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How to Check Engine Codes Without a Code Reader for your Chevy!

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to check engine codes without a code reader for chevy drivers. Whenever something goes wrong in our car, we call a mechanic or a technician to find out the issue and fix it. Photo Credit: Jcarvalho Import.

It is because we don’t have knowledge about the technical kind of stuff hence we can’t find out the problem in our car. In this case, code readers help us in knowing what is the issue in our car.

The code reader identifies the source of problems that are related to the engine of your car. It can be purchased to resolve the problems in your car. But, in case you don’t have your engine code reader with you, still, you can check out engine codes.

Apart from code readers, there are also several methods for checking engine codes of your car. To check your car engine codes, you just need to follow the process mentioned in this guide.

After, following the process, you would be able to understand the issue of your car and fix it. Let’s have a look at why you need to check engine codes without code reader.

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When Need to Check Engine Codes without Code Reader?

If we talk about detecting the issue of a car, normally we can check it out with the help of a code reader or we can also take help from a mechanic, then when checking engine codes without code reader will be helpful?

Checking engine codes without code reader is helpful when you don’t have a car code reader or you forgot your car code reader.

In the situation when you don’t have code reader and mechanic with you and in this situation, if your car faces a problem, in this situation you can detect the issue in your car without code reader by implementing our given method.

It is important to check the engine code first before taking your car to a mechanic or technician because sometimes your car doesn’t have a big problem, it has the problem which you can do that on your own. Hence, by checking the engine code, you will get an idea about the issue in your vehicle.

Process of How to Check Engine Codes Without a Code Reader Chevy!

You have many methods available for checking engine codes without a code reader chevy. Here, we have elaborated two methods so that you can follow the one which suits you.

Method 1: Using the Key of the Vehicle

In this method, we are going to check engine codes through the help of the vehicle’s ignition key. We can utilize the ignition key in order to obtain the OBD2 codes of the engine. Follow the below-given steps carefully to obtain engine codes using this method:

Step No. 1: Switch “ON” and “OFF” the lock key of the car

The first step is to switch on and off your vehicle’s lock key without starting the engine. The number of times you will do is based on your vehicle. nearly all Chryslers cars need five times, while other vehicles require three times.

At last, make sure to end the vehicle lock key in the “ON” state.

Step No. 2: Look at the “Service” light or “Check Engine” on your car dashboard

Another important thing to take care of while you doing this process is to have a look at your check engine’s dashboard light.

Step No. 3: Understand the code

When you will see the service light or check engine light of your car, it will lit and start to pulse. Every pulse you will see represents a single digit from the upcoming two-digit code.

Let’s say, Code23 would be like a pulse – pulse – pause – pulse – pulse, and – pulse.

Step No. 4: Note down the code

In this stage, you need to note down the code as it flashes in your vehicle’s check motor light because each code would come together and help you in understanding the issue in a proper way.

Step No. 5: Check out the codes in your vehicle’s repair manual

Once you have all your codes in a paper, now you have to look out your codes in the servicing handbook. It will let you know the meaning of codes.

METHOD 2: Using an Odometer

In this method, you will understand how to get check engine codes with the help of an odometer. Follow the below-given steps carefully:

Step No. 1

Firstly, deject your odometer “Trip” key, and the “Reset” keys at the time of turning on the key.

Step No. 2

Unleash the buttons and see if the odometer displays the reading codes or not.

Step No. 3

Now, deject the odometer “Trip”, button and the “Reset” at the time of turning ON and OFF the ignition lock key.

Step No. 4

Finish at the “ON” key’s position. Now, unleash the odometer’s switches and see the difficulty codes from your odometer.

Step No. 5

Discover the port and make the usage of a part of a jumper wire to link the port “A” and the port “B”. Now, you will see your check engine light to be flashing.

Now read the code, note it down and then use the repair manual to understand the issue, just like we did in method 1.

Tips of Checking Engine Codes Without a Code Reader Chevy

The only suggestion I would like to give you here is to take your car to a professional to check it up. It is advisable to take your car to professional because there are many professionals who check will check your vehicle without any additional cost.

Having a code reader with you also makes the task easy, hence instead of following such complex methods, it better to have a code reader or take your car to a professional.

Final Thoughts

So, this was the complete guide on how to check engine codes without a code reader chevy. There are many methods of checking engine codes of a vehicle without having a code reader. From different methods, here we have elaborated two useful methods.

In the first method, we have explained how you can check engine codes by using the ignition key and in the second method, we have explained how you can check engine codes by using an odometer.

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