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How to Read a Battery Charger Amp Meter

While reading the battery charger, the amp meter plays an important role. As the name suggests, amp or ampere meter is an instrument used to measure amperes.

If we talk about the units of electric current, it is calculated in amperes. For the measurement of small currents, the amp meter tool can be beneficial. Here we have shared a detailed guide on how to read a battery charger amp meter.

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Before that, we should understand what an amp meter is literally?

What is an AMP Meter?

What amp is a car battery? With the help of an amp meter tool, the amperes are measured in smaller currents. The current flow measured is in amperes; this is the reason why the name of the instrument is amp meter.

Vehicles have an ammeter, voltmeter, or indicator light. With the help of these instruments, this helps the driver to monitor the charging system. People often get confused between amp meter and voltmeter. Both are different in all the ways.

A voltmeter is used to read the voltage, instead of reading the electrical flow. At present, voltmeters are used in cars. Earlier, all the vehicles used to have ammeters. The job of the ammeter was to tell how much and in what direction the electricity is flowing. The amp meter in the vehicle is connected with the charging system.

When the AC generator delivers the current to the battery, the meter shows a positive signal, but when enough current is not supplied, it shows the negative sign. This is how the amp meter works. There are various kinds of amp meters. The classification is based on the design and type of current flows.

Here are Various Types of AMP Meters:

  • Ammeter with Permanent Moving Coil
  • Ammeter with Moving Iron
  • Electro-dynamometer Ammeter
  • Rectifier type Ammeter

Each of the different kinds of ammeter works differently. The classes are based on the design and different kinds of current flows. If we talk about electric current, the amp meter can be categorized into two types – AC ammeter and DC ammeter.

How to Read a Battery Charger AMP Meter: Step by Step Procedure Explanation

The batteries come in different sizes and models. Though batteries come in a wide variety of range, the battery reading method would be the same for all the models and sizes.

Follow the Below-given Steps Correctly:

Step 1: Connecting the Battery Charger

First of all, you need to connect the battery charger with the battery you want to change without connecting the charger. You need to join the positive clamp of the charger to the battery’s positive terminal.

Similarly, You need to connect the negative clamp of the charger to the battery’s negative terminal. 

Step 2: Input Settings Options into the Charger

The settings options will differ depending upon the charger model. The settings option includes amp settings, voltage settings, etc. You need to choose the settings that are right for your battery.

Step 3: Plugging Battery Charger in the Electrical Outlet

The next step in the process is plugging the battery charger into the electrical outlet. Then, you need to power on the charger and set the timer. The setting of the time is based on the battery model and charger model. You can go through the user’s manual to check out time setting lengths.

Step 4: Finally, Check Out the Charge State of the Battery

To examine the gauge, you need first to check the location of the gauge pointer. For the amp gauge, it will show charge going from charger to battery. When the battery reads around 1 or 2 amperes, it is the sign that your battery is almost full capacity, so you should stop charging.

When your battery charger is connected, you need to read the meter. Let say, if you have a charger set to ten amps, the needle in the meter will point there. Once you keep charging the battery, the needle will keep dropping. When it is down to 1 or 2 amps, it means the battery is near to the full capacity.

What AMP is a Car Battery?

how to read a battery charger

A car battery is one of the most crucial parts of any car. The car battery is a rechargeable battery which provides electric current to the motor vehicle. It is designed and fitted in the car to get the amperes to start the car engine.

The car battery ampere is not just responsible for starting the car engine; it is also responsible for initiating any electronic component of the car. It deals with all the electronic parts in your vehicle.

The amperage capacity would vary from one car battery to another, and it would be different for different car models. The car battery has a capacity of around 48 amps.

Depending on the battery charger you are using, the charging rate would differ. A charger charges at 2 amps, it means it takes 24 hours to deliver 48 amps battery. There are so many charger models out there in the market. Each charger has a different output capacity.

You will find battery chargers from 2 amps to 10 amps in the market. Basically, the more the output, the faster your car battery will get charged. The car battery charging system is profoundly affected by weather conditions. Depending upon what charging system you have selected, the efficiency of the car charging system would differ.

Manual Battery Charger

Battery chargers are of different types. It includes Manual battery charger, Automatic battery charger, Wheelchair & Mobility battery charger, and Specialty battery charger. If you do not charge your car battery for some days, you will find that your car battery becomes dead or too weak. In such situations, you need to use the manual battery charger.

One important thing to keep in mind while using manual battery chargers is that you must keep an eye on the charger and make sure to disconnect it with the battery once the battery gets full. It is essential to disconnect the charger with the battery when the battery is full with the manual battery charger, but this is not the case with the automatic battery charger.

This is the type of battery charger in which there are very fewer settings to choose from. Most of the manual battery chargers have a voltage selection of 6 or 12 volts, and they have amperes selection of 2, 6, 10, etc. Apart from this, there can be different types of manual battery chargers out there.

It includes Flooded, AGM, and Deep-Cycle. All these options make the process of changing batteries easy. When you are using a manual battery charger, you need to make sure that you do not keep the charger on a battery for a longer period, even after the full battery charge.

It is essential to keep in mind because manual battery chargers don’t get shut down automatically, just like automatic battery chargers. If you keep putting the voltage or amperage into the fully charged battery through the manual battery charger, you are harming the battery.

Schumacher Speed Charger

There are many brands for battery chargers out there in the market. Among different battery chargers brands, it is essential to pick the brand that is providing quality products. Schumacher is one of those car battery charger brands, popular for their chargers.

Schumacher’s battery chargers provide a fully automatic charger with multiple charging modes and compatibility with different vehicle types. One thing we like the most about Schumacher chargers is that they come with compact and portable design.

On the official website of Schumacher, you can buy car battery chargers, booster cables, jump starter lights, and other tools & accessories for your vehicle. Schumacher has the Speed Charge series, which includes all the high-efficiency models.

Schumacher battery chargers can be used on different vehicles. It includes cars, trucks, marines, motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors, and much more. There’s the LED display on the Schumacher car battery chargers, which makes it easy to keep an eye on the battery’s condition.

Apart from this, the premium quality look and design of the Schumacher speed chargers make them stand out from the other brands’ car battery chargers. Hence, if you want to include an automatic battery charger in your car or truck, Schumacher Speed Charge can be a good option.

Need to Know About Car Batteries


A car battery charger plays a significant role in the car. Depending upon the vehicle, it may use an ammeter or voltmeter. Earlier, cars were using amp meter, which is used to measure the ampere in smaller currents. Most of the modern cars use voltmeters; a voltmeter is used to measure the volts. 

The task of both of them is to measure the electric current in the circuit. Reading the battery charger can be a tedious process for some people. While you know why and how to read a battery charger correctly, it will be easy maintenance and more comfortable. 

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