Top 10 Best LiPo Charger 2020- Reviews with Buying Guidelines!

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Electrically powered vehicles are changing the world and the best LiPo charger (lithium polymer battery) is needed to be a part of this revolution. No matter how great your battery might be, you can never underestimate the power of an awesome battery.

Nevertheless, without good research, you may end up buying a charger that’s not a good fit. Luckily, there is a vast range of alternatives to select from when you need to purchase the best LiPo battery charger.

Best LiPo Battery Chargers Review 2020

AppearanceLiPo Battery ChargersFeaturesDetails
Traxxas 2970 Fast LiPo Charger  5-8-Cell NiMH Battery Charger, One Button LiPO Storage, Advanced Manual Control
Venom Pro 3 RC LiPo ChargerAC/DC Powered Balanced Charger, Programmable Thermal Temp Alarm
RC Duo LiPo Battery Charger C240Twin-channel Charger, Multi-Extra Functions, Terminal Voltage Control
Hota H6 Smart Digital Balance ChargerMulti-purpose Charging, High Range Voltage Compatibility, Multiple Functions
Venom 2-4 Cell LiPo Balance Charger2-4 Cell AC/DC LiPo Charger, Large Blue LCD Display, JST-XH 2.5 Port Connectors
SKYRC B6 Fast LiPo Battery ChargerFast LiPo Charger, iMax B6AC V2 Charger/Discharger, Multi-purpose Usability
Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual LiPo Dual ChargerAutomatically Program & Optimize Charger, Charges 5-8-cell NiMH & 2S and 3S LiPO Batteries
HiTec RCD Micro LiPo ChargerMicro AC/DC 1 Cell LiPo Charger, AC: 100-240 Volts, DC: 11-15 Volts
GoolRC B6 Multi-functional Professional Balance ChargerOptimized Software Operated, Multi-functional Balance Charger
Morpilot Molex Plug+6 Battery Charger 6-Port Intelligent Charger, Higher Current Output & Power

Meanwhile, this article entails an in-depth list of some of the most amazing LiPo chargers that are available for purchase. Attached to this list are features that would increase your interest in the battery charger.

It will assist in helping you pick a charger worth buying when you head out to the shop.

Top 10 Best LiPo Charger for Parallel Charging 2020

Some of the best LiPo battery chargers in 2019 you will ever come across in the market that meets all your battery needs include;

01. Traxxas 2970 Fast LiPo Charger 


The Traxxas 2970 charger is supported by a huge power capacity such as 5800Mah or 7600Mah. The LiPo battery charger can charge your 5-8-cell Ni-MH batteries along with your 2S and 3S LiPo batteries easily without problems With due appreciation to its Traxxas id feature, with just a distinct button, it can instantly recognize the diverse types of id batteries.

The Traxxas Id feature can also control every setting of the charger as well. In addition to all these, the Traxxas 2970 is equipped with extra functions like the charger process Indication light, fan for cooling, enhanced function for controlling each of the charger’s settings.

These settings are to be controlled manually and not digitally. Included also are charge ports for batteries that are anti-skid. For those who love their equipment fancy, the Traxxas charger is very attractive to view.

The Traxxas company itself does not only produce Traxxas chargers but has also gone on to produce the LiPo battery as well. If you love the convenience, then the Traxxas charger is your best bet.

Even in times when you are in a hurry, this charger can charge your battery fairly quickly, and it is actually faster than some other chargers you may come across. The balanced ports help to prevent your battery from skidding.

For those not interested in computerized equipment, the Traxxas 2970 can be operated manually. You do not need to go through the manual countless times as the instructions are incredibly easy to understand.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the Traxxas 2970 charger includes;

  • It is durable
  • Faster than other chargers
  • It does not destroy batteries that are wrapped in plastic
  • Its instructions are simple


02. Venom Pro 3 RC LiPo Charger


The Venom brand is back again and proud this time around to bring to you another of its prominent Pro charger set. Asides from being the latest case design that comprises of a distinct power supply, this charger has an onboard sturdy block and supports a whopping charge rate of about 7.0 Amps.

Venom pro charger 3 is an AC/DC powered diverse chemistry balance charger that is controlled by a microprocessor, cooling fan and can steadily handle lithium LiPo batteries of up to 6S, Ni-MH batteries, Ni-Cd batteries that are from 1-15 cells and also lead-acid batteries that range from 1-10 cells.

This charger also brags of diverse high-end components like various discharge profiles and memory profiles that are recallable for about five of your regularly used batteries.

This charger comes with about eight of the most prominent charging leads which include Deans, EC3, Tamiya, EC5, XT60, receiver pack, alligator clip, and JST. The alligator clip is for a seamless connection to the prominent batteries available.

This charger can carefully charge or even discharge about fifteen cells of Ni-MH or the Ni-Cd batteries plus 6S LiPo batteries. It is also accessible got transmitter, receiver and balance blocks.

Venom pro charger three can track and safely balance distinct cells in a LiPo battery be it in discharge mode or charge mode. If you should purchase this charger, it will charge LiIPo, LiFe, Pb, Ni-MH, NI-Cd battery types.

Key Features

Some of the vital features that might interest you are;

  • Integrated inputs
  • An increased power charging circuit
  • Monitors lithium cell voltage
  • Diverse chemistry charging


03. RC Duo LiPo Battery Charger C240


Firstly, you should note that this is a unique charger. C240 is a new double balance charger that is capable of charging two fully different types of batteries all at once.

RC LiPo charger has diverse functions and an edge that is defined. It is efficiently an increased power machine, and its 2×16 LED display adds to the uniqueness of this charger. The charger comes with an in-built cooling fan which aids in keeping the temperature settings in full control

This best RC LiPo charger services AC and DC batteries, and it is structured for double power operations. It can issue an aggressive power of 150W while in DC mode and 2x120W while in AC mode.

However, for both modes, the highest power capacity is roughly capped at 10A. That aside, the device is capable of charging devices swiftly. Its power and versatility are among the vital reasons why you should purchase this charger.

The LiPo battery charger has a circuit that distributes power in AC models. It does not only distribute high power but also perform higher as well. The charger is capable of displaying lithium battery cell count, complete voltage and battery capacity percentage.

Its digital DC power is adjustable, the battery is balanced, and it even makes use of a smart battery. It can instantly identify the cell count of lithium batteries. You can easily program the discharge and charge end voltage. It also supports firmware upgrade

Key Features

Some of the vital features that might get you interested in this charger includes;

  • Terminal voltage control
  • Backs up charging and discharging of diverse batteries
  • It is safe
  • It has an AC/DC input model


04. Hota H6 Smart Digital Balance Charger


The Hota H8 battery charger is among the most prominent battery pack chargers available in the market. It also performs diverse functions. This charger can charge a huge amount of different batteries and voltages.

This feature alone intends to help you avoid buying diverse chargers for every of your battery type. It is a convenient charger that has an octopus multi-charging harness plus alligator chips.

Its power supply is an all in one extensive package. It is heavily packed with components and functions that will enable charging your battery simple and highly comfortable. Hota H8 balance charger does not make use of plenty of additional accessories.

Also, the connectors it harnesses include; JST, HiTec, EC3, Deans, Tamiya, Mini Tamiya, etc. The Hota H8 can store information of about five diverse batteries, and so you will not need to program each and everything whenever you want to charge again.

It is capable of balancing both lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries for you not to use another balancer. In addition to all these, the Hota H8 smart LiPo charger is highly compatible with a vast range of connectors.

This helps to boost the optimization and usage of the charger. It has extremely vast voltage compatibility plus a power supply. With its LCD screen and large display font, it makes it easy for you to read and simply use the charger.

It is very easy to operate, and this is actually one of the reasons why the charger is prominently known.

Key Features

Some of the key features that will likely enable you to purchase this charger includes;

  • This charger loads and stores data
  • Charger balances Li-ion and LiPo batteries
  • It charges fast
  • Vast voltage compatibility


05. Venom 2-4 Cell LiPo Balance Charger


For those new to the whole LiPo batteries and even those currently initiated into the LiPo and RC circle, Venom 2-4 cell LiPo charger is the best bet for a great resolution.

This is due to the fact that this model is completely equipped with a single three cell, four-cell and double two cell charging ports. Interestingly, the charging ports are capable of charging 2S batteries simultaneously.

This charger has some great features and not forgetting the auto-detection feature. It can easily identify the cell count instantly. It also swiftly cuts off charging for safety purposes when the battery is fully charged and has a temperature protection feature and it can adjust the charge power instantly when it is overheating.

The charger provides diverse ports for the charging of your 2S batteries. You will have no issue with your battery overheating because the charger has a feature that controls the charging power to prevent such an incidence.

The LCD display also features lights that will enable you to navigate the screen easily without any stress. The venom 2-4 can be connected to either a wall or you can make use of the charger in your car as you charge your car battery.

The charger makes use of low C rating and those not familiar with this should have it in mind that the low c rating enables the charger to capably charge 2S LiPo batteries. Venom 2-4 cell LiPo balance charger also has a very good balance charging method and so there is no need to buy more.

Key Features

Vital features of the venom 2-4 cell LiPo includes;

  • Adjustable charging current
  • Simple to use compact design
  • It has a large LCD display
  • It is of high quality


06. SKYRC B6 Fast LiPo Battery Charger


The SKYRC B6 comes with a control software chargemaster. This charge master gives the user the unparalleled capability to make use of the charger via your computer. The B6 LiPo allows you to track the package voltage, cell voltage, and all other information while charging.

This charger data can be viewed in early time graphs and you can control and even initiate the charging. Now, your charger can finally have its own applications. Asides from using computers to operate it, you can utilize your smartphones as well.

Using the smartphone entails an operation through a WiFi module. It has a lithium battery balancer within the device. Generally, this particular charger is majorly for FPV enthusiasts who need additional accessories for their gadgets.

It is for enthusiasts who will not settle for anything lesser than the best devices that meet their requirements. It is the refurbished and latest version of the SKYRC device. This charger has a lightweight with qualities suggesting a fast charge feature.

This charger is compatible with each and every battery type plus it has its highest charge power at 50watts. It has sensors for temperature threshold and an alternative socket to probe the temperature.

This will help to end the process once the charger reaches its temperature limit. The charger also entails diverse modes for charging. One of the greatest addition to the SKYRC charger is the WIFI module.

This module enables you to have remote access to information pertaining to your battery. With its adjustable terminal voltage, you can charge batteries that are heavy.

Key Features

Some of the vital features to look out for includes;

  • It charges swiftly
  • It has a charge current of 6 amp
  • Terminal voltage can be adjusted for your PC connection
  • Limits can be set for the charging current and processing time


07. Traxxas 2972 EZ-Peak Plus Dual LiPo Dual Charger


Basically, the Traxxas 2972 EZ Peak Charger System is the type of charger that can be utilized in powering DC devices like lathes, lights, chargers, etc. It generates a large 100W of power.

All you need to do is to connect the charger into the wall and make use of the DC port to power whichever device you want. The DC port is situated on the right side of the Traxxas charger.

The charger can be used in checking the voltage of the cell of a lithium battery whenever it is connected to the balance port. The screen practically offers a readout of every of the cell’s voltage, complete pack voltage including the lowest and highest cells.

It has a convenient discharge and charge cycle that will allow you to balance your battery for up to five cycles and also refresh continually. Using this charger is dependent on what you require it to do.

This is due to the fact that you can program the time of the interval to occur between the discharge and the charge. It does not matter if it is the type of battery, cell quantity, or discharge current, the charger can bring memories seamlessly and save you the trouble of carrying out formatting it all the time.

It has a storage mode that makes sure you do not have to lose charge whenever you store the LiPo battery for a very long period of time. You will simply have to choose the ideal intensity or voltage and go on to store it.

This will easily make sure that you do not recharge the battery at every point in time for a long duration. Its balance charging feature helps to cut down risks of overcharging the battery cell.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the Traxxas 2972 EZ Peak Charger System includes;

  • It supports diverse battery types
  • Supports diverse connector types
  • Charges and discharges
  • It is a smart charger
  • Easy interface and charge progress indicator


08. HiTec RCD Micro LiPo Charger


If you are out in the market searching for a portable charger for each and every one of your micro flyers, then search no more. HiTec has gone on to produce its latest micro charger. This charger features an in-built AC/DC power supply.

It also has four different charging ports that in turn has four of the most regular battery connectors to satisfy every one of your needs and desires. The distinct LED display which reveals the current capacity and charging status to keep you informed.

It is prominently known for its fast-charge capability. Basically, the HiTec RCD battery charger and discharger is designed and equipped with diverse charging and discharging profiles. These profiles are roughly ten in number and they are all different.

With its chargemaster software app, the charger comes preloaded into the unit and can be utilized through the use of a PC.

This balance battery charger is structured with not just a sleek design but it makes use of modern constructions. it enables an easy plugin through the front of the charger and it can charge almost all the diverse types of batteries.

This amazing fast battery charger has a 3.2 inch LCD display screen and it is highly simplified to operate. Its instructions are easy.

Additionally, it is compact and very simple to keep. The HiTec RCD benefits immensely from the two set of rollers situated on the side of the unit. It also makes use of an in-built side spring that you can easily pull and also release in order to maneuver the device seamlessly.

Key Features

Some of the important features to look out for include;

  • Four distinct charging ports
  • Optimized functioning software
  • It is light and portable


9. GoolRC B6 Multi-functional Professional Balance Charger


People refer to the GoolRC B6 charger as a product without power. This is because the wrong utilization can make the battery to short circuit and ultimately decided the battery.

However, there are two different situations that can make a short circuit to occur. A short circuit occurs if two rows of pins are inserted simultaneously. It can also occur when the battery is placed in and it comes in contact with the charger’s metal material.

Subsequently, the GoolRC B6 battery can charge about three different LiPo batteries. It makes use of LED lights that are fitted on the charger to aid in letting you know when your battery has gotten to its highest limit.

When you purchase this charger, it provides you with a B3 company charger plus a plugin order for you not to go to the market in search of this feature yet again.

This charger has a processing time limit, input power monitor, capacity limit, and temperature limit. Its circuit performs highly and has high power. It has diverse connectors used in charging different batteries.

The charger is rapid for Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-polymer, Li-on, and Pb batteries. In order to have a balanced charge mode, this charger makes use of a totally separate voltage detector.

Included in this charger is an AC-DC adapter. It is swift and small in size, this makes it a portable device. Generally, this charger has ideal battery management for the diverse types of lithium batteries.

It has a maximum of 5A charge and also a maximum of 50A charging power. It comes with an integral equalizer for LiLon, LiFe and 6S LiPo batteries.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the HiTec RCD charger includes;

  • It is highly safe
  • Sensitivity is Delta-peak
  • Controlled via microprocessor
  • Tracks the voltage of distinct cells


10. Morpilot Molex Plug+6 Battery Charger


For those who have in-depth knowledge of batteries, you would note that the morpilot is a similar replacement for cheerson CX-30W, Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, and X5SW. So, it does not need any necessary update

This smart charger is capable of charging roughly six-packs of 3.7V batteries simultaneously. With its increased current output plus power, it provides much more robust performance.

Have it in mind that the Morpilot is a direct replacement battery.

Key Features

Its vital features include;

  • Short circuit protection
  • An overcharge protection
  • Simple to use
  • It is not heavy

While we are charging the LiPo battery we need to conscious about the safety that means we must need to beware of any unfortunate circumstances. LiPo Charging safety bags play the most significant role in this matter.

Here we gather some important data about LiPo Charging Safety Bags, let us have a look

How To Choose The Perfect LiPo Battery Charger For The Vehicles: A to Z Explanation From Experts !!!


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best LiPo Battery Charger in 2020

Right before you make your big purchase for a LiPo charger, you will need to go through some of the charger’s features and also if it is designed with a simple to utilize UI.

Basically, you should make sure the charger has a complete user guide that gives a detailed explanation about the features, modes, and functions that will assist in helping you understand the device much better.

In case you have not found out already, you will find out in time that LiPo chargers come in diverse sizes and shapes. This will have an effect on the abilities your LiPo batteries will possess.

For those new to the whole LiPo charger wagon, you will not find it too hard to purchase a dependable charger so far you have the knowledge of the basic principles that regulate how a LiPo charger should function.

However, with how these devices vary from the common battery chargers all around, it is advisable that you do not implement similar discerning standards that you would use when purchasing a standard recharger.

Meanwhile, before going ahead to make the big purchase, you should, first of all, know what actually makes up the ideal LiPo charger and all you will need to expect in the years ahead.

The parameters involved in deciding the best LiPo battery charger for your battery is somewhat difficult. This is due to the fact that so many things will have to be taken into account.

You will need to consider a vast range of factors in order to not compromise the main functionality of the charger. Putting price aside, the versatility of the product needs to be considered greatly.

In order to purchase a charger with good quality, you will need to pay much attention to the majority of the technical details. Some of which includes;

  • Compatibility

You will need to check if your charger is compatible with the battery type you make use of. While so many people are of the belief that they make use of one type of battery, which is not entirely true.

It best to go for chargers that can seamlessly adapt to diverse variants and are highly compatible with a vast range of batteries.

  • Power Requirement

This right here is among the most vital factors that should undeniably be considered. You will need to check the amount of power the charger can generate and if it tallies with all your necessary requirements.

With this, you will make sure that you get enough adequate power that will be in synchronization with all you need.

While most people are always confused about the highest charge current, you should, however, think about the highest charging capability of each of the distinct ports.

Issues of maximum power can actually be misleading if you do not take the time to understand it properly.

Features To Search For

Some of the features you should search for include;

  • Computerized or not computerized

Looking to purchase a LiPo charger, you should definitely be investing your money in a computerized one. Subsequently, computerized chargers have a lot of multiple functions and they support so many different types of batteries such as the Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-on and then LiPo.

Also included in the computerized chargers are a vast range of charging options like fast charge, charge, discharge, storage charge and balance charge. It will enable you to examine the cell of the battery, analyze the internal resistance and ultimately save the profile of your usual routine for charging.

  • Safety

You should note that LiPo chargers have in-built safety features which ensures that the charger pushed into your battery does not get to be too much. The basic feature is validating the number of cells that are available in the pack and how much cells the charger is programmed for.

Some chargers usually have something called a temperature cut-off whereby they automatically stop to charge batteries immediately they reach a specific temperature. Prolonged exposure to hot temperatures results in bad consequences for LiPos.

In addition to all these, some of the chargers have a time-out feature that stops charging immediately the charger runs for a certain time frame. For some LiPo chargers, they can easily be connected to either your smartphone or PC in order to change its setting or possibly monitor its charging.

  • Amount of power the charger output

The output power of a LiPo charger is usually measured in watts. It is advisable not to buy a LiPo charger that it’s capacity watt is low. It is not meant to be lower than the batteries you need to charge. This would make your battery to charge slower than it should charge.

Through the LiPo charger’s interface, one can determine how best your experience will be when you make use of the device.

Some other features to consider are;

  • A display screen:

This display screen is positioned at the back of the device. It will help you when you are in dark places or assist those who find it difficult to read the charger’s menu.

This display has to be bold and simple to read in each and every lighting situation most especially when you will need to charge your battery as quickly as possible. Purchasing a charger with the backlit display screen will make reading easier for you.

  • Automatic overheat alarm system:

With a feature like this, you are not at risk of your battery overheating. It will enable your device to shut down in the event of your battery overheating. This feature will not only prolong your battery life but also the long term dependability of your charger as well.

  • Process Indication:

The function of the process Indication is to let users know the status of their device. Also, it allows you to know the specific amount the battery has charged up to and whether or not it has completed the overall charging process.

Purchasing a charger with this feature will help you in figuring out the expected charging time needed for each of your batteries.

LiPo Battery Safety Bag For Secure Charging

This is a safety bag that is essential for you to have. It is made up of a fire-retarding material. All you need to do is to put in your LiPo battery inside the bag.

In a case whereby it starts on fire, it has been constructed to diminish the impact of a charging mishap of lithium polymer batteries. You should always charge your battery in this protected bag in order to have peace of mind and an increased safety level.

The bag helps in containing flames should a fire start and it is big enough to store diverse batteries all at once. Its quality is premium. It had a solid build with Velcro at the front.

This gives it more protection on its sides and holds the LiPo battery safely. However, you should always keep your eyes on your battery when it is charging and make sure the battery is on a surface that is nonflammable.

Always make sure that the LiPo safe bag is covered when it is charging and know that the bag is intended to decreased the chances of damages in case of a LiPo fire.

This bag can stand up against heat and fire of about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit i.e 550 degrees Celsius. It does not make use of a glass fiber that will get you annoyed. The additional double zipper keeps the bag highly sealed and comfortable to utilize.

It is a highly comfortable way of protecting your LiPo batteries when they are charging, in-store or possibly in transit. Additionally, the bag is spacious enough to keep diverse batteries all at once. It can contain roughly fifteen to twenty packs of 22000mAh 3S LiPo batteries.

Common Features

Vital Features to consider before purchasing this bag includes

  • It is fireproof and explosion-proof
  • It protects your LiPo battery
  • It has a double zipper
  • It is spacious

Common Frequently Asked Questions About Best LiPo Chargers

What is a LiPo charger?

Basically, LiPo (lithium polymer battery chargers) chargers are popular devices that allow you to enjoy a long battery life. The chargers do not spoil your batteries but rather saves you the hassle of altering batteries at every point in time when you need them for either your wireless gamepads or remote control.

It does not only have an increased power capacity, but it aids in extended battery life also. However, this is rightly true for almost all LiPo batteries based on how they have been intricately designed and structured.

Which is the best LiPo charger for me?

There are so many LiPo chargers available in the market today and if you need the best, you can make your purchase from well-known brands and their products such as; Keenstone 100W, Tenergy TB6-B, Venom 2-4, GoolRC, and so much more

Can I make use of the LiPo battery when the LiPo charger is currently charging it?

Though it is possible to make use of it, it is not advisable. This due to the fact that the safety and lifetime of your battery will be at stake. While the LiPo charger can measure its very own current output, it will not know anything about the current load.

So, the voltage of your battery will get lower than it should actually get.

Can I charge my lithium-ion battery with my LiPo charger?

Yes. The interesting news about the whole idea of LiPo is that all the batteries you will make use of are roughly going to be 4.2V. So, you can utilize a 4.2V charger for your lithium-ion polymer and lithium-ion batteries.

What colors can I get my best RC LiPo charger?

The majority of the RC LiPo chargers come in black colors but you can also see those that are either blue in color i.e plain blue and some are red in color. While for some of the chargers, they are black with a little touch of other colors like yellow.

Are LiPo chargers the best type of chargers to own?

They are obviously a good investment. They can be used for a long period of time and help to prolong your battery life. Some of them have diverse ports that will allow you to charge up to four batteries all at once.

The majority of them have the amazing charge and discharge feature and you will never be at risk of your battery overheating.

Are LiPo chargers safe to use?

Yes, they are very safe to make use of. Trust your chargers to be in safe hands.

How do I know the best dual LiPo chargers?

Though we have helped with a combination of the best LiPo battery chargers available in the market, you can also read up on reviews from people who have made use of the chargers and making use of them currently.

Reviews will help you have an idea of what you are getting into as you will be getting firsthand information from those with experience. Also, you can purchase your charger from prominent brands.


From this article, it is obvious that you will need to pay close attention to details whenever you decide to make the big purchase for the best RC LiPo charger. If you have to go with the crowd, it will not help your situation.

This is a call you will need to take alone as it relies on your personal requirements and the type of battery you utilize. It does not matter if you make use of high powered batteries or for some other specific purposes, it is clear that the LiPo chargers are the solution for every of your battery charging desires.

LiPo chargers have been structured to provide not just a user-friendly interface but also an intuitive with lots of connection ports to select from as well as some cooling features and functions for amazing measures.

It is of vital importance that you note that, despite the difficulties and of course versatile designs of the LiPo charger, it is not all of them that have been created up to the same particular standard including the top-shelf model LiPo chargers as well.

Majorly, this is as a result of their structured purpose that some of the charger’s units have. This implies that they are structured to work with certain battery models. Also, their controls are quite complex to learn.

This alone prompts most individuals to restrain from making use of any of them. However, for a good look at twelve of the best LiPo battery charger 2019 that will not be difficult for you to operate, you should go through this list.

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