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How to Use a High Lift Jack to Lift your Car Properly!

Since you are driving your own car, jeep or SUV regularly you should know how to use a high lift jack for lifting the vehicle when you need it. There are numerous tools available for different vehicles. Photo Credits: ak4marsx.

Each vehicle tool or equipment has its own way to get the solution to the problems. Hence, before you use any mechanical tool or equipment.

And you must know how exactly it works and how you can get the most out of it. Using the tool without even knowing the process of usage would not go to help you.

Among so many mechanical vehicle tools in the market, in this article, we will discuss high lift jacks. Here we will see what high lift jack is, what different types of lift jacks are and what the steps of using a high lift jack are.

Hence, if you are completely new to this mechanical tool, then this article would guide you properly on How to Use Farm Jack. Read our reviews of Best High Lift Jack.

Using Different Types of Car Jacks

What is a High Lift Jack / Farm Jack?

Before getting started with using high lift jack or understanding its types, let’s start with the basic – What is high lift jack or Farm Jack?

Out of different tools available in the market, high lift jack is one of the most versatile and useful vehicle tools. The tool is very useful, but it is also one of the most dangerous tools out there.

It is a versatile jack that can help you in situations where you require pushing, pulling, lifting, winching, and clamping. It can help you in escaping difficult situations where you get stuck with your vehicle.

Keeping a high life jack with you makes sure that you would be able to get out of difficult situations like getting stuck in a jungle, mountains, muddy roads, etc.

Hence, if you regularly deal with complicated roads with your vehicle, then a high lift jack is for you. This tool will help you to escape from difficult situations when you get stuck with your vehicle.

Types Of Vehicle Lifting Jacks

Let’s have a look at different types of lift jacks so that you can understand high lift jack in a better way:

01. Bottle Jacks

As the name suggests, the bottle jack is in the shape of a small bottle which can lift heavy objects like a car. It is very essential to have proper care and caution at the time of using a bottle jack.

02. House Jacks

House jack is another type of lifting jack which is used in lifting or stabilizing extremely heavy object like the house. They are used to raise or stabilize a house.

03. Motorcycle Jacks

A motorcycle jack is the type of lift jack that is used in lifting a motorcycle. The purpose of lifting the motorcycle could be to repair it or check out different spare parts of the motorcycle.

04. Scissor Jacks

A scissor jack is a lightweight and small lifting jack that is used to lift the vehicles and repair them. As the scissor jack is lightweight, easy to carry, and small.

Moreover, it can be used to a vehicle by just applying manual force. The reason why it is named as “Scissor jack” is only due to its shape.

05. High Lift Jacks

High lift jack is also known as a Farm Jack. This kind of jack uses a ratcheting system to lift the vehicle’s load.

As we have talked earlier here that with the use of high lift jack, we can push, pull, lift, winch, or clamp the car so that we can escape from the difficult situation with the car.

How To With Operate High Lift Jacks

How to Use a High Lift Jacks or Farm Jacks: the Complete Procedures

As we have seen, high lift jack or farm jack is one of the best mechanical tools, but using it properly is very important.

If you are a complete beginner to using a high lift jack, then this post is for you. Follow below-given steps carefully:

Step One: Consider the Situations

Before you even pick your high lift jack, you have to consider your situations and know what you want to accomplish with the lift jack.

You need to know whether you want to lift the entire belly or just a corner. What kind of ground your vehicle got stuck in, whether it is even land or uneven?

By knowing these questions, you would be able to find the solution.

Step 2: Stabilizing the Vehicle

One you consider the above-given questions, now you have to find a way to stabilize your vehicle.

Before you get started with the process, stabilize your vehicle and set the parking brake or chock the vehicle’s wheels. Stabilizing the vehicle would help you to get started with the process.

Step 3: Lifting the Vehicle

To begin the process of lifting, join the angles of lift jack with the part of your vehicle that you want to lift. At the time when you have not lifted your vehicle yet, at that time you will see the high lift lever is up.

The more you will pull down the lever; you will find more difficulty in lifting the vehicle in the air. If you notice that the lift jack is unstable or it is tilting, then don’t force it, lower down the lever slowly.

Step 4: Lowering down the Vehicle

At the time when you are willing to lessen down your vehicle, hold your lift jack with one hand holding the bar.

Now, follow the reverse process in pulling the lever so as to lower down the vehicle. Lowering down the vehicle is a bit dangerous here you need to be very conscious and follow the process carefully.

High-lift VS Farm Jack VS Floor Jack

As you all know that there are different kinds of car jacks. You might be aware of this fact that every jack is made for an essential purpose, and different jacks have different purposes.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the difference between High-Lift Jack, Farm Jack, and Floor Jack. To know more about the difference between these three jacks, do follow this article till the end.

High Lift Jacks

The basic build of high-lift jack consists of a large and rigid rod-like structure, and all the magic works with the help of this rod.

As it’s the reason because of which you would be able to pick your car up easily.

  • The first thing to know about high-lift jack is that it’s made for 4×4 cars as they are very high from the ground, and this is the only jack who can go so high.
  • The second thing is that this jack is made up of some robust material, and this is the reason because of which it is easily able to manage the weight of substantial 4×4 cars.

Farm Jack / Farmer Jacks

As the name suggests, the Farm Jack is created especially for farmers and is mostly used with farming vehicles and off-road vehicles. Farm Jack is also known as handyman jack, and it can be used for several reasons.

  • The farm jack is being extensively used by farmers mostly. As it is noted as the best jack, who can pick farming vehicles easily rather than any other jack.
  • The second significant advantage of this jack is that you would be able to use it over an uneven place also.
  • This is also one of those reasons because of which off-roading vehicles also suits this type of jack.

Floor Jack

This kind of jack is a typical kind of car jack, and you will notice a floor jack mostly being used for regular cars only.

  • This is used by regular cars, but it also comes in a variety of weight variants.
  • For using this type of jack, you should have an even place. As this jack has tires installed, which goes below the car and even place helps the overall working with this jack.

Advantages Of High-lift Jack

Well, you must have learned how to use a farm jack, now it’s time for knowing something more. You all must have heard about the tier jacks that you use whenever you are stuck with your car or any such heavy vehicle.

Moreover, you all must be knowing that there are different types of jacks available in the market. But do you think that they all do the same work and do not have any difference in the services they offer?

If you think like that, then do follow this article till the end as with the help of this article, we are going to have a look at a jack, which has several advantages and some highly unique features.

The jack we are going to discuss in this article is high-lift jack, let us have a thorough look at this jack.

High Lift Jack’s Advantages

As the name suggests, the high-lift jacks are created especially for 4×4 cars, which have massive tires, and they have a lot of space between the ground and the above part.

The basic look of this high-lift jack is like a long rod, which is the essential part of this jack, and with the help of it, we would be able to pull our car up.

Let us have a look at the advantages of High Lift Jacks

  • The first and most crucial advantage of the high-lift jack is that with this type of jack.
  • You would be able to take your car at a much higher level than any other jack.
  • The second importance of this high-lift jack is that it is built so rigidly.
  • This is the only reason because of which you can pick up substantial 4×4 cars with this jack.

Final Thoughts

Among the numbers of mechanical tools available in the market, some tools are useful, but dangerous as well. High lift jack is a very useful tool but at times it could be dangerous as well. Any tool which is used carefully is not at all dangerous.

In the case of high lift jack, whether you want to lift, push, pull, winch or clamp, you need to follow the process carefully.

The potential danger in high lift jack is at the time of lowering down the vehicle. Hence, if you are well-prepared, you would be able to complete this process properly.

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