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Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado – Top 10 Reviewed

What are the best replacement shocks for Chevy Silverado?

Working shocks are vital to create a seamless ride and safe control of your vehicle. They also aid in turning and breaking so when replacing them you’ll want to make sure you can get the highest quality option within your budget.

While it is possible to keep driving your car with worn-out shocks, it is not advisable. So, if you have determined that you need the best replacement shocks for Cheby silverado this article makes it simple.

I have create a list of the top 10 options for your Chevy. Furthermore, I have included a buying guide to make sure you are well informed and have all the information to make the correct decision.

Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado At a Glance

Shocks For Chevy SilveradoAppearanceDetails
Rough Country Suspension Shock
Pair OEM Front Shock Strut
Bilstein Front and Rear Shock
Supreme Suspension Lift Kit and Shock
Rancho QuickLIFT Loaded Strut Assemblies
Bilstein 5100 Gas Shock Set
Wulf Suspensions Pro Comp Shocks
Gabriel Hijackers Gas Shock
Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers
Detroit Axle Complete Strut

With this in mind, it is ideal that if you get into any form of trouble with your shocks, you should replace it on time. You can either choose to replace them when they are damaged or when they need to be changed after a long period.

For those who are unaware of what shocks are, here’s a little explanation to help you get started. Shock absorbers or shocks as they are prominently called are devices like oil pumps; that aid in controlling not only the impact but also the rebound movement of a car’s suspension and springs.

The principal role of shock absorbers is to make sure that the turn of the car stays in contact with the surface of the road at every point in time. These are basically the two major works of shock absorbers.

Be it at rest or even in motion, the end surface of a car’s tires is the only area of the car that makes contact with the road’s surface.

Have it in mind that whenever your tire’s contact with the road is low or damaged, your driving ability, steering, and use the brake is crucially compromised.

Meanwhile, back to the main purpose of this article, discovering the best shocks for Silverado 1500 should not be a critical issue for you.

As this article will be reviewing some of the best shocks for the trucks, cars, and jeeps you could ever think of purchasing for an enjoyable ride.

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Silverado Shocks Replacement Options – Detailed Reviews

Some of the best truck shocks for a smooth ride you can purchase out there includes;

1. Rough Country 1.5-2-inch Premium Suspension Shock

With rough country’s 1.5 to 2.5 inches leveling suspended kit, your car or truck will be completely transformed. All you desire to operate close to 32” tires and attain an aggressive yet nice look of a leveled truck is right here.

It comes with a kit that contains; keys for adjusting the forged torsion bars, four shocks, and so many other interesting tools. It comes with a 3” shock spacer and rear block which assists in providing enough space for a vast range of alternatives than other lesser leveling kits have to offer.

There is also a premium N3 shock. Basically, these charged shocks provide an intriguing mixture of seamless rides and off-the-road action. This rough country shock offers close to 36kN tensile power for a really long life span.

Coupled with its hundred percent bolt-on installation procedure, it is simple enough for you to set up all on your own without any external hand but either way, you can get it done in your regular shop.

Its forges torsion keys enable the ideal tuning of the torsion bar in order for it to level up the front with the back. Using just a 1” range that is adjustable, the keys can easily be dialed to whatever angle you need.

These torsion keys are actually more powerful than cast irons, and they provide so much strength to keep every single thing not only leveled but locked as well.

Key Features

The vital features of the rough country 1.5”-2.5” includes;

  • It has a simple bolt-on installation
  • Levels the front with the back
  • The ground clearance is high

2. Pair OEM Front Shock Strut Set From Buy Auto Parts

Prominently known as the globe’s biggest automotive parts suppliers, OEM parts are highly trusted by car owners and mechanics all over the world.

However, this particular shock and strut set has been created, and tests have been carried out on it according to OE standards. Its performance will leave you amazed as it was created for seamless ownership.

The OEM front shock strut comes with a brand new OEM strut. The struts have been fine-tuned for each and every particular car implementation.

It will interestingly boost your ride and the safe handling of your car.

Key Features

Some major features of the shock strut set are;

  • Simple installation
  • It exceeds the specifications of OEM
  • Created for powerful durability

3. Bilstein 5100 Front and Rear Shock Replacement For Silverado

The Bilstein 5100 comes with a finished set of four shock absorbers. They are two front and two rear. The front shock has a height of 02.5” while the rear has a height of 0-1” lift respectively. It was built in the United States of America.

The front shocks have an extended to.3” and a collapsed 15.76”. For the rear shock, it has an extended 26.15” and a collapsed 16.14”.

Need the best shocks and struts for the smooth ride then Bilstein should be among the top-rated on your list. They manufacture shocks that will provide you with seamless rides. The shocks are built from hard and durable metals.

This helps to make sure that they serve you for a long period of time, i.e. years. Also, the best shocks for towing utilize some of the top technologies in order to provide awesome operations.

Some of the technologies are; the 46mm monotube design that aids in ensuring a continuous and smooth performance in all your driving situations. Included also is the patented digressive valve that responds swiftly to change in surfaces.

Its response is for a seamless and consistent ride. Its OEM licensed mounting hardware allows for easy and straight forward installation. You can install it all by yourself without the aid of a mechanic or anyone else.

Key Features

Its vital features comprise of;

  • Total of four shocks
  • It is durable
  • Easy installation

4. Supreme Suspensions Adjustable Silverado Lift Kit and Replacement Shocks Combo

Generally, they improve your car’s appearance plus operate big tires with the back and front lift kit. Its torsion keys are double the power of the industrial system. With this in mind, they should be able to withstand whatever your truck is willing to dish out.

Its rear lift blocks cannot be compressed when they are under bulky or heavy loads. This is because they are made from T6 aircraft grade billet. The torsion keys plus the lift blocks are completed using a unique powder coating to secure them against elements and provides resistance to corrosion.

As for the best shocks for towing, they will assist in maintaining the ideal car tackling Dynamics due to its increased gravity. However, it will still retain its factory quality like a ride.

The lift kits here are structured to be set up without the aid of any specific instrument. You will find an instruction manual in the kit to help you with the whole installation procedure.

Basically, the supreme suspensions kits have been built to boost the appearance of your car and at the same time offer it an aggressive profile. Its steel played U-bolts provides safety through restoring the required clamp force on the spring assembly.

They are structured to withstand all extreme surroundings. Attached to this kit is installation hardware placed to provide you with peace of mind.

Key Features

The supreme suspensions have some prominent features such as;

  • Installation is easy
  • It makes use of steel plated U-bolts
  • It is safe and secure

5. Rancho QuickLIFT Loaded Strut Assemblies & Shock Absorber For Chevrolet/GMC 

On a general note, they are very simple to control and have a decreased vibration effect. Through the aid of either cornering or bumping, the stability performance of this shock is enhanced meaningfully.

It reduces any form of noise your vehicle was once experiencing.

Basically, it disrupts or eliminates any abnormal sound that your car is clearly not meant to produce.

Key Features

Some of the vital features of the Rancho QuickLIFT Loaded Strut Assemblies includes;

  • It has the inductive shock absorber
  • It is safe and highly sensitive
  • Reduces car noise

6. Bilstein 5100 Gas Replacement Shock Set

As a result of their huge tires and a tall stance, lifted cars basically places extra requirements on the damping capability of the shock absorber.

For this 5100 monotube design, it has patent digressive valving and is specifically made to tackle each and every one of these requirements. It does not matter if they are on the road or off, heavily loaded or not;

This shock swiftly responds to a changing road input in order to maintain an ideal, managed the yet convenient ride. This powerful monotube gas pressure design enables the heat from the oil to be transferred straight to the outer surface of the shock body, and it expends much more effectively.

The Piston that splits allows the oil to grow wider as the heat builds up. This prevents the loss of viscosity and preventing aeration. Ultimately, this enables the shock to regulate overall damping habits as the temperature surges.

For all the bumps you may have to go through in the roads of life, there is a little lift available to help you get through them in one piece. This life is coming from no other place than the Bilstein 5100.

With the Bilstein 5100, you are offered a vast range of enhancements for both the Shocks and the suspension system of its light vehicles.

Using this shock, you can lift your vehicle, supplement an already created life kit or basically enhance the performance operation of your very own suspension system with the item.

The majority of the Bilstein series is structured to operate with a large myriad of vehicles. The shocks have all the needed washers, nuts and bushings. It comes with two front lifts and two back lifts.

Key Features

Some of the prominent features include;

  • It has a set of four shocks
  • It perfectly suits 4WD cars
  • Its shock mounting bolts can be used again for the installation

7. Wulf Suspensions Pro Comp Shocks Replacement

It was created to lift any truck of yours with its front kit that is adjustable from 1-3” of lift. The torsion keys have been re-indexed in order to give your truck an adequate lift.

In the process of this lift, it makes sure there is no case of over-cranking of the factory keys.

You do not need to worry another the keys as they have been created to be extraordinarily hard to tackle any terrain you have in mind to drive on.

You should know that this kit also contains rear lift blocks and U-bolts that are extended with rear pro-comp shocks that are ideal just for this kit.

Key Features

They include;

  • The torsion bars are strong
  • It has a back and front Pro-comp
  • Its rear lift block is 3”

8. Gabriel Hijackers Air Shock Replacement For Chevrolet

These are regarded as the original air adjustable shocks that provide a customized operation and support that you can adjust or re-adjust as you please. They aid in handling towing and hauling that are not permanent.

These hijackers can inflate exactly like your car tires and then, you can easily air them up for towing in order to decrease the risk of them pulling out.

For those who do not know Gabriel hijackers, they are referred to as America’s prominently known air adjustable shock absorber. They are great for temporarily towing short term weighty loads.

Basically, they can help to boost handling and offer leveling capacity. Similar to all shocks and struts of Gabriel hijackers, this one also comprises of a super completed chromed piston rod.

It is used for resisting powerful corrosions plus a leak-proof piston that extends the lifespan of the product. However, this shock does not include a payload.

The leveling capacity of this shock is roughly 1100 lbs. Your cars can be left to operate hotly with an aggressive stance and big coverage that is made available for enthusiasts interested in drag racing. Also included are trucks for work and pickups.

The shocks decrease the risk of your vehicle bottoming out in cases when your vehicle is actually underloaded. It practically takes the sagging part out.

And, when it is under load, the maintenance of the ideal ride height will aid in retaining proper body tackling and decrease vehicle sway.

Key Features

Some of the main features of the Gabriel hijackers air shock includes;

  • It is secure for driving
  • Air can be removed and added
  • There is a decreased risk of bottoming out

9. Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers Includes Front & Rear Shocks 

The Bilstein 4600 series shock absorber and struts are created and structured uniquely to aid the stock height of your truck, SUV or even van.

It aids them in attaining their peak when it gets down to the performance of the ride and handling.

At the same time, it provides a convenient and comfortable ride that is highly expected of any product associated with Bilstein.

The shocks offer a swift and highly noticeable advancement in both the ride and controlling of your car, SUV or truck.

While it decreases the movement in your vehicle, it steps up by providing ideal control and higher protection. The materials used in creating the shocks are of high quality.

Basically, to upgrade the quality of your car’s ride over the basic standards of OE, you will need the Bilstein 4600 shocks.

Key Features

The key features of the Bilstein 4600 series shock absorber include;

  • Installation is easy
  • Updates are not needed
  • It has monotube gas pressure technology

10. Detroit Axle Complete 4×4 Strut & Shock Absorber Set

It does not matter if you are trying to fit into the tightest corner or probably hauling the sharp grades, there is no need to worry because Detroit axles are capable of meeting all your difficult demands.

Detroit axle shocks have four new back and front full strut assembly and a shock absorber set.

Basically, Detroit axle shock absorbers are produced to bypass the original tool standards and offer a better and more seamless riding vehicle.

In addition to this, the Detroit axle is a top supplier of products for ride control that are being traded to OE vehicle manufacturers all over the nation.

The struts of Detroit axle are created to the top quality and provide top operations.

It makes use of O-ring that gives pressure to the inner tube and builds a wall that is tighter to keep the valveless vulnerable to tiredness, wear, and dirt.

Key Features

Its features are;

  • It meets with original standards
  • Products have high quality
  • It makes use of a 4X4 electronic suspension

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Shocks For Lifted Trucks

There is an abrupt volume of shock alternatives available for the prominently known trucks and cars. All these can simply be overwhelming.

However, this guide can be of help as it focuses on giving you an in-depth knowledge of what each and every shock can do. It will basically help you find the perfect fit for your truck or your car

Meanwhile, the most vital things you need to consider in order to find the best shocks for lifted trucks have to do with exactly what you utilize your truck or car for.

However, if for instance, your truck sees more of starlights than stoplights then you do need a much more powerful shock than the subtle factory dampers.

Also, if you spend most parts of your day comfortably inside your SUV, then you will not want your teeth jammed out on each and every manhole covers.

Furthermore, the most ideal shocks for getting your truck to a campsite as you drive through mud and all over rocks should be one that is stiff and capable of resisting any issue of overheating.

Basically, the most convenient and comfortable shock for getting your family to church and even the quilting group should be a soft and reliable one.

But in a case where you will need to rush your family to church or to any of the quilting groups, then you need to start thinking about performance shocks.

So, the fact is that no one can overemphasize the vitality of always making sure that you are purchasing the best and correct shock for either your truck or your car.

This is simply due to the fact that the wrong shock absorber will not only have a bad effect on the quality of your ride; it will also have an effect on the safety of your car.

In order not to have problems with the shock absorber you will purchase, you should consider some factors before making your big purchase.

These factors include;

  • Style

You should note that all shocks are not the same. They are manufactured in diverse shapes, sizes, and styles.

Also, each of the shocks has its advantages and disadvantages that will be ideal and suitable for the various riding applications.

Some of the most prominent and regular shock absorber styles available in the market place today include;

  • Gas Shocks

There are so many manufacturers that will offer the gas shocks as genuine equipment or better still, the type of shocks that your car or truck will have when it is brought out of the factory.

These gas shocks have both nitrogen and oil gas sealed within them, and these are the soft cushions on which you will ride.

This is because they can tackle the issue of over bouncing better and they frequently last longer on smaller vehicles than the shocks that of a standard. Basically, they are highly durable.

  • Standard Shocks

The standard shocks are the type of shocks that the manufacturers of cars generally place in the car or truck whenever you purchase the vehicle. They practically do not have any unique or distinct components.

The fact is that they are simply basic and when it comes down to how many miles they can go, truthfully, you will not purchase anyone that will take you for a complete 100000 miles.

  • Heavy Duty Shocks

SUVs, vans, trucks and every other comparatively huge vehicle mostly make use of these heavy-duty shocks. They are manufactured with a tremendously large middle shaft and have ideal attachment points than what you will see in both the standard and gas shocks.

Using these types of shocks, i.e. the heavy-duty shocks, you will be offered a stiffer ride, and immediately you pack on much more heavier loads on the vehicle, you will be pleasantly met with a much more seamless ride.

  • Automatic Level Control Shocks

Searching for this type of shocks? There is a particular place to find them. They are found in none other than costly and sophisticated vehicles. These shocks make use of a system known as the air pump system.

This system can only be activated when there is a clear difference in the weight distribution of the vehicle.

This basically means that, whenever you have passengers in the sophisticated vehicle or let us say an additional weight, the air pump is instantly activated to add more pressure to the shocks.

This is done to compensate for the additional weight in order for you to enjoy a ride that constantly remains smooth.

  • Air Shocks

On a general note, the shocks known as air shocks are exactly like the automatic level control shock. The comparison is similar because they both demand air to be contributed to the shock and, their operation mechanism is much more of a manual process.

However, the air shocks practically have an air inlet that will enable air to find its way in to pressurize the shock in order for it to lift the car or truck for ideal control and enhanced quality of the ride.

  • Overload Shocks

They are either called overload or coil-over shocks. The name “coil-over” was gotten as a result of its spring coiling around the outer section of the shock cylinder. Subsequently, the coil is actually meant to aid vehicles in stiffening the reflex action of the replacement shock.

If you are to purchase this time of shock, then it is ideal that you have it in mind that these shocks are used on off-road vehicles such as rock climbers.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

With so many types of shock absorber available all around the world, it is extremely difficult to select the right and ideal one for your truck, car or any of your vehicles. Meanwhile, the most vital thing that should be considered at all times is the compatibility of the vehicle.

  • Price

To be truthful, as you consider the quality of the Shocks, its performance, operations, and compatibility are the highest and most vital factors to actually consider.

However, another factor that really matters when you want to make your big shock purchase is the price of the shock absorber. This is a factor that no matter what, it can never be overlooked or put aside when selecting shocks.

However, you should begin by preparing a budget or make the decision on the amount of money you are willing to spend in purchasing the right shock.

From then on, you can begin searching for the best operating shocks that are strictly within your proposed budget. Also, the size of your vehicle will be added to what determines the amount of money you will be spending.

This is due to the fact that, while the shocks of smaller saloon cars are affordably cheap, that of SUVs and really heavy-duty trucks cannot be bought so cheaply.

  • The Driving Condition

Before making your big shock absorber purchase, you should also consider the roads in which you practically drive through almost daily if not every day.

This is because things like off-road adventures will demand harder shocks that can easily and conveniently withstand much more bounce. However, if you are riding on a road that is smooth frequently, any shock absorber can comfortably work for you.

This is due to the fact that it will not be plagued with the issues of abuse or bounce. Meanwhile, both the gas and standard shocks that follow a majority of cars can be referred to as good enough for normal or regular driving activities.

As for the heavy-duty shocks, they are ideal for muddy roads and also for roughly looking roads that are filled with gravel.

  • Durability and Material

No matter how ideal your ride is, plus the control that your shocks are providing for you, they will surely not be so convenient if you have to keep on changing them at every point in time.

Thus, what this is also implying is that you need to spend more on the shock absorber you will be buying. Although some can be really costly, it is best you spend it all now than keep on changing shocks in the long run.

So, before taking the step to buy your shock absorber, you should make sure you go through the material and ensure that you will settle for only the shocks that are significantly and highly durable.

The shocks can be made from diverse materials but however, the most prominent ones are steel and aluminum. For the steel shock absorber, they are taken as the cheapest i.e most affordable but an issue with them is that they can be a bit hard to set up.

For the aluminum shock absorber, they can be adjusted and they are lighter. This is one of the reasons why lots of drivers will rather use them. As for their price, some of them are comparatively pricier than the absorbers made of steel.

Additionally, asides from the material, you should also check on the complete construction of the shock absorber and be sure to check if they are hard enough for the greatest durability.

  • Ease Of Installation

It is common everywhere to have individuals fall under a certain category. This category entails people who would rather do every single thing all on their own instead of waiting on an external hand to help out.

If you fall into that group, then the easy installation of a shock absorber is a significant factor to put in mind before purchasing shocks. You should also note that some of the shock absorbers will demand updates or customizations for set up.

If you have such type of shock, you will have to frequently pay an expert to help out with the installation.

Meanwhile, if you really want to set it up all on your own, i.e., you want to set up the type of shocks that demand updates, just make sure the shocks you purchase contains a mountain kit plus a detailed instructional manual.

However, a shock absorber that does not need updates can be easily installed directly. You will be able to set it up yourself by simply following the manual that the majority of the manufacturers make available.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy Silverado

  • What makes my car make clamping sounds even in periods wherein my shocks are not old?

Sounds like that are frequently caused by a mounting issue and not necessarily form the shock. You can actually go through the components that are linked to the shock. Possible reasons could be that the mount may be fatigue and causing the shock to move anyhow.

Also, your shock may have not been screwed in tightly, and this could cause the movements or sounds you hear.

  • When can I replace my old shock for a new one?

Replacing your old shock could be for diverse reasons. You may likely want to modify the performance, you may want to restore the car’s original operation that came with it. Also, in a case where the car may be leaking hydraulic oil.

  • When I service my shock do I need to service other parts of my car?

Well, it is not a bad idea to either service or replaces other parts associated with the shock absorber when it is under maintenance. In the process, you can as well replace other parts that may likely cause issues in the future

  • Is my shock weak if it can be compressed with my hands?

Hand movement compressing a shock absorber is not an ideal means of judging if a shock absolver is good or not. This is simply for the fact that the speed and force produced via a car in motion over exceeds whatever you can do with your hands.

  • Exactly how long do shocks last?

No one can predict exactly how long your shock absorber will last for. Although most people claim it should last for a period of four to five years, this might not be feasible if the car or truck is always used extremely.

Meanwhile, some do last for a period of ten years before being replaced but this is for cars that have been driven and operated on seamless roads will be obstructions of bad roads.

  • Is it compulsory to replace my shock absorber in its pair?

While it is not really necessary, it is sometimes recommended. You may need to change both the rear shocks. The reason is not far-fetched. New shocks will absorb issues like road bumps far better than how the old one would have.

However, if the old spring still works fine, it can meet up with the new one and give you a comfortable ride.

  • How frequent should my shock absorber be replaced?

There are manufacturers who would claim that you should replace your shocks at a mile of fifty thousand. While that seems like it would be beneficial to them more than it would for you, you can simply have the shocks inspected yearly or probably monthly instead.

  • Is there a sign to know when new shocks are needed?

In the moment of undergoing braking and the front end of your car, truck or van dives, it is a clear sign that your shocks need to be replaced as quickly as possible. If not replaced then you can have them inspected.

Also, if after a turn, your car takes a drastic dip, you will need to replace the shocks.

  • Do I really have to replace my shocks?

Some professionals have come out to say that your shocks should be replaced at a range of 50000 to 100000 miles. This in itself is just the basic recommendation generally.

But, you should have it in mind that if you go through roads with bumps and basically roads that are in bad states, you will be replacing your shocks more often than a person who drives through roads that are smooth.

  • Can my car be driven with a bad shock absorber?

It is highly not advisable to drive a car that has its shock absorber broken. You cannot even drive speedily. You will need to be careful enough to avoid sharp bends and stops. Can you drive this way for till you change the shocks? We guess not.

So, at the end of the day, you will need to change the bad shock absorber in order to enjoy your ride much more efficiently.

  • How long does it take to replace the shocks?

It does not take more than two to three hours.

  • Who makes the best shocks and struts?

There are numerous companies in the business of manufacturing best shocks and struts for a smooth ride and some of the best ranges from; Bilstein, OEM, rough country and not to forget Gabriel Hijackers.


Basically, car owners, truck owners, van owners, SUV owners and practically owners of any type of vehicle that moves on the road should endeavor to maintain their vehicles in good working orders all the time.

To do this, it involves taking out time to replace the vehicle’s shocks when they are old or broken. If not replaced, these damaged or old shocks can be highly dangerous and cause harm.

They generally decrease the vehicle’s control-ability and can prospectively cause crucial damages to the suspension and tires of such vehicles. When you pay close attention to the way and manner in which your shocks operate while you are on the wheels, you can replace the shocks on time and basically save money and time.

When you are replacing best shocks and struts for a smooth ride, it is highly vital that the owners of the vehicle have the basic knowledge of the type of shock they will be needing and also, they have to ensure that the shocks that will be bought should ultimately match the type of vehicle they drive.

Another key thing to note is that, when you are replacing the shocks on a particular side of your vehicle, the shocks on the other side should also be changed, both at the same time.

This should be done to avoid issues of unstable driving. Both shocks must be replaced by making use of the same brand and type of shock.

It is evident that shock absorbers have a vital role to play when it comes down to experiencing smooth rides at every point in time. This is the sole reason why you should invest your money in purchasing the best shock for truck available in the market.

So many people find it difficult to pick shocks for the sole reason that they are too many and they get confused about which is the most ideal. From this article, we have been able to streamline some of the best you can find anywhere.

Now, you can select the ideal shock product that works best for your vehicle. A lot of people have found out that shock absorber practically has an effect on the quality of their ride.

Finally, you can now take your time to select from the diverse alternatives at your disposal that will work perfectly with the car or truck you have.

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