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Insight Into The Chevrolet Equinox Problems And Fixing Tips!

Chevrolet Equinox Problems are becoming a major issue for the users, simple tips and tricks can solve these disappointments. The Chevrolet reveals in 2019 a new design of Chevy Equinox with special power features.

There are trim choices and a wide engine range. Of course, the interiors are comfortable, offering good handling and ride, while the gas engines ensure solid performance.

The fabric as the new element presents a blend of high style with amazing durability, while the functionality is assured with the rear seat. The cushions in the bottom also tilt and there is enough flat floor to offer convenient loading.

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Chevrolet Equinox Specifications

Therefore, 2019 Chevrolet Equinox represents an unusually broad lineup. With its beautiful looks, it scales a score of over 5/10 points and its interior is classier and presents a refined demeanor.

Thus, there is more safety gear and the new model of this year offers HD rearview camera and infotainment software featuring touchscreens. There are many options and engine choices.

Under the hood is the regular 1.5-liter turbo churning 170 horsepower. It is a 6-speed automatic and there are two upgrade engines for the premier trims, a 2.0-liter turbo and 1.6-liter turbo diesel with 9 and 6-speed automatic respectively.

It offers on the highway up to 30mpg. Most trims are with front or all-wheel drive.

The Equinox offers sufficient room inside and there is automatic emergency braking and has performed well in crash tests. Referring to its style the lights on a curvy side presents a different look.

2019 Chevrolet Equinox Full Review & Driving Test

The General Chevy Equinox Problems That We Face

Chevrolet Equinox problems are in common and they have been relating to the Equinox complaints that it smells smoke and gasoline, excessive oil consumption, and fuel pump failure.

The owners of the Chevrolet keep complaining that the Equinox exterior lights appear dull, the accelerator gets stuck, and the ignition key sticks under the floor mat.

The other common complaint is that the system of defrosting does not work and that the windshield wipers fail to work.

Chevrolet Equinox Problems Solutions Tips

There are a few common Chevy Equinox problems that are going across three generations:

  • Starter Problems: This is going on with the majority of the Equinox models since 2005. The starter problems are going on continuously.

One can understand it easily because as you turn the ignition key, it fails to start and it also quits unexpectedly giving you no indication, that you are left stranded anytime.

The solution is starter replacement as a procedure and it does not come for free. You may expect the cost of labor and parts to be paid. This will be based on the trim level and engine.

  • Engine Problems: Equinox 2.4 liter engine was shared by the first and second-gen models. It is a part of other models and one can experience repeated engine issues.

The complaint is due to more oil consumption to the extent that by the time of oil change, the tank becomes completely empty.  This is a leading complaint.

The issues of oil consumption can be rectified if a vehicle is in the warranty period. If not the repairs beyond the warranty are going to be expensive. Remember to trade with the dealer that you will not deal with repairs relating to engine oil.

  • Chevy Equinox Recalls: The Equinox is subjected to recalls. The 2019 model appears to come in good quantity. The second-gen models had nearly 10 or more recalls that visiting the dealer frequently became necessary. Of course, the airbag inflator is also one of the reasons for recall.

Chevrolet Equinox has throttle body issues in association with the Check Engine Light. Acceleration already was an issue and had to get back to the dealer so that it can be fixed.

Additionally, the issue was an electrical on hitting the throttle body and his could happen repeatedly. The repair done is just about changing the side cover and the vehicle will be back to normal.

Higher models are also coming with complaints of the engine as a common issue. They also include the common issues mentioned earlier.

A Glance Of The Chevrolet Equinox Problems

Chevy Equinox Problems 2005

This was the year Equinox was introduced and the kinks were not working with the engines. There were owners in big numbers reporting a head gasket blown.

The engine of 2005 developed a leak leading to the blown engine and after running for a long number of miles, there was a risk in the Chevrolet engine relating to the cracked engine block.

Chevy Equinox Problems 2010

Actually, the Equinox models in 2010 started experiencing other big problems of oil consumption as the focal center issue. Especially in the four-cylinder engine, it was found the piston rings do not seal properly against cylinder walls.

Most of the customers experienced engine oil loss. The loss was due to getting the tailpipe is blown out and combustion chamber burning. The engine had to be completely replaced and some were rebuilt.

At times, there was another problem and it was the timing chains showing early wear, causing engine knocking and clacking noises. The chains broke and the timing chain replacement also turned to be a warranty procedure to be changed.

Chevy Equinox Problems 2011

In 2011, the 2010 issues and concerns appeared to be exacerbated. The same continued with oil consumption being increased and the car experienced clattering noises.

Another repair included was the camshaft solenoid replacement. This was a timing variable valve system that was a weak point and it resulted in shutting off the vehicle while driving that puts one in a real dangerous situation.

Chevy Equinox Problems 2012

The problems remained the same and became prominent in replacement. Thus, in 2012 GM came up with a repair that stopped the happening.

Chevy Equinox Problems 2015

GM got the engine issues and resolved the issues that the repeated mistakes came to stop. Of course, it is not completely free of issues.

Even then Equinox has electrical issues drawing the battery, occasional issues came upon and often, and also the infotainment problems.

Chevy Equinox Third-Gen Problems

Chevrolet Equinox came up with the newest iteration and it does not have much time to disclose the flaws. There are some problems relating to odd turbo failure and oil pressure.

Chevrolet takes time to disclose complaints or it has mastered the SUV segment. Whether your Chevrolet Equinox has issues of blown engine, infotainment issues, oil leakage issues, check the newest model.

You will be pleased this time as the new Equinox is coming in perfect condition.


Moreover, the Equinox in 2019 LT model is the gateway to safety advanced gear. This is a good model with convenience and confidence package that strikes an all-wheel drive as a good value.

It is coming with new and nice features such as air-conditioned and heated cloth seats. There are a few cons such as the cargo area is smaller, the base trim is L and it is the only wallet-friendly model.

Additionally, it is available only on placing a special order. The engines are not lively and the materials inside are disappointing. If leather is to be prioritized as your favorites, you must go for the Equinox Premier.

Of course, with it goes the price also to a higher level.  There will be a powerful engine and many other additional features. Though the price is higher, the paint shades are dashing that you will find the price to be convincing.

The touchscreen is 8.0 inches, the Bose speakers and baked-in navigation take the Equinox into a new range. There are the niceties that you cannot have imagined such as the panoramic moonroof.

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