Top 10 Best Silverado Seat Covers- Reviews & Buying Guides

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The best Silverado seat covers out on the market consists of a wide range of top quality, durable car seat covers that are remarkably made to suit your ideal seat cover. Due to the constant use of our cars, the interior may begin to look disorganized and dirty, especially the seats which wear and tear and retain dirt and spills.

This causes us great discomfort. Plus, the search for a better, fitting seat cover from the wide range of options in the market is most stressful.

Since the seat covers of Chevy Silverado need some extra attention when you decide to purchase the best. Chevrolet Silverado Leveling Kits and Replacement Shocks are the most common tools that you must need to maintain the vehicles. You can read more about them through the links.

10 Best Seat Covers For Chevy Silverado of 2019 Review
AppearanceSeat Covers For Chevy SilveradoDetails
Leatherette Seat Cushion
Caltrend Split Bench
Durafit Seat Covers
Leatherette Split Bench
Caltrend Front-Row Bucket
Fia Front-Seat Cover
Durafit Split-Seat Covers
Iggee Front Seat Covers
BDK Seat Covers
Covercraft Seat Saver

To save you the stress, we are going to have a review of the 10 best seat covers for Chevy Silverado. Let’s get on with it,

10 Best Silverado Seat Covers 2019

01. FH Group Leatherette Front Seat Covers

This stylish seat cover is made of quality faux leather, which is supported by high-density foam and non-slip silicone. This fantastic feature makes it even more comfortable than regular, discomforting seat covers.  You don’t have to worry about seat types, as it is designed in an extraordinary way so that it can accommodate both heated and regular seats. That is remarkable, isn’t it? You don’t usually come across this kind of seat covers in the market.

Nowadays, most seat covers come with Airbags of different kinds, but that of the Leatherette seat cushion is entirely different from what is usually obtainable in the market. Its Airbag is entirely compatible, and this is due to its semi-universal dimensions. The protection it offers is excellent, as it is handy. This cover also fits a wide range of trucks, SUVs and cars with detachable headrest.

Most seat covers wear and tear, and even become very flat after just a few months of the rough usage, but a peculiar and unique thing about this seat cover is its resilience and ability to hold itself from flattening out, alongside the comfort it provides. The installation of this seat cover is very easy, as you need to do is just to pull it, and it will stay.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of quality faux leather
  • Supported with high-density foam and non-slip silicone
  • Suiting for both heated and regular seats.
  • Has a compatible Airbag
  • Resilient
  • Comfortable
  • Offers good protection
  • Easy to install

02. CalTrend Front Row Split Bench Seat Covers

Scraping and constant usage often make seat cover look bad, and it makes our friends and colleagues think we are careless. That’s really a wrong impression. But there’s something different here. Due to its exceptional, scuff-resistant ability, the Caltrend split bench seat cover is ideal and perfect for work trucks and heavy vehicles. The number of times it is scraped won’t be a thing of bother. It has very excellent quality, unlike the regular seat covers in the market.

The manufacturers took note of the hassles and difficulties in finding a perfect seat cover that would fit into your car, so they saved you the troubles by manufacturing a specifically, well-tailored cover that’d fit different vehicle seats. Its huge rear storage pockets add to its speciality and is really very useful for storing things that one urgently needs.

Also, it is equally durable and is easy to install, as no additional tool is needed for this. Some seat covers do not slip easily on original upholstery, but this cover will do that without giving you difficulties.

Highlighted Features
  • Anti-scraping
  • Scuff resistant
  • Large storage pockets
  • Fits in a wide range of cars
  • Quality
  • It is an ideal seat cover
  • Quite easy to install
  • Slips easily on upholstery

03. Durafit Camo Seat Covers: Front & Rear Seat

Taking cognizance of how important styles and tastes are to car owners, this particular seat cover was produced with great attention to details and styles, so that it will exactly match your ideal tastes. Its waterproof protection is beneficial, as it protects the seat from getting wet or soaked when we mistakenly spill our drinks or other liquid items.

It equally protects the seats from getting smelly, as it neither traps our sweats nor water. So, we won’t have to worry much when our kids mistakenly spill their meals on the seats.

Another great thing about it is that it can be washed right there in the car without being removed from the seat. Isn’t that laudable? This saves us the stress of removing and replacing the covers anytime we want to wash it.

It also features long term protection against rough usage. It fits properly on already existing upholstery and is also of very impressive quality. Its full backs which have bags are also very useful for keeping our files in the car.

Highlighted Features
  • Detailed attention to style
  • Long term protection
  • Withstands rough usage
  • Washable right there in the car
  • Waterproof protection
  • Impressive quality
  • Has bags on the back
  • Fits perfectly well on existing upholstery

04. FH Group Ultra Comfort Leatherette Split Bench Cushions

Like all leatherettes, the split bench is made of top quality faux leather, which is supported with high-density foam and non-slip silicone. This feature makes it amazingly comfortable. It is very durable and strong enough to withstand rough usage. This is so because it is built in a way that it can be able to resist wear and tear which makes our interior look unattractive.

It is also touch-friendly – that is, it is very soft, and of great quality. It is rub resistant and therefore preserves its colors from fading due to excessive touching and washing. One can easily move in and out of the seats without much struggling, and this is indeed very cool.

Even more, the whole package comes with a 3 headrests cover, bottom bench cover, and rear bench headrests.

Highlighted Features
  • It is made of top quality faux leather
  • It’s supported by high-density foam and non-slip silicone.
  • Can resist wear and tear
  • This seat cover is touch-friendly and very soft
  • Rub resistant and prevents fading.
  • Also, it comes with 3headrest cover, rear bench headrests, and bottom bench cover.

05. CalTrend Front-Row Custom Fit Bucket Seat Covers

The Caltrend Front Row bucket is made for those who are looking for a tough seat cover. This particular cover delivers style and class in a unique way, as it is made with a very tough, canvas-like material. In the process of loading and offloading goods in our workplace, or using the car for some laborious jobs, we may constantly scrape the seats. This is frustrating because we constantly change the covers, get back to work, and in only a few months, go back to change them again.

For work trucks, this seat cover is ideal, as it is scuff-resistant. We can also confidently ride along with our pets without having to think about how to get rid of the stains it left in our cars. The cover is specially made for your vehicles.  Some seat covers sag after some months of usage, but this cover has no room for neither sagging nor getting wrinkly.

Most times, as we carry out our duties with our trucks, the cloth seat is exposed to rough usage, making it look old and dirty, and in some cases, torn. But with this seat cover, the cloth seat underneath is given maximum protection; it sorts of shields, and rather, handles the rough usage, thereby making it look as new and attractive as it had been when it was initially bought.

Additionally, with no additional tools needed, the cover can be easily installed.

Highlighted Features
  • Made of tough canvass-like material
  • Is scuff resistant
  • Doesn’t allow sagging and wrinkling
  • It Offers protection to the cloth seat underneath.
  • Very strong and it withstands stains and scraping.
  • UV resistant
  • Not hard to install

06. Fia Front-Seat Custom Fit Covers

As we drive every day to work, our homes, schools or even the market, the cars we use accumulates dirt and stains. These stains and dust could be directly from us, our workplace, or our beloved pets. To wash off these stains is usually very hard, as we have to sometimes scrub for a very long time without still removing the stains stuck in our seats.

However, this seat cover, which is made from polyester, protects our cars from this dirt and stains which had accumulated due to everyday use. This helps to give our interior that same look it had when the car was bought.

The cover which comes in many colors has double stitched seams which are necessary for increased wearability. That is, it prevents it from getting torn from constant usage. Its Airbag is also very portable.

Also, it is waterproof and has a rubber backing to support it. This makes whatever we spill not to stick or be trapped by the seats.

This seat cover is specifically designed for heavy, commercial use. It can be either hand washed or washed with a machine. This cover is also protected from fading due to the sun, and from color shading. Plus, its quick buckle fasteners make it easy to grip during installation.

Highlighted Features
  • Protected from shading and color fading.
  • Made from polyester
  • It protects the seat from dirt and stains.
  • Waterproof
  • Washable – either using the hand or a machine.
  • They are designed for heavy use.
  • Easy to grip and makes use of quick buckle fasteners
  • Uses light materials that do not fade.

07. Durafit Seat Covers: Universal & Split Covers

One amazingly very unique thing about this seat cover is that it is washable. Washing our cover seats is usually something like a gamble, as we are likely to make them fade or even tear, so we are generally very careful when washing it, and in some cases do not wash it at all to prevent it from being damaged.

To make things easier for us, this cover is designed with a type of fabric that allows us to wash it with either our hands or by using a machine. The fabric is also resistant to sunlight – which might change the colors of the covers.

It is also resistant to both heavy and light stains, spills, and dirt. Our pets, playful kids and their toys can still play in the car.

The ability to resist both heavy, light and wet stains, protects the seats and adds great beauty to it. Its anti-fading ability is also very impressive, as it keeps it original and new. It equally comes with various covers for all.

Highlighted Features
  • It is washable – either manually or by using a machine.
  • It prevents fading
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Resistant to spills, stains, and dirt
  • Protects and beautifies
  • Comes without console
  • Has manual controls
  • Has separate headrest covers

08. Iggee Artificial Leather Front Seat Covers

Many seat covers offer comfort, but the Iggee front seat covers went the extra mile to offer great comfort to its users. It is manufactured from the top quality PVC material.

Also, it has a very tough material that protects it from rough usage, and there makes it last longer than the average seat cover.  Due to its laminated foam backing, it offers extra comfort and relaxation. It also has a waterproof material that protects it from getting wet or soaking spilled contents. The stain proof protects it from getting soiled and appearing dirty.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from top quality PVC material
  • Has a Waterproof material
  • Has a Stain proof material
  • Extremely tough

09. BDK Charcol Gray Luxury Leatherette Seat Covers

This seat cover is built precisely for cars that have seats with built-in seat belts. Also, it is most fitting for trucks and vans.

Owners of commercial cars worry a lot about the quality and durability of their seats. As they journey constantly, their seats will begin to flatten out, and sometimes, suck in deeper. This is uncomfortable for most passengers, and in other to avoid such discomfort, they may begin to boycott that particular commercial van/car.

Having taken note of this, the producers of this seat cover made it be extra padded so that those flattened out seats in your comment vehicles will become less noticeable, and your customers, comfortable. It is also made of real leather and offers great protection. It is fashionable and quite very functional.

Highlighted Features
  • Extra padded
  • Provides comfort and protection
  • Strong and durable
  • Real leather
  • Functional
  • Fashionable

10. Covercraft Universal Seat Protector Covers

The Covercraft Seat Saver actually looks different in so many ways. First, it is made of heavy duty polycotton fabric which provides comfort and unique durability. Who wouldn’t like it? It is specifically made for pickups and SUV’s.

Additionally, because the issue of our interiors getting old and looking torn is universal to car owners, this particular seat cover was made to serve as a great defence against wear and tear. That’s quite interesting.

Even more, its water-repellant agent prevents the seats from being soaked. This is remarkable in the sense that we can carry both our kids, their toys and our pets, and won’t worry much about what they’d spill or soil.

Also, it is washable and drier friendly. An outstanding feature it possesses is its ability to eliminate that unwanted smell from leathers. We all know how uncomfortable those smell can be.

Highlighted Features
  • Made from a heavy duty polycotton fabric
  • Durable and comfortable
  • It is Washable
  • Water repellant
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Removes unwanted smell from leather

Here The Details Of Silverado Seat Cover Replacement: Watch Till The End & Follow The Instructions

What You Need To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Seat Covers For Chevy Silverado

Having carefully gone through the list of the 10 best Silverado seat covers, you would have already made up your mind on the seat cover that you’d buy. But before you go ahead with that, it is necessary that you consider some things which will help you make the right choice, and get the best quality that’d fit in your car. These are some things you should consider.

  • Size

Not all the products reviewed here may fit into your car. Some products are specifically made for some model car types and as such will be a waste of money if you go ahead to purchase it.

Before you buy, do the necessary research, even, call the company directly to know if the particular product you want to buy will be perfect. Don’t go for a product you like, but which is not designed specifically for your car.

  • Product Specification

What are the specifications of each product? Each product comes with a different specification, so to know the specifications which will possibly help you choose the one you want, It is required that you go through the reviews again before you make a purchase.

  • Product Requirements

What exactly do I need from a particular product?  This question is very basic, as it sums up why you’re in the market. Yet again, carefully study the reviews of the above-listed products and choose the one that is similar to what you want. If you want the product with a compatible Airbag, then go for it. But if not, keep reading till you find what you want.

  • Durability

How long do the products last? The durability of a particular product is very important. You have to check how long the product can last, and try to examine whether their specifications is original, to avoid buying something you’d regret.

Review the last product you used and pinpoint what went wrong with it, and what you don’t like about it. Having a knowledge of what went wrong with the last product you used is very essential as it will help you look out, and avoid buying similar products again.

We all work in different fields and have different passions. If you’re a laborer, farmer, or a truck driver, it is important that you go for products that are strong enough to withstand the toughness and roughness of your job.

  • Car Requirements

Check if the product you like will actually fit into the car you want to use it in, and ascertain it that particular product comes in different range. Due to the fact that some products are specifically made for some type of conditions, and as such may not exactly cover all that we expect it to do.

It is necessary to know if the product comes in different ranges, or whether it just has only one type. Also, you have to know if they’re specifically for SUVs, trucks or smaller cars.

  • Style & Appearance

Check if the product will suit your style. This might look like a negligible thing, but it is still very important. You know what is ideal for you; what suits your style and taste. Do not go for anything less. Carefully study the reviews above and pick the ones that you’d proud of from there.

  • Actual Price

Be conscious of the prices of each product. This is the last, but not the least in what you should consider before buying a product. Source for the actual price of the product, and confirm with the company you wish to buy from. If it suits you, then go for it.

Some Common FAQ About Best Seat Covers For Chevy Silverado

Kindly read through to see if we have already answered your questions.

  • Are these products genuine?

There are so many seat covers in the market, and we all know how difficult it is to scan through all the products both fake and original, in our search to get the genuine one.

To save you this stress and have taken note of how dubious, low and untrustworthy some companies can be, we’ve taken much time to make sure that companies reviewed are.

So, all the products listed here are a hundred percent original. There’s nothing to worry about, as the companies that produced them are widely known, and trusted in the market.

  • How can I install the products when I purchase them?

Most of the products are very easy and can be installed on the go. You won’t even need additional assistance, as it is something you can easily do alone, and at your own comfort.

But for clarity’s sake, it is better that you surf the products to see the manuals and video guide. This will make things even easier for you.

  • Can I wash my seat covers?

Yes, you can. And no, you can’t. Let’s explain. While some products can be washed, others can’t. So, this basically depends on the product you’re getting.

If what you desire is a washable seat cover, then study the reviews and go for the one you like the most. If not, then choose from the non-washable products that are equally reviewed in line with the others.

  • Are the products durable?

Yes, they are. Due to constant cases of wear and tear which makes the interior of our cars look bad, the durability of the seat cover has become an important issue.

All the products reviewed in this article are very durable and will serve you for a very long time, as their specifications rightly reveal.

  • Can the seat cover be returned after a few months of usage?

Well, this depends on whether they came with a warranty or not. If there’s a warranty, and if it covers this, then you can return it. But if not, then it is nonreturnable after purchase.

Everything depends on the company and product you’re getting, and as you know, the terms differ from one company to another.  To avoid the stress and hassles that usually come with this type of issue, it is better to get exactly what you want, and what you’d still love after some months.

  • How do I get the products to where I stay?

What you need to do is to make sure you ask this question before you pay for the products. Call the company, talk to them about this; tell them where you live and know if they can get the products to you. If they can’t, then it is better to forget about it.

But if you can make out some time to maybe directly get your products from the company, then it is best that you take that chance, after all, it is you who needs the product and not them.

Final Verdict

The aim of this article is to give you a brief but thorough exposure to these quality Seat Covers so as to help you make the best choice that you’d be proud of. And, we have fulfilled this by carefully reviewing the best Silverado seat covers, taking note of their specifications, durability, and resilience.

There are so many seat covers in the market, and we know what you face when you are trying to replace your torn and worn out seat covers. We equally know of the many dubious products that have sleek reviews that are not to true to what they offer. But unlike those, and true to the title, these are the best 10 you can get out there.

We equally explained some things you should consider before jumping to purchase any of the products, and as well, answered some questions that are frequently asked. We know that you already have a product you want to purchase and that you can’t wait to pay already. But, take some time and if possible, go through the reviews one more time to clear any doubts that you may still possibly have.

Meanwhile, go ahead and enjoy the product. It can never get better than these.

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