Why and How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado?

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Chevy Silverado Computer plays a crucial role in the car, so it is essential to have an idea about how to reset Computer on Chevy Silverado. One thing you need to keep in mind that all the cars that are manufactured today have the minimum of one computer inside them. Photo Credits: Your Best Digs.

You may wonder what the task of the network in the vehicle is. They are used for tracking the engine emissions and keeping an eye on the engine. Read more about Best Programmer for Chevy Silverado & Chevy Engine Problems Fixing Tips.

What is Automotive Computer Actually?

People often get confused when they get to know about terms like automotive computers. The automotive computer means the network contains in the car.

Now, you may confusion regarding, “Why is there any need for a computer in the car?” Basically, the task of an automotive computer is to track the engine emissions and keep an eye on the engine for keeping the emissions as minimum as possible. 

The automotive computer gets information from so many sensors, which includes – air pressure sensor, oxygen sensor, air temperature sensor, engine temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, and knock sensor.

Through these different sensors, the automotive computer can control various tasks.

Why Do We Need To Reset It?

Before knowing how to reset engine control module you must need to why we need to reset it. Resetting your vehicle’s automotive computer will bring so many changes.

After rebooting, you will feel the different experience as compared to earlier. What changes you will see in your car is based on your car model.

Resetting your car’s ECU should be done when you make any modifications to your car that will impact the ECU. It could be related to injectors, cutbacks, CAI, etc.

According to some people, it was found that resetting the automotive computer of their car increases in fuel economy. However, it may vary depending upon your car.

If you are looking for step by step procedure on how to reset automotive computer on your Chevy Silverado car model. here is the step by step guide:

How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado: Complete Steps

As we know, the automotive computer plays a crucial role in the car. It is believed that resetting the automotive computer in the car can increase the fuel economy.

Its benefits are not limited to this. After resetting the computer on your car model, you experience so many other benefits as well.

For some people, this process can be a bit complex to understand and implement, but in reality, it isn’t hard. Here we have shared the step by step procedure on how to reset engine control module car models:

Step 1: Placing the ignition key

The first step in the process of resetting the Chevy Silverado computer is putting the ignition key. In this step, you need to place the ignition key to your Chevy Silverado and turn it the engine on or off position.

Step 2: Locating the DLC

Then you need to locate the diagnostic link connector on your Chevy Silverado, which is under the driver’s side dashboard.

Step 3: Plugging code read into the DLC

Now, you need to plug the trapezoidal plug of the vehicle’s OBD II code reader into the diagnostic link connector (DLC). This will allow the power from your Silverado to turn on the code reader automatically.

Step 4: Using code reader arrows to manipulate

With the help of up and down arrows on your code reader, you would be able to manage through the menu. There you need to select Read Codes first.

Step 5: Note down the code you see

In this stage, you need to note down the code. You can write it down on the piece of paper because you will need the system in the future.

Step 6: Erasing the code

After noting the code, now use the up and down arrows to manipulate through the options and click on the “Erase Codes” option.

Now, you can start the engine of the Silverado to check whether the Check engine lights are illuminating or not.

This way, you can easily reset your Chevy Silverado’s computer. While doing the process of rebooting the computer, you will need the OBD II car code reader. For noting down the code, you may need a pen and a piece of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

how to reset Computer on Chevy Silverado

While buying and resetting your Chevy Silverado’s computer, there are chances that so many questions come into your mind. Choosing the right automotive computer may seem difficult.

But, when fundamental questions are clear in your account, the selection process becomes smoother. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on automotive computers:

Question: Why I need an automotive computer for my Chevy Silverado?

Ans: To answer this question, we will understand the functions of an automotive computer. The computers in the car are also known as ECUs or electronic control units.

The features of the automotive networks are controlling the engine or transmission, rolling up windows, unlocking doors, etc. So, to have a smooth working of these functions, you need an automotive computer in your Chevy Silverado.

Question: What does the vehicle’s engine computer do?

Ans: The engine computer of the car or truck monitors and keeps an eye on essential functions. It ensures that everything is working correctly. The engine computer gets information from various sensors. 

Question: How do car engine computers work?

Ans: Depending upon the car, the number of microprocessors required will increase. The computer in your car is based on your car. In the latest cars, you will see advanced diagnostics, reduction in the amount of wiring, new safety features, comfort features, etc.

Question: How often do automotive computers go bad?

Ans: There is no fixed answer to this question, as this is based on so many factors. How often the automotive computer may go bad is based on the year, car model, etc. Hence, there is no exact answer to this question.

Question: When to reset the car computer?

Ans: You may have confusion about when you should reset the automotive computer of your Chevy Silverado. In a nutshell, if your car’s check engine light keeps coming on after the repairment, it suggests that the trouble code is still in the memory.

And, you have to clear this code out of your car’s PC.

How to Reset Your Car’s Computer: See the Complete Video

Car Computer Benefits

Having a car computer in your Chevy Silverado helps you in so many ways. Getting a car computer has a variety of advantages. Here are some major benefits;

Avoid Traffic:

The best thing about having a car computer is you can avoid the traffic. The car PC can help you to get the best routes for the journey by knowing which route has so much traffic and which one does not. This way, it can help you avoid traffic.

Rearview Camera:

Modern cars already come with Android computers for rear-view cameras. By installing the rear-view camera in your car computer, you can easily reverse your car. It also provides safety by providing better surrounding sight.

Safe Driving:

The car computer plays a major role in reducing the number of accidents. With an automotive computer installed in your car, you can respond to calls, texts, emails without even touching your phone.

Apart from this, it can also do other important tasks when you have Android PC installed in your car.


Here you can see that the installation of a car computer plays a crucial role. In the absence of a car computer, you may face so many difficulties. For newbies, resetting the car computer can be somewhat tricky.

At present, all the cars have at least one computer installed. The car computer gets information from various sensors. If you don’t know about automotive computer resetting on Chevy Silverado models, then this post on how to reset engine control module is for you.

Here we have explained what does automotive computer mean, why to reset, the complete method on how to reset the car computer, some FAQs on car computers, and some of the significant benefits of having a car computer in the vehicle.

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