How to Wire LED Light Bar Without Relay- Exclusive Guides!

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This is the guide on how to wire an LED light bar without relay. When you are a regular driver on the night, it is very essential to have sufficient lighting so that you can drive properly. When it comes to lighting, LED light is perfect. Photo Credits: Michael Dorausch

With the LED light bar in the front of your car, you would be able to clearly see objects coming in front of your car. To achieve clear lightning in the dark, make sure you select and wire the right LED light bar on the front of your vehicle.

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Make sure the kit you buy includes all the accessories you will need in wiring  Let’s start with the basic question:

What is an LED Light Bar?

An LED light created a great revolution in the light bulbs and tube lights industry. Earlier, people were used to using CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) lightning.

But, with the presence of LED lighting, it has created a great impact on the industry. Right now, they used almost everywhere whether it is a workplace, home, or any other place.

The reason why you should also use an LED light bar in your vehicle as well is that they are a very powerful and efficient kind of lighting. Depending upon the size of your vehicle and your choice, you may wire a single or dual LED light bars.

Due to effectiveness and powerfulness in LED light bars, they are a great helper in having clear lightning at the night time. Hence, if your vehicle requires sufficient lighting at night time, it is essential to wire an LED light bar in it.

How to Wire an LED Lights Bar Properly

The Complete Guides of How to Wire LED Light Bar Without Relay: 9 Steps

Relay is used to open and close the circuits electronically. Basically, it is not a good idea to wire the LED light bar without relay in a vehicle. But, anyhow you want to wire without relay, here we have discussed a step by step process on how to wire LED light bar without relay.

Step One: 

To get started with the process of wiring an LED light bar in the car, first of all, you need to locate an appropriate mounting location that makes it easy for locating wires and LED light bars.

Step Two:

Once you find the appropriate location, drill the right size holes to mount it properly. Before you start drilling, make sure any part will not be damaged due to drilling.

Step Three:

Once you complete the process of locating or finding the right location for mounting the LED light bar and drilling the right sized holes in the selecting location, now, you need to place the light bar with the provided hardware.

At the time of placing it, make sure you do not overtighten it because it will require adjustment in the later steps of this process.

Step Four: 

Now, you need to locate the lightning side of the wiring from the battery in a secure way. At the times when you are doing this make sure you avoid energy sources and moving parts. And, make sure you follow the safe and secure process to avoid any undesired situations.

Step Five: 

This is the time you need to decide about the proper location of the switch. Once you have decided about the exact location of the switch, you need to continue to locate the switch portion to your decided location of the switch.

Step Six:

To improve the efficiency and speed of the installation process, you may also use a remote-controlled switch to do it.

Step Seven:

To the place where you have decided to place the switch, there you need to drill the hole for it. Be sure you drill a proper sized-hole for the switch. After drilling the proper size hole, connect wires to the switch and locate that switch.

Step Eight: 

Now, from the harness, you need to connect the ground wire with a large terminal to a negative battery terminal. Once you do this, from the harness, connect the power or red wire with a large terminal to a positive battery terminal.

Step Nine:

After completing the process till here, now you need to aim your vehicle’s fitted LED light bar in the appropriate direction. Once you do this, you just need to tighten the hardware that you have mounted.

So, in this process, you can see how you can wire an LED light bar without a relay. Follow all these nine steps properly to avoid any bug or error left. Once you do this, now you have all set with the light fitting.

wire an LED light bar without relay

Photo Credits: Mesa0789

Why Need to Wire Light Bar Without Relay?

Before knowing about why we need to wire a light bar without relay, first understand what actually is the relay. The relay is an electronically operated switch. It includes some input terminals for one or more than one control signal.

They are taken into usage when there is a need for controlling a circuit by an independent low-power signal. Many people often ask, “Can you really wire an LED light bar without relays?”

The answer to this question is YES, one can wire LED light bars without a relay. But, if we talk about reality, it is not a good idea to wire the light without a relay.

Relays help to avoid something bad to happen when you are not sure about whether the switch, fuses, and wire are of the right size for the amperage or not.

But, if the switch, fuses, and wire are the perfect size for the amperage, then there is nothing going to happen. Hence, you need to wire light bar without relay only when you are sure about the switch, fuses and wire are of the correct size for the amperage.

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Final Thoughts

Wiring the LED light bar in front of the vehicle makes it easy for you to view objects clearly while driving at night time. Hence, in this guide, we have explained how to wire an LED light bar without a relay.

By implementing all the steps mentioned in this guide properly, you would be able to wire a light bar without a relay.

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