Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad- What is the Actual Fact?

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Before installing Coil Spring Spacers, it’s essential to have proper concepts about Coil Spring Spacers good or bad. However, if you wish to lift your vehicle(read more about leveling kits vs. lift kits) or change the existing springs, you must consider the details. Photo Credits: 70_musclecar_RT+6.

Coil Spring Spacers offer better performance and are an ideal choice to avoid compromise of coil performance. The spacers are perfect to compensate for extra weight.

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What is the Coil Spring Spacer?

Literally, Spring Spacers help in raising the body and gaining a few inches of a vehicle off-road. The inclusion of Coil Spring Spacers is a perfect choice as it eliminates replacing springs.

People buying Coil Spacers already have experience of installing some lift kit kind. Thus, such people buy Coil Spring Spacers to augment the ride height of the equipment.

It is seen as a fine-tuning tool so that proper clearance is received without buying new springs. 

What is a Coil Spring Booster?

Coil spring boosters are a replacement for collapsed or weak springs. The coil spring boosters are available in many types in the market. Coil springs serve as an ideal device as it offers massive support to handle the weight.

Coil springs grip energy and work with shock absorbers in conjunction with a vehicle. Thus, it helps to transport heavy loads. The coil spring booster buckles the weight even when the original capacity is exceeded and ensures the vehicle is operable.

Apart from handling the pressure, additional resistance is also controlled by the spring during transportation. Coil springs are in tough material that the design stays flexible. Thus, it ensures a smoother ride. The unavoidable bumps can be prevented on the road.

The coil springs retract with enough elasticity and come back to the original form. The coil spring boosters are in spreader type with square plates and also in screw-in style with a twisted metal piece.

They are expanded with nuts and bolts. There is rubber inside that keeps the spring stiffer, though it does not do much to restore height. 

Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad?

Coil Spring Spacers Good or Bad
Photo Credits: morris_marlin.

Do you wish to know if Coil Spring Spacers good or bad? In case your key objective is to raise the truck to fit underneath larger tiers, install a spacer between the chassis and the coil spring.

Gaining 2 to 3 inches of extra height is possible as a modest investment, while the installation is simple. The spring spacer is available in several materials such as steel, aluminum, and polyurethane.

It’s important to keep in mind; the spring rate is modified while the ride quality stays the same. The load-carrying capacity remains unaffected on using a spacer.

So, the answer is quite simple and it’s true that Coil Spring Spacers are obviously good and beneficial for various reasons: 

  • Cost-effective: The coil spring spaces are profitable. There are expensive choices, yet they do not cost over a few hundred dollars. Using the Coil Spring Spacers is the simplest way of lifting coil-sprung vehicle. Remember, to avoid using wood spacers or some very cheap Spring Spacer.
  • Versatile: The advantage of the Coil Spring Spacer is its versatility. The Spring Spacer works with light and heavy-duty coil.
  • Guaranteed lift for a fixed amount: A spacer changes the spring pad height. A spacer offers a fixed amount lift. The coil spring is used with a spacer in conjunction, and it can change the height of the lift. However, the Coil Spring Spacer does not change the height.
  • Easy installation: A Coil Spring Spacer offers easy installation and so giving a height to lift becomes more comfortable.
  • Spring rates stay steady: Spring Spacers keep the spring rates stable. The spacer changes in specific applications offering a compressed height. However, there is minimal change and unnoticeable. Coil Spring Spacer manufacturers test and ascertain the coil springs work perfectly. Thus, make a wise decision.

How to install Coil Spring Spacer

Step 1: To begin with the installation of the Coil Spring Spacer, you should loosen the nuts of the vehicle wheel. You may use a floor jack and slowly loosen at a time one wheel.

Nuts on the wheels are referred to as lug nuts. However, when the lug nuts are being relaxed, care should be taken. It may damage the opposite side studs as the vehicle tilts on the other side of the jack.

Step 2: Use a frame lift or a large floor jack to raise the vehicle. Ascertain to use the lift pads that are factory-made to avoid damaging the lines or components. Bear in mind not to place the jack on an axle. This is required as the suspension should swing free.

Step 3: Place under the frame the jack-stands to give support and lower the vehicle. There is a need for a jack to elevate the axle.

Step 4: Under the axle, place the jack and raise it such that it handles some weight. Thus, you can keep suspension components damage-free as the axle is hanging.

Step 5: Remove the tire. Ensure the axle is supported firmly by the jack. There is a need to ensure so that other components are safe in case it slips.

Step 6: Unbolt from the axle the shock absorbers. It is convenient to unbolt from the frame the shocks, and it is best to hang it under the vehicle. It will stay out of the way.

Step 7: Remove from the sway bar nut the cotter pin. Unscrew from the end link of the sway bar the castle nut.

Step 8: Use a hammer and ball-joint separation tool to disconnect the sway-bar link. It is not hard. The link comes off just on tapping a hammer.

Step 9: Secure spring using spring compressor and then loosen the components. Ascertain the spring compressor is perfect on hold. Unbolt the retainers of coil spring before compression, based on the model and make.

Step 10: Lower axle to your best, ensuring it does fall off the jack. Insert on the spring top the coil spacer.

Step 11: Gently, raise the jack such that the Coil Spring Spacer contacts the frame and axle in a location. In case you need to hold in place the spacer while mounting, grasp the sides and not the top.

Thus, the risk of injury may be reduced, even if the compressor is not installed correctly.

Step: 12: Re-attach the coil spring retainers and ensure the axle can hold the frame weight. Reassemble in the reverse order as you disassembled. Repeat the procedure on the other side.

Warning: The retail Spring Spacers are tested and engineered to withstand the side loading. Never try some home-made units as they may not be capable of withstanding the strain. The Coil Spring Spacers’ failure is a severe issue as it can result in a catastrophic accident.

Exclusive Tips and Tricks on Installing Coil Spring Spacers

Items Required

  • Coil Spacers set
  • Coil spring compressor (optional)
  • Medium-sized hammer
  • Large floor jack
  • Need-nose pliers
  • Ball joint separator
  • 3/8 drive ratchet full set
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Complete set wrenches

Important FAQ’s about Spring Spacers

1.Q: What is the role of the Coil Spring Spacers?

A: The Coil Spring Spacers are inserted between the coil cap and the spring. It is typically used to stiffen the ride and to increase height.

2.Q: How often is there a need for the replacement of coil springs?

A: Coil springs do not wear out easily. As such, there is no interval as an established replacement. In case you notice the ride, height being affected, it may be due to the springs.

3.Q: Why the Polyurethane material of high-quality coil spring is chosen?

A: The Polyurethane material is durable and quiet. It helps while traveling on the road by keeping the vibration in check. Even in four-wheeling, there is not transmitting back.

Check while buying to receive the spring spacers in pairs. They are sold in pairs.

4.Q: Does your ride get affected by coil spacers?

A: A spacer does not improve rides. It also does not alter the spring rate. You will experience a potential decrease while traveling if you add a block between spring pads. This happens as the coil springs share space.

5.Q: What about the wearing out of coil springs?

A: The springs overtime wears out. This happens even when there is severe use. You may check if the ride height is proper or if it is sagging. Generally, the coil spring is in an affordable range.

The strut entirely comes with a spring in an assembly. Buying it separately is beneficial as you can throw the old struts and save on labor by installing the new one quickly.

Installing the Coil Spring Lift Spacer

Twist in Coil Spring Spacers

Coil Spring Spacers good or bad, is a huge question. However, the twist in Coil Spring Spacers is an addition that this design permits easy installation. There is a need to use the hammer and give a lift tap.

This clears the unit between coils. Using a wrench, you can screw in the unit and acquire the increased tension. Thus, you get an addition of 1 to 1-1/2” lift. Besides, true to its name, it also twists.

Coil Spring Spacers with a twist have a few positive points such as:

  • Maintenance-free: There is no need for the Coil Spring Spacers with a twist to do maintenance. There is no need to lubricate or clean the spring, or even give special care or coatings to keep it working.

The only issue with springs is that it may occasionally break. However, there is an advantage that even if it breaks, it is simple to fix the coil spring breaks.

  • Lightweight: The coil springs are light. They are the twisted coil springs made in coiled steel that the spring is stronger relative to metal. It also retains the shape. The cooling and heating process strengthens the metal that holds larger weights.


The Coil Spring Spacers offer plenty of benefits, and there is a need to concentrate while buying one. A coil spring requires no maintenance. Bear in mind you need not lubricate the spring. You also need not keep cleaning it often. There is no need to give coverings or extra care.

The only problem with springs is it may break with time. In case a coil spring breaks, fixing it is secure. They are flexible. The number of spring manufacturers is many, and there is an array of coil springs available.

Depending on the spring, choosing the tension springs, compression, or torsion springs is recommended. Thus, each Coil Spring Spacer gives exclusive service and helps in making the job or engine much more manageable. The Coil Spring Spacer helps in providing the vehicle a lift with ease.

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