Crailville Update

Crailville was founded in 1975 and while in operation built an excellent reputation in the field of traditional coachbuilding. The highly skilled team completed numerous high-profile projects.

The focus was on recreating or restoration of the bodies of historic vehicles. This was often completed with minimal information. The highly skilled team often recreated masterpieces based on photographs, negatives, or old photo albums.

Their completed projects have garnered many awards over the years including awards at the following rallies:

  • The Louis Vuitton at the Parc de Bagatelle in Paris
  • The Hurlingham Club in London
  • The Rolls-Royce Club Annual Rally
  • Pebble Beach in California
  • Edwardian Silver Ghost
  • Modern touring limousine for the Nobility and Heads of State

Furthermore, they were one of the few coachbuilding companies to be admitted into The Guild of Mastercraftsmen.

Crailville Business Offering

Crailville provided a whole list of services in the coachbuilding industry including:

  • Reproducing vintage car bodies
  • Prototyping new designs
  • Concept show cars (manufacturing designs)
  • Bespoke coachwork

Their specialty was recreating the full, original bodywork of vintage masterpieces whose bodywork has been lost over time. This was a beautiful thing…to bring back old cars which had since been lost to the world. This magic-like ability is what set them apart and brought so much attention and business.

Vehicle Body Restorations/Recreations

Some of the vehicle bodies the team had the pleasure of recreating or restoring are as follows:


  • 8 Litre Boatail
  • Speed Six by Gurney Nutting
  • Bentley 4 1/4 Litre pillarless saloon by Carlton Carriage Co
  • Bentley 3 Litre with polished body 3/8 Litre Bentley Special Racer
  • ‘The Gert & Daisy Bentley’ 6 1/2 Litre Bentley Restoration


  • 57SC Atlantic
  • Type 50 Roadster


  • 135MS Profile Coupe by Figoni
  • 135MS Roadster by Figoni
  • Roadster Replica 135MS by Figoni
  • 135 Delahaye Tourer


  • Phantom I Derby Tourer by Brewster
  • Phantom II Gurney Nutting Sedanca Coupe
  • 1912 Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Tourer
  • 1932 Phantom II Three Position Coupe by Gurney Nutting
  • ‘The Mystery’ 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
  • 1912 Silver Ghost Torpedo
  • ‘The Emperor’ State Landualette Stretched Limousine
  • ‘The Silver Wing’ Landaulette Conversion
  • 1914 Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Tourer
  • Phantom I Barker Barrel-sided Tourer
  • 1910 Silver Ghost Roi de Belges


  • 2.9 Alfa Romeo
  • HWM Jaguar
  • Works Aston Martin DB3
  • Ferrari 166 Barchetta
  • ‘The Blue Dragon’ Lagonda
  • Lagonda Special
  • 1931 Invicta
  • 1913 Fiat Speedster
  • 1903 Mercedes ‘Swing Seat Tonneau’
  • Stretched Volvo Landaulette


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