Top 10 Best LED Light Bar for the Money 2020- Exclusive Reviews & Guidelines!

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Which is the best LED light bar for the money is the most searched query into online! Even we need to know which LED bars will be suitable for SUVs, trucks, and all other huge vehicles because there is finally a weakness that is associated with all of them.

Asides from been high off and far away from the ground, those driving them would need to take huge strides that they will not bother themselves about if it were to be some other vehicles that they were trying to have access to.

Like leveling kits, High lift jacks and other automotive accessories LED lights bar is essential equipment that you can never negotiate.

Without much further ado, getting into such vehicles when it is dark will be quite complicated, and there is also the danger of suddenly tripping over. This is where the best light bars you can purchase for your vehicle comes into play.

Furthermore, the light bars as we know it today have been around for quite some time, and their popularity has only increased after LED light bulbs were invented. People love these lights as they give a beautiful and clear view as you walk majestically to your car.

Best LED Light Bars At a Glance

AppearanceTop Led Light Bar For The MoneyDetails
01. Nilight 18005C-A Led Light
02. Auxbeam 12" Led Light
03. Nilight 32" Led Light
04. OPT7 48" Tailgate Light
05.  Nilight 52" Curved Light
06. Yitamotor 52" Led Light
07. Autosaver88 Led Light 52"
08. Yitamotor 21" Led Light
09. Northpole Light 20" Led
10. Auto feel Led Light Bar

However, if you do not need them for such a purpose, you can make use of them as something like a third headlight for your new truck. All in all, these LED light bars are here to give you a clear view down a dark lonely path.

If you are still thinking of purchasing LED lights or not, we are here to let you know that these off-road LED light bars will look amazing on your vehicle, not just that, they provide you with more than enough lighting for your road trip.

Wherever you wish to install them, be it on an off-roader, patrol or rescue car, or better still, your construction truck, trust us that you have a whole lot to gain from them.

In the same vein, for those new to this shining world of LED lights, we will be providing you with the best light bars for the money.

10 Best LED Light Bar for the Money Reviews

We will be taking you on a short tour through the top ten best off-road lights for your money, be prepared to view their features, advantages and even disadvantages that you can bear if you really love the light. The best LED light bars include:

01. Nilight 18005C-A LED Light


The first thing to know about Nilight is that the company designs, as well as manufactures, LED light bars that are of high quality all over the world. The company has been able to serve its customers in different countries all around the globe.

Nonetheless, the Nilight NI18A series was created to enhance the brightness of every consumer during their trip down the road when it is dark. This LED light is very prominent among people because of its high quality.

Also, we cannot forget the very decent size and structure of this LED light that gives off a fantastic appearance when it is installed on a vehicle. It makes use of an upgraded PC lens that helps to boost the anti-scratching durability of the LED light.

Highlighted Features

Some of its amazing features include:

  • Twenty-three inches LED light
  • Thirty thousand hours working lifespan
  • LED chips of high quality

The advantages of the Nilight NI18A is that:

  • It is waterproof, rustproof and even quakeproof
  • It has a powerful cooling effect
  • It is anti-corrosive

The disadvantage of this amazing NI18A is that:

  • It is actually too much for small vehicles

This LED light bar makes use of a heat conduction silicone gel that was evidently made from materials of top quality. Also, the LED light is appropriately sealed with waterproof rubber pads as well as silicone sealing strips.

Additionally, it has a unique tri-row structure that entails much more LED chips than the dual row light bar — wondering where to install this beauty?

You do not need to bother much as it can be set up on skiffs, freighter, boats, yachts, and even ships. This is because its light can improve the brightness that will illuminate your voyage. Trust that its light will enable you to see clearly than you ever did before at night.

02. Auxbeam 12″ LED Light


For what it is worth, this 12″ LED light for your vehicle is being made by one of the highly rated and leading companies to have ever existed in the competitive security and mobile lighting industry.

While the Auxbeam 12″ is among the smallest car models they actually have, rest assured that with as little as 12″ you will get a huge volume of extra visibility flooding the road.

This LED light bar is home to twenty-four Cree LEDs, which if you must know, are exceptionally bright and highly efficient. Although the overall output is seventy-two watt, the reflective surface, as well as lenses, will project all the light in a distinct direction.

With this, you should know that the Auxbeam 12″ will definitely be lighting up specific areas all around you. This LED light bar is to be utilized in hard weather and working conditions probably.

The LED light has been rated at IP67, and this implies that it would function correctly when underwater for a total of thirty minutes. Also, there will be no damage that snow and rain can cause on this piece.

Highlighted Features

Amazing features to expect from this LED light includes:

  • Makes use of 72 Watt
  • Its width is 12 inches
  • Makes use of 24 LED bulbs

The advantages of this LED light bar include:

  • It is rated at the standards of IP67
  • Easy to install and comes with brackets
  • Its lights are pure white

Its disadvantages include:

  • It does not come with a wiring instruction
  • The wire that comes with the package is quite short

With this LED light bar, you are sure not to be disappointed at all.

03. Nilight 32″ LED Light


Your search for the best LED light bar of thirty-two inches is over when you meet the LED light generated by Nilight. Rest assured that this is precisely what you have been searching for. This is because it comes with so many abilities and features.

Asides from its width of 32 inches, it also comes with about three rows of LEDs that merge together to consume a total of 378 watts of electrical power. This is about forty thousand lumens of real-time brightness.

Highlighted Features

Intriguing features you will find with this LED light includes:

  • 6000K color temperature
  • The lifespan of a thousand hours
  • Utilizes 378 watts

With a highly powerful 180W LED light bar, LED chips of quality and exceptionally clear PC lens, you rest assured that the powerful bright white light will dispel darkness head-on. This LED light has the perfect integration of loose and spot beam for not only vast spread but distance illumination.

It makes use of a side mounting bracket that is quakeproof when the vehicle goes through really rugged terrains. This LED light has been built up to the standards of IP67. Also, the steel bracket is actually stainless steel.


For its advantages, it includes:

  • Generates over 40000 lumens of quality brightness
  • It has a triple LED row of both spot and flood beams

For its disadvantages, it includes:

  • It is actually too much for small vehicles
  • It consumes about 400 watts, which makes it power-hungry

When you purchase this package, you will be surprised that it weighs nothing more than six pounds. When you need extraordinarily bright lights, the Nilight 32″ is your best bet.

The only thing you have to be bothered about is that your vehicle should be able to generate enough power to maintain this LED light.

04. OPT7 48″ Tailgate Light


It has always been a thing of argument that this tailgate light bar is the most prominent bar available in the market. This argument stems from the durability, brightness, and feature of this light bar.

With this OPT7 redline LED light bar, your truck’s appearance will be enhanced, and your safety is improved. Its lights are bright, and they sync with the factory lights of your vehicle.

Actually, its lights are tri-core Alpha LEDs which are very vivid and enables drivers to see clearly both at night and during the day. The lights can steadily function for a total of thirty thousand hours.

It would please you to know that this LED light bar can withstand heavy snowfall, rainfall, and any other natural element you know about.

Furthermore, the LED light bar features the IP67 silicone plus a body made of aluminum. Moreover, OPT7 has a very lightweight though its physical appearance is robust.

Trust this LED light to keep on operating even in cold temperatures and about -20°F.

Highlighted Features

Amazing features you will love with this one include:

  • Revert light and stunning brake light
  • Width of 48 inches
  • The lifespan of 30000 hours

Before we forget, the OPT7 tailgate light also functions in amazing ways. Here, the lights can be used as your turn signals.

When you want to turn red and also turn the signal, the left side of the light will flash and even using the lights as turn signals generally will have the two sides flashing.


The advantages of this tailgate light include:

  • It is easy to install
  • Durable and well structured
  • Brightness is just excellent

For its disadvantages, it includes:

  • It is not airtight
  • Its turn signal may frustrate you

With this LED bar light, there is no bolts, screw, or even drilling to be done. All you need in the installation process is to tape the light to your vehicle. Once you connect the wires, you will need to plug it in its four-pin connector and enjoy your ride.

05.  Nilight 52″ Curved Light


Rated among the best light bars for your money, Nilight does well in creating some of the most impressive LED light bar you will find in the market. It is fifty-four inches wide and curved in a stylish way that makes it fit the top of your truck perfectly.

Using this curved LED light bar, we can assure you that its curve lights can provide you with the highest possible illumination you could ever ask for.
Its curve can stretch the light in two ways, which include both the left and the right side in a manner that is even.

Highlighted Features

Intriguing features of the Nilight 52″ includes:

  • 6000K color temperature
  • Makes use of 312 watts
  • It has a lifespan of thirty thousand hours
  • The LED chips are about 104 pieces

The weight of this bar light is approximately 10.75 pounds, and it has been rated up to the standard of IP67. It is both dust and water-resistant.


Its advantages include:

  • It offers users with the best visibility
  • Integrated both flood and spot beam

Its disadvantages include:

  • The weight and size may be too heavy for the vehicle
  • Your vehicle should be able to generate much power

The Nilight 52″ had a reflector cup that allows diverse angle refraction, and it is suitable for ambient illumination. Its curved design is ideal for almost all vehicles today.

Its fashionable look will give your vehicle a pretty look once the LED light is installed. The LED light makes use of mounting brackets while its curved design once again decreases road accidents in some blind spots.

06. Yitamotor 52″ Led Light


The Yitamotor LED light bar is rated among the strong LED light bars available in the market today. It generates a combo beam, and it is highly compatible with diverse vehicle types.

The operating voltage for this LED light is comparatively high, and this also applies to the light’s lifespan. It has a very long lifespan. Judging from the words of the manufacturer, it can be used for roughly fifty thousand hours.

When you are off to purchase this particular LED light, you should consider buying it directly from those that manufacture it and completely eliminating the cost of paying the middlemen.

Highlighted Features

The most intriguing features are:

  • Its body is aluminum
  • Its design is sturdy

Its advantages include:

  • It is highly durable
  • The light it generates is great
  • It is compatible with diverse vehicles
  • Simple to mount

Its disadvantages include:

  • It is on and off switch is terrible
  • It has no venting on its ends this it can cause vapor to instantly build-up

Yitamotor’s LED lights are the latest that have been created as off duty driving lights and has a high intensity. Its lens has been modified into a high impact lens.

It is compatible with trucks, cars, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, a family camp, boats, and almost all the jeeps in the market. Also, they can be used as driving lights, emergency lights, and even fog lights.

It has been rated up to IP67 standard, and this makes it resistant to not just water but dust as well. If you are an off-road user, this LED light is the perfect choice as it will waste no time in lighting your path.

07. Autosaver88 LED Light 52″


The first thing to note is that the Autosaver88 consists of chips that are of high quality, and they produce light Bea that is super bright and quickly light up your dark trail.

It has a newly modified lens that enhances its durability, and amazingly, it is scratch resistant. Its pair of spotlights can generate an overall total of roughly five thousand one hundred lumens. This makes it a decent extra to the lighting of your vehicle.

Unlike all others that have an IP67 rating, the Autosaver88 LED light has an IP68 rating instead. What this implies is that the off-road light has the most suitable seal against the water of all forms.

It is also resistant to acid and increases the light pods’ durability. Each of these pods is seven inches wide and has LED bulbs randomly scattered in them.

For its lifespan, it is about fifty thousand hours, and its operating voltage is between ten and sixty energy. It produced six thousand to six thousand five hundred Kelvin.

This means its natural white light will effectively disrupt the blue tint.  It has both a decent structure and size plus a mounting bracket that can be adjusted.

This adjustable mounting bracket enables the change of the light beam direction to whatever area you will like.  So many individuals love this LED light because of its high quality.

Note that it is waterproof, dustproof and copes easily with any type of harsh surrounding. It is aluminum housing that comes accompanied by a heat sink that is radial. Also, the LED light makes use of about two light pods, and the light is protected from both water and dust.

Highlighted Features

It comes with intriguing features like:

  • It has diverse use cases
  • It is resistant to corrosion

For its advantages, it is:

  • Very simple to install
  • The off-road lights are beautiful
  • It has a sturdy design

For its disadvantages;

  • It is not so easy to purchase

08. Yitamotor 21″ LED Light


If you are looking for an LED light that will give you the best performance you ever hoped for then check out the Yitamotor 21″ LED light bar. You will be astonished by the extraordinary brightness it delivers.

Due thanks should be given to its 10800 lm as well as its 120-watt output. It has a noise reduction structure that completely eliminates any form of harmonic vibration that is common with all LED light bars.

It is resistant to wind and comes fully packed with a 12v wire harness. It can be used for your off-road vehicle lighting situation. You can make use of it for:

  1. Marine and boat LED lighting
  2. LED lighting for agriculture
  3. Used as a hefty equipment light
  4. Golf cart, ATV and UTV lights

It combines 260-degree flood Beams with just one thirty degrees spot beam to rig about clear visibility when you are driving on terrains.

Highlighted Features

Its features include:

  • 21″ width
  • Comes with a mounting set
  • Has a wiring harness
  • Aluminum body
  • Its lumens is 10800

The advantage of this light includes:

  • It effectively brightens your path
  • Its design is sturdy
  • Makes use of the combo beam design
  • It has a heat dissipation

Its drawbacks include:

  • It has no venting on its end

Yitamotor 21″ LED light bar can be used for jeeps, motorcycles, SUVs, Boats, ATVs, cars, trucks and even 4×4. Asides from all these, it functions as a light for driving, as fog light, and for so many other uses.

09. Northpole Light 20″ LED


Northpole has been rated among the best LED lights for your money. Its illumination is built by the twenty-four different LEDs and has a 6000 white light color temperature.

This is one of the brightest LED light bars suitable for your trucks.  Its brightness comes from its ten thousand five hundred lumens. This item is known to be loved because of its hard design quality which manages to make it one of the best on this list.

Although there are many quality light bars available for trucks, Northpole light stands out as it is created from aluminum housing of a very high grade, and it is painted black.

The blackness gives it a sleek and attractive look. Also, it comes fully completed with shatterproof lenses, and it makes use of the IP67 rating. This makes it dustproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosive. You can adjust its mounting brackets.

Not to forget, it is effortless to use and has been constructed from materials that have high quality. It is made from stainless steel.

Highlighted Features

Some of its amazing features are:

  • It has a long lifespan of about 30000 hours
  • It can withstand any condition
  • It has a color temperature of 6000k

It has been known to protect your lighting rig from ever overheating, and this makes sure that you will get a very long lifespan. Also, it is highly versatile and can be used for different vehicles.

Rest assured that it works amazingly for SUVs, off-roaders, and even 4×4. So, it is compatible with industrial equipment that is heavy, equipment for farming, and even boats.


The advantages include:

  • Its mounting bracket can be adjusted
  • It is anti-corrosive

Its disadvantages include:

  • It is quite challenging to install
  • Plus, it does not come with instructions

It comes with CREE flood LED work lights and can give you a very safe driving experience.

10. Auto feel LED Light Bar


The Auto feel LED light bar makes use of special angle structures and even designed with lamp beads that make sure the lighting area is both flat and smooth.

Also, the Auto feel LED Light utilizes a new streamlined structure to resolve noise and whistle sounds that are caused by the heat sink when you are driving the vehicle. Its hard bracket can be used to repair the light bar powerfully.

The package comes with one 52 inches light bar, one 32 inches light bar, four 4 inches light pod as well as six mounting brackets. Also, it utilizes Osram chips to give a white Ray that is bright enough for clear visibility.

With its uniquely structured lamp cup, you will be LED to an extensive illumination range and allows you to see from both ends. Its lamp beads pieces that have been shared across the frame of the LED bar can be used when you are driving during the day.

It can be used as a signal light and not just for illumination alone. Its spot beam is of a mid-size range, and it can be used for extraordinary visual effects.

Highlighted Features

Its features include:

  • It is rated at IP68
  • It can be easily adjusted

Its advantages are:

  • It comes with a signal light
  • It has a super bright beam
  • You can easily change the direction of your beam

For its disadvantages, they include:

  • It does not come with a wire harness

Difference Between Cheap & Expensive LED Light Bars

Facts You Need to Consider While Purchasing Best LED Light Bar for the Money

When you want to embark on your journey of purchasing the best light bar for the money, they are some factors to consider to pick out the best rightfully. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Special Features

There are various features when it comes to off-road lights, and some of them may be necessary, lots of others are entirely mandatory. If you are the type that enjoys going off-road a lot to locations that have rugged terrains, you will need to buy LED lights that have beam lights that are

concentrated in particular areas. Some vital features to look out for includes:

  • Bulb TypeS

The choices you have here are halogen, LED, and HID.

  • The Power

The power of LED lights is calculated in watts. Purchase an LED light that has increased watts as the more watt equals to a much higher brightness.

  • Its Design and Build Quality

The off-road lights that are being made from LED are highly durable, they do not consume so much power, and they are brighter if you want to compare them with the other light alternatives.

The beauty of it all is that they are waterproof, shockproof, and they add much value to your vehicle. They actively function so well on various voltage and do not need many upgrades.

When you go through our list, you will find out that there are diverse models of off-road lights that offer the best of not just floodlights but also spotlights.

They are to be known as driving lights, or you can call them hybrid off lights. You can purchase a focused beam in a bid to aim ahead. We advise that you choose floodlights if you are interested in projecting light widely in the area you find yourself in.

However, if you engage in both high-speed driving and technical cruising, the combination of spotlight and floodlight is your best choice.

  • Performance And Utilization

The off-road lights are fitted with Cree LEDs that are made from high-quality materials, unlike all other options that are available in the market today.
Most times, the color temperature turns out to be a very vital aspect that people overlook when considering the best LED lights.

Note that, these LED  lights have a color temperature that is more than 5000k. Also, it aids in decreasing the fatigue of drivers and offers an excellent terrain appreciation.

  • Size

LED Lightbars are all made up of different lights, and their sizes tend to have a significant influence on how bright the light will turn out to be as well as the surface area that it will be able to cover completely.

Have it in mind that the bigger sizes can illuminate more areas that are in front of you.

As a result of the majority of the bars being rectangular, you should think about the width and height of the light bar; you will be mounting on your vehicle when you want to purchase them.

  • Ability to Resist

Since you will be making use of the light bars in harsh conditions and terrains, you will need to purchase LED lights that can easily fend off the elements.

The LED light you are buying should be dustproof as well as waterproof. Majority of the light bar manufacturers that you know of actually making use of the same rating system that every other outdoor electronics make use of. This is the IP rating.

The very common rates like IP67 provide a specific amount of resistance to water, protect the light bar from dust and so much more. Nonetheless, the resistance you will be needing will totally rely on the type of driving conditions you will be getting yourself in.

  • Mounting Alternatives

The light bar will not be useful to you if it is not attached to your vehicle. And, this sort of relies on the mounting option that you have at your disposal.

The majority of the light bars are simple to attach to accessories such as the roof rack.  There are t-slots and circular tubes that make it easier to either slide or clamp your light bar both off and on the ideal accessories.

Some manufacturers have their very own line of mounting accessories that you can go on to check before you purchase the light bar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best LED Light Bar For The Money

Some of the questions most people ask before purchasing LED light bars include:

Q: Am I to make use of a relay with my newly acquired LED light bar?

A: If your LED light bar came packaged with a wiring harness that has a relay in it, the answer is of course, yes. If not, it depends. The main reason why relay is sometimes added to the package is to decrease the load of the current on the switch.

Q: Will I be able to run my light bar at an increased voltage for the purpose of making them brighter?

A: The first thing you should have in mind is that you should never apply more AC voltage or try to exceed the particular DC voltage range that is meant for your light bar. The LED light bars are structured to function within a specific DC voltage range.

As for your question, we have provided a detailed answer for you. A higher voltage will not brighten the LED light bar you just purchased. However, if it should successfully brighten it then have it in mind that you bought LED lights of interior design.

Q: What can I do if my light bar does not come on?

A: If your new light fails to come on, know that its problem revolves around four things which include: a bad relay, bad switch, small wire, or the ultimate, which is a bad ground connection.

Try connecting the light bar straight up to the car battery. If it should come on, then the failure has to do with one of the four problems mentioned above.

Q: How much light is needed for an off-road trip?

A: The majority of the 20″ LED lights can offer light that is more than enough for either inclement or even good weather when you are driving. However, you can start with low mounted floodlights that are about four inches to six inches.

But, if you embark on so much off-road night driving, then you should consider bigger light bars that are up to about fifty inches.

Q: How can I power my LED light bar?

A: The power you need comes from your vehicle, although this is in most cases. The LED light connector is plugged into the power supply of your car. You should read through the product manual as well as specifications. This will give you an idea of the power demands for every light.

Q: Can the light bar be cleaned?

A: Yes, it can. You can hand wash it. Car washing can quickly get things that are mounted on your vehicle damaged.

Q: What is the best cheap LED light bars color to use?

A: The safest is always white light when it comes down to automotive lighting. However, some of the LED light bar manufacturers offer different color temperatures while some models have gone on to enable users to change their colors all by themselves.

Nonetheless, white will give you the best illumination. Some states do not allow any other color than white.


There are so many alternatives you can select from when it comes down to choosing the best LED light bar for the money for your vehicles, trucks, SUVs, boats, and even yacht.

With the list we have analyzed above, we are sure that you will be capable of discovering which one will suit you best. Off-road driving is taken as one of the most thrilling and intriguing leisure or hobby you can enjoy in your vast rides.

Nonetheless, even with the thrills, off-road driving can end up being cumbersome when you do not have an adequate LED light bar to lighten your path. The lights will enable you to drive not just confidently but safely as well.

All we have analyzed here, driving all around in the dark will no longer be scary and if you decide to go off the typical track, you will be able to do that with all of these LED light bars.

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