Best Tonneau Cover For Silverado 2021- Review and Buying Guides

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The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the most sold trucks in the United States with over 12 million units sold since it first went on sale and we are going to review the best tonneau cover for Silverado in this article.

A heavy-duty and full-size pickup truck is an icon when it comes to pickup trucks and also a household brand in the United States and all over the world.

Trucks are the best vehicles for getting a lot of work done while driving in comfort and the Silverado offers comfort and efficiency in the best possible way.

But keeping your stuff safe and protected requires you getting the best tonneau cover the market can offer which is a simple and effective way to keep your gears protected.

Best Tonneau Cover For Chevy Silverado

AppearanceTonneau Cover For SilveradoDetails
Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau Cover
TruXedo- TruXport Chevrolate Tonneau Cover
MaxMate Tri-fold Silverado Fleetside
Syneticusa Aluminum Rollup Cover
Tonno Pro HF-158 Tonneau Cover
Gator Tri-fold Tonneau Covers
Undercover Flex Hard Cover
Bestop Silverado Tonneau Cover
Gator ETX Tonneau Cover For Silverado
Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover

In this article, we will be reviewing the best tonneau cover for your Chevrolet Silverado trucks as well as the features of each cover.

This way, you know what you’re getting when you shop for your favorite cover.

Silverado Tonneau Cover Reviews:

1. Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau Cover

The Tyger Auto T3 works better with the 2014-2019 Silverado version. This premium tonneau cover developed by the aftermarket comes pre-assembled for easy installation on your truck bed.

The sleekly designed cover can be easily folded for easier and faster access to the truck bed. The Tyger tonneau cover has a soft feel, a customized design and gives added protection to your cargo as it is also firm and can be placed directly on top of the Silverado truck bed rails.

The softness and sleek design make it a good option if you want to save money on gas. This Tyger Auto T3 cover offers a 12% gas saving which is a pretty impressive gas optimization rate if you ask me.

This brand doesn’t need any drilling or extra tool work to get installed. It comes with a clamp that is used to keep the components together.

The Tyger T3 is light and helps reduce aerodynamic drag, and with its lesser weight compared to other models, it helps save more fuel than other brands of the same style and quality.

Highlighted Features

The Tyger Auto T3 comes with one of the best features for any tonneau cover you’ll find in the market, the features are:

  • An easily installable truck bed cover
  • It can be mounted directly on the truck bed
  • You don’t have to drill when installing it on the truck bed
  • The Tyger Auto T3 is extremely durable
  • It is made of double-coated 24oz marine-grade vinyl
  • Aluminum powder coated frame provides durability
  • Ability to endure seasons of rain, snow, and sun
  • The steel clamps make it easy to install and hold tightly
  • It offers a full bed cover as it folds up with the cover
  • The already assembled horizontal crossbar offer support
  • The tonneau cover and gives it the full truck bed cover which is one of its best features

2. TruXedo- TruXport Chevrolet Tonneau Cover

The TruXedo TruXport is best suited for the Silverado 2007-2013 model. This TruXedo tonneau cover provides Silverado owners with both values, quality, and style.

TruXedo TruXport also offers an improved gas optimization enabled by its aerodynamic design which helps reduce the truck’s fuel consumption.

Installation of the truck cover is easy and can be done in lesser than 30 minutes if you follow the instruction on the manual right. Installation requires no drilling and with just a few tools. It uses a clamp system that holds onto your truck’s box rails and makes it more durable.

The TruXedo TruXport holds firmly and tightly to your truck which in turn protects the items on your truck bed from any weather condition. This TruXedo TruXport is available for a different range of pickup models and can also keep the tailgate open while the cover is on.

TruXedo TruXport is also an efficient gas reduction equipment, as it reduces fuel consumption to 10% due to its great design.

Highlighted Features
  • Approximately 1.5″ above the truck bed
  • It has a beautiful and unique look
  • The TruXedo TruXport has a really beautiful, sleek and stylish look
  • Straight cross tubes provide smooth room when cover closed
  • It can be easily installed
  • A very hassle free installation experience
  • You don’t need to drill or need special tools to install
  • The cover height also means bed railings sits 1.5″ above the truck bed
  • Improves the aerodynamics and helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%
  • The TruXedo TruXport is extremely strong
  • Very tight at the edges and the Velcro
  • Attaches help reduce wear and tear to the cover
  • It has a simple clamp on rails
  • Dual latch system which allows for quick release
  • It is very secure

3. MaxMate Tri-fold Silverado Fleetside

This tonneau cover fits perfectly with 1988-2006 Silverado models which were the first generation Chevy Silverado models.

The MaxMate has an amazing Tri-fold ability which makes it easy to remove for bigger cargo and simply fold and keep till it’s needed for smaller packages.

Installation of this tonneau cover is also easy as it comes already assembled, this means you don’t need to do drilling, and installation is just done in a snap.

It also gives your truck a beautiful look with its slick and stylish design while providing effective protection and functionality expected from a quality tonneau cover.

The MaxMate comes with customized features that make it one of the best Tonneau covers the market has to offer.

The feature of this tonneau cover can almost be compared to that of the Tyger Auto T3 but with a little different in design.

Highlighted Features
  • It comes already assembled with horizontal crossbars
  • Offer support and also to help with the fold up and offer full bed access
  • It conveniently folds up and gives the truck bed fill protection
  • Protects from any type of weather condition
  • It is made of high-grade, double-coated & marine-grade vinyl
  • Aluminum coated frame and stainless steel clamp
  • Easy installation and maximum durability
  • The stainless steel nature of the clamp means it is durable
  • More likely to survive during any weather condition
  • Installation doesn’t require drilling or l tools and hardware
  • Just some little modification needed by cutting small holes

4. Syneticusa Aluminum Rollup Cover

This retractable tonneau cover is best suited for 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado truck models. The Syneticusa is UV protected which means it doesn’t fade with exposure to sunlight.

It is easily installed as it comes pre-assembled and requires no drilling.

When looking for one of the best roll-up tonneau cover (which also be the hardest and durable) in the market, the Syneticusa should surely be considered by any truck driver.

The panels are made of the most durable materials, and it is also sent resistant because of its aluminum construction. It provides easy on and off for the coverage, and it fits perfectly with the truck bed.

Highlighted Features
  • This premium tonneau cover is constructed with strong aluminum material
  • Matte coated black finish to protect your cover
  • The syneticusa comes with a lock
  • It can lock between open and close, a handy feature for any truck owner
  • Easy installation and quick installation time
  • It comes with hardware such as mounting brackets
  • You don’t need to drill when installing, just clamp

5. Tonno Pro HF-158 Tonneau Cover

The Tonno Pro tonneau cover is perfectly suited for the 2014-2018 Silverado model.

This tonneau cover has become one of the most popular and even the fastest truck bed cover and almost every Chevy Silverado owner boast of the Tonno as it’s tonneau cover.

The installation of this tonneau cover is easy and intakes as little as 10 minutes to get done. It comes pre-assembled, so no drilling is required at all.

It is very secure which gives the protection of your gear from rain, sun, any kind of weather, and even theft.

The Tonno comes with double-sided rear resistant marine grade vinyl, slide lock vinyl and a clamping system that provides premium security to your package stored in the truck bed.

The Tonno fold contains three sections which are very easy to fold, weather-tight Q-seal gasket that protects from rain and other extreme weather conditions and a front flap which helps keep water out of the truck bed to keep it dry.

Highlighted Features
  • Watertight Q seal and a durable front flap
  • Keeps water out of the truck bed and keeps it dry
  • Protects your packages from damage
  • Clamping system for helping secure your cover
  • Provides tension and security to your package and an equally distributed weight
  • Comes pre-assembled, so no drilling needed when installing
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to install
  • It also features double-sided tear-resistant black vinyl material
  • Coated with black epoxy aluminum panels and support beams

6. Gator Tri-fold Tonneau Covers

The Gator cover is best fitted for the 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado model. You can preserve your cargo with this easy Gator tonneau cover which is designed to keep out water and all other kinds of weather conditions.

The Gator Tri-fold is built with a tear-resistant vinyl cover which is nicely configured by an aluminum frame and a bow bent that it allows rain or snow to fall off the body as soon as it falls on them.

This design is particularly flawless as water or snow has no chance to rest on it and drip into the truck bed.

The truck bed cover also includes a bed rail seal that helps keep your package safe and your bed dry. When you open the Gator tonneau cover to the third panel, it has buckles that will keep the cover down while driving.

The cover can also be installed in less than 10 minutes because the Gator is already assembled and the Tri-fold latch system makes the process even easier. 

Highlighted Features
  • The Gator is specially equipped to help keep your package safe
  • Protects from rain or snow or any other extreme weather conditions
  • The superior sealing protects the interior of your truck bed
  • An extremely stylish and sleek design
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • It is also supported by powerful aluminum bows
  • More strength and shaped to maximize durability
  • Extremely easy and fast to install
  • With clamps to hold it onto the rail, you don’t need a drill to install this product
  • The Gator tonneau cover can be installed in 10 minutes

7. Undercover Flex Hard Cover

The undercover tonneau cover is one of the best covers for most Chevy Silverado models and even other truck models with the same build as the Silverado.

The UnderCover Flex is hard folding, and it gives the driver complete control of their truck bed. It can be mounted directly on the tricks bed rails with no drilling or special tools required for installation.

This UnderCover is best known for being very watertight, and some consider it as the most watertight hard folding tonneau in the market today. The panel of the Flex isn’t made of aluminum but from a lighter composite material.

It has more strength and is even dent resistant, this material is better than aluminum, and the lightweight will help you save fuel consumption.

Built-in rods can keep the cover open when you drive, and it’s a good option if you want your package to get some air while driving.

The Undercover Flex offers you three secure position when driving, either closed to completely cover your package, folded and laying flat or folded upright so you can have total truck bed access.

Each flex comes with a bed rail placing system fully equipped with rubber seals and tubes that help carry water away from and out of the bed.

This helps keep your package dry and protected from rain, snow or dust. The covers can also be opened from both sides of the truck due to the slam latches mounted on both sides.

Highlighted Features
  • An ultra-low profile design which makes it unique and highly durable
  • Built-in prop rods to help secure the truck bed cover
  • It comes with rubber buckles and straps
  • Easier to latch and open the truck bed cover
  • Can be installed and removed in minutes
  • No special tools needed for installation

8. Bestop Silverado Tonneau Cover

The Bestop soft E-Z fold tonneau cover is one of the best tonneau covers for Chevy Silverado in the market right now. It comes with a three-panel folding cover with a low profile appearance and stylish looks.

It protects your packages from elements like rain, snow, wind, and dust. Plus, you’re able to access your truck bed when it’s on. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best tri-fold tonneau covers.

It is a soft truck bed cover, and it is made from the durable feather textured vinyl that’s not only stretch-resistant but also shrink resistant.

This does not fade with increased exposure to UV light, and it can withstand any kind of climate. The Bestop tonneau cover also comes with an aluminum frame that gives it unrivaled strength.

Bestop truck tonneau cover comes with built-in buckle straps, and adjustable clamps that help make installation easier, with the Bestop installation is even easier because rail installation isn’t even required.

The Bestop cover is very attractive to look at, and it enhances the look of your truck. This cover protects the truck bed from the elements and also makes it look attractive and unique.

The tonneau cover also gives your truck security as unwanted eyes can’t see the content of your truck bed.

It also helps boost your fuel consumption rate which is done by improving the aerodynamics of the pickup truck; this is one good reason to purchase this particular brand.

In terms of construction, Bestop is made with top quality fabric, according to the makers of this tonneau cover, they focus on high quality, fit, and functionality. Shape and flexibility is maintained for a very long time

Highlighted Features
  • Three panel cover for a beautiful appearance
  • A built-in aluminum frame that gives this truck cover a more powerful frame
  • Built-in buckle strap to secure the folder on the truck bed
  • The Bestop is quick to install and even remove
  • It can be installed in 10 minutes and taken back off in a lesser time than that
  • UV resistant and can withstand any kind of weather
  • Durable leather textured vinyl that’s stretch and shrink resistant
  • Dual corner construction for additional durability, strength, and stability

9. Gator ETX Tonneau Cover For Silverado

The Gator ETX tonneau cover is one of the most durable truck covers for the Chevrolet Silverado you can get on the market.

This tonneau cover gives your cargo the protection it needs from rain or sun or snow and also the needed space when you don’t really need it.

The heavy-duty latching of this product ensures a more tightened security and the industrial strength leather vinyl design provides a stylish appearance.

This product comes with tension control features that keep the cover pulled strong and tight at any given time and any condition.

Highlighted Features
  • The Gator ETX is extremely easy and quick to install in any weather
  • You just have to clamp the rails without using drills
  • The cover comes with every tool you need for a simple installation
  • A sleek low profile appearance
  • An inside mount and low profile design

10. Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover

This stylish Rollup design works perfectly for the 2007-2018 Silverado model.

The LUND Genesis Elite firs perfectly on your truck blocking out several elements like moisture and rain or snow and it also protects the edges from any loose dust or raindrop.

The style and design of this model make it very easy to operate, this soft fabric like feature and Velcro hook and the latch makes it easier to cover up your truck and effectively too.

The LUND provides the much-needed protection you need for your cargo, functionality, and ease. The Lund Genesis is made with a twill weave fabric that is resistant to mold, water dirt, dust, UV light, mold, and even mildew.

It has a hassle-free tension control for a tight fit on your truck bed, and because it is custom made it will match your Chevrolet Silverado truck bed. The fabric used is the reason why no maintenance is required for the Lund Genesis; you just have to clean whenever dirty with soap and water.

Installing this tonneau cover is easy as it doesn’t require drilling and this process can be completed in less than 30 minutes if you’re very handy with the tools provided and you know whether you’re doing.

You can mount the cover on your truck bed and clamp it down with the adjustable clamps that make the installation process a little easier.

Highlighted Features
  • It doesn’t require maintenance
  • Just wash with soap and water, and observe it turn brand new
  • It is made of the most durable weave fabric
  • Resistant to water, dirt, and dust
  • Protects from elements that may destroy the cargos
  • Adjustable clamps ensure that the installation is fast

Roll-up VS Tri-fold Tonneau Cover Overall Comparison

What is Tonneau Covers?

As you all know that tonneau is the open area that you might have seen in the backside of a car or truck. Being an open area, they are completely exposed to sun, rain, and dirt particles.

So to give the tonneau area a complete cover, Tonneau Covers were introduced. Several open car and truck owners are using them. They have several advantages, we will discuss them all in the following points.

Advantages Of Tonneau Covers

Have you ever heard about Tonneau covers? A lot of people find it useless, but do you know they are highly useful and are being used by several people out there.

If you want to know more about Tonneau covers and it’s advantages, then do follow this article till the end.

Here is the list of advantages of tonneau covers-

  • The first and most crucial advantage of tonneau covers is that it will help in giving the products and equipment a complete cover.

With these covers, those products would not come in direct contact with any dirt or other such particles.

  • The second is also an essential and unknown advantage, and this is, this tonneau covers help in improving the gas mileage of your car/truck.

This thing is possible because when you cover the tonneau area, your car/truck starts generating lesser air drag. Hence, it enhances the gas mileage.

  • The third advantage is that with the use of tonneau covers, you would be able to give better security features to your open car.
  • The fourth advantage is that you would be able to organize all your equipment in the tonneau area quickly and in a better way with the help of these tonneau covers.
  • The fifth advantage is that you would be able to save a lot of your money. Firstly by increasing the gas mileage and secondly by protecting all the equipment in the tonneau area.
  • The sixth advantage that you would be able to get with tonneau covers is a better design for your car/truck.
  • The seventh and last advantage is that you would be able to store more products in the tonneau area easily with these covers.

Important Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Tonneau Cover For Chevy Silverado

Before making that bold financial decision of buying the best retractable tonneau cover for your pickup truck, there are several factors that need to be considered.

You need to ask yourself the important questions. Is this investment going to change the look of my truck? Will it improve the security of my cargo? Will it reduce my fuel consumption? And what exactly is the purpose of buying this cover?

You can find different types of best retractable tonneau covers when you search online and even in auto shops, however choosing the right cover for your truck is a different ball game.

You have to consider several things like quality, style, and even cost. Plus, you should also consider the purpose of buying that cover. These are the things you need to consider before making the decision of purchasing a Tonneau cover for your pickup truck

  • Purpose

One of the first things to consider when buying a Tonneau cover is the purpose is your purchase.  Different people have different reasons for splashing the cash and getting their truck this equipment.

Some of the reasons may include helping protect against weather conditions like snow, hail rain or even dust or protection of your cargo from prying eyes.

Some people just want their truck protected and looking new for longer. Tonneau cover also helps you protect your cargo from getting wet or getting stolen especially when you have a long trip with your truck.

You might hit a bump and lose some of your belongings. So, your choice of getting the best hard tonneau cover depends on what you’ve considered and why you think it’s important to you.

Whatever your reasons are, just know that getting a Tonneau cover will add more quality to your vehicle, protect your stuff and ultimately improve the aesthetics of your vehicle.

  • Looks and functionality

If you love the outdoors or you just prefer road trips or like to have fun then getting a Tonneau cover for your truck will probably be the best decision for you.

What you have to consider is how functional it is the cover for me. An outdoor person can install tonneau cover on their truck to add fiction to the outdoor gears like a bike or their surfing board.

The space at the back of your truck can be the perfect place to store your outdoor gear and feel safe doing that. A Tonneau cover can also change the way your truck looks; it can give your truck a kind of customized appearance that you’ll surely be proud of.

So when you’re making the decision, you should consider if you’re getting it because of its functionality or how it’s going to customize how your car looks and give it a unique appearance.

  • Style

After you’ve considered why you need a Tonneau cover and realized you just have to get it, the next thing to consider is the different styles of a tonneau cover and see which works for your truck.

There are different styles you can choose from; they are categorized as either painted, hinged, hard or soft cover material.

i) Painted and Hinged: This is a type of cover that has a button latch that allows the owner to lock the cover and the external cylinder used to open it.

There is a support that is used to hold it in place while it is open. The tonneau is painted to give it a more customized look and also make your truck stand out.

ii) Retractable: This style is the perfect cover for a driver who rarely hauls, it has a special locking system where a certain part of the bed can be rolled and exposed.

When you haul and the other part that remains intact to protect the contents in the truck bed. One of the most amazing things about this tonneau cover is the smooth back and forth slide.

iii) Soft roll-up: The soft roll-up cover is the most used tonneau because of the way it operates. It comes in the form of rails and tarpaulin joined to it that is tightened to the cover when the roller is closed.

 iv) Snap cover: This tonneau cover is just right for you if you’re not always hauling and doing stuff with your pickup truck.

The material is mostly made with fabric, and it’s a soft type of cover that protects and fasten to your truck with a very taut snap.

v) Hard Folding: The best folding tonneau cover is either made with aluminum or other ABS material that allows you to fold some part of the cover without having to remove it.

It provides the best type of security when compared to other tonneau covers and protects your packages from weather conditions that may damage the cargo in your truck bed.

  • Quality

The number one thing you should consider when getting a Tonneau cover is the quality of cover you’re getting.

You should ask yourself if it’s durable enough, is it stable, does it have enough strength, how long does it take to fade? These are the questions you need to consider before getting a Tonneau cover for your truck.

Covers that have an internal aluminum frame are usually very stable and less likely to hold water inside; this keeps your cargo dry. Quality cannot be overemphasized, and that’s the one thing you should look out for when buying a cover for your truck.

  • Fuel consumption

Another important thing to consider before getting a Tonneau cover is the fact that it helps reduce fuel consumption. So if you want to reduce fuel consumption of your truck while creating security, extra space, then a cover might just be a perfect idea.

  • Security

This might be the most important thing to consider before getting a tonneau cover for your truck. If you always haul or you have stuff on your cargo bed then it is advisable you get yourself a cover.

The hardcover is the most secure type of cover, and it gives you a better sense of security. Nothing more relaxing than you knowing your stuff is always safe.

Common FAQs About The Best Tonneau Cover For Silverado

  1. What is a Tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover is a specially designed hard or soft cover used to cover or protect the open part of a vehicle or the cargo bed of your pickup truck.

2. What materials are tonneau covers made of?

Covers are made of different types of materials; the soft tonneau covers are usually made of high-quality vinyl fabrics while the hardcovers are either made with aluminum or ABS plastic materials.

  1. What materials are the rails made of?

The rails are mostly made of aluminum which is of very high quality, gives it strength and flexibility, not too heavy to help maintain normal fuel consumption.

  1. Do covers fit into any Silverado models?

Although tonneau covers may fit almost all models of this truck. There are special tonneaus that are made for different models of your truck.

To get a custom tonneau for your truck you just need to find out which is suitable for the model of your truck.

  1. Is the tonneau secure?

The tonneau is relatively safe as it keeps prying eyes away from the contents on your truck. You always have to lock your tailgate too so someone who really wants to steal from you will have a hard time doing that.

But a determined thief wouldn’t find it really difficult to destroy a cover as the material isn’t really hard metal. It still reduces the likelihood of your stuff getting stolen.

  1. Do I have to maintain the tonneau?

Most of the tonneau cover requires maintenance while some don’t.

Some tonneau just requires you to wash them with water and soap, and they turn out shiny and new while others require maintenance to keep them working in top condition.

  1. Can you drive your truck with your covers folded up?

Yes, you can. Some brands make covers that specifically do this thing. This helps the content to get air while the driver is on the move. It particularly comes in handy if the contents of the cargo have become damp and need to get some air so it won’t get damaged.

  1. Does the tailgate open without unlatching the cover?

The tailgate operates differently from the cover. Yes, you can always open the tailgate without having to unlatch the tonneau cover at all.

  1. How should I clean my cover?

There are different ways you clean your tonneau cover. Keeping it clean is a simple but necessary process, and the cleanliness of the cover determines how long it will be of service to you.

If you have a hardtop, then you can wash it the same way you wash your car, but a softcover means you have to use mild soap and a brush to get it clean.

  1. Can a Tonneau cover protect my cargo from rain and snow?

Yes, your cover can protect you from snow and rain. Every tonneau is designed to already keep rain, snow, and dust out of your cargo.

The soft covers have a special design that stops Easter from seeping in, but the best type of cover to keep rain or snow out happens to be the hardcover.

The hardcovers tonneau is designed to have over the rail design that keeps water away from your cargo and an extra sealing that keeps the little water escapes permanently shut.

  1. How long will it take me to install a Tonneau cover?

Most tonneau covers are usually easy and quick to install. Many of them come pre-assembled. With a clamp system that is designed especially for your truck and makes the installation pretty easy and straightforward.

Some require you to drill and use some tools for the installation. But the time and effort expended on that installation process weren’t necessary. That’s why newer tonneau cover models have been designed to be easier to install and completely hassle-free experience.

  1. Can a Tonneau cover be used with a bed liner?

Some truck models and cover models allow you to use your tonneau covers with a bed liner, but that means you’ll have to do some work. You will need to do some modifications to over the rail bed liners to make sure you have a perfect fit.

Using tonneau covers with under the rail bed liners means you’ll need to use small shims. You just have to follow the instructions that come with your products to make sure you’re doing the right modifications.

  1. Can I use accessories with my tonneau covers?

Yes, you can use accessories with your covers, but it depends on the type of tonneau cover or truck you have. You can use accessories like bike racks and crossbars with your covers.

Some racks are specifically designed to go well with some tonneau cover, which makes the installation process easy and simple to carry out.

  1. What are the different types of soft tonneau covers?

There are different types of soft tonneau covers available, and they include the hinged, snap, rollup, and the best hard folding tonneau cover.

The snap cover is always made with soft fabric materials while the others like the hinged, Rollup and fold can sometimes be made of aluminum or fiberglass.

Snap soft covers are among the least expensive but also hardest to open, but it gives the owner a false sense of security, to be totally on the safe side the best tonneau covers are the hardcovers.

Soft tonneau covers are normally made of cloth or vinyl supported by a soft aluminum frame to give it just a little bit of strength while improving the aerodynamics of the truck and reducing fuel consumption.

  1. Will tonneau cover wither and fade away when exposed to too much sun?

Not all covers will fade away with exposure to sunlight; some brands come with UV resistant vinyl to help reduce damage by sunlight and increase the lifespan of your cover.

  1. Will the cover improve my gas mileage?

Installing a Tonneau cover will surely help improve your gas mileage. The cover protects your vehicle from aerodynamic drag which in turn helps your truck reduce its gas consumption.

Covers can help reduce gas mileage by 10% or more.

  1. Are covers 100% waterproof?

Although most tonneaus are waterproof, no cover in the market can boast of being 100% waterproof. Some covers are tight enough and even use rubber seals to help keep water snow and hail out from your cargo bed.

To Wrap It Up

Getting a Tonneau cover is one of the best decisions you’ll make if you own a Silverado truck. The tonneau covers provide you with security from theft.

These heavy-duty tonneau covers are capable to provide the protection for extreme weather conditions and style. Some covers are designed to improve the look of your vehicle.

There are different brands and different types of covers, but this article covers the best the market has to offer. From quality to aesthetics, durability, and strength, functionality and easy installation.

The different kinds of covers are not the most expensive ones but the one that does exactly what you want it to do depending on what you use your truck for.

If you’re someone who frequently hauls, then you should read the article to know the best cover for you. Also, if your cargo needs to be locked tight from water dust and snow, there is also a perfect tonneau cover for you.

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself why you want a cover for your truck, if you get the correct answer then you go ahead and make a decision based on the quality of cover you want, the style and the type of covers that goes well with the model of Silverado you drive.

If you follow the tips in this article, then you’re knowledgeable enough to know the best tonneau cover for your Chevrolet Silverado truck.

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