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Where to Mount Dash Cam? The most secure location!

It’s really very much confusing where to mount dash cam if you don’t have a proper idea! Dashboard Camera or Dash Cam is an essential device for secure driving, sometimes that can be regarded as a life-saving technology.

This is one of the most important factors to consider for your car’s interior. Car owners with dashcam often get confused about which is the right place to mount dashcam.

However, there are certain factors to consider before deciding the exact position for mounting dashcam. You need to mount your dashboard camera in your car where you can keep it hidden.

Also, need to make sure that it is not creating obstacles to your sight. And, make sure that all the wires and cables are connected to the socket properly.

Positions differ from the type, and size of your dashboard camera. But, to help you out in selecting the perfect dashcam for your car, in this article, we have discussed some basic positions.

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How to Install the Dash Cam Properly!

Where to place dash cam? Various good options:

The mounting position of the dashcam is solely depended upon the type and size of the dashboard camera. As the size of different dashcams varies, the one position which is best for one dashcam would not be suitable for another dashcam.

Here we have explained the best positions for the type of dashcam for your car and some of the best positions.

Rear View Mirror Camera

For the rearview mirror cameras, you can install them right to your rear mirrors. In the case of a rearview mirror camera, you don’t have to worry about deciding the position of suction mount or blocking your view.

With the rearview mirror camera, you will have a clear view and you will not have to decide about mounting to another place.

Dual Camera Dash Cam

Installing a dual camera (rear and front) dash cam could be a bit expensive affair. However, in some situations, you have to add dual cameras into your car.

Adding two dash cameras, one for front recording and another for rear recording, not only helps you to record front road, but it also helps you to record the cars coming from the back.

To avoid messing with additional wiring, deciding the location for the second camera, and extra cost, you can buy a dashcam with one lens in the front and another at the back.

The Windshield

The installation of a dashboard camera in the windshield is the most common option you have. Now, you must be confused about where exactly you can place your camera on the windshield.

Many car owners prefer installing dashcams on the front windshield because it makes them able to have a clear view of the road. However, the ideal position is to install the dashcam right down the center of the windshield.


People often prefer installing the dashcam just on the dashboard itself; it is another popular position for installing a dashcam.  However, when the camera installed on the dashboard can weaken the view from your vehicle.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid this position so that you can have a clear and safe visual ability.

So, these are some positions for a different type of dashcams and popular positions for installing a dashboard camera.

Where to Place the Dashboard Camera On Car, Truck and Other Vehicles!

What is a Dash Cam!

First of all, let us understand what is dash cam and do you need it your car or not? The dashcam or dashboard camera is the onboard camera that continuously records the view with the car’s frontal widescreen, rear or windows.

Additionally, Dashboard camera could be of different resolution; you will get a resolution as per the amount you pay for a dashcam. The standard resolution of Dash HD cams is 1920 x 1080 pixels of video quality.

However, Dashcam can be of 1080p, 1296p, 1440p, or 720p. Dashboard cameras are very helpful in serious situations like road accidents. Just like any other car gadget, Dashcams are not built for entertainment.

Truly, they are built for safe driving. Any video recording device can be used as a dashcam. But, dash cams have certain features that make it an essential gadget for the vehicle.

It is the tool that runs on 12V direct current, it has the feature of continuous recording, and it automatically overwrites the old video footage as a new recording.

Limitless Benefits of Dashboard Camera for a Safe Drive

Installing a dashcam might seem complicated and costly affair, but it is worth it. There are so many reasons and benefits why you should install a dashboard camera in your car.

Here we have elaborated some benefits of dashcam:

Record of Your Unfortunate Circumstances

The dashboard camera records everything in front of the road. It works as proof that you were not responsible for the accident.  Hence, by installing the dashcam, you can prove that you were not responsible for the particular accident.

Review Your Teenager’s Driving Skills

If you have allowed some other person to drive your car in your absence, then you should know what their way of driving is. It could be your driver or your teenage kid.

Dashcam will help you in knowing the driving skills of your teenager and will also help in checking whether your driver is using the car for his personal use.

Record Your Entire Road Trip

If you are planning for a beautiful road trip, then you must be willing to record it. Don’t worry; with the help of a dashboard camera, you can have entire video footage of your road trip journey.

Many people install a dashboard camera in their car especially for recording their road trip journey.

Final Thoughts

As we can see mounting a dashboard camera has so many benefits. Apart from these benefits, there are numerous other benefits.

A dashboard camera will help you recoding your accident, reviewing anyone’s driving skills, recording your road trip, preventing a fraud, using other features, preventing parking accidents, etc.

People consider these benefits, but they often get confused about where to mount dash cam. As we have seen, the ideal position for mounting the car’s dashboard camera is the windshield.

And, the ideal exact position is to install the dashcam right down the center of the windshield. However, the ideal position of the dashboard camera could vary depending upon its size and type.

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