Kajunjon Update

Kajunjon Enterprises was a company with over 40 years of experience in restoring transmissions. Furthermore, their operation involved selling restored transmissions, restoration kits, and other car parts.

They specialized in parts for classic GM (General Motors), Ford, and AMC (American Motors Corporation) vehicles.

Their offering included many hard-to-find parts for classic vehicles and they were able to deliver their rebuild kits and other parts worldwide.

On top of selling kits and already restored manual transmission, they were also able to restore your existing transmission. So, if you were experiencing symptoms in your manual transmission, like noises or hard shifts, they were a great source for fixing such problems before serious damage can occur.

When restoring your current transmission they would completely disassemble it, clean, and inspect all the parts. From there they would restore it back to the original manufacturer’s specifications. So, you could be certain your restored gearbox was up to the correct standard.

Kajunjon Business Offering

Their full list of parts and services is below:

  • Transmission/gear box restoration
  • Transmission restoration kits
  • Already restored Transmissions
  • GM Clutch Fork Boots
  • GM/Ford Clutch Forks
  • Clutch Kits
  • Clutch Housing Underpan
  • GM Flywheel Inspection Cover
  • Pivot Balls for Bell Housings
  • Miscellaneous Bell Housings
  • Bearing retainers
  • Slip Yokes

They also provided lots of other smaller parts to help with restorations like washers, rings, etc. Their list of parts for classic cars was extensive and was applicable to cars within the date range of around 1955 to 1986.


Shaunbloodworth.com acquired Kajunjon Enterprises in 2021. The previous operations of Kajunjon Enterprises have ceased but the knowledge and expertise are now being applied to our operations.

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