

Highlighted Features

Some of the features of the Torin big red utility farm Jack entails but not limited to;

  • It is reliable and highly acceptable
  • Completely safe and durable
  • Great for any application

07. Hi-lift XT485 X-treme Lift Jack


Basically, the hi-lift Jack XT-485 X-treme jack is the top of the line all cast Jack that entails some unique features. The equipment has a powder finish that is charcoal metallic.

The handle of the X-treme jack is that it is a hardware and a handle that is coated in gold zinc. The X-treme jack has a special top winch, spreader attachment or clamp.

This winch, clamp or spreader attachment consists of 7/8 inch holes for a protective, yet non-binding attachment. It has a 3/8inches chain slot for protective winching and has an adjustment in case of quick slack plus no hook is needed.

It also has a cut-out wedge that is used for gripping when the user is spreading anything or an object. As it is simple to maneuver, it is also light in weight and not heavy at all.

However, this tool provides users with a rated load capacity of 2114kg, i.e. 4660 pounds plus an already tested capacity of 3175kg, i.e. 7000 pounds. With these capacity loads and all, it guarantees users of a safety factor running into 150%.

Hi-lift jacks have been structured to aid you in surviving the most critical and hectic situations. You can get stuck in either the Welsh mountains or the farmlands of Indiana but you will have no cause to fear as the Hi-lift extreme jack never disappoints in taking you out of any rut you find yourself in.

The X-treme makes use of one position for all its spreading positions, clamping and eventually winching. The special gold zinc-coated winch makes sure that the tool does not rust no matter the usage.

The winch clamp basically spreads to the complete capacity of the jack.

Highlighted Features

Some of the vital features of the hi-lift Jack XT485 X-treme jack consists of but not limited to the following. It includes;

  • More than reliable and durable
  • Highly safe to utilize
  • It is rust resistant even with overly extreme usage

08. Powerbuilt 620470 Sturdy Unijack


With a safe lift and careful holding of the Uni-body plus all body on frame vehicles, the Power Built Unijack disrupts the actual need for a separate jack stand. It has a patented structure that merges the hydraulic bottle Jack in a distinct unit and the jack stand.

Nonetheless, the safety bar also locks the unit at whichever height that is required and its base that is wide steel aids in adding stability. The Unijack entails a height of about 8.5/8inches up to 18-3/8 inches.

Furthermore, the two-ton Unijack is structured to hold and lift vehicles with their life points being as low as 8-5/8”. This two-ton Jack is both a jack stand and a bottle Jack. It will not only lift and ultimately hold Unibody, but it will also lift and hold the regular body on frame SUVs, sedans, and CUVs.

Though the weight is light, it is smaller than the regular floor jack, and it has a capacity of 4000pound and height of 18-5/8”. It is ideal for any place that one can find a jack stand or a bottle Jack.

Also, you should note that the tools produced by Powerbuilt tools are always severe and highly serious for work. There are thousands if not millions of Powerbuilt products that are utilized all over the world; be it at home, in a garage or even on the job.

Powerbuilt tools are constructed with users’ features, fit, finish, and operation. They satisfy all the needs of the user. It does not matter the exact Powerbuilt equipment that you want to purchase; you are sure always to enjoy the additional confidence that every tool produced by Powerbuilt has.

This is because they either meet or exceed the applicable standard that has been set by the Government of the US alongside ANSI; the American National Standards Institute. It is however ideal for crossovers, SUVs that are small, mini pickups, and sedans.

Highlighted Features

Some of the key features of the Powerbuilt 620470 Unijack include;

  • It is highly reliable
  • There is no need for a different jack stand
  • Safely lifts and holds Uni-body trucks and cars
  • The jack is highly portable

09. Strongway Lift Jack -3 1/2- Ton Capacity


Basically, the Strongway farm jack is a universal tool that is highly versatile. It is the ideal choice for every one of the operations that majorly deals with pulling, clamping, spreading or even lifting.

In fact, the high lift jack can be used anywhere, be it your tractor, your four-wheel drive or practically any vehicle at all. Strongway has been successfully tested for not just reliability; it has safely met the ASME B30.1 standards.

The Strongway lift jack has a lift range of 5-40 and a lift capacity of 7000 pounds. It has been designed from high graded steel and constructed to exact high standards for durability as well as quality.

Amazingly, the jack has a lead free paint finish that is applied after a complete chemical wash. This is done to make sure there is a long-lasting finish, and it helps to prevent issues of rusting. While the paint is oil, it is dirt resistant as well as grease resistant. It can be cleaned up easily.

Its top clamp clevis is highly adjustable to any required position on its upright steel standard. Its lifting handle consists of a grip that is made of rubber.

This is intentional for not just comfort but also a firmer grip. It has been ribbed for power, and a secure reversing latch also enables users to lift or lower operations. Its broad base stops the jack from practically sinking into any soft surface like asphalt.

It has been engineered as it makes use of the exact system as Aerospace innovations and in the Automotive OEM department. It has been constructed in ISO certified facilities to meet the highly strict and critical ASME B30.1 safety requirements and standards.

Highlighted Features

The major features of the Strongway farm Jack include but not limited to;

  • Premium quality and also durable
  • It is oil and grease resistant
  • Has an adjustable clamp clevis

10. Neiko 48” Universal Farmer Jack


The Neiko 48” farmer jack is suitable for pulling down fence posts, and it lifts vehicles without giving car owners any issues. Sturdy construction and the compatible size measurement enhance its performance and demand.

Shiny coated color makes it water-resistant and increases the durability. Easily movable handle with smooth operating compatibility, and obviously multipurpose usability upholds the comforts while using the farm jack

With a lifting capacity of 7000 pounds, it is an excellent product constructed for all your lifting needs. You should have it in mind that this equipment is quite stable as you make use of it.

Therefore, It surely comes in handy whenever you are stuck in the mud during an off-roading trip.

Highlighted Features

Some of the key features of Neiko 48” farmer jack includes but not limited to;

  • The jack is highly durable
  • It is a portable equipment
  • It is safe to use

How To Use High Lift Jack AKA Best Farm Jack: The Best Ways

Types of Best Farm Jacks

Before embarking on the journey of selecting the best high-lift Jack you can find in the market, you will need to, first of all, choose the type of car jack you want to purchase. There are different types of Jacks, and they include;

Scissor Jacks

The scissor jack is the most regular type of jack available to everyone in the market. It will operate in any car. It is basically easy to lift and most times come highly stashed in the compartment made for spare tires in brand new cars.

They practically operate via turning a huge screw that ultimately causes both sides to attain a scissor together, and it lifts the vehicle. Naturally, they are light in weight and very compact. Also, they make amazing additions to your emergency kits.

Bottle Jacks

When it comes down to portability, bottle Jacks are a step ahead from the prominent scissor jack. Its name originates from the shape of the notable hydraulic jack. It is shaped exactly like a bottle.

Bottle Jacks make use of a hydraulic mechanism that offers a whole lot of lifts. While they can be small enough to fit into the trunk of your car adequately, they are much more perfect when you own a bigger vehicle such as an SUV or possibly a truck.

Floor Jacks

They are practically hydraulic jacks that are utilized in garages alongside a jack stand. Wheels are attached to these for a more comfortable and faster movement. This is because they are actually on the heavy side and highly unwieldy.

The floor Jacks are known to be workhorses due to their popularity for being reliable and durable. They are actually much costlier than both the bottle jack and scissor jack.

People who need floor Jacks are those who carry out maintenance much more frequently than others.

Buying Considerations to Look Out for the Best High Lift Jack

It does not matter the exact type of jack you decide to pick you will need a high lift Jack that is not just well made but it also has to be durable. No one wants a thing that either fails or drops the car.

Make sure to check through the screw mechanism and also ensure that it works seamlessly without friction.  If space is a concern for you, be sure to check through the Jacks dimensions and ensure it will fit into wherever you have in mind to keep it.

Essentially, everyone loves to make sure that the jack they purchase can actually lift the type of vehicle they own. While a majority of the jacks will operate adequately with a majority of the vehicles.

However, should your car sit specifically high or low like a Corvette, or huge such as a van, truck or SUV, you will need to pay close attention to the weight capacity.

Be you a car enthusiast or a person that simply needs a jack you have to throw in your trunk for emergency purposes, one of the best high-lift Jack’s should ultimately have you covered.

While there are some unique features that a car owner should never do without, there are still major things that should be considered before making the big purchase. These include but not limited to;

Durability and Materials Upholds the Quality

There is actually a truckload of strain that will be placed on the high lift Jack you will be purchasing. But, you should note that a jack with cast parts will hold up much better than the parts that are either welded together or practically hammered to form a shape.

Have it in mind that the more the cast parts, the better for the High Lift Jack.

Lifting Height, Range and Lifting Speed

The regular high lift Jack basically ranges from 48-60 inches in its height. Nevertheless, the lift capacity will not transform within the same model line, and this means that you will need to make the decision on how high you need is actually to go.

Should you be handling or possibly tackling boulders that are huge in a really high vehicle, you should purchase a jack that has a lifting height of 60. But, you should note that the higher you actually go, the less stable the jack gets.

Similar to the lift capacity, diverse high lift Jack models come with different lift ranges that they can lift the car up to. Should you have a tall car or possibly a huge one, you will ensure to get a jack that can handle the height required to raise it safely.

Most of the jacks actually require roughly eight to ten strokes of the handle to attain their needed height. However, should you desire a quicker lift speed and need to use just three to six strokes, pick a model that has about two lifting positions.

Additionally, you might as well opt for a high lift Jack that entails a quick lift system added to its unique features.

Clamp Attachment Ensures Better Performance

Basically, the high lift Jack requires a visible spot at the top for the sole aim of attaching a chain that will be used for winching. It would also be much better if the spot actually doubles up as a clamp.

By ratcheting the mechanism until its lift plate meets up with the top clamp, one can finally place the squeeze on something. Also, a car owner can flip it over to utilize it as a spreader in either an extraction or a rescue situation.

Lifting Capacity Should be the Maximum

One highly essential factor to consider before making your big purchase on the high Lift jack you decide on is the lift capacity. Basically, the lift capacity is used to refer to the highest weight the jack can lift.

While you should pick on a distinct unit that can take the weight of your vehicle, it is much better if this jack can lift heavier vehicles as well. There is no risk attached if the equipment is overloaded.

Regular Features of the Best Farm Jacks You are Looking for

While there are various types of Jacks to choose from, there is also a vast range of features that you should consider. It is vital you have a basic knowledge of the features of the equipment you need in order to select the best model.

Although, some of the jacks have diverse features, some of them are actually built with one or maybe two. The features to look out for include;

Super Sturdy Base

While every high Life jack has a base, there are some jacks with wider ones than others. It is a vital component to consider because the broad base enhances the stability of the equipment.

A farm jack with a broad base has a lower likelihood of probably tipping over or decreasing into the ground while you are working with it.

Easily Movable Handle

The majority of the high lift jacks come with diverse types of handles. While some of the models can be utilized with a crowbar or maybe a tire iron, their versatility is highly handy. This is also vital in moments when you misplace or destroy the existing Jack’s handle.

Position Stop

Position stop is a vital feature of safety to look out for before making your big purchase. The position stop helps to prevent you from lifting the jack way above its maximum limit or height.

This way, you will never have to worry about surpassing or exchange the given capacity of the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best High-Lift Jacks Or Farm Jacks

Some of the frequently asked questions consumers tend to ask about high lift jacks include but not limited to;

Q: What exactly is a high lift Jack?

A: The high lift Jack is practically a mechanical yet tall jack that makes use of the human power ratcheting system to raise a vehicle high above the ground level.

They are uniquely structured to raise vehicles with an extremely high clearance that is actually taller for other types of Jacks to carry out such as the scissor jack or bottle jack.

The high lift jacks are frequently attached to the outer parts of Land Rovers, Jeeps, and other similar automobiles.

Q: How exactly do the high Lift jacks function?

A: With the inception of the high lift Jack for over a hundred years, they basically use the help of a ratcheting system to raise load gradually. To make it work, you will have to move the handle up and down as it either lifts or lowers the sliding mechanism on a central I-beam.

This I-beam is punctured with holes that serve as a form of a ladder for a pin also in the mechanism. Once each stroke is done, i.e. up for lowering and down for raising, the pin automatically locks into position to protect the load.

Q: Do we have diverse types of high lift jacks?

A: While long ago the swift answer to this question was a resounding no, recently, high lift Jacks now come in diverse heights that practically range from 36° up to 60°. However, they all function in the same manner.

Much more currently, there is a new type of high lift jack that recently emerged in the market. It is basically a bottle jack plus high lift Jack hybrid. It makes use of hydraulics to provide a protective lifting mechanism than other mechanic high lift jacks.

Q: How do I safely utilize the high lift Jack?

A: While a high lift jack can turn out to be dangerous if not carefully used, it is advisable to handle with caution. You should note that the higher something is being lifted, the less stable it actually turns out to be.

Added to this is the terrain that is uneven. Nevertheless, one should use the jack with absolute care. High Lift Jacks can be used for various activities such as spreading, pulling down stumps or fence posts, clamping, winching and so many others.

However, when you need it for lowering or lifting a vehicle, you can get the job done cautiously when raising a load by;

  • Park your car on a dry yet level ground. Although, you may as well be stuck in an area that is not smooth
  • Place the chocks on your vehicle. They should be placed at the opposite ends that you will be lifting the vehicle from. This is done to reduce any case of a rollback. If no chocks then make use of huge rocks or logs.
  • Check your jack for any sign of damage or even debris that will keep the ratchet mechanism away from nothing into the desired place.
  • Make sure you are aware of your lift points.
  • Positing the base plate of your jack on a sturdy surface and make it be level.
  • Raise the reversing latch till it clicks and pulls down the handle straight away from the steel bar till the clip releases.
  • With either the handle socket or handle itself, slide the ratcheting mechanism above the beam till the big runner is tight
  • Using both hands, hold on to the handle and cautiously pull it down. The handle will be under a form of tension since the jack is busy backing up the load
  • Once the vehicle is in the needed height, return the handle to its upright place plus hold it careful against the beam. Now you can start your repair.

This step mentioned above will give you an idea on how to lift your vehicle should you encounter any issue.

Q: How Can I maintain my high lift jack?

A: To store your jack in excellent shape, you should endeavor to clean it up if it comes back dirty. Though they are resistant to rusting, you should clean them after every work done.

Compressed air can be used in blowing them to be clean, or you can utilize a pressure washer to blast off every crud. To remove hard debris, you can make use of a stiff brush.

Q: Can I make use of lubricants when cleaning my high lift jack?

A: Of course. Endeavor to make use of lubricants as they help to prevent any form of binding in the ratcheting mechanism. It also helps to give a smooth operation.

To lube up your new jack, you can make use of really light oil or possibly a silicone lubricant on the pins, springs, sheer bolt, and the bar.

Q: How do I store my high lift jack?

A: For your strong high lift jack, it is much more ideal to keep it indoors to protect it from any element. The handle should always be locked against its I-beam plus the reversing latch should be in an upward position.

Q: Which is the best high-lift jack?

A: While this article has analyzed some of the best farm jacks or high lift jack, you can also embark on your research. Some of the best ranges from the Hi-lift jack products, Powerbuilt products, Smittybilt, and so many others.

You can always make your choice from those that have been listed.


While high lift Jacks may look highly easy, they are actually crucially vital equipment to purchase in case of emergency. This article has helped to shed more light on the best models from this essential tool that you can purchase.

The aim of this article is to make it quite more straightforward for you to seek out the ideal unit that will suit perfectly with your needs and that of your vehicle.

It is not all about making your choice; it is also essential that you actually know how to utilize the jack.

While the tools are simple to operate, for those who will purchase complicated models, it is essential that you read the user manual thoroughly to have the required knowledge needed to use the tool correctly.

You should also note that similar to every other type of tool; it is compulsory you take good care of the high lift jack you purchase.

The next time you embark on an off-roading trip, you can now successfully go armed with the awareness on how to rescue yourself should you and your vehicle get stuck in mud or a rut.

Meanwhile, for you to take a trip off the road with your vehicle, you have practically no choice but to swiftly invest in one of the best high lift jacks you can find in the market.

Nevertheless, if off-roading is your hobby, make sure to go through this article and select the best jack that will be easy for you to operate without fear.

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