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How to Turn off Car Alarm without Remote- 3 Steps Guidelines!

Why it’s essential to know How To Turn Off Car Alarm Without Remote, have any idea? Have you ever faced this kind of awkward situation and didn’t find any easy solution then this article is for you.

The modern world is characterized by capitalism where you have to work in order to earn and you need to pay almost everything. However, for those who do not have the persistence to work hard till they earn their own money, their brains become the devil’s workshop.

The devil’s workshop is what has led to the introduction of car alarms in order to curb car theft, unauthorized entry as well as car parts theft.

It is also impossible to hire someone to watch over your car for the whole while when you are away and it is for that matter that car alarms have been introduced and improved over the years.

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What Is The Car Alarm Actually?

Car alarms are the watchmen who stand guard beside, within and over your car. They are, in fact, so faithful to an extent that they simply send off a siren even when another car passes by and shakes the ground.

Alarms are devices which have been designed to sense touch, shock waves, severe blunt hit, and general intrusion. For those who say that car alarms are the knights who stand guard as soon as you leave your car; they are extremely right.

Car alarms have the potential to stand guard over your car as long as your car battery is connected to the alarm system. The bad thing is that such an alarm may not be able to help you if you remove your car battery or even when you forget to turn the alarm system on.

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Why And how to turn off car alarm without key

The first reason for resorting to turning your car alarm without a remote is when there is a breakdown in the alarm system. Alarm systems do work just like a computer and sometimes, it crashes as well.

In that case, you may need to turn off your car alarm because of system breakdown. In the event that the whole alarm system breaks down, even your remote may not be necessary since it can control the broken system.

When that is the case, then you need to consider switching off the alarm manually. Secondly, you may need to switch off the alarm when the remote has broken down or has just encountered a problem.

You will agree with me that remotes are just like any other devices and they are prone to break downs. With that idea in mind, the need to switch off the alarm so as to get rid of the unnecessary sirens at all costs.

For instance, sometimes, as soon as you leave your car, your alarm may go off but when you try switching it off, it becomes difficult and that is when you will feel like breaking the window and disconnecting every wire that connects to the alarm.

Breaking and destroying is not necessary because there are ways and steps of disconnecting your alarm and getting rid of that noise.

Thirdly, you may be forced to turn off the alarm without your remote if you have lost the remote plus the car keys but you have access through the use of spare keys. Sometimes, the only savior is our car spare keys.

Whenever we lose our alarm remote and the keys, it means that we have not controlled the car alarm and if the need arises, we may be forced to access our cars using spare keys before employing other techniques so as to stop the alarm.

How To Disable Car Alarm For An Emergency

The Process Of How To Stop Car Alarm Without Remote Step By Step

It is funny when we think about trying to access our own car through other means. Trying to access your car without the use of an alarm is like stealing your own car.

However, we are sometimes forced to do so just because we want to access our car and stop the alarm systems by manually disconnecting it. The car manufacturers have put in place some tricky methods of accessing your car without the remote.

With that idea at hand, it is very crucial for you to be aware of these tricks since they may become handy when the need arises.

Step 1: Unlock the car manually using the car keys

Unlocking the car manually means using the key and the door lock to access your car. Considering that your car alarm remote does not work, here is the way to go about accessing your car.

First, you need to put your key into the driver’s door lock. Sometimes such a key might need you to push a small button within the lock so that the key can slide into the lock.

You need to make sure that the key slides into position before turning the key in whatever direction it accepts to turn to. Sometimes, this step might be difficult especially if you are not used to such a car.

If you find it difficult using the key and the car lock, then consider contacting the manufacturer or the dealer. Always remember that different models require you to turn towards the left while others towards the right.

As soon as you unlock the door, your car alarm will go silent.

Step 2: Put the key into the ignition if your alarm goes on as a result of opening the door

Most of the car alarms will continue given off the sound or the siren even when you have unlocked the door. With that idea in mind, you need to proceed to the next step where you will ignite your car.

By turning on your car, your engine will start yes and the key will be recognized. The recognition of your key is the basis of stopping your car alarm for a while.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that the alarm will still go off as soon as you lock your door again. In order to make sure that your alarm does not go off again, the following step will be handy.

Step 3: Locate the alarm system and manually dismantle the setup

The car alarm system does work on the principle of sensors and in that case, the sensors are run by battery power.

It is very important, therefore, for you to look into the need to remove all the conductors or wires which go to the alarm speakers as well as that from the power source.

If you intend to close your door car without sending the alarm off, removing your battery is the ultimate option. At this point, your car will be insecure but that is the only way out.

Advantages Of The Car Alarm

how to turn off car alarm without remote

There are three main advantages that you need while installing a car alarm system in your car. We are going to describing these respectively:

  • The first advantage is obvious, your car will be safe from car theft. Car theft is common and this something you may never fail to encounter in whatever part of the world.

Having that in mind, the alarm systems have their own way of sending thieves away just by sending off a loud siren or even a beep. In most cases, car thieves always look for those cars that have no alarm system or those that the owners have forgotten to turn it on.

In order to avoid theft, your car should be fitted with a car alarm system at all costs.

  • Secondly, car alarms help you pay less in terms of insurance premiums. The insurers normally cover perils such as theft, accident and even fire.

However, theft is something that can be avoided and for that reason that installing your car alarm is crucial. If your car has an alarm, you are free from the need to take insure your car against theft.

Why pay for premiums associated with car theft yet you are in a position to install a car alarm once and for all? Consider installing your car alarm today and be relieved from the need to pay for such a premium.

  • Thirdly, car alarm systems are the basis of improving your car value. As soon as you install an alarm system in your car; selling it will not be a problem because buyers normally look for such things. Reselling your car will be a walkover as soon as you install a car alarm.


The current world is characterized by highly sophisticated technology but the thieves are becoming technical as well. With such development, the use of car alarms to avoid car theft has become rampant.

A car alarm is a device that sends off a siren when a car is manhandled inappropriately or even when someone tries to open the door.

There are three steps of switching off the car alarm without a remote and it is basically using the door keys manually to open the door, ignite the car and disconnect the car battery as soon as the alarm goes off.

On the other hand, installing a car alarm system in your car has its own benefits far from just preventing unauthorized entry. The other advantages of car alarms include the idea that they increase the value of your car.

The value of a car matters a lot during that time when you intend to resell your car to another party. Car alarms save you from the need to pay for extra insurance premiums.

Having a car alarm installed means that you can eventually skip the theft cover and this will have saved you money.

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