How to Connect Backup Camera to Android Phone the Complete Guide!

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It is obvious to know how to connect backup camera to Android phone would be an effective lesson as a Car owner. The backup camera can be a major asset in your vehicle.

Backup cameras can increase your safety as well as the security of others in your vehicle as also of those in other cars. It can also improve your vehicle’s resale value. You can get an additional pair of eyes to avert accidents.

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What is a Backup Camera?

Backup cameras, also referred to as rearview or reversing cameras, are among the best safety aspects in the latest SUVs, trucks, and cars. In case your automobile does not have one built-in, you may purchase one and get it set up in it.

With this rearview camera system, you can get more peace of mind when it comes to visibility.

Backup Cameras Able to Ensure:

  • You do not have to face blind spots anymore. Looking back for a long time means that you lose valuable time in avoiding vehicles coming from the front. A backup camera can help prevent this.
  • You can quickly back your car into parking spaces. Parallel parking and backing into car parking spaces can be tough, especially for beginners. There is no messing up with a rearview camera.
  • You can find out what is there in the back, and also get a guide path with lines as wide as your vehicle. The lines can display the amount of space behind your vehicle and on its either side.
  • When you are stuck in traffic, you can use a backup camera to know whether it is safe to back your car up. You can also spot whether a kid or pet less than 3 feet in height is there behind your vehicle and prevent accidents.

How To Connect Backup Camera To Android Phone: Complete Procedures!

So, “how to connect wifi camera to android phone” is a must known thing, we will try to help to understand that.  The camera can be combined in two varied ways.

01. Over WiFi

Based on the type of configuration that your camera has, you will be able to pair a WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network to your backup camera with the help of WiFi or allow the camera to offer WIFI access to some other device.

You can set up a P2P (peer-to-peer) or ad-hoc connection. Such a technique is used mainly with iPad, iPhone, or other devices. This is the most essential step.

The less common step is that you have to connect your backup camera to a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

02. With Camera Cable

If you wish to connect a DSLR camera to your Android phone, here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the DSLR Controller and install it onto your Android phone.

Step 2: Next, connect an OTG USB adapter to your phone. This is a tiny accessory that can transform your Android phone to a USB host. It can allow you to connect various devices to the same.

Step 3: You can then connect your camera’s USB cable to the OTG USB adapter. Make sure that you use the camera cable. Not every USB cable functions in a proper way with the app. In case you have used this type of installation frequently, you might like to choose a USB cable of length size.

Step 4: Ultimately, you have to switch the camera on. After it is recognized by your Android phone, your DSLR Controller would be launched.

Type S Solar Powered Backup Camera: Most Effective Backup Cameras

How To Connect Backup Camera To Android PhoneType S solar powered backup camera is not a camera per se, but a parking sensor was coming from the brand TypeS. But it is the most efficient solution for vehicles that lack an existing camera.

Dedicated large screens for cameras are space-consuming, can obstruct your view, distract you while driving and clutter your cabin.

Such problems are eliminated with the app-based sensor type S solar powered backup camera. There is no need for any additional equipment when you have this.

Here is a shortlist of S solar powered backup camera:

Hi-tech Sensors

You can directly mount the sensor onto your car’s license plate in only a few minutes. Once you charge the camera initially, it would be ready for use with the help of the solar panels. 

Type S sensors can detect all the hazards behind your car and send visual and audio warnings to your Android smartphone. The app can install quickly, and inform you how far objects are with immediate visual and audio notifications.

G-sensor Technology

It has a small-sized sensor that is hardly apparent on cars and which does not cover your entire license plate. When you park the car, the sensor is shut down automatically by the G-Sensor technology.

This can keep your battery conserved the next time you require it. Such an option will not be distracting at the time of driving, and will still offer hazard warnings at the moment.

Effective & Long Lasting Solar Panel

Type S solar powered backup camera has an efficient and large-sized solar panel, and there are no issues of having the sensor charged. The license plate mount is simple, and you can practically mount it on any car.

Automatic Alarm System 

You can get automatic alerts to your phone from the camera. It will be easier to keep both hands on the car wheel and get hazard warnings. The sensor of the Type S is water-resistant.

Controlling Temperatures & Other Features

It has a wide operational temperature, which means there are no worries when it comes to the elements. The sensor is low-cost, functional, and comfortable.

It can remove needless risks every day that you might be facing while looking back over your shoulders, again and again, to find out whether there are any hazards behind your car.

Connect Reversing Backup Camera: A to Z

Basic Queries about the Connection Between Back-up Camera and Androids 

Q: How to connect a backup camera remotely to my phone?

A: In case there is no WLAN link available, or you wish to connect remotely, you have to connect the camera to an internet router. Remote access needs to be allowed to the camera.

Q: Can I access video footage with my phone?

A: It is possible! Try to access the camera with your phone using the local internet connection. If you can view the live camera footage on your phone, you also need to be able to access the video feed.

But you have to remember that while most Android phones today are quite powerful, they pale before full-fledged computers. Thus, some limitations can come in the way images or videos are displayed.

Q: How to restrict access to other users/drivers?

A: If you can access the backup camera, others would be able to do the same as well. While connecting your camera to the internet, make sure that your camera is made secure with a safe password and username.

Q: I am not getting remote access from my router. What to do?

A: Most internet routers, by default, are supposed to prevent external access. Thus, you have to configure yours for the task. The camera needs to be set to permit remote access as well.

Q: Can I connect my camera and Android phone over Bluetooth?

A: This is based on the backup camera model as well as the Android phone model that you are using. There has to be some type of connection between the camera and phone to be able to view the footage of cameras with an Android phone.

In case you are attempting to see from the same spot, you need to use a local wireless link if the same is available. Else, you need to try connecting the two over Bluetooth and see if the pairing is possible.

Benefits Of Connecting Backup Camera With Phone

There are some important benefits of the same.

  • It can help you to reverse your car, whether you are an expert or a novice driver. You can find out what your rearview mirror is unable to show you, making backup much more convenient.
  • It can reduce the risks of accidents while backing up and save kids and pets. In the U.S, about 50 kids become victims of these types of accidents each week.
  • You can get a clear view of the blind spot of the vehicle, and lessen the risks of backup collisions.
  • As you transform your Android smartphone screen into a wireless backup camera, it can make the installation more feasible.
  • There is no need to buy and set up a bulky camera monitor inside the car, spend a lot by way of installation expenses, and suffer a prolonged installation process. A big camera might also get stolen from your vehicle.
  • One more benefit of using an Android phone instead of the camera monitor is the fact it may be connected to Bluetooth as well as WiFi. Due to this capability, it is more flexible.


So this is how to connect wifi camera to android phone and drive and back your car more safely. You may quickly put your phone in a horizontal or landscape mode, based on the kind of preference that you have.

Many mobile phones come today with a car phone mount that can be attached easily to a car dashboard or vent. You can connect/detach your phone easily from the car mount with a magnetic attachment.

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