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Mevotech vs Moog – Who Provides The Better Parts?

Suspension replacements are tricky business. If your parts happen to be garbage, that doesn’t help with the whole replacement process. This can become more convoluted when selecting among aftermarket options. Thankfully, companies like Mevotech and Moog are both reliable aftermarket options. But in a battle of Mevotech vs Moog, which of the two produces the better product? 

What you need is a detailed Mevotech and Moog review to demystify the issue. In this article, we plan on putting equal parts produced by the two companies in face-to-face comparisons. We also look at some case studies and tests to help you make a well-informed decision.

Quick Parts Quality Comparison: Mevotech vs Moog

Parts QualityMevotechMoog
Wheel Bearing & Hub AssemblyX
Ball Stud & Control ArmX
Outer & Inner Tie RodsX
Overall QualityX

Mevotech vs Moog: What They Specialize In 

Both Mevotech and Moog specialize in producing high-quality aftermarket parts. Both companies make parts that outperform the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Individual tests you can find on both of their websites prove this performance. 

These companies specialize in the following areas: 

  • Suspension
  • Steering 
  • Drivetrain / Driveline 

For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to be drawing from a few of their primary parts lines: 

  • Wheel Bearing & Hub Assemblies 
  • Control Arm & Ball Joints
  • Outer & Inner Tie Rods 

Mevotech vs Moog Face To Face Comparisons

It’s important to note that all of the parts listed here must meet a minimum standard. Mevotech mentions the importance of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) testing on their website. 

In this case, the importance of third-party testing is evident. Based on the quick comparison above, we will let you know why we came to these conclusions. 

Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

If you have ever rotated your car steering wheel and heard a discomforting screeching sound, it’s your car’s wheel bearing calling for help. Mevotech and Moog both have wheel bearing and hub assemblies.

Mevotech Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Mevotech vs Moog - Mevotech wheel bearing and hub assembly

The Mevotech H513263 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly, shown above, is one example of one of their more popular products. This part is best for the following years, makes, and models:

  • Chrysler 200 (2011-2014)
  • Crysler Sebring (2007-2010)
  • Dodge Avenger (2008-2014)
  • Dodge Caliber (2009)


Mevotech offers a wide variety of wheel bearing and hub assemblies. Each of them is subject to the following requirements: 

  • Optimized size, finish, and materials with precision machining
  • High-quality grease lubrication process. 
  • Precise orbital roll forming 
  • Accurate ABS sensor signal and plug testing 

All Mevotech’s products are subject to a “limited lifetime warranty,” which is subject to five years or 60 thousand miles, whatever comes first.

Every component of this system is lubricated beforehand with grease to reduce wear and tear. These are also sealed at manufacturing to make them better against dust and debris on the road.

Additionally, these can be appropriate substitutes for vehicles. Some flanges help reduce vehicle shaking and keep the inner bearing integrity maintained. The precision machining of the raceway and flanges improves stability and reduces vibrations.

Compared to Moog, these Mevotech products are more reasonably priced. These hub assemblies are also usable on both foreign and domestic vehicles. 


Public reports from Mevotech’s customers have revealed that there are few issues with their hub assembly. A small number of people report that these units wear out after a year, but that typically comes from improper installation. 

Other customers have reported issues with the sensors needing replacement, but the lifetime warranty cushions some of this blow. 

Moog Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Moog wheel bearing and hub assembly

The MOOG 515058 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly is for many different vehicles. The clean design has the following advantages:

  • More generous overall support compared to Moog’s system
  • Easy installation 
  • Corrosion protection 
  • Damage resistance on the ABS Cord


Moog’s products have a huge variety of support available. This part has support for over 20 different kinds of vehicles from a variety of years. The comprehensive support makes this easier to manage, explaining why it is easy to install.  

This part also has corrosion and rust-resistant protective coatings. MOOG’s Abrasion-Resistant ABS Cord also offers reliable ABS protection.

The assembly has been tested for quality and has proven performance levels. It is available for various domestic and foreign vehicles. These have design enhancements specific to applications, which offer maximum ABS performance, smoother operation, and better longevity.


MOOG’s most significant drawback comes from cost. Compared to the next available models, MOOG typically outcasts them by anywhere from $100 to $50. 

MOOG’s warranty typically changes on a case-by-case basis. While you can easily supplement this with an extra warranty if purchased from Amazon, the drawback means you are likely to spend extra money on its protection. 

Their return policy is limited to 45 days, so be sure to run tests early. 

Who Has The Better Hub Assembly? 

Based on customer experience and quality testing, Mevotech has a slight edge over Moog. The majority of this comes from Moog relying on third-party retailers for warranties. Mevotech is a bit more clear on its warranty limitations. 

Combine the confusing warranty behind Moog and the unusual return policy limitations, and Mevotech appears to be a bit more customer-centric on this front. The cost difference also makes Moog a bit less budget-friendly. 

If you are looking for more flexibility, you might prefer Moog. However, both options list the year, make, and model of what vehicles work, meaning flexibility doesn’t matter when you can buy parts with a narrow focus. 

Control Arm & Ball Joints

The control arm is a vital component of the suspension system of a vehicle. It offers stability to a car through the connection of the wheels to the frame. The ball joints connect to the control arm and allow for pivoting movement. Both brands have solid offerings, but only one can be superior. 

Mevotech Control Arm with Ball Joint

Mevotech vs Moog - Mevotech Control Arm with Ball Joint

The MS251057 is the model shown above. Mevotech is known to create a quiet, functional construction. With all-new installations of control arms and ball joints, be sure to remember to align before driving. 


Mevotech makes its control arms and ball joints out of solid steel. This means that the control arm has no flex, resulting in greater strength and stability. Mevotech’s bushings and ball joints are pre-installed, resulting in faster installation times. Mevotech likes to call these pre-installation methods “labor savers.”

Control arms deal in rotational torque and swing torque. Testing of the control arms and ball joints reveals that their durability is well beyond OEM. Third-party testing shows Mevotech’s confidence

Mevotech also has support for multiple suspension configurations: multi-link, MacPhearson, and double-wishbone. That means they have support for lower and upper control arms. All of this comes in a quiet platform with their standard five-year, 60 thousand mile warranty. 


Compared to Moog’s offerings in this, Mevotech is a bit more on-par when pricing. That means you can expect to pay a bit more in this case, which isn’t standard for Mevotech’s products. When including isolated ball joints, you will find that they care about the standard. 

Moog Control Arm with Ball Joint Assembly

Mevotech VS Moog - Moog Control Arm and Ball Joint

The Moog CK80670 is one of the more comparable when it comes to cost. Compared to other models, Moog is pretty reasonable. Expect the cost to be closer to Mevotech’s price in this case. 


Much like Mevotech, Moog also allows for easy installation with built-in bushings. You can easily bolt them down without any specialized tools

Moog’s website also provides an excellent cross-section of different options. These options are pre-loaded to other makes, years, and models. Compared to Mevotech’s website on this front, Moog makes it elementary to select the right kind of control arm and ball joint.  

The most significant difference comes from durability. In 2016, independent testing revealed Moog’s ball studs to be five times better. While Mevotech is no pushover, Moog destroys the competition on durability in this category. 


While the price is more comparable between some of these, Moog’s overall cost is still higher. This is especially true when you consider the option of producing shop-side warranties. Some of Moog’s offerings due include limited lifetime warranties. 

Who Has The Better Ball Joint & Control Arm?

Customer experience is similar between the two of them, but Moog has the leading edge in durability. The whole “five times more durable” statistic is pretty notable. 

Both are easy to install, comparable in price, and usable in both foreign and domestic models. The ultimate determination comes back to how much stronger Moog is when compared to everyone else.

Inner Tie Rods & Outer Tie Rods 

Tie rods are located on the inside and outside CV joints. CV joints, known as constant velocity joints, keep your transmission connected to your vehicle. As part of your driveshaft, they are an essential component to your front-, rear-, and four-wheel drive cars. 

Tie rods aren’t usually that common for replacement. One would hope never to replace any part of their CV joints. But this part of the review is useful for comparing the effort they put into all aspects. 

Mevotech Inner & Outer Tie Rods

Mevotech excels in this area through the addition of their labor savers: 

  • pre-applied thread lock 
  • Easy-snap locking pin
  • Anti-rotation feature
  • Long wrench flats

Mevotech proves its priority on quality by ensuring that the job is as easy as possible. As an aftermarket producer, this is typically a pretty good sign. 

Mevotech also offers complete assemblies, which is handy for those who want to keep the process more simplistic. The two products’ quality is pretty similar, even though Moog has hiked the price up a bit.

The Moog CK80670 is one of the more comparable when it comes to cost. Compared to other models, Moog is pretty reasonable. Expect the cost to be closer to Mevotech’s price in this case. 

Moog Inner & Outer Tie Rods

Moog offers a couple of different points as to why its cost is much higher here. First, the stud holding the tie rod in is heat-treated, resulting in a great potential for extra strength. 

It also offers the same flat-wrench design with a powdered-metal gusher for additional strength. Both Moog and Mevotech stand deviated to providing forged steel components. 

Mechanics are more likely to stand behind Moog’s line because of this transparency in their process. 

Where Moog Excels

Moog has been around since 1919, establishing itself as the “problem solver.” With more than 100 years under its belt, they have an established track record of success. 

This success is notable enough for them to be the official Steering & Suspension of NASCAR. The company has many championships under its belt, confirming its commitment to performance. 

The resulting success gives them a reason for charging as much as they do. Moog also has a training center and was the first to introduce the “gusher” bearing, which heavily reduced ball joints’ friction. 

MOOG excels in quality and performance-based efforts. So you can be confident that buying them is a good decision. Check out this video below for some examples:

Where Mevotech Excels 

Mevotech excels in providing a comprehensive solution for auto technicians. Their innovation-based focus has given them 12 patented technologies. Unlike Moog, they also manufacture their parts entirely in North America. 

Also, they have a significant focus on customer service. Their handling and development of warranties are admirable. They also produce several “labor savers,” which are part of their shipments. 

Their “X-Factor” upgrades prioritize performance. With an overall observation, they have matched many of Moog’s advancements. Star power, such as Moog’s deal with NASCAR, isn’t on Mevotech’s high priority list. 

Conclusion – Who is the Best Aftermarket Company? 

Each company has advantages and disadvantages. But when looking at an overall comparison between the two, we conclude that Mevotech has the best overall experience. 

Our justification comes down to a couple of things: 

First, Moog’s offering is vast and extensive, but they are far more expensive as a result. While some of these can be justified (the ball joints and control arms), Mevotech manages to keep similar quality without having a high price. Many mechanics suggest Moog products for a higher commission. 

Second, Mevotech provides more of a technician-centric focus. While Moog simplifies the process with their problem-solving line, Mevotech does much of the same with their “labor savers.” 

Both companies are excellent in their own right. But for a good balance of quality and budget, Mevotech holds the overall advantage. If you are looking for other suspension improvements, check out this article on lift kits for your Chevy Silverado. 

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